Friday, October 29, 2004

My son Jason has opened a new business

This past week, I helped my baby son Jason, into the tile and marble setting business. He can also do any type of wood flooring. Jason and I went around to all of the wholesalers in Savannah and Hilton Head, to drum up some new business for Jason. I got him two customers, the very first day. My family has been in Savannah Georgia for well over 60 years and we know alot of people. Jason was very surprised. He made 1500 the first four days. I purchased everything he needs to get started. The biggest item was a wet saw, it was over 1,600.00 and the extra blades are 75.00 each. I got him and nice truck, then had to buy a lockable cap for it and all of those tools and levels. I also ordered and paid for 5,000 business cards, a little advertising, 4 magentic signs for his car and truck, cheap advertising here, business license. Then went went to Home Depot and he went wild, I charged it on my free interest charge account for 12 months free. He is set to go. I hope he makes it. I am not made of money, but I have helped all four of my kids, several times. More to come and maybe some pictures of my new house, and yes, Jason is doing my tile, marble and wood floors. Take care people, Cat.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Football and my son Jason

I won seven out of eight NFL games today, made money. I am going to put my baby son into the tile business. I got him a truck last year, now I am going to buy him a new wet saw, about 1500 and a new cap for his truck, 600.00, business cards, telephones and signs for his truck. He wants me to buy in big lots, cheaper that way, and store them in a building, or his office. I will be a silent partner. I will do whatever he wants and needs, he has been laying tile and marble for 8 years. It is worth a try. Thursday night, Jason walked in on his ex girlfriend, fucking a good friend of his. It upset him and he came by my house and we talked for 7 hours. I told Jason, that his Mama did it to me also, several times, before we split up. I raised my two sons from this woman and she has never done anything for my boys. Fuck her, her day is coming. My old dead Mama use to say, the sun doesn't shine up the same dogs ass, everyday, Cat.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Shot guns today

I went to the Frog Pond yesterday, I took my best friend Chuch, his biker name is Snake. My baby son also went with us. Snake took 8 handguns and I took 12 handguns and pistols. We all shot everyone of those guns and Json, my baby son, fell in love with my 38 and my Browning target pistol that shots 22 long rifle. We must have shot 300.00 worth of ammo. I took about 10 targets and put them on three 2 by 8 boards. Snake just purchased a Tauras 480 pistol, man what a gun, the bullet has 325 grams of powder and it is like shooting a cannon. Chuck loaded it and shot the first 6 shots. The first shot almost put his eye out. I then took the cannon and put 3 bullseyes at 30 feet and then I moved back to 45 feet and could only hit the paper targets. I need some more practice with that handgun. Jason did not want to shoot it. It was the loudest pistol, I have ever heard. We all had a great time and stopped in Brunswick Georgia for some B-B_Que and stew, we ate at the Twin Oaks, they have been in business for 94 years, take care and pictures coming soon, Cat.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My new mouse pad

I was looking at my new Gerogia Blogger mouse pad, given to me by Rich and Georgia, thanks again for the nice pad. I was thinking about my trip with Acidman to Helen Georgia. I had a lot of fun and I never met a large group of people, from everywhere, be so nice to a complete straner as myself. These people both women and men acted like I have been friends with them for years, thanks for trating me like family. Rob asked me to go with him and I said, yes, if my old back will let me. The day before our trip, I called Acidman and told him that I would be at his house by 10:00am, then we could leave for Helen. I am very glad I made the trip and I am looking forward to next year. Thanks again, all of you, and see you all, next year, Catfish

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Helen Georgia

I just got home, man, what a time. I saw and talked to some of the people that I have been reading for over a year, very nice people. We played music and drank and drank and drank and drank some more. I do not want to see any booze for many days, I had enough. Thanks guys and and ladies for making me feel very much at home. Pictures coming soon. Thanks again for everything, Catfish.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

You're Back In Business

I still feel really bad about Mbooger fucking everyone over like that.  I got Emigre's new digs in the works, and I wanted to get you back up and running too.

I tried to get it as much like your old site as I could, and I think I got pretty darned close.  I hope you like it.  And this is a lot easier than the program the other site used for posting.  It's pretty damned nice to work with.  I posted my blog here for about a year before I went to where I am now.

Happy posting, Catfish!