Friday, March 25, 2011

Day surgery last week

Yes sport fans, I had day surgery last Monday for a low hernia. I got there at nine in the morning and was home at two, same day. I thought this was a piece of cake. Later that night, my right nut started to grow and turn black and blue. I did not think much of it, about two years ago I had a high hernia in my beely and it was day surgery and nothing went wrong. Back to my old self in about three days. This time was very bad, the pain was horrible and my right ball or nut you may call it grew in size of a softball. I called the doctor ans she said, it will be fine in a few days and don't drive or do anything for ten days. I have been on my ass and doing nothing and the pain is still there and my ball is still large and hurts like crap. It is still black and blue. I hope I get well soon, cause I am flying to see my baby son and his wife Dana in April. Take care and I will keep you posted on my balls, Cat