Monday, August 31, 2009

My trip is over

My daughter, Stephanie, from Florida and me just got back from Wisc to see my baby son get married. He married a girl from Eau Claire Wisc, he met her while he was in Denver. My other son, Ryan, and his wife was also there, both of them were in the wedding. When I get some pictures, I will send some out or post some of them. When I got back last night, my cousin, Luther, was taken to the ER in Savannah Ga, he had a very bad stroke. I hope he will be okay, remember last year, my best friend died from a stroke, Chuck. The wedding was very nice and the food and drinks were even better. The cost of living in Eau Clarire is very cheap, food and housing and all the dairy products you can use. I loved the town and all the people. The weather was a nice 58 degrees, now I am back in 90 degree weather. Got to go to check on Luther in Savannah, take care friends, Cat

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am Back

I have been very busy with my deaths and family these last few months. My daughter and myself fly to my younest son, Jasons , wedding next weekend. He is marrying a girl from Eau Claire Wisc, love is all about it. I can not see another on my kids up north, Ryan is still in New York. She is from a very nice family, they all came to see this past March, we had a great time. I wish all the luck to them. My daughter is doing better with the death of her hubby and she had a operation last week, my wife went to Florida for nine days to help her out, everything is okay. I want to thank all of my readers and friends for asking about me, very nice, Cat