Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I had some goodluck today

Last week when I purchased my Samsung 46 inch DLP television, I got a great price on it, at least I thought I did. I was reading the paper today and another company had my TV on cloe-out, so I went back and got a 287.97 credit. They matched the other stores price plus gave me another 25%. That was one hell of a deal. My son Ryan and his bride is flying in from New York friday for a weeks visit. This will be theor christmas with us. I am very proud of Ryan, he overcame cancer and finally got married over a year ago. He is doing very well these days. I am also very happy and proud of my only daughter Stephanie also. She has raised two fine kids and has a very good job. Stephanir has really grown up these last few years, two teenagers will do that to you. We should have a great visit and go to many places for Dawn can see the old south, she is from New York.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Back To Normal

Everything is back to normal at the Catfish house. Chuck came for a few days and so did my old lady's sister, Mary. Mary is a whopper of a woman, she weighs in about 240 pounds and eats like a horse. Chuck has been having blood and sugar problems lately. He has been going to doctors for over a month and he stays fucked up and dizzy all the time. Both of them ate like a bunch of mules these last three days. I hope they had a good time, I was on my best behavior for over a week now. Now that they are all gone, I can get back to my fucking. I have been very horny lately, I don't know what has gotten into me? I heard from my children and all is well. I hope ya'll had a great thanksgiving, take care, Cat

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I got some pussy last night.

I don't know if I got the pussy or the pussy got me last night. I was horny as hell all day yesterday, bad weather and cold with 30 mile an hour wind. I stayed in all day yesterday. Going to shop for more food today and then I will try and knock me off another piece of pussy today. I don't know what's wrong with me? I have been thinking about pussy for a few days now. I think pussy won the battle yesterday, I will try and win today. When I was a lot younger fucking was almost a daily event, now that I am older and retired, I have let pussy slip from my diet lately. I still love it to death, but it is more like work than fun these days. Sometimes I would get pussy morning, noon and night, now I get it when I really want it. My old lady thinks the same way as I do these days. I don't know how you other men think and act about pussy, but my ideas about pussy have changed since I have gotten older. I still love it and maybe tomorrow I will have it for a dessert if my heart and back can take it. I hope ya'll have a very nice thanksgiving and please be safe, Cat

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bad weather

Today is cold and wet in coastal Georgia. It got down to 38 degrees last night and started to rain. The wind is blowing up a storm. This weather is good for two things, fucking and sleeping and I am not doing either one at this time. I think I will get the old lady in bed and give her a work out. I have company coming for thanksgiving, so I better do my fucking tonight or tomorrow morning. I hope all of my readers and friends have a very nice and safe thanksgiving, Cat

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Going to buy a New LCD TV today.

I am sick of fucking with this shit, I am going to town and buy a new TV today. If I don't get one today, then I will have to wait until after the holidays. To many people out shopping. I am thinking about another Sony or a Samsung, 42 to 50 inch LCD. I love TV, when I retired, I fell in love with TV, I watch it about 12 hours a day. I will let you know what happens, should be fun, taking the old lady with me. Lunch and shopping, I can't wait.

Just got home

I shopped all day long and finally purchased a brand new model Samsung 46 inch DLP flat screen television. I just got it hooked up and man what a picture. I did not buy abother Sony, cause my last Sony went out at 5 years old, no picture and it would have coast 1,000.00 to fix, well I added a few more dollars and got a new TV. I hope I have good service with it? Take care all.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My brain is wasted.

Today was the day I went to Savannah and saw my doctor. I got there a few mintues early and told the girls out front my name. They could not find my name, one of the girls looked on the next day sheet and told me that I was one day early. I asked her to get me in, cause I live 65 miles from Savannah, after about ten mintues, she told me to make another appointment, the doctor was full up and could not see me. So I made another one for November the 30th. Shit I must have looked at the date wrong? I must be going crazy? Something is wrong with me. Still have not purchased a TV set yet, don't know what type to buy. And sex, what sex, I can only think about other things at this time. Maybe I will do some good old sport fucking this weekend, nothing planned.

Monday, November 6, 2006

My day, today

My Sony Wega EV went out a few days ago. A Sony techman came to my house this morning and dropped a bomb on me, he told me that it would take 1,024.00 to fix my tv. I paid him 99.00 to tell me this and I told him not to fix it, I will go out and buy a new DLP bigger svreen TV this week. What type of TV is the best? Please tell me your choice on TV's. My Sony Wga is only 5 years old. I have been buying Sony's for 25 years and this is the first one that died. I voted after he gave me the bad news. I voted all Republican today. Then I drove to town and had a great big ass country meal, fried chicken, country fried steak, beans, rice and gravy, peas and a small salad. Got my big belly full then went home and started reading about TV's. They make so many these days, I think the DLP and LCD has the better picture and are the newest ones out. Next year they will be old models, they change just as fast as computers. Ya'll check back and answer my questions, Cat

Sunday, November 5, 2006

My Blog Has Gone To Shit

Yesterday, my wife and I went to Walmart. He stopped and had Chinese food before we shopped. I had to wait for her when we were leaving the house, she had to take a potty. Walmart is 27 miles from my house. When we got to the Chinese joint, we ate and then she went to the bathroom just as we were leaving. In the truck she told me she had just blowed out again. As soon as we pulled into Walmarts parking area, she said, stop the truck, I got to go shit again. She ran into the store while I found a parking place. After about 20 mintues, she found me in the cat food section, she said she just made it and left Walmart a pair of drawers, she told me she had racing stripes, 6 inches long in her panties. While I was checking out, she ran like a football player to the bathroom again, when she got back to me, she told me, damn, I thought I was finished and all of a sudden, total blow out. While riding home, she said that she was sick and thought she may have to shit again, I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing. I told her that we ate the samethings and I did not blow out even once. When we got home and started to unload the truck, she stopped and looked at me funny and dropped her bags and ran like hell again to the bathroom. That makes 5 times in the last 3 hours. She then went to bed and got some rest. I don't know what happened to her. When it was all over and she finally got out of bed to make me some supper, she laughed her ass off about all the blow outs she had that day. I told you my blog is going to the shits, Cat

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Georgia Bulldog football

Mine and Rob's beloved Georgia Bulldogs got the shit beat out of them yesterday. Georgia football was looking very good the first half of the season, then all of a sudden, we went from sugar to shit in just three weeks. I thought we had a winner this year, going to a major bowl game and all, then looked what happened to us. We dropped the ball and played like shit. Many years ago, a Georgia football game was the best thing to do in Georgia. When I was in Athens, the football stadium was very small, we use to sit on the railroad tracks over the end zone and watch the games forfree. You had to get there early to get a spot and a good seat. We all partied and drank beer till it came out of our ears. It was a major party, we smoked a lot of dope and drank everything in site. Now they have enclosed both end zones, the party is over now. Maybe next year we will get them. Go Dogs.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I went to Fort Stewart today

The3rd ID lives at Fort Steward in Hinesville Georgia. They have been overseas twice before and they were told yesterday that the 25,000 troops at Fort Steward were going back again. This town is nothing but soldiers, take them away and it would be no town. The mood of the ones I talked to were crazied at the many times they have been over there. Most of them are for the war and want it to end as soon as possible. Anyone remember Nam? shit lasted many years and looked like we would never leave. I hope we go over there and kick ass and hurry home. Thanks to all of our troops for the freedom we share, Cat