Monday, February 28, 2005

I never sleep

Last night I was watching tv and I heard a small airplane fly over my house. About three miles from me is a gated subdivision, it has it's own runway and landing strip, ex-pilots live in there. There is about 35 houses and all of them has a hanger next to there house. The houses are very big and looks like all of the people that lives there are very rich. The landing strip does not have lights, I heard that a lot of coke comes in there. Well, this plane last bight, flew over my house and landed down the road, I wonder if it was drugs? Who knows and who cares. I will try and meet some of these people next week and maybe I can fly to Costa Rico and bring back some goods. Then I will be a very rich man or end up in jail again. Three of my cousins have been in Federal pen, for running big amounts of drugs. Jail does not scare me. Nothing scares me. When my cousins got out of jail, they had all of this money hid and soon started making money in land, trees and land clearing, all of them are rich, tell me crime does not pay. Somewhere down the road, I may turn out to be another scarface? I need the money and I will take a chance if the price is right, come on down. Take care folks, Cat.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

More on Harris Neck Georgia

Pick up the book, praying for sheet rock, it is a very good book all about my county, that I just moved to. This county is funny with some very colorful people that you will ever meet. We had a whore house here back in the 60's and 70's, it was a truck stop, that did not sell any gas or oil for cars and trucks. They sold beer and pussy. It was owned by the sheriff Tom, he ran the county for many years. He picked up young girls on there way to Florida and put them in jail, and then offered them a way to work out there jail time, you guessed it, working at S and S truck stop. We have only one bar and there was a shooting last saturday night, over a woman, nice place. We have plenty of seafood and they are opened all year. More yankees are moving here to retire and some from Florida are coming this way, because of all of the storms they had last year. One of them blew my daughters roof off, and she lives in St. Augustine Beach. I will get to know more people in the next few months, I am retired and have plenty of time to visit and meet people. The house is coming along slowly, but it will be nice when it is finished, at least I am living in it, while the workers are still completing the final touches. More coming soon about my county, Cat.

Friday, February 25, 2005


I got a lot done today on my house. Moved some boxes and made room for more junk. I read Acidman's blog tonight and I have been thinking about Mrs Smith, she is a wonderful person. I hope she does not suffer too much with her cancer. My dad and Rob's dad died with the same cancer. My dad did not not take any treatments and lived 6 years after they found it. The last six months was very bad on mama nd my brothers. I know Rob and David is very worried about there Mama. She has been up against cancer for a while. Cancer usually wins. I have lost many friends in the last two years, mostly from cancer and heart problems, at least heart is fast going. Cancer sucks and kills you slowly. My thoughts are with the Smith family, and I wish I could do something for her. I have been knowing all of them for over 30 years, very good people, you could not find a better man and wife, anywhere.

Harris Neck oysters

They are famous, we send them all over the world. They put the others to shame. Harris Neck has a great history, Sherman's march on Georgia was here and back durinf WW!!, the government took the land from these people and made a landing, runway for airplanes. After many a year, the land was given back to those landowners. It took a long time and two lawyers and a bunch of money, it was recovered by Bobby Hill, a big shot black lawyer and a politican, died of drugs a few years back. Harris Neck is 45 miles south of Savannah Ga. Great people and mostly rednecks, we should all fit in with these guys. They all love to shoot guns, drink, take dope, fish, hunt and raise a little hell, nice people. When I get it all finished, I want all of you to come and have a blash with us. I got a new hot tub, plenty of guns and ammo, food and booze. You are all welcome, Cat.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Still fucked up

Yes I am, more boxes than you ever want to see. I may be settled by June, man what a fucking mess. My contractor is still working on several rooms and with all the stuff in his way, it is very slow going. Hope to soon be back and sending jokes and stories, take care, Cat.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Got moved

Finally got my ass moved, what a fucking mess. Movers never showed up, so me and all of my buddies did it on our own, what a mess. I had two small trailors and my two sons and a bunch of sorry ass drunks helping me. I found shit, I have not seen in yeaRS, FOUND A FEW GUNS, I THOUGHT THEY WERE LOST, moved shit , more than Carter has liver pills, what a mess. I got fucked up on pills one day, went back and to from Savannah to Harris Neck, twice, and did not remember going either way. Man was I screwed up. I called a few people and told them my new number and also had to get a new email address, it is and my phone number is 912-832-3418. Rob is coming to see me soon, be back tomorrow, I missed you people, Cat.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Still moving

Man, this is a job. I have lived in the same house for 24 years and man do I have some shit. Took another big load today, I am dead. I fell and almost broke my neck, the first thing I did, after the fall, was to look and see if anyone was watching, I am fucked up and full of shit and still hurt from today's fall. My back and legs are killing me, pilled up and now I can't see the keyboard and still pain, I think I will take a few more, more coming tomorrow, Cat.

Monday, February 7, 2005

Moving into new house today.

It finally happened, I am moving from my little crackerbox in Savannah GA to Macincrack county. I got a big truck with movers today and worked the shit out of them, now we are drinking beer and smoking dope. The movers told me they loved me, got them lunch with beers and then after the last box was moved, we started drinking again. They wished I was there boss.

Sunday, February 6, 2005


Some asshole left me a funny comment the other day. He told me that I was fun of shit, I could not write, spell, either I had plenty of money or that I was just fucked up. Best comment I had in a long time, keep them coming. I love readers to make comments, I do it also. That what makes it so fun for us bloggers. If you don't like it, then don't come in. No one is breaking your arm to buy a ticket and go see a XXX movie with whores and ass fucking and all the rest of that good shit. That is why we have a right to do what we want in the great USA. Write all you want, you can't hurt my feelings, cause, I don't have any, Cat.

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Super bowl, big deal

I split my bets today, the game is not as good as it was 20 years ago. Too many hotdogs and too high paid cry babies. All pro sports suck. I still bet heavy on some games, like the playoffs in basketball and NCAA basketball, all SEC football games, the world series and some boxing matches. just too may show offs. Watch some of the early NFL films and compare todays game. I don't even watch the ones I bet on, that how bad I feel about sports today. Hope ya'll had a great Sunday, Cat.

Friday, February 4, 2005

Nice day

It is sunny and 65 today in Savannah Ga. It is a great old town and downown looks like something out of a book. Look back at some of the 18th century pictures of squares and house and you have Savannah. A very good friend of mine, Jim Williams helped downtown just as much as anyone. He was a man made millioniare. His mama was a cleark and his daddy was a barber in Gordon GA, about 30 miles from Macon. Jim got out of the air force in Savannah and started a small old furniture store, selling old and junk things. He moved to the old fort with his boyfriend in 1961 and met us kids in the park and we started working for him. He also was a very good friend of Mills B. Lane the owner of C and S bank and his family was very rich. He made is money selling to famous people all over this world and knew his shit, when it came to american silver and painting. He purchased and island for 5,000 and sold it for 750,000 back in the middle 60's for phosphate digging rights and they never dugged the first pound, another story. After he died, they wrote a book about him called Midnight in the garden of good and Evil and then a movie, both of them were okay, but not all true.

Another cracker question

If a man and woman is in bed together and they are spooning, what are they doing? I have heard this this from several of my yankee buddies and don't know jack shit about spooning. Tell me please and the rest of my redneck dumbass crackers of there, Cat.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Going to kill my baby son.

He should have finished my tile floors and bathrroms this week and he did not, only worked 2 days, he was worned out and needed some reat. After I kill him, he will have plenty of time to rest. Plumber is waiting on him to finish the tile on the walls in both walk-in showers, before he can do his thing. I need to be out of my old house by sunday week. It will be a close finish, and I hope we make it. Going to a super bowl party with all the bookies and gamblers in Savannh, that will be fun, been doing this for years. We have plenty of food and booze and make all types of side bets on the game. Last year I won most of my bets, the biggest one was the coin flip, I picked heads and it was, I won a grand. Take care and wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Some people think I am rich?

Shit no. I wish. I act like it sometimes, I spent money like it is going out of style, but I have none. At one time I had a little, but after the stock market fall after 911, I lost about half of what I had and I also retired 10 years early, because of a bad back. Raised some of the worst kids in the world, cost me tons of money to keep them out of jail and trouble. Married two of the worst women I could find, been broke three times in my life and recovered all three times. Instead of putting money in the bank or stock or bonds, I purchased land and waterfront land, it doubles every year. That is the way I have been making money. My new house and land is paid for, all in cash, buy me selling smaller land deals. I have been very lucky, you have to take a gamble some times to make a little, once in a while you lose and most of the time I make a little, just been lucky as hell. About time. I have a few friends that has always been on my side and my family has been with me also, they maybe fucked up and have cost me a lot of money, but I love all four of them and they will come to me if I need them. Remeber, blood is thicker than water, so close to your family, please. Take care, Cat.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Crazy Dave and Big Roy

Yes, everything you here about these guys were true. These were members of a very bad biker gang and I met them many years old. We would go down to Daytona and bring girls back to Ga to work tity bars and sell dope for us. We made meth in those days. Big Roy knew how to cook meth, one day he would have 80,000 in mth on his coffee table, the next day he would have 100,000 in cash, the night he died, the doctor that cut him open asked all of us, did he ever do any drigs? We asked why? The doctor told us that his heart blew up, into about six pieces. Dave was alot like me, he has been shot, cut, almost killed a few times, done everything he wanted to do and did not value his life one cent. When they buried him in Savannah, hell angels and outlaws from all over the USA came to the funeral, the parking lot was full of bike, looks like March in Daytona. Girls were trying to get into the casket with Crazy, they must have all fucked him at one time or the other, man he had a dick. A real liver turner. If these two men liked you, they would have died for you, they were both my friends. I miss both of them very much, We still have a big party once a year for them in Savannah. R.I.P. brothers.

Speech tonight

I think George W did very well, something has to be done, NOW. I think him pointing out the dead marine's mama and daddy was very touching. If if wasn't for our solders, we would not be free, period. Thanks George. I think it was a good speech. The Democrats already started there shit, as always. Remember Carter and Clinton? We have to look after our children and our grandchildren, we want them to have a better life than us. If you have any age on you, then you have heard alot of this before and we shall only wait and see, but a lot of it makes sense to me. Take care, Cat.