Friday, November 28, 2008

One Holiday Down, Only Two More To Go.

Thanksgiving was a big hit. I finally got over my aches and pains. We went out to friends house to eat a big ass meal, then we drove to Richmond Hill to see my cousin Luther and his family. It was a long day. I better rest up, Christmas pussy just around the corner. I still love doing the nasty, but I think with age, pussy gets stronger and last a lot longer than when I was younger. Going fishing today after the Georgia game. A big ass chicken hawk just got one of my chickens, a big red hen, she was a very good producer. I hated to lose Sadie, she was a good bird. Sadie laid one big brown egg each day. I am going to sale next month and buy about six more female chickens, I need more eggs.                                                         

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Pussy

Well sport fans, I got me some early thanksgiving pussy last night. It has been about a month between fucks. The reason for this is my very bad back. When it turned cooler last week, my bones started to hurt worst than warmer weather. Did I tell you about my back and being a weather man? Yes, I can forecast the weather. Back to last night, I must have wanted it badly, I went to bed and the next thing I know, I was fucking like a teenager again. I got my wife in a step over toe hold and gave her hell. It was feeling very good and hurting at the same time. I know I was in there and needed to finish before I died. Nancy came a few times and when I finally came, it felt like a ball of fire was running from my head down my back and out of my dick. I was wonderful. I am paying for it today. Stay tuned for my Christmas pussy coming soon, Cat

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Woman

Here is the name of the woman that owes me the money. Her name is Linda Johnson, also known as Lively. At one time we were good friends, I use to call and talk to her and I sent her birthday checks. I think she also used me to get to my friend, Acidman. Let me warn you people, beware of these people, they will steal you blind.