Friday, December 26, 2008

Thank Goodess, Christmas Has Gone And Over With.

First of all, I got the same presents this year as I get every year. I got a shirt and a piece of pussy and both of them were two sizes to big. Going to cook some pork ribs on my smoker tomorrow for a few friends. It was 80 degrees here today and should be close to it tomorrow. Willie came to see me today, I was down at the pond and he saw where me and Acidman use to sit and fish. We both miss him a lot. Willie gave me a few CDs that he has put together, some of Rob and Dave and Cop 3 band. Some older friends that played music on river street in Savannah. That was very nice of Willie. He told me that he was trying to get Dave to copyright those songs and make an album. I will let you know, Cat

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shopping Today

I went to Brunswick today and purchased a set of truck tires. I got the best Firestone tires made, I hope I get the 70,000 out of them, the last ones only got 30. My cousin went fishing today. His son and his son in law was to do all the work, I hope he does well. Five bypasses on Tuesday and fishing on Saturday, amazing.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Visiting The Sick

First of all I did not sleep much last night. I left the house at eight this morning, stopped to see my cuz, Luther, after the five bypasses, he was sitting up in the bed chewing snuff. He thought he was getting out today, wrong answer, tomorrow for sure. His wife has been with him the whole time, she looked like shit, no sleep for two days and nights. Then I went to my doctor, blood work for next weeks visit. This chore only took about thirty minutes. Went next to get an oil and filter change in my truck, wiper blades and both filters, 81.00 worth. Next I went to see my brother, he looked good and said he was doing a lot better. His wife came into the room and told me that he fell last week and hurt his head, arm, chest and ribs. I think Thomas was not going to tell me about his fall, he knew that I would have chewed his ass out. He was using a walker around the house, I guess he felt like he was getting stronger and better on his feet so he does not use anything to help him walk, FOOL. I still jumped on his ass about falling. Back to see Luther again before my long ride back home. They were still laughing and talking and dipping snuff, nasty asses. I go back to my doctor next week to see and hear about the results from my blood work. Man, it is hell getting old. I will let you good people know more in the next few days. My buddy Wayne, is still in jail. No bong and the law still has him down for four felonies. I think he may get some time on these charges. Take care friends, Cat

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Smoked Meats

All I did yesterday was cook meat on my new big ass smoker. I purchased this machine a few weeks ago, the old one bit the dusk. I cooked three racks of ribs last week, smoked some fresh fish two weeks ago and yesterday I smoked one shoulder and two big ass boston butts. I had about thirty pounds on my smoker. I used dry oak wood and lots of it. I maintained around 220 degrees for about eight hours, it was great. I called and invited my cousin Luther and his wife to eat supper with us. We had pork, rice, green beans and butter beans with squash cooked down with red onions and garlic. Nancy baked a green cake from an old family recipe. We all ate and had a good time talking. Luther got home around eleven last night and started having chest pains and feeling very bad. His middle son Mark called 911 and they gave him FIVE bypasses today. In 2001 he had three bypasses and all three of them were stopped up along with two more. He will be going home tomorrow, wow, just one day? I hope he does better than some friends of mine did. My brother Thomas had three ten years ago and has been having problems this last year. Thomas is doing better today, more meds and exercise. I will let you know after I see him tomorrow. I have a doctors visit tomorrow myself. Take care and watch your health, Cat

Monday, December 8, 2008

Chicken Shopping Today

I am going out of town today, to buy some more laying hens. I sold my two new roosters last week and now I want more hens for there eggs. Over the last three months I have lost four hens, one to a big ass snake, one to a hawk and two of them to coons. My eggs business has gone to shit. I took my tag-alone yankee buddy today, his wife loves me to get her out of her hair a few days a week. I saw an ad on craigs list last night from Jesup Georgia. That is 48 miles west of me. We started out fine, it started to rain like a cow pissing on a rock. We finally arrived in Jesup and went down some nasty ass country roads, they were slick as baby shit with the rain and that fine Georgia clay. Found the house, chickens were out in a five acre field with horses and about 200 goats. The owner did not have a net or anyway to catch those hens. We were running and falling all over each other trying to catch these chickens. Remember the Rocky movie when Rocky was trying to catch just one chicken? We were trying to catch about eight. We looked liked a monkey fucking a football, funny as hell. The best part was this field had tons of animal shit everywhere. To make matters worst, it started to rain again. I caught two, the owner caught one and my yankee buddy grabbed one. I only purchased four today, but I will go back next week and get some more. You just had to have been there, funny as shit. Later gators.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Saturday Night Specials

Today me and my cousin Luther went to the local flea market and also to several pawn shops looking for some cheap, good guns. When I was in Brunswick Ga yesterday, the owner of a big ass gun shop told me that the ammo for all guns are getting harder to find and next year look for all ammo to go up two to three gollars a box. Guns have gone up thirty percent in the last three months and he told me that he is having problems with long waits on getting new guns. I purchased anothe 357 yesterday and was looking for anything good and cheap today. I did not find any geals, but I did buy some ammo. I know that the government will never be able to take our guns, but those assholes can make it very hard for us to buy ammo and new guns. This is pure bullshit. I thought I would never see this in my life time. Most of my friends are stock piling guns and ammo, it may come down to a war between the people against thew government. My dad told me years before he died that it may come down to a war between the blacks and the whites, but I do not see that happening. I will be ready and loaded for BEAR. It is getting colder down here in coastal Georgia with rain coming in tomorrow. Good day for sleeping and fucking and maybe a little football watching? I go to the doctors on Dec 16th and shit will hit the fan. I am having more pains and worst than before. Maybe they have some miracle drugs?  My brother, Thomas, is doing real good now, he is walking, shopping and riding around town. He even went to his daughters house for Thanksgiving dinner and it is 20 miles from his house. Thanks for all of you asking about Thomas. Take care and I will be writing more next week, Cat