Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Oldest Son, Joey, Had a Shock of His Life thursday

My son called me early thursday night and told me that his room mate dropped dead around eight oclock. My son was outside cooking some ribs and he went into the house and Marty, his room mate was on the floor, he told him to get is sorry ass up and get ready to eat. A few minutes later my son had the food on the table and Marty was still on the florr. My son called him again and he did not answer. Joey went over to him and rolled him over and he was blue and getting cold. He died of a heart attack, he was 56 years old and he meet my son many years ago while both of them were in jail for drunk driving. Marty was buried today. My son is still upset at the deathj of a good friend. Now he knows how it feels to lose a good buddy. One year I lost 13 very good friends. I just called my son and he said the funeral was packed for Marty, he was a very funny man and like my son, he was a big drinker and could not keep a woman. I hope everything will be okay for my son. My brother, Thomas, is about the same. He is still home waiting for a bed at hospice. The bad thing about Thomas, he knows he only has a few weeks and he is going crazy thinking about death. I wish I could do something for my brother.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Holiday Weekend

It started off at a good speed. I went to a small feed and seed store friday and they had a fish raising company come to they store and sell live fish. I purchased  a wash tub of crap, the ones that grow as latge as the body of water they live in. The crap eat weeds and grass only. These fish were about ten inches long and fast as lighting. I came back home and added them to my pond. We will see. I saw my brother, Thomas, the one that is very ill. He looked and sounded great. I will do anything for my brother and he knows it. Today we finally got some rain, for about two hours, my place is dry as pie. I killed a few more snakes today, looked like a mama and kid water copperhead. I hate those fuckers and one bite from a very small one can kill you dead. Going to stay home and fish and eat this weekend. My cousin Luther and his family may come to eat and fish monday. I hope all of you have a great one and please be safe, Cat

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thomas, My Oldest Brother Has Some Bad Health Problems

Ten years ago, my oldest brother Thomas, had three heart bypasses. He did very well and was out the ICU and back home in three days. On the fourth day he was cutting grass. Last week he was rushed to the ER with breathing troubles. After a week, he went home. He was back in the ER two days later with some bad sugar problems. It would be 300 at night and drop to 50 in the morning. He has always taken very good care of his body and watched whar he ate. Last thursday the doctors could not get the sugar down, so they called in more doctors. One doctor told the rest of the quacks, let's run some more and different tests, cause I think something else is running his sugar up and down. The just got the results and they were very bad, his heart is worned out. They said they could not do anything else for him. They told Thomas that he had four days to four weeks to live. He is in hospice care now and he looks very bad. Thomas is 78 years old and has lived a good life. Two kids, one of each and both of them have two children of there own. I hate to see him go so fast. My family use to be very large now it is very small. I have been to see him two days in a row, it's a 120 mile trip, each day. I will let ya'll kow, when I can, Cat

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I am Playing Golf Again

My crazy ass redneck cousin, Luther, told me how to kill chicken snakes with golf balls. I finally found my great set of very high dollar golf clubs today. It took about an hour to get the spider wens and dust off of the bag. I took out a dozen brand ne balls and took them to the chicken coop. I placed a ball in each one of the nests and three the rest of them on the ground. If a chicken snak comes into the chicken coop, he will see all of those pretty white golf balls and he will think they are new eggs, he will swallow a ball and then in three days he will be dead. The ball will not go down his body and his acid inside him will not break the ball down and he will then die. Let's hope this works. Next step, if the balls don't work, will be turpintine oil around the outside of the coop. Snakes will not move over that pine oil, he burns there skin. I will let you know later.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Snake Killed One Of My New Chickens Tonight.

My cousin, Luther, gave me a new young chicken yesterday. She was a pretty little banham. This chcicken was born in Florida and was owned by a Cuban man, This chicken looked a lot different than most. When we went out to eat supper tonight, came home and Nancy checked on the birds, she saw that the new bird was wrapped up into a large snake. She came and got me, I took a big knife and cut the snakes head off, he was wrapped all around the bird, she was already dead. This snake was big round as a 50 cent coin and was five feet long and had stripes. His head was shaped like a copperhead, but it wasn't. I hate to lose a nice new bird, but that snake will kill no more.