Monday, June 30, 2008

I Have Been Missing In Action

My life has been full to the top lately. My sons are feeling and doing much better these and my brother, Thomas, is still hanging in there. I have been to Florida and Savannah each week for the last four weeks. My brother loves fresh veggies and fruit and I have been getting him some very nice ones. I almost take him too much each week. Thomas also loves my fresh eggs, I take a few dozens when I drive to see him. My back has been killing me and the work on my five acres is getting out of hand. I may start paying people to do my yards and around the pond. The fish are frowing and I try and catch some everyday. I still have not seen my grass eating carp lately. I know they are still in water and eating, the weeds and grass beds are getting smaller. I hope to write more in the near future, take care, Cat

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Road Trip This Past Weekend

We drove to St. Augustine Florida this past weekend to see my only grandson walk down that graduation line Saturday. He made good grades and was also on the states wresting team. Tyler went to Texas this past year and came in seventh out of thousands in his weight class. It was a long hot trip, we left at five oclock in the morning, I had to be at my daughters house by nine. Three hundred and five was in his class and it took over two hours to finish them all up. Gas prices were over four dollars a gallon and when we got back home, our gas jumped twenty cents, this is getting people down and out. I have been catching fish in the early morning and late evenings, too damn hot in the middle of the day. Still killing snakes and coons. When you see coons in the middle of the day, they are usually sick. My grass has been attacked by moles, one cat loves to dig them up and play with them until they die. I need more cats like her. My brother is still hanging on, I will take that 120 drive tomorrow to see him. The whole family knows all about Thomas, I hope he will not have to suffer, I saw my Mama take five years to die. He wants to go fast, he talks about it all the time and said he is ready. Very brave man, I would be scared to death. I will keep you good people informed about Thomas, thanks again, Cat

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Went To Savannah Again Today

I made the 120 trip to Savannah today, just to see my brother. He looks yellow, and I think he will not be here much longer. His heart is worn out. His wife, Ann, of some 50 years plus is trying to take care of him. Hospice still does not have a bed for him. I carried him some fresh fruit and eggs from my garden. He loves those fresh egtgs, big brown ones. While I was in Savannah, I did a little shopping at Home Depot. I got Nancy a new push cart for the yard and picked up some good dirt and cow shit. I have been planting trees for the last month and have only two left to go into the ground. My son Joey is doinf better with the death of his room mate. Take care, Cat