Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello People.

It is hot as hell here in coastal Georgia. I have been very busy for about three months. I want to say I am sorry for not writing very much. I have been to Atlanta, Florida. My health has been about the same, back is still killing me. Grand daughter gradated from high school with a 4.9 grade, she came out Magum Cum Lauder, she is going to Florida State this fall. Go Noles. My daughter has been posting pictures on facebook, me and my family. She has lost 102 pounds from about a year ago. She had her stomach cut down a few sizes smaller, doing great. All of my kids are doing fine. I am flying to New York in August to see Ryan and his wife Dawn. They moved from the city to a house on Long Island. Jason and his wife Dana are still in Madison Wis, both are fine. I will try and write more in the coming weeks. Thanks for asking and checking up on me, Cat