Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dreams I Had Last Night

Well folks here comes some more sex dreams. Last night I had a very hard time going to sleep. I walked and finally took four pills, after I got ready to pass out, I started having a good dream. It was about a co-worker back in the days of Kerr McGee, she was a young black lady, and my wife and I was both in this dream. My wife and me were ready for bed and the black lady came into my house and wanted to have sex with me and my wife? I told you it was crazy, before we all got into bed and started fucking, this other woman came into our house. I did not know this woman, but my wife did. She met her years ago in Savannah at a big out door party, the lady was a good looking gay lady. My wife told me she would go to bed with me and the black lady, but she did not want any part of the white gay lady, I asked why and never got an answer. Before we had sex, I woke up and could not go back to sleep. I wish it had been true. My sex life needs to be spiced up a little. More coming soon. Do you have dreams like this? If so, write about them, love y'all Cat

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Am Back

My site expired yesterday, paid them some money and I am up and running again, simple even for me. Everything about the same in coastal Georgia, no more deaths. My oldest son, Joey, has gotten into trouble again. This time not drinking, just bills and credit cards. He will never learn, he is 43 and still acts like a eight year old child. More coming soon, I need to start writing about life and sex again, need to laugh. By the way, my daughter, Stephanie, in Florida, shit her pants last week. She has lost 45 pounds and been eating some weird things. We all laughed at her and told her to take along some extra panties. I usually leave a few pair in bathrooms all along coastal Georgia. Take care and come back to see me soon, Cat