Sunday, April 30, 2006

A new week

Today has been a good lazy one. Nancy is in Florida with my daughter and her children. I have been doing a little yard work and also planted a bush today. I have been reading about all of my friends that went to Texas this weekend, looked like fun. I wish my back had been better early that month, I would have gone to the party. It was a big party, what I have been reading and laughing at all of them. Can't wait to see some pictures. Maybe next year? Today is also May day, when I was a young man around six years of age, I went to school during the summer at a big church, my mama made me go. One may day, we were going around the may pole and I turned the damn thing over on all the smaller kids and got my ass kicked by the teacher and then by my mama, when I got home. I thought it was funny, since I was a foot taller than all of the other kids my age. I was never a bully, just a little larger than most kids, not fat but tall. Do any of you remember tha MayPole?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Back Is a Little Better?

I have been in the yard for the last two days, my back feels a little better. If I knew my back was going to feel this good, I would have gone to Austin Texas. I told Rob a few months ago, that my back was really bad and I may not go to the Texas Blog Meet. He had two rooms and told me to wait a few weeks and let him know, I thought about it weeks back and called Rob one night and told him that my back was killing me and I did not want to go and have a bad trip, so I cancelled the trip. I worked out in the yard again today and it was not bad at all. Maybe next year I will go. I wish I could see the future of my sorry ass back? It maybe better to sit home and be in pain than make a trip very horrible. I would love to meet some of the people that I have been talking to lately, maybe another time? I hope ya'll have a very good time and enjoy the meet, it sounds like fun and a bunch of people will be there, Cat

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Hit and Run driver

The boy that killed the old man, turned himself into the police yesterday. My grandson is fine and I think he will be okay. Thanks for all of your thoughts and stories, me and my daughter thank you, Cat

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My only grandson saw a man killed yesterday.

This is very horrible, my daughter called me last night, and told me that Tyler saw a man get ran over yesterday after school. It happened three doors down from where Tyler lives. The man that got killed was a nice old man and was out by the mail box, when a red car with three teenagers driving very fast. Two boys were in the front seat and a young girl was in the back. When it happened Tyler could hear the girl scream and hollow. The red car just kept on driving, they did not stop, Tyler told out his phone and called 911 and a few mintues later the cops came. Tyler saw the whole thing, he was very upset and nervous. The cops started asking wuestions and Tyler was telling them the truth, the cops would not let Tyler call his mama and they wanted to take him downtown for more questions. My daughter got there just in time, I don't think they can do that to a 15 year old. He answered all of there questions and tried to kelp them in anyway. After a while one of the cops asked Tyler, your daddy a cop? Tyler said yes and he has been on the force for 18 years. The cop told tyler that he was very proud of him for not crying out , that his dad was a cop. They them all have very high resprct for Tyler after that. I don't think they caught the red car yet, and I hope my grandson does not have any problems with this. Tyler is a very smart and grown up kid. I have given him three guns and he loves the outdoors and loved shooting guns. I think he will be okay. He is a big boy and very smart. His mama was also worried about the after, I told her that he would talk about it, when he got ready and if he needed anything that she would help in anyway. I he knows he can count on me. Let's hope he will be fine, Cat

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just had some company to stop by.

My two great friends from Plant City Florida just stopped in last night. I have not seen them in six months. They just purchased a new motorhome and we trying it out. They are going to Elljah State Park in north Georgia for a week. I cooked up some fresh Georgia wild shrimp with potatoes and corn on the cob, had a great salad and also baked a cake. We talked and laughed till the early morning hours. They are going to Europe in a few weeks for a month, they are both retired and all they do is travel. He sold his plant a few years ago and now he can be a man of leisure, like me, from now on. Looks like rain today and fish are still not biting. Still windy and cool.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Very Nasty Turn On

When I was working, a group of us men would sit around and bullshit. We talked about everything. Sex was a big topic for many and some of those men had some very nasty turn ons. One man asked me one night, you ever taken a piece of plexiglass and laid on your back on the bed and let a lady put her ass a few inches from the glass and shit on it? I said hell no, not my bag. Two of the young men, said, why not Goodman, that was my work name. I told them that I guess I was too damn old and had enough of that crazy shit years back. One man asked, well, we do it all the time and it is very a hot turn on. I can't seem to think it would be a turn on. I finally told one of them, that if I let a lady sit a few inches from my face while I am holding a piece of plexiglass over my face, she would end up with the runs and the shit would run over the sides and get all over me. They laughed there asses off. One man said, Goodman, it is so nice, to see the lady bend over me and watch while her asshole starts to open and then turds start coming out. I laughed at the motherfucker and chased all of them out of my office. I still think about this from time to time and then I really start to laygh. I have never done that and will not ever start. I guess some people need a little different turn on that most of us, Cat.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Why Do So Many People Use Blogger?

Every time I go to a friends web page and they use Blogger, there site is always fucked up.  One lady, I left a comment, and the next day, it was gone. Some of my friends use Blogger, and they can't get into there site most of the time. There is so many bsponsers out there and most of them are free, so why use Blogger. They suck, big time. Please give me a answer to this question, cause most of these people talk very bad about Blogger, but they keep on using it? Thanks Cat.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just started my veggie garden.

Almost all of my blogger friends are growing veggies, so I thought I would start one today. I have some tomatoes, three different types, peppers, hot and mild one, bell peppers,  all three colours, red, yellow and green. Got me some cow shit and some great black dirt, peat moss, and feritilzer. I may even plant some weed. I will let you know how everything is growing, Cat

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Last Night , story about the Pussy

I worked real hard in the yard yesterday. When Nancy got home from Savannah, we went out and had supper, came home got into the hot tub, laid around and when it came time to have a little pussy, I was to dead to get it. I told her that I was planning on some very hard fucking, but could not keep my promise. Maybe tonight I will feel better, my back in killing me. Stay tuned for another update, Cat

A fart story, not a shit story.

After my mama got sick and had a few strokes, me and Nancy had to do her grocery shopping for mama. Sometimes mama would go with us. Mama could walk behind a shopping cart and push it very slowly. Nancy and me would be two rows over from mama, getting her things she wanted, when you would hear a loud noise, it was mama, her farts could carry over two lanes in the store. Once Nancy came back to mama's cart, with a handful of items, and when she got close to mama she smelled a bad smell. Nancy yelled at me and said come quick, mama did something in her depends? If was not shit, it was just a very bad fart with a smell that would rank a ten on a scale from one to ten. Smelled like something died in her ass. Some days mama would walk in the grocery store and fart for eight to ten steps, every step she took, she would fart. Sounded like a slow machine gun. You could hear mama over the people and over two to three lanes in the grocery store. When you asked her, did you shit, mama would start laughing and and the farts started all over again. My mama could fart with the best of them. Nancy now says that I fart as bad as my mama, I don't think so. Mama was a champion.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Working up to a little taste of pussy

Yes I am, I am back in my big ass yard today. Cutting grass and watering all of my plants and trees. Everything is in bloom and very pretty. Nancy is in Savannah today, visiting her mama at the nursing home, the old lady has still not recovered from her broken hip. When Nancy gets home and sees what I have been doing, she will get on all fours and fuck me the death. Sex is not my number one subject at this time in my life, it use to be number one and I would do anything to get some pussy. Now later in my old age, I prefer a great plate of food, a good drink, or even a very good movie, so I guess sex is number four on my list now. How things change over the years. If someone would have told me this would happen, I would have beat the shit out of him. Father time has caught up with me. I still love sex and I also want to fuck almost every lady I see and meet, but it never happens often these days. I am very glad I have a wife that puts up with all of my shit, which is very much all the time. I will let you people know the turn out of the fucking tomorrow. Wish me luck, I gonna try hard tonight, Cat.

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Very nice weather

We have been having some very pretty weather here in coastal Georgia. Cool nights and warm days. I went out early this morning and feed the fish in the big pond and the goldfish pond, changed the filters and watered my roses. All of my children called me yesterday. Ryan from New York just got back from england and rest of them are doing good and working. They all told me they loved me. A new eating place just opened around the corner from my house. Great food and pizza. As I was coming back from the big pond this morning, I walked up on another five foot gator, sorry sport fans, I had no gun on me. He watched me for three mintues and then jumped into the water. I hope he does not eat all my baby fish? Trying to do some work around the hose this week. Nancy going to Savannah tomorrow to see her mama, she is still in a nursing home, she fell last year and broke a hip, I think she has given up, she is 85 years old. Gas prices are rising agin down south, it jumped 20 cents last week and is up to 2.65 a gallon. I will not be riding much at them prices. Looks like a very nice week. Take care and have a great week and please be safe, Cat

Friday, April 7, 2006

Masters Golf.

I was getting ready to sit back and watch the Masters today, now they have a rain delay. They use to play in the rain, bunch of pussies. I use to go to the Masters in Augusta Georgia and also went to many Hertiage in Hilton Head Island South Carolina, my ex boss played in all the pro ams and got extra tickets for the troups. Most golfers are are bunch of assholes. They don't talk to anyone and they think there shit don't stink. Arnold Palmer was different, he talked to people, shook hands, signed anything you wanted him to sign, I real nice man. He is the man who put big money into golf. Jack came along and stole some of his charm. I have seen many pros walk right pass kids and tell them to get out of my way, mean bastards. One of the worst ones was Payne Stewart, he's dead now, what goes around comes back double. He was a rotten bastard. And the shark was not much better. I don't know many young pro golfers now, but I hope they are more friendly that the older ones. I respect Tiger, for all the money he spends on kids schooling. Plus tiger is fucking great. You hear a lot of shit about the Masters, because it is a private club. You just can not just join, you have to be asked and voted in, if you live long enough. The waiting list must be 30 years long. The great Bobby Jones made Augusta and the Masters, but he never turned pro. We had a man in Savannah Georgia, that use to beat Arnold and Jack and anyone else that wanted to play him, he never turned pro, beacuse his family had plenty of money and told him that he had to work the family business and not become a pro golfer, his name was Hobart Manley. He won every thing in the South and up north when he played golf. I don't play anymore, I retired from golf, when my brother Artie died 8 years ago. He was a great golfer and played with the Red Sox's in baseball. But that is another story. Artie was my favorite brother. I have two more brothers. I just heard on tv that they are playing agin, so let me go and watch some golf, Cat

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Turkey Buzzards ate the whole thing.

They had a great meal, when I walked to the pond this morning, they ate the whole damn coon, head and tail. Nothing left, I was going to get his tail for my cats to play with and the damn thing was gone. I went to meet a man coming down from Ohio yesterday, Rob, Rick and Georgia met with us at a seafood joint in Richmond Hill Georgia, it's the town Henry Ford owned back in his days. Was only about 500 people total, now it is up to 20, 000 plus. The food was good and the company was even better. We always meet with other bloggers coming down on there way to Florida. Heath was a very nice young man, he will be joining the Marines in a few months. We all had beer except for Robbie, he drank sweet tea, I am very proud of him, 180 days, I think, not drinking. Good for him. I will shoot some big possums tonight, I saw about 4 of them last night, all you have to do is shine a light on them, and they stop dead in there tracks and look at you, then I will be able to get a few good shots off. Maybe the buzzards will be eating possum tomorrow. Went fishing again today, no bites, still cool and very windy. Going out again tonight and eat some pizza and beer. Take care and peace to all, Cat

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Acidman came to visit.

Yesterday Rob came to see me. We had a few cokes and shot the shit for 3 hours. We tried to fish, water was too cool and very windy, no bites. Rob looked good and can almost talk again. He sure has lost a lot of weight. He told me he has been eating very good and the work he did last week in his garden almost put him back in bed. I know where he is coming from, when I cut bushes last week, I thought I was going to die. Too much work for an old goat. We both are out of shape. A  blogger called us yesterday and said he was coming to Savannah and wanted to meet us. We agreed to go have dinner tonight, his name is Heath, he said he reads us everyday. It is nice to meet new people. I have met some very nice folks from blogging. I am very glad my friend Rob is doing better and he is looking forward his trip to Austin. I am not going, I hurt too bad and would not be any fun for the group. I hope all of you will have a great time and have a drink for me. Take care and peace to all, Cat

Coon hunting last night.

It was late and I was sitting on the sofa, when Nancy said, look goat, it's that big ass coon again. I got my ass up and picked up a loaded 22 lr rifle and looked out the back porch door. Sure in the hell, it was the big coon that has been eating my dog and fish food. I shot at him once, and he jumped up about three feet into the air and then dropped dead. Nancy was looking at the kill, she said, damn, you got him with the first shot. I told her, yes, and it was a very long shot and at night. The buzzards are eating his ass right now. They will eat him in one day. This is also the mating season for gators. Rob and I heard a few of them yesterday, but did not see any. They are wanting a little sex now. I maybe old and out of shape, but I can still shoot a gun with the best of them. Nancy was very proud of me and my shot. I think I will try my fishing again today, Cat.

Monday, April 3, 2006

How to Stop Mexicans from coming to the USA

Years ago, poor whites and blacks did all of the very hard and nasty jobs in america. Most of them went to farms and picked and planted food. Now, our government gives these poor whites and blacks more money on welfare than a cheap job would pay. Then the Mexicans started coming to america in thousands, just to work and make a better life for them. The less people that was born in america sits on there ass and don't work, the more Mexicans come to america for jobs. I say to the government, stop paying out so much money, for people that don't and will not work and then the Mexicans will not have any jobs to come to america for. This will stop a lot of the problems we are having now. Like everything else, the government always causes it's own problems.

Sunday, April 2, 2006


Cocksuckers, I still owe them money. I have been retired for 3 years and my income has dropped two thirds, and I stll owe uncle sam. Uncle sam my ass, I also owe the state of Georgia 1,100.00. I had taxes taken out of one of my checks, so I guessed I had it made, I was wrong, I owe a total of 4,700.00. Thank goodness I have the money, cause these assholes will get you in trouble and the money. Sometimes they even put your ass in jail. Geting hot down here in coastal Georgia, 89 yesterday and 88 today. My house is down to 68 degrees, thanks for the 6 ton air conditioner. I have been hot all my life, but I will not be hot in my later years, fuck that shit. I use to work in 100 degree heat and sometimes even warmer. The blessing of the fleet party was a big success this weekend, music, food and beer. I have told you before, this is the seafood capital of Georgia. Vendors had shrimp cooked anyway you wanted, we had boiled, fries, baked, creole, garlic, pepper, lemon, shrimp on a stick, shrimp burgers, shrimp cocktails, shrimp stews, gumbo's, sounds like the movie Forrest Gump. Did a little fishing today, only had bites, no catches. Burned trash and took a dip in my hot tub. Now I am watching the national past time, baseball on ESPN. Life is good, Cat

NCAA Basketball tonight.

I hate the Florida Gators, but I am pulling for them to beat the shit out of UCLA. I hate the west coast teams worst than the Gators. I am a Georgia fan, Cat