Monday, February 27, 2006


Shrimping season goes out today, we had a great season. I am trying to buy  some big ass shrimp today for a dollar a pound. Last year the shrimpers had so many shrimp, they were throwing them back into the ocean. I have room for about 50 more pounds, but I will buy more, if I can find them cheap. These are very large shrimp, they would sell for 12.00 a pound up north. Everything else is very quiet in coastal Georgia this week, waiting for St. Pat's day now, about 400,000 people comes in for our parade. It is on the weekend this year, should even be more people this year. Party for three to four days. Our parade is only second to New York in size, and Savannah only has 260,000 people. Hope all of you have a good and safe week, Cat

Friday, February 24, 2006

Have you ever been pissed on?

I just read a post at GutRumbles and saw a woman with piss in her pants, funny. I once dated a girl, very pretty and hot. One night while we were in bed, she got on top of me, while we were fucking, I felt a warm river on my body. I looked up at her face and she was getting her load. She kept grinding and fucking my brains out, a few seconds later, I was covered with hot piss, from my chin to the crack in my ass. She finally got up and my bed was dripping, I was soaking wet and mad at her. We jumped into the shower and talked a few mintues. I asked her, have you ever done than before? She said no, she then told me that she was coming and didn't know if it was cum or piss? I told her, it was pure piss. She laughed and told me that it was good and that she enjoyed it very much. I told her, I loved it also, but the piss, I did not like. We broke up a few weeks later. One night I was thinking, damn, I had a Golden Shower, and did not  know, that it suppose to be a good time for most folks. Shit, they can have it, I don't want anymore Golden Showers. I maybe a freak, but I do not want anyone pissing on me. Have a great weekend, Cat

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My theory on dicks

Since everyone liked my Hidden Penis post, I think I will write what I think about the size of dicks. First of all my family has always had the average size dicks, except for my daddy and my brother George. Dad was a big man and he was a merchant seaman for 49 years, he was also a whore. and a heavy drinker. I took after my dad, at least my mama always told me that. Daddy's dick was short, about 4 inches, but it was as big round as a coke can. My brother George was hung like a horse. He had a real liver turner. This is what I believe, ya'll may not agree with me, but here it is. First of all you have to work up a lady, you got to lick, kiss, prove, rub, suck and tickle every part of her body. You start at the head and work down to the neck, then the tits and stay there for a while. Lick and kiss all of her. Ladies love that. Go for the navel and then the top of the legs. Kiss and lick under her knees and rub all of her. Get down on those feet, you don't have to suck toes, only if you wish too. Rub those piggies and her legs, all of them. Go back up to the pussy area and start her engines. Lick and kiss all around her clit, lick it all, it's good for you. Eat her guts out and I really mean it. Make her hollow and move all over the bed. After dining for a while, go back up to her mouth, kiss and lick her whole face. The back and lower neck areas are great, makes them hot as a firecracker. The whole time you are licking and kissing let your fingers do the talking, move them everywhere. After you do all of this and get her hot and ready for some loving, she will not know if you are fucking her with a 3 inch peter or a 9inch dick. She will just want some, now. When a lady gets so hot and worked up, the insides of there pussies grow, they just swell up inside. That is what I am talking about. She will adjust to the size of your dick. Try it folks, you will love it. Wait and see, if I am telling the truth. Happy fucking, Cat

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hidden Penis?

I was watching Dr. 90210 last night and saw  them  undo a Hidden Penis. I never heard of such shit.  This is when a dick goes up into the nut sack or back up into the belly, making it look like you don't have a dick. This man and his wife wanted to correct this problem. The doctor told them that the skin under the dick was very close to the nut sack and under the skin in the belly, the dick shaft was cut loose. Then when he laided or sat down, his peter would hide. The man could still get a hard on, but that hidden penis fucked his mind up. A few of my friends went to a Daytona bike week many years ago. One man, named Big Boy shared my room. Big Boy was six foot eight inches tall and weighed close to 300 pounds. Good name for his big ass. One morning our group was getting ready to hit the streets and most of them came into my room, Big Boy was still in the shower, he came out and walked across the room, to his bed, for some clean clothes. One of my friends looked at Big Boy and said, is that a dick or a pee-pee? I never noticed it before, but Big Boy did not have but a inch of peter. Man was he small, you think he had Hidden Penis? We did not know of that one before now. All of us ragged him and made fun of his little pee-pee. I could tell he was getting mad. My oldest friend came in, Bobby is his name, and looked at Big Boy and said, I thought I had a little dick, but yours is so damn small, you shouldn't even call it a DICK. The room got very still and quiet, Big Boy was more pissed, I poured everyone a big drink of liquor, to try and smooth things out. He did not talk to Bobby the rest of the trip. Could he have Hidden Penis or did he just have a very small peter? You be the judge.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Someone is mad at me?

Saturday, my grandson, Tyler, was shooting targets at the pond. After about an hour of shooting, I heard a man hollow coming from the woods. I yelled back at him, then I saw a man dressed in black and he was holding a shotgun and have a Glock 45 on his belt. He told me that he was a Federal Game Warden and he was burning on the refuge behind my land, and some man asked him to go and check on the bullets and noise. He was very nice and looked over the range and saw what we were shooting, then he wished us a great day and to be safe. I thought it was my fucked up neighbor again? She maybe having a baby this week, I saw her the night my telephone pole caught fire and she looked like she was ready to pop. She is scared of everything. And her hubby is a wimp and a pussy. That is the third time a policeman has been to my land and check on the shooting. I am doomed and the more the people move in, the less the shooting. I may have to move deeper into the woods?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Race Day

It's sunday and NASCAR is getting ready for another season. My daughter lives in St, Augustine Florida and that is about 40 miles from Daytona. She goes to all the races and she is a big fan of NASCAR. She went home last night and wanted me to go with her. I did not go, my oldest son, Joey, is still here. He is the son that just got out of jail for drinking. Yesterday he drank about 24 beers, he said he loved it and was not going to quit drinking. I stayed up all night talking to him about drinking. I think I was talking to a brick wall, he will not listen. He told me that his last DUI cost him about 10,000 and spent 10 months in jail, shit, that would have changed me about drinking. He is down in the dumps and has a bad attitude on everything, he is just a drunk, a bad drunk. We had a great visit with my kids, we shot many guns and I also gave my grandson a small pistol for him to keep. He also shot a 270 deer rifle about 20 times, we scoped in his rifle, great gun. and loud. Nancy took the girls shopping in Brunswick and they also had fun with a big country lunch. Joey will drink all day and watch the race with me, I hope I can put up with his drunk ass?  He told me, he was not quitting drinking, period. I told him that he would be back in jail within a year. My son, Jason called from Denver last night. He went to the ER and they had to cut his stomach open, he was doped up, he will call back later today and tell me what happened. My life is full of fun and prizes. Enjoy the race, Cat

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My daughter and her two kids are here.

The happy bunch got in today around 12:00, when I saw then drive up the drive way, I dropped my pants and shot them all a big moon. When they stopped to get out, my grandkid had a friend with her, a very pretty small 14 year old classmate. She laughed harder than my family. We had a big supper and will go out tomorrow and do a few things. We are having a good time. I am going to give myy grandson another pistol tomorrow, he loves guns. His mama got him a 270 deer rifle for christmas. We will shoot that tomorrow and try and kill a few paper animals. I hope all of you will have a great weekend, the high tomorrow will be around 80 degrees, Cat

Monday, February 13, 2006

Tax question to ya'll

I owe 4,500 in taxes this year. All of my income is based on disability. I am on SSI benefits. Are these taxable? Thanks to all, Cat

Sunday, February 12, 2006

A new blogger in the family

My new daughter in law has just started writing. Please go and welcome her to the world of nuts. She is very nice and sweet and has made my son, Ryan, have a very happy life. Her link is Thanks for helping me out people, ya'll are the best, Cat

I have a good one for ya'll

My grandson, Tyler, in St. Augustine Flordia got into troble today. He was on the school bus and Tyler and some of his friends, started shooting the MOON at many people, on there ride home from school. My daughter called me and was laughing so damn hard, I thought I was going to pee my pants. I told her that that was not not bad and she agreed with me. The Dean of the school called her to his office and told her, she started laughing at the Dean and he got pissed and told her, this is not funny, Stephanie then turned and said to him, yes it is. Tyler has never been been any trouble and makes straight A's. All the school did was to kick him and his friends off the bus for two days. Big fucking deal. Tyler and his sister and mama are coming to see me this weekend. I will have another big laugh, when I see him, I thought it was funny myself. He is 15 years old and driving a brand new truck, fuck a bus. I told ya'll that my kids and grand kids were a lot like me. In Georgia, we a have a saying, the acorn doesn't fall to far from the tree. I will be very glad to see all of them, they are my family and none of them are bad at all, just funny and crazy, like grandpa.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

My very smart cousin?

I was reading my friend, parkwayreststop yesterday and he got me thinking about my cousin. My cousin is very smart, when we were growing up, all he did was study. He has never done anything but go to school. He would get one degree and then go back and get another. He has never made anything but 4.0 on all of the schools he has been. Just smart as hell. He married, had three kids and still in school. I think he has four degrees and he is also a doctor of something. He works for NASA, in Alabama. No one in the family talks to him, you can't. He never says shit, just thinking about his education and work? His wife has to lay out his clothes for him everyday, why? cause the dumb SOB would have on a red shirt, red pants and red socks. He can't do shit. He has never been to a grocery store, never cooked anything, no sports, no nothing. Every christmas, he got toys and games for the kids, at least the wife did, and he could never put them together. He has never done any painting, any chores around the house, just work and read about his work. I will never understand how she got knocked up three times by this dork? Someone must have given him lessons or even had to put his dick into her for that dumb ass. Who the fuck knows, I can't figure him out. He makes great money and has never written a check, he knows nothing about money, bills or savings. Carol does it all for him, he just brings home the bacon, a lot of bacon. I would rather be like me, can't write, can't spell, did not get a degree in anything, but I can do somethings and I can dress myself. Thought you people would want to know a little about my family, Cat

Friday, February 10, 2006


Big fucking deal. Who cares, when you work shift work for 30 years, weekends don't mean shit. I have worked all of the holidays and birthdays and most weekends. Who cares. A day off is a day off. I played and drank when I was off, so if did not make a shit when I was off. I played cards for money, shoot pool for money, chased women, played golf for money, you name it, I have done it. I always had plenty of people to do those things with, rain or shine, or anyday of the week. Now that I am retired, it is just as good now, the only thing different, I don't know what day it is now. Everyday is off for me. That may sound good for most folks, but it gets old after a few years. I still have many interests and love to get out and do things. Most bloggers don't post or do much reading on weekends, so I have only posted monday thru fridays, until today. I guess I am bored to death, not. Just wanted to write something and get my mind going this saturday morning. It is raining here in coastal Georgia, so I will stay at home and maybe catch up on my fucking. Jason got to Denver okay and I hope he does well. Go have a great weekend and be safe. Cat.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Been up all night, but Jason is gone.

I have not been to sleep in over 26 hours. I stayed up so I could take Jason to the airport at 4:30 this morning. We got there on time, he checked in, we talked a few mintues, I gave him some more money and some smokes. He hugged and kissed me goodby, he almost cried. I hate to see anyone cry, more so, when it is one of my kids. He is a very good boy, but a messed up young boy. He had it made here and lost everything. He thinks life is going to be a cake walk in Denver, I hope it is. Nancy told him to get a rich woman to love and take care of him, I think she just called my boy a WHORE, just like me, but I have always paid my own way and theres too. I almost went to sleep going 80 miles an hour, when I got home, I woke up. Now I can't sleep and no one is here to fuck me to sleep. Well, maybe tonight, if I am not dead, Cat

Watching the Grammy's

Too damn much Rap, that is not music. I love the old music of the 50's and 60's, I saw many black groups, that sang the Motown sound, back in my school days. Now that was music. They can take that Rap shit and stick it up there ass, Cat

Monday, February 6, 2006

Man, I got high last night.

After the firemen left and the electric man restored my power, I went back into my bed and hit the bed. It was spinning around, I tried the old hang one leg off the bed, to stop it from turning around, that did not help. I got my lazy ass up, watched a little TV and took another pill. I got several emails last night, telling me that I was relaxed? Shit relaxed, I was almost knocked out. After I watched a little TV, I carried my sorry ass back to bed, I started rubbing my wifes big ass, she did nothing, I started thinking about getting some pussy, then I thought about the old saying, woke up pussy is worst than warmed over coffee. I laughed and finally went to sleep. I told you that nothing is dull around the catfish house, stay tuned for more fun, Cat.

My last night.

Tonights the night I get rid of my baby son. Hell yes, I am very glad, he has been in my house for a month, he is about to drive me crazy. I had to buy his plane ticket, buy him some clothes for the Denver weather and give him some start up money. I hope he stay gone a while. he is 30 years old and he had been on his own before, many times, but he always came home to me. He does not get along with his mama, my second wife. Maybe this time, he can get his shit together and become a man. I sure hope so, it's about time. We leave my house at 4:30 and his plane leaves at 7:00 am. Have a good trip and don't come back, love always, Dad.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Fire Fire Fire

I was in my bed, trying to heat up my back with a heating pad, and a neighbor came running up to my house, and said, there is a teephone pole burning on your land. I got my doped up sorry lazy ass out of the bed and went outside, damn, it is burning and on FIRE. I called the telephone company and the electric company, they are coming now.  Our little fire department is very small and most of them are a sleep or drunk this time of night. Shit, I told Nancy, let the bastard burn, it can't hurt anything. As I write this post, the telephone pole is still on fire, what the fuck can I do? My neighbor and Nancy are going crazy, fuckem, I am going back to bed.

Saturday, February 4, 2006

Super Bowl

I love to bet on footbal games, I don't bet with my heart, I bet with my mind. I think the Steelers are going to win today. I am betting the under of a total of 47 points. I also love the steelers, but with minus 4 points, I think I am going with the Seahawks, I want Pitts to win, but only by 3 points. Both quarterbacks are having a great season, but I think the Seahawks have a little better defense. They put a ass kicking on South Carolina and I think they will almost stop Pitts. I hope the score will be Pitts 24 and the Seahawks 21, that way I will win all bets. And Pitts gets the win, I love east coast football better than the west coast. Goodluck with your bets today, Cat

Friday, February 3, 2006

Had sex last night

Yes I did, it was short and sweet. Even though Jason was in the next room, we still got it on. Before we staterted fucking, I got the duct tape out, I put two layers over her mouth, just to make sure she would not hollow or scream, it worked. We both could not sleep last night, so we just fucked ourselfves to sleep, it worked, woke up this morning and feel like shit, I must have used muscles that I have not used in weeks? My friend Chuck is coming down for food and drinks with a little gun shotting throwed in. We will watch the super bowl tomorrow and eat smoked pork shoulder. Man what a life, have a great weekend and be safe, Cat

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

More Sex

I have been married three times, each time was a different woman, each one of them were very nice at first. My first wife was very young when we got married, she got knocked up when we were still in high school, I married her and when I got out of high school, I had a six month old son, Joey. We use to fuck like minks, everywhere and very often, back then, when I was young, my dick stayed hard as a rock all the time. We sure loved out sex. Three years later we had another child, this time it was a girl, Stephanie, she is my girl, I nicknamed her Hi Dear, she will always be my little girl. Four years later we split up, I took Joey and she took my little girl, years later she got remarried and had a son, then I got my daughter back, A few years later I married again, this time it was a tall young pretty girl with huge tits, sex was okay, but not great. I wanted it all the time and she did not want any at all. WE had a child, Ryan, then three years later we had Jason, my baby son. Everything was great with for a while. We purchased a nice house, I had a good job and we raised all of my kids. She went to school and had some part time jobs, after she got out of schoool, she kicked me out. Told me she didn't need me anymore, that tore my heart out. I paid her child support for Ryan and Jason until she remarried, then she had a child, a pretty little girl. Her new husband told her one day, it's me your your kids, the boys, I leave or they leave, I got both of them back under my wings to raise, great news. I really got fucked that time. She never paid me a dime and not only did she do nothing, she also stopped seeing her boys. Man what a wife. My mama use to say, you married the worst women you could fine. No woman leaves her kids, never. Then a few years later, I knew my now wife from my old job, should have married her when I married number two wife. I got married this time for good, Nancy and me have been married 23 years and I have known her for 30 years. Sex has always been good and fun with us, I guess we are a like. Almost everyday we would have sex, morning, noon and night. I thought I have die and gone somewhere. We finished raising all four kids and got them going. She has helped me more than any person on this earth, I thank her for being a wife and my best friend. We never fight or have bad words to each other, she loves my friends and gets along with everyone that comes into our house, a wonderful person. Sex is still good, but it lasts a lot longer than when we were younger. Time changes that in people with a little age on them. MY dad was a large huge man, and he told me than he lost his sex drive when he was 65 years old. I think I may lose mine sooner, I hope not. For all you young people out there, try and please your lover and get as much out of them as you can, life is very short, so try and enjoy it to the fullest and have plenty of sex, it's good for you. Thanks for taking time to read my shitty blog, Cat