Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost Back To Normal

I had my kids and and their kids this past weekend. GuyK and his wife Mrs. Penny came to town to get him some teeth and do some shooting. I think we all had a great time. I know that GuyK and me got a belly full of shooting and looking at guns. We went into Savannah one day and came home with a gun or two and yesterday we shopped till we dropped after the dentist trips back and forth. I had a tooth pulled, but the gun doctor would not do as I asked him to do and he ended up breaking that tooth into three pieces. He then had to cut it out and put 8 stitches into my gums. I am still hurting.  GuyK took some more pictures of my chickens and the big ass meal we had last night. I ate about four pounds of his catfish and taters. Looks like its going to rain, got to go and put the chickens into the coop and clean up. Till next time, be safe, Cat

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quess What I killed Today?

This morning I was drinking coffee and playing on my computer. I looked out my big ass picture window in my office and saw a big almost white animal just barely walking. It was a big ass possum. I called Nancy and said look at that big one. He was just barely moving, moving very slowly. I watched him for a while and when he turned to go down the side of the house, I noticed he had a big piece of meat missing from his right shoulder. He must have been in a fight with a coon or a big ass dog. I told Nancy I was going to shoot him and put him out of his pain. I shot him in the head twice. He was dead as he dropped to the ground. He was also a very old possum, his left side of his mouth were missing a lot of teeth, the front ones and tr ones on his left side. He must have been very old. I weighted his ass and he topped out at 35 pounds, I told you he was big. His nasty looking tail was three feet long and the base of his tail was as big round as a silver dollar. I put him in the truck and drove him to the woods. I put him in a deep hole and then came home. Man he was big and old.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Shrimping season came to an end yesterday.

I must have been very high on pain pills yesterday, I did not load of my freexers with fresh shrimp for the winter. I called my buddy, that owes two big ass boats, and he went out yesterday and caught some nice fresh shrimp, he also sold all of them to a friend of ours for 2.50 a pound, he forgot all about me. I wanted another 100 pounds, I screwed up big time this year. The new season will start again in March, I hope I have enough to last till then? Sometimes my mind stops working for short lengths of time, old age and drugs, I guess? I will get by, I still have some in the freezers and I still can get crab, fish and oysters. I may live on that. GuyK and Penny are coming back on the 15th and my daughter and her two kids are coming up for a day or two. Becky will be sweet 16 on the 15th and my daughter is pulling a big ass party together for her. I think they are renting a ball room and having food and drinks and a DJ. I am glad to miss that, I don't think I could ride that 150 miles to Florida. Have a great and safe weekend, Cat