Monday, January 28, 2008

What A Fucking Life

After GuyK left my house and went back to Florida, I started having a toothache. Bad to the bone type of hurt. I doubled up on my pain pills and patches and been fucked up for a week. I took my bride into Brunswick today to see the same horse dentist, I tried to swap dates with her, no go. I will see him next Monday, if the creek don't rise and I am still a live. It is bad enough to be down in the back and legs and then add a bad tooth to go along on top of it. We enjoyed Mrs Sweetthing and GuyK visit. We had a great time and shot many guns. At one time I bet we had 20 handguns on the shooting table. We just marked off a new range with a long ass tape measure. I am very glad he had a chance to shoot his new 45 pistol, a loud one at that. GuK cooked catfish, okra, potatoes and hushpuppies one afternoon, I ate like a hog. I think I had doubled on everything except the fish and I had more than double. They are coming back on the 15th onf next month and get some teeth. I called around and gave him three numbers to call, he liked the one that I know, nice ass man and cheaper than the other two. Last night my blood pressure jumped way up, I don't know what caused it. It maybe from the tree I cut down and the lifting I did in the morning, did I mention that I had a bad tooth?  My chickens are doing great, I gave GuyK most of all the eggs while he was here. That is about all he can eat, having all of those teeth pulled in one day sucks. He had some good meds the doctor gave him and I told him I had more if needed. You ought to see the fine ass rods and reels they gave me, very nice along with some good hooks and floats. I will not need anymore for a while. Been catching a few bass, no bream, too damn cold. Maybe the weather will be better this time, it rained and turned cold while they were here last. I think he wants a few more handguns this trip, I think GuyK love to smell gunpowder better than me and my dead buddy Chuck. I miss Chuck just as much as I miss Bowleggs. Every time I walk to the pond and shoot or fish, I think about both of them. I wish they were still with us all. I got to go and take a few pills and get ready for a long ass night. I only get about three hours all night, it comes in twenty mintues each time I lay down. Maybe an extra pill will do it tonight. Take care and be safe , Cat

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Company Came To Visit Me.

GuyK and his wife, Mrs Penny and the two most great dogs came to town for a week. Guy cAME TO SEE MY HORSE DOCTOR ABOUT PULLING SOME TEETH WITHOUT GETTING A HUGH LOAN. wE SHOT SOME GUNS TODAY, WAS NOT GREAT WEATHER, RAINING AND COLD. wE BOTH SUCKED AND i THINK WE DID NOT HAVE OUR HEARTS IN IT TODAY. mAYBE THE WEATHER WILL BE A LITTLE BETTER THIS WEEKEND? I have taken a few pain pills tonight, I am down in my back and my legs. Nancy took Mrs Penny off today, they went to the old jail in Darien, which was given to the art socity for free when the new jail was opened. It is a place that memebers can make things and art work and sell at a good price. Quilts are a big seeer. My wife has sold three and making more. We went to a gun shop this morning and could not find what we wanted. The part is more money than the gun is worth. I gave them some fresh eggs and a quart of homemade peppers in a mason jar, they are good with veggies and any type of greens. I have been busy two out of the last three days and maybe I will stay at home tomorrow and rest. I think we all may load up and go see Kelly and Joey saturday. I know I will get them some great shrimp to take back home and some Harris Neck Oysters, they are the best anywhere. It is always very nice to see my friends, Guy and me have a lot in common and he seems like a big brother to me. I hope we will have a better report next time. Guy's shoulder is killing him, and he also had a lot of teeth pulled Tuesday. Till next time, Cat

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Same Shit, Different Day.

I have not been posting lately, cause I have nothing new that is happening in coastal georgia. Next week GuyK and Mrs. Sweetthing are are coming to see me and he is going to my horse tooth doctor to get some teeth pulled. We will go out and try to fish, get him some big ass shrimp to take back home and fill them up on soup and seafood stews. I know when I had seven teeth pulled, I could only eat very soft and wet foods, sounds nasty. I would rather run down a stray dog and kiss him in his asshole than to have to go see my tooth puller. Next week should be fine. My chickens are giving us about 5 eggs a day. Mostly big brown eggs. My young rooster is too damn young to crow, but he is trying.  He is only 3 months old. I gave my big ass, mean rooster to my cousin. If I can take some pictures of the chicks and the coop, I will post them. I still don't know how that shit works. I guess you Yankee friends of mine have me pegged, just a dumb ass, southern boy.