Saturday, June 30, 2007


I met a man that owns a 72 foot shrimp boat. He sold me some shrimp yesterday, 2.00 a pound, these were brown shrimp, they come in before the white shrimp. Brown shrimp are a lot sweeter than the whites. I purchased 100 pounds right off the boat. These were just caught about 2 hours before I got there. We headed shrimp for 2 hours and our freezer is filling up with seafood. My county is the seafood capitol of Georgia. We have all types of fresh seafood. Next week I have some friends coming down for a low country boil.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Today, one year ago, my good friend Rob Smith died.

It was one year ago today, that my good friend Acidman, bowleggs, died. I remember it just like it was yesterday. We talked on the phone every day and he was so mad at the pain he was having, plus no doctor would help him. I miss my buddy very much. Sometimes when I am fishing, down at my pond, I look over and see Robbie sitting in the chair next to me. I still think about him most everyday. Most bloggers did not know my friend, he was not the same person as he was online. He loved his friends and his family and was put out with almost everything. We became very close after he left his job, we went to blog meats and saw each other almost every week, I sure miss him. I also want to thank Paul and Stevie for keeping his blog going. I think a lot of people still read and laugh with us, just reading about some old stories. I am very sad that he is gone, I talk to Georgia and Rick each month and he is all we talk about, they knew him very well also. I still stay in touch with his friends, Willie was very close to Rob, and Rob's brother, Dave, is one of the best men you will ever find. I bet he misses Bowleggs too. Another good friend of Rob's was Rick, the lawyer and part time judge, they were room mates at Georgia, Rick is also my lawyer and a very good friend. I wish all of Rob's friend well and hope they are thinking about our buddy and friend. I will never forget my buddy, Robbie Smith. Rest in peace, Cat

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yard work yesterday.

I have been feeling pretty damn bad lately. Well yesterday me and my old lady made a day out of yard work. We got the tractor out and the push mower and cut all five acres. We weeded the garden, picked some veggies and peppers. We also put up some hot peppers for green and veggies. The wife stopped about two hours before me, she took a shower and played on her computer. I finally came in and took a long shower, got something to eat and drink. We both were hurting and very sore. We took a little nap and when we woke up, we must have been feeling better, we were both hot as a firecracker, sex wise. We started in on an afternoon of mad sex, we use to have sex in the afternoons all the when I worked shift work, I always had my days and nights mixed up, so it did not matter. We fucked like a pair of minks, just like we were teenagers again. When we got finished we were hot and sticky all over, we hopped in the shower for another bath. I am paying for it today, I did not sleep worth a shit last night and I could hardly get out of the bed this morning. My wife was down in her back and legs, damn, I must have gotten the butter from the duck yesterday? It sure was nice, but the older I get the less loving I need. I think it lasts longer or may even get stronger with age. I still love it very much, but I think I may leave it alone for a while, or until I heal. Thank goodnes I still have a few good ones left in my wore out body. Take care and go fuck someone, Cat

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It Has Been Slow AT CAT'S house

I just wanted to drop in and check a few blogger buddies. One as asked me about my posting. I have been busy and I also don't have much to talk about these hot days. My family are doing very well and we are doing our own things. I have been hurting very much lately and most people don't want to hear about another persons ackes and pains. I am glad everyone is having a good summer vacation, try and make it last a little longer. I want to wish all of the Daddy's out there a very happy Father's Day this Sunday.