Sunday, March 25, 2007

I thought we were getting well?

Friday night we went out to eat, just to see if we could get out and be alive again. We were both sick with the flu for about two weeks. We ate the samething friday night. Our little fishing village had a small parade saturday, vendors, arts and crafts, food, seafood and music. This is beginning to be a big event peole from all over come to see the parade and get on some of the best seafood in the world. We were going to the parade and drink a few beers at two oclock, when we got out of bed saturday morning, we were both sick as dogs, we lived on the toilets for more than half the week end. Have you ever had liquid coming out of both holes at the same time? It is not funny and hurts like shit. I had to go to the grocery store today to load up on food and drinks. I stayed gone a couple of hours and made it home okay. We are both still weak, but a lot better than sunday. I will not go to that bar and grill again to eat anything. I am going to call the owner tomorrow and ask him did anyone else call and tell him about them getting sick. It was very bad. Ya'll take care and I hope to write about a few better stories than all this sick stuff, Cat

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I must be feeling better?

I think I am getting better? Last night I statrted to think about sex and getting a little loving. That flu had my ass for about 10 days, I was sick as a dog. I think I will live people. I was talking with the old lady last night and she made be laugh. I told her that her cold almost killed me and made me miss the Claxton snake show. I wanted to go and see the guys. I am thinking about taking a small trip today, for meds and groceries, about a 40 mile trip. I got a call from my son Ryan in New York yesterday, he told me that he got his old job back and they gave him a great big raise. He was happy as hell. He needs to get some good luck, he has had his belly full of bad luck. If I feel better tonight, I will try and get around to a little pussy, I think I may need a little. Fishing will be getting better in a few weeks and my bass will be arriving in a month. I have been feeding my fish and the catfish are getting large. I still have not sold my Harley, maybe I will try and sell it next month? Let me go and call in some meds, Cat

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Almost St. Pats Day.

When I lived in Savannah Georgia, St. Pat's day was a every big event, it has grown out of hand. Tomorrow they will be about 500,000 people coming to the parade. Last year the parade was just a little over three hours long. Only New York's parade is longer. I am still a little sick, been sick for over a week now. We use to go and do all of the parade things on St. Pat's day. I have marched in the parade many times. Back in my school days, the ROTC made me march, it sucked cause I had a army suit on with a M1 rifle. After school days, I marched with my family and friends. I was raised on Washington Square, everyone was Irish, but our family. We did as the irish did in those days. Those kids should could fight. I had cuts and bruises for all of my young life, we would fight anyone and about anything. A stranger could not walk through the park, we would get killed. I hope that tomorrow will be pretty and everyone has a great time, have a great St. Pat's day, Cat

Monday, March 12, 2007

Still sick and my blog is still screwed up

I am still sick as a dog. I am very sorry I could not visit with my friends this past weekend. I was in bed and had a fever. I am falling apart. My wife has been sick for two weeks and I think she gave it to me. I was so damn sick that we were married March 10, 1982, and I could not even get up and take her out to eat. She was sick and almost forgot that date herself. Maybe next year I will be able to take her out and have a good time.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I came down with a flu bug on tuesday

I went to see my heart doctor and he said I sounded bamn good. He listen to my heart, back and under mu shoulders. He was pleased. Got see him next year about this same time. When I got out of bed tursday morning, I had some fever, not high, but high enough to make me hurt and cry like a baby. Now I have a runaway nose and boy my ears are propping. If I can make the 82 mile drive to Claxton, I will be there. It is 85 miles from my house.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I am sick as a dog

My wife has had the flu for over two weeks now, she gave it to me yesterday. When I climbed out of bed this morning, I could not breathe. My nose and throat are stopped up and I have a little fever.

Monday, March 5, 2007

I have been very busy.

Yesterday I had to go to Savannah on some business. I also went to see my heart doctor. I had my tires and oil changed yesterday, went to the bank, stopped and dropped off my 2006 taxes to be done, I also went to see a good friend that was put in a nursing home. His kids threw is old ass in a home a few weeks ago. He use to ride with our little group of bikers. Over the years he has saved over 500,000 dollars for retirement and when he got sick, his sorry ass kids stuck him in a home. Assholes, he can still take care of himself, just needs a little help now and then. I would not leave any money to those kids, fuck them. His son took over his house, car, truck and Harley. The daughter took over his bank accounts, what assholes. I was going to stop and see my oldest brother, Thomas, but gave out of time. Thomas is 77 years old and he is falling fast. His wife is 75 and both of them are getting old and in bad health. Sometimes I think I should sell my house and move back to Savannah, but I am not, fuck Savannah, too much crime and killings for me. I am looking forward to the Rattlesnake Roundup this weekend, see you there, Cat