Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina vs Camille

I have seen both of these. I was in Savannah Ga when Camille came on land, both of these babbies were very bad. The government and storm officals have been comparing every storm and Cane to Camille, well after yesterday, I think Katrina has the record. Everyone were telling everyone that is was going to hit New Orleans, well, in a way it did, after it went beside and north of Orleans, it hit Mississippi worst than it hit New Orleans. Well it looks like it this morning, everyone was happy that New Orleans did not get a direct hit, but after today, New orleans is not out of the words yet. They have had two Leverees that broke and now 80 percent of New Orleans is under water and will be worst by tomorrow. I have seen many hurricanes in my old life. The last one that came through Savannah and that was in Sept 1979, it was 90 miles a hour and it closed my city for two weeks, no water, food or ice and no electric. At work it blew down all the telephone poles going into the plant, and it was a half a mile of big tall poles. Savannah almost got hit with Floyd, that was the one Rob was talking about, but it turned at the last mintue and hit South Carolina and hit all the beaches. That next year we went to bike week in Mrylte Beach and a bar we go to during the bike week was still under sand, about 12 feet deep in white beach sand, took them two years to get going again. And now look at Andrew, half of those people are still living in those blue tents. My daughter had her roof blown off last year in St Augustine Florida, when they had back to back storms.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ants in my pants

Yes I do, I was cleaning up my yard from the afterbirth of one of those storms in Florida. The storm blowed limbs all over my land, big ones and little ones. I got up early this morning and looked like a war zone. I got out the Deere and cart, mad me a big pile of limbs and trash, from other people, and was going to quit, when I looked around and saw a very dead old piece of oak, oak makes a very hot fire, I went to get the oak and the sob must have landed in a bed. By the time I had it all up and in the cart, I was covered with those little red piss ants. I have 1000 bites and they look like little water heads on my skin.  These ants usually does nothing to me, I am glad they were not FIRE ants, I would be in the ER by now. Now I came in to doctor my bites and catch up on some emails. More sex coming next week, Cat

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Yesterday was a very pretty day, rain the night before and a little cooler. I got in the truck and went to visit Rob, when I got there, I talked Rob in going over to Willy's house and shop. I purchased two guitars and a instruction book. My banjo playing is getting a little better, by the way, I got the banjo from Willy also. It is a very nice banjo and looks and sounds great, and heavy as hell. I am going to take Chuck over there next week and see what he wants to buy. Willy has some very nice things at great prices, I also got two guitar stands for under 25.00. I took Rob back home, after we stopped and got some liquor. His studio is coming along nicely, that machine will do everything but wipe your ass. Maybe I can talk Chuck into buying a Bass and play with us. I think we may need a drummer also. Willy has a brand new set of drums for 275.00, they are dark red with metal flake, pretty. Retail on these are about 600.00. I think we will have a lot of fun with this. Everything else okay, Cat

Saturday, August 20, 2005

My weekend

My good friend Chuck, came down for the weekend. Last night we went out and ate some fresh Georgia seafood and had a few drinks. We also shot some guns and did a little fishing. Been hot as hell and nothing going on. Today we did more burning trash and shooting guns and cutting trees. Been in the hot tub off and on for two days. It is bad when we get in the hot tub to cool off. 96 today with no rain insight. We went looking for more gators and we saw two small ones. More coming soon and about to make a road trip soon. Cat

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I learned a few tricks this week. You should never use a camera unless it has a zoom. Those pictures I took did not turn out to good. They were the throw away type. It had no zoom and photos looked like shit. I now have a new Sony 5.1 mp with a zoom, should be nice. The gator was old and faded out, he was in the pond for two weeks, and the color was almost white and smelled like two men dead. The buzzars and turles and other gators have been eating his ass and I could not get him out of the water. He just started floating a few days ago. Next time they will be a lot better, Cat

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Big Gator

The 14 or 15 foot gator finally floated to the top. He has been underwater for about two weeks. Everyone including the game warden told me that they get under a big tree or dig into the bank of a pond or river and die. When they die, usually another gator will eat him. Last week I smelled a very bad smell coming from the pond, it was a big turtle, then day before yesterday the turtle was gone and the smell was still there. The buzzars were coming and going every ten mintues and yesterday they were about twentu buzzars hanging around the gator. I tried to get very close, but could not. I took some pictures and I will post them, when someone helps me. I never posted pictures on my blog before.  All this meat was a big waste, he was rotten, the color of his skin done turned light beige, instead of black and brown. His skin was very soft and when I tried to pull him out of the water, he started to fall apart. One picture has him laid out straight and he looks to be about 15 feet long, his tail was about 7 feet by itself. Late last night, I pulled some of his body out of the water, so the buzzars could eat on him, they ate all night and left a big rib bone on the bank. Little ones are better and are easy to get on land, these large ones are too damn big and weight over 500 pounds. The first one was about 6 foot and he was easy, got him the same hour he died. His meat was very good and tasty, like a porchop with a little fishy taste, very good. It sells for 8.00 a pound down here. The hide is a story in it's own. If you don't tack it down every inch, the skin will roll up and start to get hard and it will not be good for anything. The best way to tan a hide is wash very good and add alot of salt and get a huge board and tack it every inch around the whole hide. Keep adding the salt and when it is tanned, it will be soft and you can work with it in any way. I have learned alot about these bastards and they are bad ass rascals. This big gator came at me, cause I was trying to catch the baby gators and take them to the DNR, when they started making those crying noises, the gator did a 360 and came out of the water and came right at me, when he got about 3 feet from me, that is when I got him, this is when he sank to the bottom.. I also met a trapper that does this for a living and he has showed me the ropes. Thei gator was a great lesson for me and I will know what and how the next time. I also got me a better camera today and will download my own pictures from now on. The pictures you will see tonight is a throw away camera with 27 pictures on it. And a drug store at Wal Mart put them on a disk for me. I hope I can get it to work. Later tonight sport fans, Cat


I hope these turned out, Cat

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Big Gator is History

I thought I got him a few days ago and I did. He was floating today, about 15 feet long. I took pictures and will get a disk made tomorrow. Some times Monday afternoon I will have pictures of him. I will tell the whole story with pictures tomorrow afternoon, Cat

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Sex Kissing

I read a few posts yesterday about kissing. Here are some of the ways to kiss a lady before you have great sex. First of all I like to kiss around the eyes, nose, ears, neck, chin and then the lips. I kiss very softly and lick and kiss at the same time, sometimes I also blow a little hot air on the parts that I have been kissing. When I finally get to those lips, I do a little pecking and kissing very softly, and if the lady wants you, she will open that mouth of hers and let you in. Once I am in, I get my tongue working on hers, I start out with a little and then end up with all of my hot tongue deep inside hers. I also like to suck lightly on her tongue and hope she sucks on mine, a little, that will almost make you come. Kissing is almost a lost art of sex. I love to cuttle and kiss and hold on for dear life. My friend Eric, at SWG, told me what spooning was, he said it was like doing it dog style and then falling over. Thats's it, but after I was told what it was, shit, I have been doing that for 45 years and just did not know the name for it. So all you young men and women out there, take time and kiss your mate, make sure you try and please each other, hold on to each other and be gentle, she will love you to death. Practice some of the old ways, that your Mama's and Daddy's did when they were young, and those people stayed married forever, think about it. Till next time, be good and be safe, Cat

Friday, August 5, 2005

Gators again

Early last night, I was outside burning trash, and saw five turkey buzzars flying around my pond. I saw three os them hit the ground, so I walked down there to see what they were eating. I got down there and saw nothing but the birds. It still smells like something been dead for about a week, but no gators or fish, not even a snake. Something must be dead under the water and once in a while it comes up to the top of the water for a few mintues? My neighbors are wanting to sell and get the fuck away from me. I want them to leave also, fuck those assholes. Everyone else down here loves what I am doing. I would hate to see a small child get eaten by one of those gators. I will never give up, I will walk and look and bait those things up. Everyday if needed. Will keep you posted and more sex coming Monday, have a good weekend and ya'll be safe, Cat

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Doctors visit

I went to see quack number two yesterday, he said I was having a reaction to meds or food? Told me to watch and take notice of what I am eating and drinking? Some quack? I had to cut my baby son loose last week. I put him in business and he never wanted to work. When he works, Jason makes 2,500 a week, too damn lazy and sorry. My other son in New York just got married last week. He has been dating tha same girl for years and did not want a wedding, just paid the judge and got married, short and sweet. Oldest son, Joey, is still in jail for drinking, may get out Jan 2006. Daughter and her two kids are doing great. That catches all of you up with my family. No sign of gator this week and another neighbor down the road has his house up for sale. He hates my gun shooting and killing squirrels and gators and snakes. He can not win against me, so he is moving, fuck him, I win again. Time for some more sex tips this week, take care, Cat