Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dogwood festival in Jesup Georgia

Yesterday my bride had to drive 50 miles to sell tickets on a few quilts her club made for this big festival. One old lady was going with her and called at the last moment and said she could not go. I took Nancy that I would be glad to drive her there. I called my cousin, Luther and his bride, Janet and asked them to go with us and keep me company and walk around and shop at all the vendors. Each vendor had to sell only items made, not purchased items. There was some great things to buy and plenty of food and drink. Jesup may have 10,000 people in the county, small place with a big ass paper mill. Nancy sold hundreds of dollars worth of tickets, while we walked around and looked and shopped. I spent around 50.00 and Luther gave them another 30.00, grest trip and not so hot, the festival was under a bunch of trees, while Nancy and her quilters were indoors in air. After the party, we all climbed into the 4 door truck and went to eat at a place called Jones Kitchen, all you can eat for 7.00 a person, that included meal, drink and tip. Let me tell you about the menue, all the salad mixings you could ever ask for to start, then it was fried chicken, baked chicken, cooked ribs in bar=b=que sause, fresh pork sausage, fried bacon with the skin, liver and last on the meat side was a big roast beef. Here were the veggies, corn on the cob, butterbeans, peas, black eyed peas, okra, tomatoes, greens, beets with onions, northern turnips and pole beans. Thet also had biscults, cornbeards, rolls, fresh peach cobbler, three types of cakes and ice cream. I think we all gained 6 pounds after that meal. My cousin said that was the best meal he has had in a long time, good old country cooking. I am going again next year, have a good weekend, Cat

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snakes, One, Catfish Three.

I walked down to the pond this morning. Windy and cold. I took a shotgun with me instead of a few fishing poles. As soon as I got there I saw a snake laying in the sun. Shot once and killed a nice three round head. Walked a few feet to my left and saw one swimming toward me, about three away, I shot and got me another one. As I was walking back to the house, number three came up on me. Shot and killed that fucker also.  Two days ago I was fishing and saw a big one on the bank, getting some sun. I walked back to the house and got me a 12 gauge Browning, walked back and he was still in the same place, I shot once and killed him also. I hate snakes about as much as my old friend Rob, bowleggs did. Take care and more to come, Cat

Saturday, March 15, 2008

St Pat's Day Parades

Friday was the big parade in Savannah Georgia. The Savannah parade is the next largest other than New York in america. The news people said that over 500,000 people came to pour city for the huge party and parade. I watched in on TV, all four local stations had it live. Down where I live now, Shellman's Bluff, also had a small parade for the eighth year, this is funny, a few horses, about ten golf carts, one band and a bunch of people walking and drinking beer. I did not go to this one either. This time of year, the bugs will eat you alive. We went shopping instead and relaxed the whole day. Now if I was 30 years younger, I would have been down with them having a great and drinking everything that would not drink me. Take care and have a great day tomorrow, Cat

A Trip To The Feed And Seed Store Today

I got in the truck and drove 17 miles to the seed store today. I needed some chicken feed and some pond food and fish food also. While I was there my cousin Luther and his wife came up, he needed some feed also. We finally got his chicken coop built and he now has 12 chickens and two roosters. While we were at the feed store, we noticed a lot of people there, car and trucks everywhere. I thought they were giving something away? People were buying baby chicks for easter, they had blue, red, pink, green, yellow and green ones. They were so cute. Kids alaways got chicks and baby ducks for easter back when I was a child. The owner had nothing but big smiles on her face. She was making money like it was going out of style. Every chick she sold, she would then ask about a watering cup and a feedind device for the chicks. She had a big box of the plastic watering and feeding jars beside the chicks and after selling them the chicks, and the water and feeders, then she would sell them a bad of feed. Man she was making the money. Luther wanted some small chicks, but she only had the colored ones, so he purchased 22 baby chicks. I hope they will not lose the color, cause they are very cute and pretty. We wanted me to get a few, but I said no. My cats would love to play and kill them. Next animals to buy is two baby goats. I will get them when they are young and put a collar on them and let them eat my grass and weeds in the woods on both sides of my house. When the goats get big, I will take them to market and sell them and get two more babies. I love goats, but they are very nasty when they get big. Luther wants some rabbits, so next week will will go to the sale and get him three rabbits, one male and two females, within 6 months, He will have about 20 rabbits and he will be in the rabbit selling for meat. Take care and be safe. Also have a very nice St Patrick's day tomorrow, Cat

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Doctors Visit Today

My doctor told me today I may live another good year. Today was also the I married my bride 27 years ago. I thank her everyday for staying and putting up with my shit for this long period of time. Also made a trip to my CPA's office to have my taxes done. I also lost 13 pounds? He wanted me to lose 65? He better feel lucky. If I listened to him, I may as well just lay down and die, he wants to take away all of my goodies, fuck him. I am gonna keep on trucking just like I have been for all of these years. Till next time, be safe and get out and do something, Cat

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cold and Wet and I am sick as a dog.

I woke up this morning after about two hors of sleep and I am sick as sick. I can't even see, I have a fever and can't breathe. Everyone I know has the flu down here in coastal georgia. I thought maybe it was the pollen, but it has been raining for days, so it has washed the pollen down from the trees. I am getting ready to take some pills and go back to bed. Take care people and have a safe and happy weekebd, Cat

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Buddy Redneck Called Me Last Night

When Red called me last night, he was in Washington state. He was there on a business detail. He was going crazy. He told me he could not smoke anywhere on the hotel grounds and was about to flip. He had plenty of beer, but could not enjoy them without a smoke or two. It was a 200.00 ine, if you got caught. A cheeseburger costs 12.00 at the hotel and he said everything else was as high as a kite. I laughed at my old friend for about an hour. I could not take it anymore, he had me laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants.