Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finally got my land and house cleaned

Just as I finished cleaning and burning limbs and leaves, here comes another fucking storm. This is getting up my ass pretty damn good these days. I have a very bad back and getting older each day. It takes me three times longer to do a small job. These five acres are growing, it seems. My pond is really looking good.  A few months ago I added a bunch of grass eating fish to my pond. Before I got those grass eaters, I was pulling grass and weeds out everyday, tonnes of it. Now it is clean as a whistle. I am going to buy some killer bream this week, from Kens Fish Farm, these bream will grow to about five pounds in a year and a half. Yesterday I caught a four pound bass, this was the third big bass in the last two weeks. I usually just fish for bream with the smallest line and reels made. It feels like catching jaws with such small line. My pond id loaded with fish, come and watch me feed them, you will see fish on the top of the water fighting for the food. No more snakes and I this I have another gator to play with tomorrow. My brother is doing great and my kids are holding there own. Football season is here so I will start again watching and betting on the games. Take care and please come back, Cat

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are You Getting Any Rain?

With Fay doing crazy ass thing down in Florida, we have getting more rain than ever. I was watching the weather channel this afternoon and saw people standing in knn deep water. I walked down to my pond and the saltwater river is almost up to my freshwater pond. I have never seen this before. When my pond gets full it goes back to the river, but the river has never came over the top of the land into my pond. The fishing has been very very good lately. My pond fish are big and must have a million of fish in there. My fish lay eggs every full moon during the summer and all of those fish grow to about three ponds in one year. My bass are getting huge along with the catfish. I just talked to GuyK in Florida and he said that his whole state is under water. Some places go over 25 inches of rain in the last 24 hours, now that is some rain. I bet my daughter Stephanie in St. Augustine is catching hell, the storm just went by her house a few hours ago. I think I am going fishing, take care and try to stay dry, Cat

Friday, August 15, 2008

Brooklet Peanut Festival Today

I drove over 200 miles today. We went to Brooklet Georgia for the peanut festival and to visit with my 101 year old aunt and to see some cousins. We got there early, purchased some fresh cooked boiled peanuts. Then we went to see my cousin and pick some grapes. Went back to festival and purchased a six foot swing for the pond. It was handmade by a man and his whole family in a very small town in Georgia. They go around to all the festivals in the south and sell there chairs, tables and swings. Had to eat lunch and do a litle shopping and then to my aunts place, what a woman. She knows everything and her mind is better than most people a lot younger than her. She knows dates and names when family died or got married, knows all the names and birthdays for the whole family, she is my mamas oldest sister. Mama has only two sister still living out of 13. Saw another cousin and he wanted me to go by his house, he is a retired postmaster and does woodworking. His name is Sonny Boy, when we got there he gave us some bird feeders and two bluebird house. He made them all. He never sells anything, he gives everything he makes away to friends and family. Finally got back home at eight tonight, I hurt and tired as a over worked dog. I am going to take a few pills and hit the bed, Cat