Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pain and more pain

When this last storm came up the coast, I have been having very bad pain. I can tell the weather with my back and leggs. Robbie use to laugh at me and told me that I was crazy, I could predict rain and bad weather long before he started all of his pain. When I retired on a very bad back, Rob was still working, we called each other and got together once a month to drink and play music. He would call and see what the weather was gonna do? I would tell him and I was correct 99% of the time. When Rob got canned at work, we started having more time with each other.  Rob started his downfall and he came down with pain shortly after. His uclers were bad, his liver was shot. Been in two dry out clinics, went to several doators and told me that he was understanding my pain. He would always call and tell me, Cat, how in the hell do you cope with that much pain? I told him that I went to pain dotors and lived on pain pills. He hurts so bad, that I cry sometimes. I will try and make it to Helen, I want to go and see my friends and meet new ones. But, if I can't go, think about me back home in pain. Robbie started downhill pretty damn fast. I was staying about the same. He told me that some nights he cried like a baby and also told me that he was going to die at a very young age. I always talked better about pain when talking to Rob, he was a strong little asshole, but his pain was getting as bad as mine. For the last three months of his life, he talked about going soon. I told him that he was not going till his time was up. We laughed and got on a new subject. I have not had any sleep in two nights, I walked the floors, looked outside every ten mintues, took pills, put on new patches, still no sleep. I am not thinking about death, but with all of this pain, I think if I had to live like this the reat of my life, then I would rather be dead. The is sad but true, pain does wonders on the mind, if fucks you up. I hope I will get better, and soon. I have been in my hot tub a lot lately, been living in my massage chair, the one Rob loved and talked about all the time. He would sometimes go to sleep in my cahair and he was going to purchase one soon. One time he went to sleep in the chair and I had 12 friends over, Dana put a carrot between his leggs and everyone laughed at the drunk fucker. When he woke up, see saw the carrot then took a big bite out of it. We all laughed and called him gay. He laughed back and called all of us faggots. If I can make it to Helen, I will be there, if not, sorry people. I am dealing with some bad ass pain now. I hope ya'll have a great holiday weekend, be safe and return to all of us on Tuesday, Cat

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hello People

The storm never turned into a big one, thank goodness. We don't need any for a few years, let all them people get a life and a new place to live. Happy birthday yesterday Katrina. That storm was a nice one, it caused a lot of problems. Everything is very slow at the house, nothing happenings and still hot as hell. Nothing to write about, later, Cat

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A storm is a coming

This time of year here in coastal Georgia, we always watch the weather channel every morning. Looks like a storm is coming our way. It will take a few days to get here, if it comes? Who knows, I care cause all of my money is in my house and land. I have insurance but don't want to use it. Maybe it will just rain and go away. I did not watch the award show last night, I hate that shit. I ate and laid around on my big ass till it was time to go to bed. Been thinking a lot about things lately, some good, some bad. My buddy Zonker called me yesterday, he asked me was I going to Helen? I may or I may not. My back will not make the trip in one day. If I can get there, it will have to be a two day trip going and coming back. To catch a plane, I would still have to drive over 120 miles to and from, and then rent a car in Atlanta to Helen. I may not be able to go, I wish I had a new back, I wish I could see and meet some new friends. I will know more about my back in the next nine days, I hope I can make it.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

My two grest friends came for a visit.

Yesterday two of my best friends from Plant City Florida came to see us. These people are really great. They just came back from a trip over seas, they went to Italy, for about a month. When they came back he traded a new motorhome, with less than 3,000 miles on it for a 2007 model, same size, different color, it is very pretty. My friends travel a lot. They were on the road all day yesterday and when they got here, we did not want to drive another 50 miles to a great food place, so we all went to the country club to eat with the rich and famous. The golf course is a great one and the tennis courts and horse track looks like something in England. We have two and three million dollar homes all around the course and a few remaining deep salt water lots remaining, if you can afford 500,000 price tag. This area is really growing. More and more people are moving down here and retiring to coastal Georgia. Florida has been hit by many storms in the last serval years, so they are moving north to salt water in Georgia. Back to our meals, I had a cajun supper with all the fixings and a big ass salad. Bill had almost the same. Nancy had grouper and Elisa had a seafood platter. Everything was fresh out of the water. We had two great bottles of wine, one from 1999 and the other was from 2000. We all started out with grouper fingers as a snack first. Our server also tried her best to sell us another botle of wine for 128.00 a bottle, but we were to damn full to eat or drink anything else. We did have a dessert after all. We went out on the deck and listened to a music man playing for a while. He sucked, we can home and hit the beds, a great evening with close friends is very rewarding. We do this about three times a year. They will be leaving this morning and going north. I will try and fish today and play on the grounds and kill a few snakes. Gators are gone this time of year, they all went back across the river to Harris Neck, every time I go over there, I see hundreds of gators . It is a state run park and bird home for many animals. I see eagles everyday and hawks. My last chicken was eaten by a red fox last week, no more chickens for now. Just wanted ya'll to know and tell ya'll to enjoy your friends and live a good life, for tomorrow we all maybe dead, Cat

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I have been talking on the phone today.

I called a very good friend today, I was on the phone for over an hour, she is one of the best women in the world. I wish I was a lot younger, I would be at her door step, with flowers and candy everyday. The lady is named Chalis, her blog is Theater of Soul. I really kick a kick out of talking to her. She raises two teenage boys and works and goes to school, what a woman. She also knows a lot about computers, Rob told me about her, I am glad he did. After talking to her for a while, the phone rang, it was Dana, we talked and laughed about her life. She is very unlucky and her hubby is even more so. She is in school now for two more years, Dana is going to be a nurse. I wish her all the luck in the world and hope she does very good, I know she will. Today has been a long one, I been replacing door knobs, that my contractor never added, three in all, cocksucker, I should have killed him last year. IO hope all of ya'll have a great safe week end, my sister in law is here for a few days, go to cook or take her ass out to eat, shit, if it's not one thing, then it's two. Take care friends, love all of you, Cat

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I read a new blog today

It's called Feetman, this man loves feet and toes better than the old Acidman, he really loves them to death. Every post on his web site has pictures of feet, all kinds of feet. I left him a comment about him and Rob being brothers of the feet. I have been known to suck on a few toes in my life, but I am a leg and box man. Most women and gals have always told me that I have a golden tongue. I think is comes with practice. I have been eating pussy for ages, many years. I can sit at a bar and tie a cherry stem with my tongue, I can also tickle the navel of a woman from the insise, I can make a lady cum and cum, I guess I am very good at it. I was talking to some younger men the other day and these boys are fucked up. They don't love pussy the way I did when I was growing up. These boys would rather fish, drink beer, play cards, swim, race cars and trucks all without being around any girls, they are crazy. I told them that all I wanted when I was growing up was a car, so I could date and get me some pussy, they laughed at me. I called them crazy and they said that I was crazy. These boys told me that girls are way down on their list. When they go out on dates they make the girl pay for their own food and drinks and other events of the date. Times have really changed over the years. I still open car doors for women and pay for everything. I have given flowers and candy and also have purchased sexy gifts for all of my women. Who is the crazy one. I ask? You be the judge for me, Cat

Monday, August 21, 2006

Man, what a tongue.

I watched the Gene Simmons show, last night on TV, it was funny, but dumb. The Kiss memember was famous for his big ass tongue. That thing was about eight inches long and he could also work that sonofabitch wild. Last night he made it go around and around and all the women wee loving it. Man, what a tongue. He could eat a navel from inside out, you girls know what I am talking about. I have always had a great moving tongue, maybe not that big, but smart and had the know how.  I could always made a woman hum and cum. Gene was a little over weight and his girl friend, the playboy girl and ex porn girl, Shannon Tweed, is his woman now, went to a health motel for Gene to lose some weight. She told Gene, you lose 5 pounds and I will give you some pussy. Gene almost died, he was hungery from the first day. He gave a boy, that worked for the motel to get him some fast food. He gave him a few hundred dollars for shit. He also wanted a TV for his room, another 500.00 for a hundred dollar TV. This show is as bad as Ozzy. It is almost as bad as the Hilton and Richie girls. Next week when it comes on, I want all of ya'll to check Gene's tongue out, it's a nice one, Cat

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Made it back

The trip to Brooklet was a good one. They had plenty of peanuts, one farmer sold 60 bushels of cooked nuts, that is a lot. At four dollars a bag, he made a killing, that is 50 pounds to a bushel and his bags were about a little over a pound. The vendors were great also. THey had some people doing crafts, one quilter was there and she was selling nice quilts for 200.00 each, for a king size bed quilt. I have sen them for around 900.oo before. Got me some good honey. Went to see my aunt Lucille, she turned 99 in July, she looked old this trip. She told me she wished she could just close her eyes and die, old people think that way. Brooklet is a very nice town. My cousin Arte is the mayor of Brooklet. The land prices are very high there. Houses are selling around 200,000 now, for a new house. If I sell out in a few years, I may move to Brooklet. My oldest son Joey came out yesterday with his new girlfriend, and we all went out and ate. We was drinking very heavy and was almost drunk. He is 40 years old, but looks 60, because of his hard drinking. Getting ready to go outside and cut some grass, Cat

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Going to a peanut festival tomorrow

Brooklet Georgia is having there annual peanut festival tomorrow. They will have a parade, hot boiled peanuts by the ton, food, games, vendors, selling all types of homemade items and last but not all, a band that afternoon and night. Big ass dance. Last year they had over 15,000 people to attend and the total count for Brooklet is only 800 people. My 99 year old aunt Lucille lives there and a shitload of relatives. I will make a day and half the night in Brooklet. It is about a 70 mile trip, one way, to my mama's home town. Anything you want me to bring ya'll back ?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I went fishing today

I got me a hundred crickets this morning, got me a cke and some smokes and walked to the pond. I still have nice chairs around my pond. That way you can sit and relax in a nice chair and fish without getting into a boat or just standing up to fish.  I have four great spots that I fish all the time, I have two chairs sitting very close together, one for me and one for a guest, usually Rob had his name on the other chair, beside me. I caught a few hand size bream, then all of a sudden a caught a monster fish, I called out and said, look Bowleggs, this is a nice one. Rob was not there any more, he loved to come down and fish and shoot guns, he came almost every other week. I sometimes catch myself trying to call him on the phone, to let him know that the fish are biting. I told Rick and Georgia that I missed the bowlegged cocksucker. They said the same. We all had great times together. I hope one day that I can quiot thinking about my friend so much. Nancy also thinks about him and almost every time I call or talk to a blog buddy, his name comes up. I hope to see Sam, the next time she comes to Savannah. The house has not sold and most of his things are still in the house, I will help her back and move everything back to Texas for her. I will try and catch some more nice ones later tonight and hope Rob is down there with me. I need someone to talk with while I am fishing and looking for snakes, he hated snakes worst than me.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I wanted some hot wings today

My taste buds were hollowing for some hot wings today, I drove 40 miles to get some, when I got there, the boss said, no hot wings. I said shit man, I drove 40 miles to get here just to get some wings. He thought for a minute or two and came back with a plate full of hot leggs, they were just as good as the wings, even better, less bones and a lot more meat. Same price also, I got a bargain. Drove around Brunswick Georgia and went to Home Depot and walmart, did some shopping and got some grocies to cook later in the week. Got another can of fresh crab meat, I will make some more cakes and have a seafood plate later. Still hot as three rows of red onions here in coastal Georgia, around 90 today. Gas was up to 2,84 for reg unleaded, filled up and got some fuel for the tractor, grass needs cutting again. Fishing this afternoon and snake killing. Saw two large ones yesterday, Nancy almost shit her pants. No more gators for a while. Take care, Cat

Pussy on the brain?

For the last three night, I have been dreaming of pussy and fucking. Who am I fucking? I don't know. I tried to figure this shit out today. I go to bed at 3 or 4 in the morning, I watch TV tell I fall a sleep, start dreaming of pussy, then 30 minutes later I wake up to pee and then go back to sleep and start dreaming about fucking again. I don't get it. I am getting older and I have a bad heart and a very bad back, I take a shit load of pills and also wear patches for my pain. Looks like sex should be the last thing on my mind? I guess sex is still very important to me. I have always been on or around pussy since I was 13 years old, never went long without it. I have been married tree times and have always had a woman or two in my bed. What the fuck is up? You tell me, Cat

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I had some company today

Georgia and Recondo32 came and saw me today. Both of them are doing good and they were on the way home from a music festival in Brunswick Georgia. They saw some old groups from the 60's this week end, the Tams, some of Motowns famous old groups, the swinging Medallions, they have this every year on the big island. One year we saw Smokey Robinson, Chubby Checker, the Tams, The Shirells and many others, they put on a great show for two days and night. Plenty of food and drinks and doing the shag. Georgia and Rich are going to Helen Georgia and want me to go with them. They said it would not be the same without old bowleggs. He was in bad shape the last Helen blogmeet. He looked like death warmed over. They stay a few hours and we had a good talk about Rob and all of his wild living. I guess that Georgia and Recondo has known Rob just about as long as I did.  We loved him to death, Georgia made me laugh and almost made me want to cry at times. We miss the old cracker and his ways. I may go to Helen this year, I don't know for sure, my back is giving me a hard time lately and I should know more about it as the trip gets closer. It is finally raining in coastal Georgia, we needed it, my garden is almost gone and my pond needed the water, the level is very low. My oldest son, Joey, called while they were here, he was drinking and told me that he would see me next week end. All of my kids are doing good and all are working and doing there thing. Take care, Cat

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The famous G spot

I am a lot like most men,  I have been reading about the G spot and hearing women talk about the G spot, but I never could find the damn thing. I have been looking for that son of a bitch for years. I was close back in 1972, but it was just the man in the boat again. I have never had a hard time making a woman hum or cum, been doing it for many years. I have been knocking the man in the boat out of the boat and putting him back in for years. But that G spot had me fucked up. One night about 24 years ago, I was in bed with a pretty younf girl and after playing and having a good time, I think I found that G spot? I know I have found it, why, cause while playing with that rose bud for over an hour and probing and digging and trying to find that famous G spot, she was almost knocked on the floor from the bed, all of a sudden, she started doing all kinds of wild things, I even had her talking in tongues. The bed got soaking ass wet, it was a wet spot the size of a set of basketballs. I thought at one point that she had just pissed on me, but it was a little to sticky, I then thought? Must be the famous G spot? It was.  I had to go down south and check it out, just to make sure, it was not piss, it was not, it was hot, sticky cum. Since that day forward, I have been finding that bastard very easy and very often. There is a G spot men, you just have to find the damn thing. It is there guys. Trust me on this, it's there and it will make a girl or woman to the crab walk in bed. Thank goodness I found it, more sex coming soon, Cat

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

I have been reading many blog's today

I did a little catching up on my readings this morning. I started with a few friends of mine and ended up reading about cock rings and hotel rooms. And I thought I was sick? I know a lot of people and I think most of them think about sex most of the time. Old and young, sex is very important to all of us. I love pussy to death, a few years ago I would steal, fight, chase, buy, and many other things just to get some strange pussy. Now that I am a little older, the pussy has gotten a lot stronger and it also goes a lot longer between fucks than it use to. I can still think about the good old days and my dick will start to get hard. I am not dead yet, just don't need as much pussy, as I use to. I made a few posts about whorehouses, and someone asked me, back in the 60's you must have been hard up to have to buy pussy? No I was not, it is just a rare treat to go to the whorehouse and be fucked by a pro. They will fuck and suck you to death. I had plenty of girls in the 60's, but a trip or two to a whorehouse was always a treat and a pleasure. I wish I knew of one now? I would be there right now, instead of writing on the computer. Have any of ya'll been thinking about old lovers? Most people do when they have time. I talked to an old girl friend the other night and she told me shit about the old days that would have shocked me to death. Young girls are fun and I think they talk more than the young boys. She was telling me about girls that wanted to fuck me, but never did. Damn I wish she would have told me back in those days. I had crushes on many girls but did not always got what I wanted. I had a car, job after school, nice clothes and shoes and had the best friends in the world. I always had plenty of pussy but not choice pussy. There is a big difference. I guess I should have asked more at the time. I missed out on some very nice ass. More coming, I think I will start writing more about my old sex life and times, Cat

Friday, August 4, 2006

Mars Candy Company makes Starburst Candies

I have sent out about six emails and have called both big wigs at those companies for my buddy Puddin. Uddin will only eat two favors of Starburst and guess what? The assholes quit making those two favors. I was getting form letters from Starburst, so I decided to call them and ask them about those favors. They were a bunch of cocksuckers. They said that they were trying the new tropical favors and they were not going to bring back the Kiwi Banana or the Tropical Puch favors for Puddin. I finally got to a big wig at Mars and ask them about those favors, he was a pure asshole. I hope someday, these assholes will need something from a grioup of people and they get what they are doing to us, cocksuckers. I will keep writing and calling, I don't give up to easy, never have or never will. People, get on the bandwagon and let's try and get those two favors back for Puddin, thanks to all, Cat

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

God damn, it's 100 degrees today, with the heat index 110, shit.

I know when it gets hot as hell in Georgia, most of us will tell you, it's too fucking hot to cook. That is bullshit, you got to eat, us crackers can't live on love and pussy alone, we need to eat some cracker and soul food. I do a lot of cooking, nothing fancy, just down to earth heavy eating dishes. Tonight I am baking a 10 pound ham, with a pot of okra and tomatotes, served over a plate of hot steamed rice. Black eyed peas with ham cooked in the peas. I put up some jars of peppers that will go very good over the veggies and some meats. For the last two days I have been eating deviled crabs with brown rice and butterbeans and corn on the cob. That's eating. Fresh picked blue crab meat is about 14.00 a pound now, but shrimp are still very cheap, about 3.00 a pound for the big ones, 16 to 20 to a pound, a lot less shelling, when they are big. Brown shrimp are a little smaller, but sweeter than the big white shrimp, brown shrimp are in season now. I have about another hour till I sink my teeth into that beautiful ham, as my friend GuyK says, ya'll come back, Cat