Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am getting better each day.

Yes my friends, I am healing. It has been a long recovery. Let me tell you about the company that I retired from. It is called Tronox, it was purchased from Kerr McGee Corp. I think and know that Kerr McGee wanted to get rid of some of there small companies and fuck the employees and the ones that retired, so they got them a company and made up a name and then purchased all of those small ones, it was still owned by Kerr McGee, but it looks like we were owned by Tronox. Well Tronox is now in chapther 11 and has one 80 people working at the plant that me and Robbie Smith worked for all of those years. Those bastards took away my insurance on April first. As of yesterday, me and my wife do not have any insurance. I hope we will be healthy for the next three years. Those are some sorry as people that run that company. Robbies ex wife must have known something, she quit her job and went to Gulfstream to work. She was making well over 100,ooo.00 a year. Just wanted to let you know. See you later and I will be writing a little more in weeks to come, Cat