Monday, July 31, 2006

Nasty words, sayings and nasty ass people.

I called my buddy in Atlanta today, GOC, Denny. He was doing just fine, I told him that I was going to try and make the long ass trip to Helen next month. We talked for a very long time and I told him some stories about me and Rob, old bowleggs, we both miss his sorry ass. We cursed and told stories about some of our trips and blogmeets. Me and Bowleggs were getting ready to go to Costa Rica, to stay with a friend of mine, that owns the hotel in San Juan, he also does gambling and sportsbooks. Jay told me, just to get there and he would take care of me and Rob. Rob fucked that trip up, he went and died on me, the sorry ass. He loved those women over there. He told me so many stories about him and the women and all the food and drinks he could get for a very small price, shit, I wanted to go with him to Costa Rica. I was going to take a quiz today, but decided not, it asked too many fucking questions. I use too many bad words for most people, but hell, that was where I was born and raised and you had to be nasty and tough to get by. Real curse words are not that dirty, the ones that people try and cover up are much worst. Take the word vagina, now that is nasty, I would rather hear pussy anyday, anytime rather than vagina. Look at the work penis, that is very nasty, I like dick or peter better. How about ya'll? Am I in this boat by myself ? I bet I am not. Take care people and try and be a little nasty, some people will love it, Cat

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another whorehouse.

Back in the middle 60's the Brown House was a huge hotel on one of the main streets in downtown Macon Georgia. Macon was the home of Otis Redding and Little Richard, the Allmond Brothers and many more musical groups. The Brown House was also a whorehouse. It was a lot nicer than the first one I went to. It was high class. I remember it also costing more money, but pussy is pussy and I never met a pussy, I did not love. The whores were on the top floor, you got up there and went into a big ass living room, the girls and women came out, wearing nicer clothes and bras and undies, some of them had on nice glowns, you also picked the one you wanted, she then took you into a room down the hall. That room was bigger than the last whorehouse, large bed, a few chairs and a bathroom. First we took a shower together and then talked price. I just wanted a straight fuck, cause it was the cheapest, 50 bucks, and she wanted to hurry and get me out of there. My daddy taught me to get on to a woman, to slow her down, always put one of your arms under the small of her back, that way, when she started to go fast, you could then put a little pressure on her and she would slow down, make the fuck last a lot longer. Those girls were pro's, they wanted you to get on and get off in a few minutes, the more people they see, the more money they can make. I think I got my money's worth, cause she kept asking me to hurry and are you finished yet? After all the fucking, we then went to the living room and had a few drinks, while I was drinking, I saw the girls in action, they lined up, every time someone would come in and waited to be picked. I got to talking to most of them and they started telling me about being a whore. First of all, this was the 60's and they were making two and tree thousand dollars a week. That was very great money back then and even now, tax free also. Most of the girls worked four days a week in shifts, 12 hours on and 12 hours off, just like a real job. They could drink on the job, but was to;d, never to get drunk. I know some of them were smoking pot, I could smell it in the air. Those girls were funny and amazing, I got to meet with them for about an hour. They had some great stories. The USA needs to bring back whores to every state and make it legal again. Those were the days, Cat

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My first trip to a whore house

When I was traveling all over the state of Georgia, I had a chance to go to a real whorehouse. It was a truck stop that sold fuel and meals. I got there about 10:00 one night, then the owner marched about six ladies out in a big living room, so I could pick one. They came out in bathing suits and underwear, all of them looked great and young. I picked a red haired lady about 23 years old. We went down the hall and into a small room with just a sink, chair and a bed. We started talking price and what she was going to do for me. I agreed on a half and half, that is half blowjob and half fuck, I think it was 30.00. She took me over to the sink and looked at my dick and washed my dick and balls with soap and warm water, shit, I almost came while bathing. She got me in the bed, she started sucking my dick and then she told me, you been drinking scotch? I said yes, how can you know that? She said that she could taste it on and in my dick? I did not know that. She said she has been a working girl for 5 years and she was a pro. After about 10 mintues of her giving me head, she then wanted me to get on top and fuck her to death. I jumped her bones and she gave me a ride of a lifetime. It was very good and very fast. Two days later, I took my sales force back to the whorehouse, one man fell in love with one girl. He went back several times after our last time. I think he wanted her to stop working and become his wife? I told him that he was crazy and he should forget her. He did, cause she told him the money she was making, about 1,200.00 a week tax free and that was back in the middle 60's, that was a lot of money back then. More coming soon, Cat

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My PC was hit by a storm two days ago

My router was hit by a storm a few days ago. It did nothing but not let me get online. I got to go and buy another one today. It is hot as hell and I don't want to make than 75 mile trip for that part, but I love you people and I need to keep writing for myself and for ya'll. When I get it installed today, I will come back and do a sex post, I know some of you are sick of seeing the Pussy Pussy  Pussy. Thanks for coming to see me and check on my sorry ass, Cat

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thanks people

I want to thank all of the people that added a post to the carnival of vanties for my buddy, Rob Smith, and to Jay for posting all of them. Today is my baby son's birthday, happy birthday son. His name is Jason and he lives in Denver. He called the other night and told me that he was doing fine, great news and I wish him well. Starting tonight, I will be posting more sex stories of me and some of Rob's. Thanks for dropping by, Cat

Pussy, Pussy, Pussy and More Pussy

I have never met a pussy I didn't love. No matter if it was big and deep, long or short, I loved all of them. My friends and me use to go to tity bars, about four nights a week. We knew almost all of the dancers in all the bars. I were friends with most of them. Every once in a while Bowleggs would go with us. Me and Bowleggs always sat at thr front stage, he was almost blind, he wore glasses at a early age. One night and big tity girl was dancing for us, she took Rob's glasses off and stuck them in her G string, we she gave them back to old Rob, they were sticky and had grease all over them. Being a good sport, he just put them back on his face and tried to watch the other girls. After about an hour, he took them off and said, Cat, look at my glasses, I said to Rob, they are nasty and I know you can't see out of them. He then took the glasses and smelled them first, then he licked them clean and put them back on his head. I told him, man, that was nasty, you licked those glasses and you know where they just gave from? He said, shit, I know, but I have had more nasty things in my mouth, than those glasses. He was one funny man, when he was just a light drinker, Cat

Monday, July 17, 2006

A Mild Sex Post

The subject for today is whore house. I have been to three whore houses in my younger days. These are places that you go into and a line of women come out and line up. You pick the one you want and then go back into a bedroom and talk price and do the job. Every time Rob went to Costa Rica he told me about his nights with the local whores. They don't have whore house, they have pimps that live in bars and night clubs, they make dates with the whores they have working with them. The last time Rob went, he told me about a few of these women. He said he use to get the middle tan, or what you may call a yam, the last time he got a very black one. He said, Cat, she was so black that she shined. We laughed and he started telling me the details. I know for a fact, no matter what colour the woman is on the outside, the colour of pussy is always lite pink, pussy is pussy I was taught at a very young age. Back to the story, Rob said Cat, she was very pretty but very dark, I got me a true blooded one this time. He paid her to stay two days and nights with him. The first night, he was getting ready to jump into bed and let Roscoe do his thing, he said, I couldn't see her she was so black. Rob then told her to smile and show those white teeth and open her pretty white eyes. I then found her, Cat she was great, she loved fucking better than I did when I was a young stud. They must had a great time? The next day they went out and ate, shopped for some things, he told me he purchased a bathing suit for her with shoes and hat to match. She took him to many plaves off of the tourist trap. He said all the food was very good and averaged about 4.00 a meal. The last night he had her, he told me he went to bed with her with a small light on, I bet he didn't have a hard time finding her this time. She had a ass that you could put a bottle and two glasses on, without falling off, man, that's a ass. I know he could tell this story a lot better than I did, but I wish I was there to see this happen. More coming soon, Cat

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hello Monday

I mailed the god damn IRS 807.00 friday, assholes. You can't win with those bastards. I wish one day that we get a fair tax, let's get out and vote for this fair tax bill. It would put a lot of IRS people out of work and make it easy for us average taxpayers. Just add more tax to everything everyone buys. That way, no income or state taxes again, just sales tax. Did ya'll all see the interview with Rob and the Altanta TV station? Rob wanted to say more about the cunt, when asked about what he said about her. Did you catch that shit eating grin? I am in a shitty mood today, I went to bed at 5:00 this morning and at 6:00, all of my cats started fighting one another, it was loud and woke my ass up. I will put there sorry asses out tonight, maybe I will catch up on my beauty sleep, shit, I need every bit I can get. Talked to Redneck last night, funny man, he loves to drink and fish. He loves his kids and he worries about them daily. I told him, shit neck, I raised four and I still have hair, they will be okay, just watch them like a hawk. Speaking of hawks, I saw three of them in my yard last night, pretty and big. About a block away, I also have a few eagles nest, they come back and lay eggs and raise there babies every year. Maybe some sex stories tomorrow, Cat

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Go here to see the TV station interview with Rob Smith, the Acidman

Thanks to my good friend Elisson he has posted the you tube of the interview with Robbie at his house. This was a live interview about and why Rob got fired from his job. Go to to see this report. It was very good, I think all of Rob's friends would love it, Cat

Friday, July 14, 2006

God Dammit

I need your help people. I need someone to read a few times  each day on the web. I use to read my buddy, Gut Rumbles , at least three or four times a day. I also use his side bars for reading other people. It has been a couple of weeks and I still miss the old bowleggs. Rob got me started in the blog shit and now the cocksuker is gone. If he was still with us, I would kick his bowlegged ass. I have been reading a lot on the web lately and I can't find anyone close to my buddy. He was a Tall Dog and I have read many other Tall Dogs and he was  greater than most of them, because he wrote. The others do nothing but link this and link that and go here and read this or go read this book or this newspaper. I thought blogging was writing. We need some more great writers people. If ya'll find someone, please let me know and I will do the same for ya'll. I will start reading more this next week, maybe I will be able to find someone close to Rob as for writings and some great true stories, Cat

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Went to Savannah today

My CPA looked at by letter from IRS and he checked and found that the insurance company that was paying me a monthly amount, did not send me a 1099 form. The company sent one to IRS but not to me. that way, I was short at paying my taxes. It was the insurance company fault. This is Unium Ins. Co. this is the company that keeps telling me I owe them 14,000.00. I paid them back two years ago and they owe me a monthly amount, but they will not pay me until I pay them the 14,000.00 back. I guess I will not get any money from them again. Stopped by and saw my buddy Chuck, we went and had a big ass meal and talked about many things, just got back home. My wife had a cousin to die last night, heart attack, he was 54 years old. He lived with his brother and both of them just buried Mama and Daddy a few years ago. His name was weird Harold. His brother crazy Robert found him in the bathroom last night. They will have a memorial service for him Monday. Take care and be safe people, Cat

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rob, the IRS are after me now

I got a shitty letter from IRS a few weeks ago. They say I owe them another 807.00 from 2004. I get my CPA friend to do my taxes every year. This is the man that Rob was going to see about his 60,000.00 bill. He knew he owed them 18,000 but not the 60,000. I will get my sorry ass to Savannah tomorrow morning and talk to my CPA and try to get out of this bill. In 2004 I paid the IRS 47,000.00. and I am retired, shit, what will it take to get even with these bastards? My income has dropped about two-thirds and all I get is retirement and SSI benefits, how much do they want from me? That's all my buddy Rob could take about, the last four weeks of his life, was the IRS. I think they help to kill my friend, plus all the pain Rob was in. I will let ya'll know the outcome of this problem, Cat

Monday, July 10, 2006

Made In America My Ass

I purchased a new Ford full size truck last year. I took my truck into the dealer this morning again. Another fucking recall. We make shit anymore. This is why america is coming to an end. The price you pay for a new truck, you should never have anything to go wrong with it, the first few years. My truck has less than 10,000 miles and it lives in the shop. In the last few years, I have been buying Ford products and they make junk. I use to buy GM, but they made shit also. And Dodge and Plymouth, that went down hill many years ago. I think I am going to start buy Jap cars and trucks, they are built like we use to make cars. When I was at the dealer, I started fucking with a salesman, I took him about my two new Fords and he got mad, I don't know why, his shop was full of almost new cars and trucks being worked on. I stopped and got me a 100 crickets, I think I will go fishing today, Cat

Gators are back

While I was fishing this morning, I saw a five footer on the bank, I went back late this afternoon and fished a few hours and saw another swimming down the pond, this one was seven foot long. I watched him for a while and he did nothing but foat. I made a few noises, like gators fucking and he went under, I guess he was looking for a mate. Two gators in one day, I think they come to my pond for all the food. I feed my fish and turltes three times a week and also gators love snakes. I will leave these two alone for a few weeks and see what happens. I got the raccoons baited again for tonight, my chickens will love me. Since I live on water both salt and fresh I have more coons than a show dog can jump over. They are everywhere. My daughter called and laughed at me and the coons, she said, Daddy, don't let them get the best of you. It's fun living in the woods, but you have so many critters eating everything and plants and bushes I have planted. The deer eat my roses and veggies, coons eating everything they find. My wife feeds birds and I have four hummingbird feeders out, we have millions of them Four bird baths and my chickens.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

The coons are after my chickens

You should have seen me early last night. I have a big picture window in my office, the chickens were eating and all of a sudden I looked up and a sick coon was eating the food. I told Nancy to come and look. I told her that the coon was sick, you never see a healthy coon in the afternoon, they love to get out and eat at night. About ten minutes later she said, look there are two more coons. They have chased my rooster and eating all of there food. I told her to get my 22 long rifle and I would go out the front door and get them. I tried to sneak up on them, I shot the older one in the head and chased the other two into the woods. One went up a oak tree and got away and the other one, who knows. I then took the dead coon around the block to see if anyone wanted to eat him. An old black man, very nice and about 80 years old said, he may be rabbit, so no one got him. I left him in the woods for the buzzards could have a meal. Three of my small hens are missing, something ate them? Maybe a dog or a coon or even a red tail hawk, who knows. I feed the tree rats and fish this morning and also took care of my goldfish pond. I love animals but went they eat and destroy my shit, I will kill them and let the neighbors have a meal. Hot as hell here today. Been cooking and eating more than usual. Got some more green peanuts and cooked them yesterday. See ya'll later, Cat

Thursday, July 6, 2006

I just took this test

Over at Baboon Pirates, I just took this test, who much redneck at you? I took it and I was only 40% redneck, shit I thought I maybe at least 80%. I guess I was wrong. I was born and raised in Georgia, been to many different places, but always moved back to Georgia. Take it and see what yours is. This weekend is going along okay. I boiled some peanuts, went fishing and took care of all of my cats and fish and chickens. Everything is getting back to normal. My good friend Dax Montana called me tonight. He finally got his family moved to a small town a few miles from Helen Georgia. He is out of the food business and working a trade job for a company that makes auto parts. He loves country living. He told me that he would get his internet back next wednesday, so ya'll write to old Dax. Ya'll have a great and safe weekend and more posting about stories and sex next week, Cat

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

I hope everyone is doing better. I am.

I walked down to my pond yesterday afternoon, there was no gators that I could see. My chickens are doing good, there are almost like pets, the rooster follows me around, like I am is mama? We should get a little rain tomorrow, we need it, we are about 7 inches under last years rain. Everything is dry as pie. My cats are enjoying the house again, the little Jack Russell has been gone a few days now, he was a sport, very good dog. I told Stevie that Dana's dog, Lucy was very good and smart as hell. Lucy would shake habds, lay down, roll over, play dead and came when you called he. I like dogs, but the last two I had were with us for 13 and 14 years, when they died I cried like a little baby. They were family. Nancy and I decided that they would be no more dogs, so I got 5 cats now. I got my old mama cat, and three small cats and I also got Jason's when he mover to Denver. Looks like I have to get on the tractor today and cut these 5 acres, the grass is so tall, I can't even see my cats. I went to Brunswick Ga yesterday to eat and do some walking, they are really making that small city a nice place to live. New stores and food places coming in every week. The town has about 20,000 people and has a big port. Seafood companies are everywhere. Last week when I had to go to Savannh, when I got into that traffic, I thanked Nancy for making me move to the country. We have no traffic at all and when we go to Brunswick we can whip in and out in a few minutes. They have everything that Savannah has, just a lot less people. I will take 20,000 compared to 280,000 anyday. I hope everyone had a great fourth and remembered the truth about why we take the time off from work and made it a holiday. Thanks goes out to all our troups, Cat

I am not posting at Livey's site.

Those comments you see on Livey's page are not mine. Ya'll all know me, I always leave my Name and how to reach me after I comment, always.  I noticed that the person using my name Cat, does not have a way to get in touch with them, they have no email or web page. People, it is not me, Cat.

Sunday, July 2, 2006

I don't know what to do?

Acidman my buddy for many a year talked me into doing a blog. I told bowleggs, shit Robbie, I can't write or spell worth a shit and who wants to read about a long haired hippie that is almost 60 years old? He said, Cat, you are one of the funny men of the world. You write like you talk. Do it for a few weeks and then see how it goes. I got my buddy Mamamontezzz to make me a web site, she did it for me with the picture of the Catfish, and away I went. I have made a few people mad, I have made a few laugh, I hope I made a few of them shit there pants, I don't know. I finally got to sleep last night, after taking a long hot tub soak, knocked me off a big piece of Nancy's pussy, took a few pills, added a few morphine patches and quess what sport fans, I was then knocked out for over 8 hours. When I got up, I could hardly make it out of bed. I almost called Rob on the phone and tell him about my fucked up night, damn what was I thinking? I miss the old cocksucker very much, we had so many things in common, been down the same roads, did the same ass mistakes in life. Had an ex wife that was totally fucked up. I think the best reason we were such great friends, we said what was on our minds and we cussed each other out almost every week. I don't know what to do with my blog now. I think I may just lay back and cool it for a few months or kick it up a notch and write more about my life and the things Rob and me use to do. Robbie was the king of the crappers, he shit his pants just as much as I did, we would call each other and tell how and where and when it happens. When Robbie was a mild drinker, he was funny as hell, I use to tell bowleggs he wrote better drinking than sober. After getting canned for his blog, he stepped up and started writing more and meeting more people, he loved his blog buddies, I have met some very good people going to blog meets, some of them are just like my brothers. The women in Rob's life made me laugh, I told him a few weeks ago, I don't know what all of them women are fighting over you. You look like shit, live like a hermit, eat like a rat, you are always sick as an 90 year old man, can't walk very good, Roscoe is dead as a door knob and then he said Cat, it's the charm my friend, I then told him to go fuck his self. That is the way we use to talk to each other. It will take me a very long time to get this shit out of my thick head, and I hope we all get back to our lives, he would have wanted it that way. Rob wanted to be pain free and happy, I don't think he would ever get either one of them He loved his family and friends and always wanted to be in the middle of all of them. This is the last post about my buddy in the sad and funny way. I may tell a few stories and some of his ways, but I am going to put my buddy to rest and get my life back to my own family and friends, you do the same. Sam, if you are reading this, I hope will will try and understand your dad, he loved you very much and talked about you and Stacey all the time. I told me serval times, I hate to see her in Texas, but Stacey is the very best thing that could have happened to Sam. If I can help ya'll in anyway, please call or email me. I will close for now, I have tears in my eyes and my big head hurts like shit. Till we meet again dear friend, I don't know where it will be and when, but we will get together and tell a few stories and laugh our cracker, redneck asses off, Catfish.