Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Almost Shit My Pants Today

I was working in my back yard this afternoon. Last night we had a wind storm, no rain just a lot of wind. It blew a lot of tree limbs out of the trees and I had to saw some of them up. They were just too large to move and set fire to all of them. I had the old lady on the Deere and I was walking beside it throwing those smaller limbs into the wagon that was on the Deere. I walked over a large snake and almost had a heart attack. When I found out it was a six foot long timber rattler, that is when I almost shit my pants. Nancy ran to the house and got me a shotgun, while I watched him. He was trying to get away. I shot him once in the back and almost cut him in half, he was still moving and trying to bite me. I then took my heavy bush hook and cut his head off and then I got the rattles. He had eight on his tail and he was six feet long and was as round as a softball. I picked him up with my rake and he weighed about twenty pounds, that was a big ass snake. I hate snakes, all snakes. I hope I will not dream about him tonight, Cat

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Brother Had His Operation

I went to Savannah this week, to see my brother before surgery. I made it just in time. We talked for a few and then his wife, daughter and me walked to the surgery room with him. I think they should have done this last week, two quacks wanted to wait, because they said his heart would not make it, the other two quacks wanted to do it last week, they all gave him four weeks to live about six weeks ago. He they could not remove the blockage he was going to die for sure and now he has another chance. Thomas came through it with flying colours, he is now in a room and may go home Monday. He had a hell of a week, his wife had a birthday and three days later, he has been married to that woman for 58 years. We will see what happens next. Thanks for all the nice emails and comments on Thomas, Cat

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Everything Is Okay In Coastal Georgia

I have been fishing, cutting grass, p;anting trees and bushes. My brother is doing a little better, he is not yellow anymore. I have been seeing him every week. My family is fine. Grandkids are doing great and both of them are working this summer. Becky, my only grand daughter will have eye surgery next week. The fish are still biting very good. I have been working on my pond. I am cleaning all of the big grass and lillypads out. Been doing it by hand. I need to get a company with soe big machines to come a clear my island. I want so clean, that I can cut grass with my Deere. Last week we had some nice rains, I threw out about forty pounds of grass seed. I hope it comes up, if the wild birds do not eat it up. We have so many wild birds, I spend over a hundred dollars on bird feed each month. I saw two coons come into this world last week, cute, I have been feeding mama and the two babies each night. My four cats are fine and Toes goes fishing with me each and everyday, she thinks shes a dog. Another four foot gator bit the dust three days ago. I have not seen any snakes in weeks, I think I have them under control. I got to go and take a trip to grocery shop this afternoon. I just wanted to let you know about me and my chores are doing. Seen you later and be safe, Cat