Thursday, March 30, 2006

Last Day of March

Good, spring is here, water getting warmer, fish starting to bite and here comes April showers. I love the spring and fall, I hate summers and winters. The only thing bad about the south in the spring, is the fucking gnats, they are everywhere and they will bite the shit out of you and make you itch. The blessing of the fleet is here this weekend in Darien Georgia, shrimp season is right around the corner. Street dance saturday night, with three bands and food, plenty of food and beer. Vendors will be selling there shit and games and crafts will be everywhere. Looks like I will be busy for the next two days, come and join in the fun, Cat

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Trailer Tires?

Have you ever tried buying tires or inner tubes for a small trailer? My tires are flat and needs tubes or new tires. The size of the tire is 4.80/4.00-8. These are hard to find. I been on the web all day long and finally found them at It is on a cart that my John Deere pulls, only a year old, american make shit thses day. Nothing lasts anymore. Look at out car business, all of them going to Jap companies. Wake up America. Those cocksuckers will own us one day.

After fucking with my cart tires.

I got in from working or some people may say fucking with the tires, I came in and took a bath and got me a little pussy. It was more than I could take care of. A little pussy goes a long way when you get older and out of shape. My back is killing me, at least I got a chance to clean my tubes. I finally ordered two inner tubes today, will be here friday, then more work. Take care and see ya'll later, Cat

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another tity bar story

I was working the 3 to 11 shift at work, about 9 oclock that night a few people I worked with called me on my office phone. They all wanted to go to a tity bar after work. I said okay. We hit the bar around midnight, it was a bar on Waters avenue, a man just got killed there about 3 months before we went. I told one of the guys about this, but they all wanted to go in, a few new girls were dancing, I think? We went in and got a ring side seat at the dance floor, things started getting good, nice women and ice cold beer, what a night? Well after about 2 hours of power drinking and giving money away to the dancers, a very pretty young girl came out and started dancing, she was a ten, anyday of the week. We all showed her our money and she started dancing just for our table. One man named Stanley, a big ass Pollock, stood up and yelled at her and he was so damn loud, a bouncer came up to him and asked him to sit and be quiet. Stan was still having fun and being very loud and Stan was 6 foot 2 inches in height, but weighted about 300 pounds, what a man. He would not stop. At one time, Stan stood up and yelled at her and said, I would let you pee in my face just to see where it came from. A strange man, seating at the bar came up to Stan and told him to behave, well that just made Stan work harder and he even got louder. The next time that girl came up to dance, Stan started on her again. I told the other boys, we got to get him out of here or we will be up shits creek without a paddle. They would not listen to me. Stan sat down beside me and I told Stan again about a man being killed in here 3 months ago, he said fuck it. Well the bar finally closed at 3 am and as we were leaving the bar, 4 men jumped us outside the bar. Stan told out two of them with 4 punches and I got one of them very good, knocked him out cold. The last man standing told us that she was his girlfriend and he was very mad at us, Stan got up and started cussing the man and then hit him with a big wooden stick he found on the ground. I thought he was dead, I got up and helped him to his feet and the other 3 were still knocked out. I told my friends, we have got to get out of here, the cops will be coming in a few mintues. We all made it home safe, but that was the last time I ever went to a tity bar with Stan. Like I said before, pussy will make a man do almost anything for it.

Friday, March 24, 2006

We Bare It All

Have you ever been on I-95 going from New York down to Florida? If you have, I bet you have seen signs that read, We Bare It All, on the instate highways. These are total nude bars, that sell sex toys and food. I have one of them about 10 miles from my house. I have been to three of them, the one here, another one in St. Augustine Florida and one in North Carolina. They are all owned by the same man. They all charge a fee of 5.00 to get in and sell only food and drinks, no booze. If you leave and go outside to get a drink, then it is another 5.00 to get back in. They are making a killing. I know some of the people that work at the one close to me, they have good food. One day a few of my biker friends and me were riding around, and one man said, lets go see some nekkid women, all of us said okay. We all went to Bare It All, the parking lot was empty in the front of the store, but the back parking area was full, we parked in the front. We made ouir way to the door and was charged only 3.00 , cause we were locals.  Most of us ordered food and was seated at the dance stage, they have three of them. The girls were all very pretty and the oldest girl was only 25 years old, just fucking beautiful. I started tipping the girls and kissing on all of them, some bikers spent money, like there are rich, most are not. I got my coke and cheeseburger and started eating it in front of the dancers, one girl bent down and ask me, how is your burger? I said great. Another pretty thing got up on stage and started dancing in front of me, she bent over and asked me, what does your burger taste like? I told her it tasted like pussy, she laughed and changed stages. Some of the boys had lap dances and others went behind closed doors for the private dances. I just sat at the stage and talked to everyone and kept on tipping the girls. After a few hours of all that coke and tea, we finally hit the road. We ended up in a real bar, drinks for everyone. I was asking some of the guys about the private dances, one said he got a blow job, one said he got a hand job and one said he got fucked. Damn, I should have gone behind the doors. Instead, I just threw my money away at the dancers and had a good time. I will remember this, when I go back. So, if you ever run down to the closest We Bare It All, please stop and go in, have a coke for me and see if you can get a treat.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dell computers

Don't buy a Dell, Dana is having problems with her computer and the service with Dell. They screwed it up and now they will not fix it. It is under a year old. Go buy another brand.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A funny story.

Back when I was married to my first wife, Nancy, we moved into a nice house on the southside of town. We had  two great friends and neighbors next to us. Bumpy and Linda were very close to us. We shared a lot of things and went everywhere as a group. Bumpy and me use to go out drinking and golf while the girls went shopping and to movies. They were very good people. After knowing them for about three years, one night we were drinking black jack and getting pretty damn drunk. Bumpy told me that he wanted to fuck my wife, I then turned to him and said that I was thinking the same thing about Linda. We kept on drinking and talking, the next thing we were outside fist fighting each other. It was a bad fight, both of us had bloody noses and cuts all over out body. The girls came out and broke us up a few times and then we started fighting again. We both pasted out on the grass and when we wore the next morning, both of us could hardly move, he had blood all over his face and his hands were all cut up. He told me that I got the better part of him. The girls washed us up and asked what ever made us fight? We did not tell them. I think he wanted to screw my wife, but I was just teasing him about Linda. We stayed friends for about another six months and then I purchased a new home about three miles away. We lost our friends and I never missed them after that. Pussy can drive a man crazy, if you let it, Cat

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Monday Morning.

Yes it is, another new ekk. Weather has been great in coastal Georgia, around 75 everyday. I have been working in the yard and burning. Went fishing yesterday, very slow, coming off a full moon. Glad to see my buddy, bowlegs is healing. He has been through alot lately, hope everything gets better with him? My area, Shellman's Bluff, had a little St. Pat's day parade saturday, we went, I drank six beers and watched the parade. Not as big as Savannah, but very close and nice. The 3rd ID was here and so was there band. The women went crazy. The girls gave them kisses and beads, just like Savannah. After the parade, we had a dance, about 2,000 people doing the dance. Two live bands, great music and weather, the sand gnats almost took over the affair. Getting ready to do a little work this week on the house, take care and be careful, Cat.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Green grits and green beer with corned beef and cabbage.

An Irish meal for a king. I am about to fart myself a new asshole. I wish I could give Robbie some of my gas. He can't go home, till he has a few good farts? I hope I am not around him, when he starts farting, he can lay you out. Savannah's party was a big hit this year, it was clear with sun and it also reached 80 degrees. The news people said it was one of the largest one yet. We had 650 soldiers from the 3rd ID march, the ladies were kissing them with fresh lipstick every mintue. Some of them had 50 or more beads around there necks and you could not see there faces for the red lipstick. The parade lasted just over 3 hours. The crowds were 8 and 10 deep on all of the sidewalks. 292 units marched today, with plenty of bands. After the parade, everyone walked to River Street, they looked like a bunch of maggots. As of 6:00 this afternoon, only 15 people was arrested, amazing. All in all it was a great day for the Irishmen.

Click here to see many pictures of people and Savannah on St. Pat's Day.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I saw Rob today

He looked good and will go home tomorrow. The doctor took the tubes out of his mouth this morning and they cut him on the belly  to get to the ulcer. It busted on him monday morning and the pain was so bad, Rob called the meat wagon to come and get him. He is in Candler Medical Center in Savannah GA room 407. He still can't talk very good or loud now. His uncle and aunt came to see see him when I was there and his brother Dave and Pam came by as I was leaving. He had color in his face and said he was very sore. He will be fine. I told him that all of his buddies were asking about him and wished him well. Maybe he will be as good as new soon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Where is Acidman at Gut Rumbles?

I have been calling Rob for the last two days, no answer. Georgia is also looking for him. I think he maybe MIA. Has anyone heard or talked to Robbie?

Acidman is in Candler Medical Center in Savannah

Rob has been there for two days. Don't call him, he can't even talk. Doctor's are working on him and trying to make him well. He was sick as a dog Sunday and I told him to call me, he didn't call, but he had enough sense to check his self in Monday. When I find out more about Rob, I will email or post it, Cat

Monday, March 13, 2006

Tity Bars

I use to love to go to tity bars. I went almost every night. My biker friends would meet up at a bar and then ride to all four tity bars in Savannah. We knew almost every girl that danced and  even dated a few of them. One night, when we were at Harry's, I was sitting at the front stage, a girl came off the stage and jumped in my lap. I did not know her, she grabbed my long hair and kissed me on the lips. My friends had a good time with that girl. We always partied with all the dancers and knew the owners also. It was like a big old happy family. One titty bar was owned by the Korean mafia, everyone there was asian, except the dancers, most asians don't have big tits. One night, when we were there, a girl got on the stage, we did not know her. We started hollowing and talking to her. She loved us all. After about an hour, we started to leave, a man came up to me and said, that's my girl friend, I told him that we were just having a good time. He was pissed and started to follow us out of the building. He kept on about his girlfriend, and he was after me. I had enough of his shit, I tried to talk nice to him and he would not leave us alone. As we were walking to the door, he was still on me, I got pissed and finally reached in my back pocket and pulled my gun out and stuck it in his face. I told him,  okay cocksucker, if you don't stop fucking with me, you will be a dead motherfucker. He stopped in his shoes and I think he got the message, he let us leave without anymore of his shit. I was going to kill the cocksucker. Once we got outside, my friends said, Cat, I thought you were going to shoot him in the bar. I told them that I was going to kill him, we got on our bikes and went to another tity bar.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Civil Rights.

Back in the 60's, we lived on Washington Square in Savannah's old fort section of town. It was around the corner from a 5 star eating place, called the Pirates House. The blacks were marching all over Savannah. My mama always had maids and cooks. She buried about 20 black people that use to work for her. We lived on the paved street and the blacks lived behind us on the dirt streets. I played with blacks when I was young and ate there cooking everyday. I did not know much about color in those days. The black funeral parlor, about 2 blocks away loved my mama, she paid for all the blacks funerals, about 600.00 in those days. Back to my story, daddy was away on the ship when all of this sit downs were going on. We were home one afternoon and we heard a bunch of people coming down the street. Daddy got his shotgun and we all went outside on the porch. It was about 100 blacks walking to the Pirates House to boycott or eat there. Daddy took a stand with his Browning, while Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson walked bye. I did not know what to think, being a kid, I hollowed and waved at them and me and mama cheered them on. I did not think it was a big deal. Later that year, black churches were the meeting places for the blacks and every once in a while they would have anothe march. Me and mama use to get in the 49 chevy and ride to look at them. Once the blacks were allowed to eat at the 5 and dime, things got back to normal. It was no big deal. I remember the white and colored water fountains and the black side of town, whites did not go there. We had it good in Savannah. Blacks always wanted to be with blacks and whites always wanted to be with whites. I think it is true today.  I think the big reason for all of this, is that no one wants to be told not to go and can't do this and that, once they got what they wanted, they were all happy. Friday will be St. Pat's day in Savannah. Have you ever seen a black Irishman? You will in Savannah, on that day. This is just a little story I was thinking about this morning, Cat

Gators are back

I walked down to my pond today and walked right up on a big 7 foot gator. I almost shit my pants. I thought I got all of them bastards last year? I was scared to death, by the time I got my gun, he was gone. I will get him tomorrow.

Thursday, March 9, 2006


Same shit different day, that is an old saying here in Georgia. I have been cleaning up my yard, 5 acres of it, cutting bushes and burning wood. I am sore and sick of work. I paid the price for all of this work, I was in bed all day tuesday, couldn't get out of bed, hurt all over. All my kids are working and Jason is still in Denver. Joey is working 10 hour days as a electrican and Ryan and his wife, Dawn are in England. I bet they are having a good time. I went there back in the 80's, it was very nice. I love the pubs. My daughter called yesterday and Tyler got him a part time job at a pub at the beach. He will save his money and buy guns. He loves them as much as I do. Coastal Georgia getting warm, high today will be around 80. St. Pat's day will be here next friday, Tony Ryan, a friend of mine will be the parade leader this year. Savannah will have about 400,000 people come to our city for the parade and drinking party. It is the 2nd largest parade next to New York, it lasts about 4 hours in all. I will start again on my burning today. If anyone comes to Savannah for the party, call or email me and we will get together on St. Pat's day. Today my wife and I were married 24 years ago. That's a long time.

Monday, March 6, 2006

Dr. 90210 again

I watched the plastic doctors again tonight, good show, good show. One old stripper had her tits reduced from a FF to a D. One young man has a ball added to his nut sack, he lost a ball when he was young. I guess he wanted balance? The best one was a young woman, with two small kids, wanted to have her fat sucked out of her belly and back, she was very thin and I don't know why she wanted this done. Dr Rey said the same thing I just said. She also wanted her pussy lips, also known as bat wings reduced. She said after her two kids were born, her pussy lips grew and flapped down. She said it was painful to have sex, cause the pussy lips went side her pussy when fucking. She either had a big pussy hole or those bat wings were huge? They would not show it, blacked it out, the bastards. The DR cut the lips down to size and added some of the fat, from her belly, to make the pussy look better. It was funny, after he got finished, he stood back and looked at her box and told everyone in the room, what a pretty pussy she had. Everyone agreed with Dr. Rey, he stood there for mintues just looking and telling the world, what a pretty box she had. I wish I could have seen it? This show is pretty damn interesting. Watch it sometimes, Cat

My first wifes pussy doctor.

After posting the Dr. 90210 post yesterday, I started thinking about pussy doctors. My first wife was my school days girlfriend. We got married at a very young age, cause, she was pg with my son Joey. When she use to go to the pussy doctor to get checkups, she would come back home and tell me all about it. Her doctor was a whore, he would fuck anything, anytime.  He was married and some how killed his wife and got away with it. Then he married a very young woman that was hot as hell. A friend of mine use to fuck her many times, and said she was hot and a very good fuck. Back to the whore doctor. My wife told me one day, that he was checking her and told her that she had a very pretty pussy. I laughed and thought that a doctor should not be telling his women this shit. The more I thought about it the more madder I got, I should have gone and beat the shit out of him? Have you ladies ever had a doctor tell you that you have a pretty pussy? I bet not. He was her doctor for years and delivered both of my kids, Joey and Stephanie. He is now dead and so is my first wife. Cancer got them both.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

I am dead, been working for three days.

You heard that right, I have been working on my land for three days and i can't even move tonight. I have been clearing my island at the back of my land. Been cutting trees down, cutting bushes and burning. I have a new chainsaw and a bushwacker, they paid for themselfves today. I had three large piles of wood from all my cuttings, burned them tonight, I bet they will be burning tomorrow. I saw no snakes or gators, I think I got them, finally. I wore snake boots and also had a shotgun with me, just in case of snakes. I am bushed, going out to eat some seafood tonight and drink a few bottles of wine. I have a busy week next week. Talk to ya'll a little later, Cat

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Pussy in the morning, pussy in the evening and pussy at supper time.

That use to be my favorite song, until I got old and have my bad back. I loved pussy to death, could not get enough of it. Now that I am older and my bones hurt like shit all the time, I now love peace and quiet and a good plate of food. You younger men out there, better get all you can now, cause when you get older, you will not be able to cut the mustard much anymore. When I was younger, I would beg, steal, borrow as much pussy as I could get, I loved it more than eating and drinking. I can think back to a lot of my life about the ways I use to get pussy and laugh my ass off. I will start sharing these stories with my readers, that way you can laugh also. I started working at the age of 12, just to have the things I wanted. My daddy got my  drivers permit when I was 15, then I got me a car. I worked for pussy, friday and saturday nights were my big pussy nights. I always got laid on those nights, one way or the other. I have had cops walk up to my car and make me leave the spots I was in, I was also caught by a girls daddy, in there house, many more coming soon. My kids know all about me and my life and they think is is very funny. I hope you will too.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

80 degrees here today.

Summer is coming, it maybe right around the corner. The weather is just wonderful here today, I worked outside in my big ass yard. It is so large, that one or two days of work, will not even show any difference. I love the quiet and peace on my land, but sometimes it is just to damn much to take care of. I fead my fish in the big pond and saw many babies swimming at the edge. My old bones hurt like a bitch, but I have to keep on trucking. JP came to see me today, we took a ride and I showed him some of the new houses going up in my area. He almost shit at the prices and the size of the houses, most of them are four and five bedrooms. Going to Savannah tomorrow to see my CPA, he has my taxes ready, I still owe big money? You can't win when it comes to taxes. Take care and thanks for reading me, Cat