Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Been busy as hell

I have been planting veggies and doing yard work for the last four days. My back has been killing me, so I may as well get out and do some exercise and get better or worst. The first day went well, the next morning, could not get out of the bed, hurt and acked all over. The next day I was even worst and last night, I took four pain pills and added a new dope patch and after about an hour, I started to feel pretty damn good. I jumped the old lady and did some hard teenage fucking last night. She asked me, what has gotten into you? I told her that all that yard work and planting trees and flowers made me want some pussy, and she has plenty of it, so I wanted some loving and this is what you got. She was surprised that I still had it in me, I told her that I was not dead yet, just needed a break and a long rest period between fucks. She laughed and called me crazy and said she wanted some more next week. I hope I can do it again like that again and again. I still love me some sex. I will cut the grass tomorrow and plant a few more flowers, sring is here and summer is not far behind. I hate those 100 degree days. Take care and just wanted to let ya'll know that the old man is not dead yeat., Cat

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Eat Your Heart Out Acidman

Today I found some fresh, green peanuts for sale. These nuts were the first that I have seen this year. These peanuts are from Florida, but who cares, I have not had any green boiled peanuts in four months. Our Georgia peanuts will not come in till June, July and August. These nuts today looked good, but they were very high priced for peanuts, I am like a junkie, when you want some, you will pay any amount for some. I think in a few weeks they will drop in price, last year they were 50.00 a bushel, about 60 pounds of nuts in a big bag. Today the nuts were 2,oo a pound, but they looked good and I wanted some. I will eat all I can hold tonight and hope I shit my brains out tomorrow. Robbie, eat your heart out buddy, Cat

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I planted some of my garden today

I had to go and pickup my other fish from the DNR at Richmond Hill Georgia, this is where they raise the fish and sell them to pond owners. When I drove that far for fish I also decided to stop and have a big lunch and go and see my cousin and his wife and family. He is one of my cousins that use to get into trouble every week, if he wasn't in trouble one of his kids were. We use to hunt and fish every off day of our life for years. His daddy was in the moonshine business for over 50 years and our uncle on my dads side once got shot with buckshot running from the FBI. My cousin was a pistol in his day, but he is like most of my friends and relatives now, old and worn out. The fish I picked up today was big mouth bass. I already gotten my bream, sunfish and blue catfish. They are growing good and these bass will grow twice as fast as the other fish. I got most of my garden planted yesterday and today, I fell and busted my ass today, and can't hardly walk now. I planted 64 plants today, mostly tomatoes, peppers, beans and sweet and hot banana peppers for canning. I will not be worth a shit for a few days now. I almost forgot, I drove by my mail box today and misjudged it, I knocked it down. I was going to get my mail, fuck it, it was not my fucking day.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I have been very quiet these last few days.

My six year old computer bit the dusk this week. I had to go out and find a new one. I went on loline with my brides computer, have you been computer shopping lately? They have systems from 400.00 to 3,000 dollars. Each company has the same shit. But this, but that buy this one, well I called Dell and I was looking at a cheaper desktop, that is all I needed. The starting price was 400.00 with free shipping, by the time I was about to give this man my credit card number the total was up to 700.00 plus 50.00 for shipping. I aske dhim, how did this get up to 700.00 and I am also paying for shipping? He said that I needed this extra shit for my needs, bullshit, I think he was pulling my legg. I called HP and got the same ass shit. I started at 365.00 and ended up at 750.00 with 45.00 shipping. I finally went to Circuit City and Best Buys, they were a little cheaper, city had free shipping but best buys had the better deal with 69.00 shipping. I got in my big ass gas drinking truck today and drove a total of 140 miles and purchased a new tower from best buys and saved the shipping charges. These are have the new Vista on them, I have had XP for many years and don't know shit about Vista. Anyone knows anything about these new systems from microsoft? I have not set it up yet, I was waiting till I felt a little better. Take care friends and have a agreat weekend. I also went fishing yesterday and caught a few, next thursday I go to Richmond Hill and pickup my 200 big mouth bass for my pond. The other fish I purchased 9 months ago are growing and doing good in my pond. Time will tell, Cat

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Watching a neighbor have sex?

When I was married to my first wife, we lived in a cute little neighborhood, the house were very close together. I had a few great friends that came and saw me on the weekends all the time. These friends were marrried like me and my young bride. We always took turns going over to each others houses for our little get togethers, but they always loved my house the best. It took me a few months to find out why. Our next door neighbors loved to fuck with the lights on and the curtains opened. The way I ound out, was that everytime the gang came to my house, all the boys ended up with very bad cools and flu the next week. My bedroom had an extra room air condtioner in the window that looked at the couple, while they fucked like animals. The boys kept going to the bathroom and to make more drinks and to empty all the ash trays, instead of doing all of these chores, they were going into my bedroom and watching my neighbors fuck like minks. I finally told my wife and you all know women, she told them about it. One hot summer night, the gang came over and since everyone knew about the new show, we all took our drinks, smokes, food into my bedroom, that is all we done that night, watch the couple fuck. Man these people were wild as bucks. Ya'll all know how we were hen we were all very young, we were all studs and could fuck at the drop of a hat. Anytime anywhwere and three and four times each night or day. This couple were freaks, he ate pussy for hours and fucked her in many ways we never even thought of. They were I sex teachers on the 60's. I laugh out loud everytime I think about this, it is still very funny and two of my buddies are still my friends, we laugh at it all the time. I hope to have some pictures of my Harley and a few women next week. Take care and laugh, Cat

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Holiday time.

My only daughter is coming to see me this weekend. Jaso, my baby, called me yesterday, from Denver. Jason is doing fine. I sure hope he keeps getting better and make me proud. All of my kids are working and all of them are doing good now. My kids are making me very proud these days, they all had issues when they were growing up, I think they may all make it now. I am going shopping today and will buy some bait to go fishing, the weather is getting nice. I have been feeding those fish for months and today I will see if they are keeping size. If they are, then fish and grits will be in order for tonight. I may even throw in a few pounds of shrimp. Man that is good eating. I will start on my garden this week also, last year I made a good one. I will let ya'll know about the fishing tomorrow, Cat

Sunday, April 1, 2007

NCAA Basketball Finals Tonight

Basketball is a great game, but it is not my best game. I hope tha Florida wins the title. I usually don't like the gators, but they are in the SEC and that is our conference here in the south. My bulldogs are in the SEC so I guess I am pulling for the Gators. I will start out watching the game, but if it gets boring, I will then turn it to the Travel channel. Have a great night, Cat