Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Me and the snake

I went to the doctors office today in Savannah, I had to get more drugs and a check up. When I got home, I started watering my tomatoes and peppers, as I was moving the water around, I saw Toes, my little cat stopped and would not move, I started looking and then all of a sudden a heard a set of rattles, I looked and she had a two foot rattlesnake at bay. He would not move and Toes would not move, I got me a shovel and cut his head off, he had 4 little rattles at the end of his tail, enough to kill you and me and my cat Toes. After I cut his head off, his body was still moving at a good pace, about minutes later he was still moving, I got the shovel out and cut him into several pieces, he is dead as a door knob now. I hate snakes about as bad as Acidman.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Acidman post

I have asked a few people about a party for Acidman, some were wanting to go and get together, some could not, some were going on vacation and I think it would not be worth while just for a few of us to get topgether. I thought that we could have aboput 30 to 40 people that wanted to party for Rob. It has almost been ayear and I think a lot of people miss the old goat. His writing are still up at Gut Rumbles, thanks to Stevie and Paul, they do a very good job with his blog. I go there about four times a day and read and comment on some of his older posts, he was a great writer and funny as hell, I miss him everyday. We use to talk everyday by phone or in person. He loved to come and visit me and shoot guns and eat peanuts. He was a great friend and you all know, it is hard to replace good friends. Maybe in the near future we can all get together for a drink and a laugh at bowleggs.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

V-man's Gator

Today I walked down to the pond, the water level is very low in my pond, V-man shot a gator last saturday when he visited me. It was at the end of the pond, today because of no rain, the gator is dead and only sitting about an inch of water. A big ass ant bed is on his back and the buzzards have started eating his ass. The ants have made a home in the middle of his back. He smells like death warmed over. I hope the buzzards finish him off in a few days, smells nasty as hell. Gas prices jumped 15 cents since yesterday. Looks like people will start to stay home more.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gas Prices In Coastal Georgia

Shit fire man, I went out today and had to get gas for my truck, it was 3.19 a gallon for cheap unleaded reg. Man that is high, I only put 36.00 in the tank and when I got inside the truck, it only showed a half a tank. I bet the prices of gas will stop a lot of people from joy riding. I use to buy gas for 19 cents a gallon when I was in school and 25 cents for a pack of Marlboro reds. I few dollars back then would get you by a few days. I hope everyone has a great weekend and be safe please, Cat

Monday, May 14, 2007

A party for Rob the Acidman.

It has been almost a year since our buddy and dear friend Rob, or bowlegs I always called him, died and left all of us behind. Some people have asked me about having a party for Rob on or around the 22th of June. I talked to some of his friend and fellow bloggers and some have asked about an yearly service for him. I don't know about it and wondered if anyone out there would want to come for a weekend of drinking, eating fresh seafood and some music? It maybe fun and we all loved this man. Email or leave a comment about this and we will see what happens. Thanks people, Cat

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My First wifes birthday

Today, the fourteenth of May was my first wifes birthday. We knew each other in school many years ago. We dated off and on for years and we started going steady in the eleven grade. My wife could out drink a soldier and died four years ago with cancer. When we were dating she, her name was Nancy, lived on a island around Savannah and I lived downtown. We could not wait for the weekends to arrive, we use to drive and fuck like wild tigers each and every weekend. In our senior year of high school, I knocked her up, I was going to be a daddy. We married with a few months left in our last year of school. We were in love and stupid as shit, three years later we had my daughter, Stephanie, my only girl. About five years later she left me and went to Florida, she remarried about four years later and had one more child, a son, and then 20 years later she died. I will always remember her birthday, she was one of my first true loves. My son stayed with me this weekend and had a great time. He is the child that loves to drink, he drank 56 beers in less that 32 hours. I gave him a computer and hopes he starts blogging, if he does, he will be one funny person to read. My bride now, for over 24 years heard from all of the kids, except one, Jason, and he is in Denver and chasing women or girls. We need some rain, It has not rained in over two weeks and my pond is 3 feet low on water, help me someone and let it rain. I hope ya'll have a great and safe week, later gators, Cat

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Had a good and funny weekend

Yesterday my buddy V-man came to see me. We shot some guns and fished a little. While we were fishing, I told V-man, I hear some gators fucking. He said, where, I told him to take a loaded gun with us, he spotted a 5 foot gator in my pond, and his new puppy Bella was swimming just before we saw the gator. V-man took aim and shot him a few times, he went back about 20 mintues later and said he was still moving, so I told him to shoot him again.  I laughed my ass off at V-man, he called out once more, Cat, he is still moving, I stold him to get a bigger gun, I think he used a 9mm first, a 38 second and a 357 mag the last time. He walked back to the shooting range and said, Cat, I got him that time. I could not stop laughing. The dog loved the loud noises coming from the guns, she went back to swimming after all the fire powder was over. We shot more guns, fished a little more and drank a few beers and then V-man went to Savannah to see his brother, Georgia and Recondo32 are coming down today and I think V-man is coming back for some more gator and squirrel action. I will let you know more about it tomorrow, Cat

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weekend coming

Damn, it is already the weekend, how time fly, when you are having fun. I don't have much to do this weekend. Vman maybe coming up to see me and shoot a few guns. May kill a few squirrels. I shot at a seven foot gator yesterday, I hit three or four times, he did the body rool on me and tried to get to the island. I shot him a few more times in the water, I don't know if I killed him, I was using a 22 rifle instead of a high powdered rifle. It got dark and I had to eat so I went back to the house. First thing this morning, he was gone from the hill, the side of the pond. My pond is low on water right now, due to the no rain season. I think he is on high ground dieing. I will check with the buzzers tomorrow, if he is dead, they will eat his ass up in one day.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Doctor Oz?

Have ya'll ever seen Dr. Oz on the TV ? He is very good and talks where the average man or woman can understand things. He also has a few books out on sex parts and the body in general. Remember when you boys were young and thought pussies were dirty and smelled like fish? Well, doctor Oz said that women have a built in body cleaned, and all the nasty shit come out the pussy once a month and then it recleans itself, he called a pussy, a self cleaning item. He also told the group about a heavy man losing 25 pounds that he would gain 2 inches in dick. The group liked that one. He was on Oparh one day and the people loved him, that day he was talking about SHIT, He said to go and look at your shit, to tell if you are in good sharpe or getting ready to be sick. That was a good one. I emailed him the other day about my back, and he said , Goodluck.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It is getting hot in coastal Georgia

It is heating up and there is no rain in sight. We are still about eight inches of rain under what we noramally get. I have been watering my plants and grass. It is a job to take this water hoses and drag them along my 5 acres everyday. I am worned the fuck out. Pussy is the last thing on my mind lately. I would love to have a nice young pretty 30 year old girl come and see me for a few hours, but anything else would not be worth it. We went shopping today for plants, food and some clothes for my old lady, she found a few shirts, will go out again tomorrow and shop some more. I got my summer haircut yesterday, about nine inches of pny tail gone. I am using it to scare deer off of my roses. If you put cut hair beside a plant, the deer will not eat it, they smell your hair and hall ass.