Monday, December 27, 2010

Back To Earth Again

Well the holidays are almost over and everything is getting back to normal. It snowed for one day and has been very cold here in Coastal Georgia. We all had a great quiet Christmas. I went shopping the day before and no, I did not go to Jared's. We don't do very much for Christmas anymore. All of my kids are full grown and have families of there own now. Nancy is still sick with a very bad cold or flu, I caught a little of it from her. When she gets sick, she really gets sick. She has been in the bed for eight days now, but she seems to be getting better. I hope ya'll had a great holiday and talk to you very soon. I need to write about some of my life and times with Acidman, I miss him dearly. Take care and be safe, Cat

Friday, December 17, 2010

Man what a week?

My wife, Nancy, went out of town for a Christmas party last Tuesday. When she and her quilting club got there, a lady that was a stranger came to the party. She was sick as a dog. She coughed and blew all night long. My wife could not leave, cause she rode with three other ladies. Now and wife and are are sick as dogs. She gave me the flu yesterday and both of us are in the damn bed.  I am very mad about getting sick and with the rain and cold weather down here in Coastal Georgia, makes it even worst. I hope you don't get what we have, it sucks. Take care and have some nice holidays, Cat

Monday, December 6, 2010

It Is Fucking Cold

It dropped down to 23 degrees last night, cold for this time of year. The weather folks are calling for more cold tonight and again for the next four days. When it gets down in the twenties in coastal Georgia, it is cold. We have a wet cold that goes into your bones. It is colder than a witches tity, an old southern saying. Wait, I think my dick went up into my belly again. With a twenty mile an hour wind, I bet the chill factor is two degrees. I will stay inside and let my wife keep me warm. If I get hot and bothered tonight and if I can find my dick, I may get me some pussy, if not, I will settle for a good meal and a beer, Cat

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I almost had sex today, I asked her for some pussy and she said no, see, I almost got some, Cat

Cold Last Night

Damn right, it got down to 29 degrees last night in coastal Georgia. This time of year, I am very glad to have a woman with some meat on her bones, she will keep me warm. Too cold for this time of the year, hope it warms up by this weekend. I am going to town and to a very large flea market saturday. Nancy going to a funeral saturday, her best friends mama died yesterday. Glad all of you had a great thanksgiving, come back soon, Cat