Sunday, July 31, 2005

Gator hunting part five

Late last night, I went outside and smelled something dead, I got my snake boots on and went for a walk. I did not see anything, but somethng was dead and smelled like shit. This morning I did the same thing, I walked the pond and smelled it again, but nothing floating or dead in the water. Will keep you posted, Cat

The smell was not a gator

I found the dead critter, it was a huge turtle, that fucker must have weighted 50 pounds. I will try and get him out of the pond tomorrow and take a picture of him. Still no big gator around. Rebaited my hook and feed all the fish with dog and fish pellets. Water is low in the pond, has not rained in over a week. If I feel better tomorrow, I will put my boat into the pond and go up stream to look for the gators.

Friday, July 29, 2005

My birthday

Happy birthday to me. When I was a child, birthdays and christmas was everything. My birthday is a little extra special, cause my only daughter was born on my birthday. She is a great girl and is doing very well with her family and job, I am so proud of her. Now that I gotten to be an old goat, birthdays are just another day. They come and go so fast now. I want to thank all of you that wished me a good day, take care and thanks again, Cat

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Good Old Days

I just read  apost at SWG blog, he was talking about sweet milk in cans. That made me think of penny candy and gum. When I was a child growing up, we use to go to the corner confectionery and got penny candy and gum. A penny bubble gum, was big as a quarter back then. A penny candy was as big as a 10 cent piece now. For a dime, you could get sick as a dog on candy and junk. Ice cream was a nickle and cokes were a nickel. We also had a penny cookie, they were about 4 inches wide and a fourth of an inch thick, and yes, it was a penny. Lance crackers were a nickle and you got 6 of them in a pack, now you get 6 for 55 cents. The movies in Savannah were 10 cents and sometimes you got in for free, with bottle tops. The State and the Avon always had a double feature, it was 15 cents to get in and had some great candy and drinks for a nickle. I know people were not making great money, but everything was cheap, gas was 17 cents a gallon and we had price wars every week. Smokes were 20 cents a pack, a carton were 1.80, they are 70.00 a carton in New York now. An old girlfriend of mine is in Savannah for our 40th year graduation party. Linda still looks good, maybe I will go. Eric made me think about some of the old things of yesterday, thanks buddy, Cat

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


My cousin in Atlanta, her name is Mary, her oldest grandson had a motorcycle wreck and was killed two days ago. He was in Chicago going to college. This is very bad news for our family. Mary also lost her only son 30 years ago, on gradation night, he was killed in a car wreck that night. Chad's body is coming from Chicago today. I am very sorry for Mary's family. He was only 21 years of age, Cat

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tag me

I usually don't do these games, but a friend of mine wanted to know. 10 turn ons, 1-nice soft skin on a woman. 2- real tits. 3- nice clean skin right after a shower, so I can lick from head to toes. 4- late afternoon sex. 5- rain in the afternoons. 6- walk on the beach. 7- good food. 8- good drinks. 9- good drugs. 10- girls on Harley's. Now for the 10 turn offs, 1- dirty feet. 2- dirty fingernails and toenails. 3- Liars. 4- beggers. 5- women that think they have the only pussy in the world. 6- stuck-up women. 7- fake nails. 8- dingleberries. 9- body that smells bad, or B. O. 10-green and bad teeth. Thats all folks, but I could think of a lot more, Cat

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hard times

Yes, we all have had some very hard times. Sometimes I still have a few. I have always worked my ass off and raised two ex-wifes a four children. If I had any extra money, we would treat ourselves to a treat, if we didn't have any money, we would keep our asses home. As my children started growing up and getting out of schools, I started to put a little back each week, after about 12 years this amount was high dollars for a poor ass cracker like me. I sold and traded land and paid all my taxes and reinvested all of the profits and that is why, I have a big ass house and plenty of land and everything is paid for. I wish I put this to work when I was younger, I could have twice as much as I do now, but, I would have missed out on some very nice good times and parties. You have to pay the price and work hard. Thank all of you for the nice words while I was sick, I am feeling much better, Cat

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Back Rubs

Okay men, here's a good one for you. Have you ever given a back rub to a woman? I remember when I was younger and was full of come, I use to try and give back rubs. We use to get naked and get on the bed, she would lay face down, as I got out the oil and started to bub, my dick would get as hard as a rock. I know this maybe funny, but I never finished a back rub yet. I would start at the back, go down to the legs and feet area. before I got to her ass, I would rub the inside of her thighs and her lower back. While I was rubbing her ass, I could see a little of her browneye and those pussy lips. That is when I had to stop and just her bones, I could not take it anymore. Those were the days and I just wanted to share this with you, Cat

Sunday, July 17, 2005


I went fishing in my pond early today. I caught 10 fish and then when it started to get hot, the fish quit biting, Did not see any gators. They are still down the road about a half a mile, behind the gator lovers house. They will come back soon, I hope, and I will be ready.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

My gators

I baited the big hook up yesterday with a few pigeons and tree rats, I think I may have him this time. I went down to the pond very early this morning and bait is still no. Shit, I thought he would be hungry by now. I heard a few smaller gators singing, I took my shotgun and knife with me and walked the pond, when I was in front of the gator lovers house, I spotted one, about 8 foot long. Did not see the big gator, as I was trying to get a good shot, my neighbor came out and asked me what I was doing on his land. I told him that I was looking for a big snake and he came this way. He asked me about the gators and I told him a big lie, have not seen or heard them, he said that three big gators were in his side of the pond and he was feeding them old chickens, shit, no wonder the bastards won't eat my bait. This asshole loves and feeds them everyday. His land is half a mile from my land. If I keep going on his land, I think he will call the DNR on me. Looks like I am fucked and my hands are tired together. I will get the sob soon, I hope. More coming soon, Cat

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Friends are gone

They just left, they are going to Cape Cod, Boston and to Maine, they will be gone till the end of September. They love to travel and have been eveywhere. When he owned his business, he would fly to German, Japan and China. He had 17 salesmen selling his orange juice all over the world. He is retired now and does what he wants to. Hell, I think he was doing that , when he worked. The Catfish house will be empty for several weeks now, no one coming that I know of. I will try to fish and catch the gator now, bait coming tonight, for my trap. It will be very quite for the next few wekks, I will like that. Eat, sleep and be merry, I will do that and only do what I have to do. Being retired makes you lazy as hell.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Flordia friends

My best friends are coming through Georgia today, they will spend the night with me and go on there vacation. They are going up north for two months. They have a motorhome and have been everywhere. He owned his own business and sold it several years ago. I knew him, when he was broke and moved to Florida just for a job. He has done very well. I will bait up the gator tomorrow, he should be empty and ready to eat, the fish ain't biting today and it is already 92 degrees. About time for some sex tips Wednesday, everyone has been asking me about them, take care, Cat

Friday, July 8, 2005

Another party

Today is the day. I am having another get together, about 16 people. I am cooking shrimp and crabs. We are having beer and all the fixings. Fishing has been great and gator will not take my bait. Still having fun trying to catch that SOB. I have a few women coming, that loves to shot guns, we will do that later in the day. Take care and have a safe weekend, Cat

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

New Pill

Doctor gave me some new pills yesterday, they are called Cymbalta 60 mg, some kind of nerve pills. I hope they work better than the other miracle drug? Back pain sucks, it is very bad at times and worst other times. It made me retire early, I was only 54 years old. Nothing is fun anymore, cause of this very bad pain. I am having a very bad week, rain and hot and cool at nights, bad on old backs. I have a built in weather station. Hope to get better later this week, I have a busy weekend planned and hope to write about it Sunday. Take care, Cat

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Doctor today

Got to see quack at 10:00 am, going to have lunch with my buddy Chuck, his ex wife died yesterday, she was only 50 years young. She drank herself to death. Rob and the two girls are coming tomorrow, fishing, shooting and eating seafood. I am having another get together this saturday for friends in Savannah. Should be a good week. Everyone loves to visit me, it's like another world. Take care and more coming, Cat

Monday, July 4, 2005


The bikini was decovered today 59 years ago. Thank goodness. Before the bikini the ladies worn many clothes to swim in. I looked at some old pictures of my mama and her sisters back when they worn tons of cloth. I love to look at young ladies at the beach or at a pool with not much clothes on. I hope all of you had a great fourth and a safe you. A friend of mines daddy died yesterday, he drowned in the Ogeechee River close to Rob's house, he was 80 years old. He loved the river and helped with fishing events for the past 40 years. He loved the river and the same river took his life. I have a very bust week, people are coming, fishing and cooking for 20 people this coming saturday. Should be fun. It was 96 degrees yesterday and felt like 110. My 232.00 worth of grass seeds are coming up, my yard looks like it has a flat top hair cut, remember those? Fishing should be great this week, the sun and moon are in the good stages, so lets fish. Going to bait my 14 foot gator up again today, should catch him, I hope. I will take some pictures of him, if I get him to shore, Cat

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Happy 4th to all

I love the 4th of July, my birthday is the 30th. I love fire and fireworks. I did shoot some guns instead of fireworks. They are legal now, in Georgia. I use to travel across the bridge to buy fireworks, South Carolina got all the money. Now they sell them at Kmart and Walmart. I want to thank all of our troups for there work and hope they return safe and very soon. Other than that, I am having a very quite 4th. Fishing, eating, drinking and looking for gators, take care and be safe, Cat

Saturday, July 2, 2005


I watched the race last night, had a great time. I have my friends from Florida coming up tomorrow. We will go out and eat seafood and get drunk. Next saturday, I am having a party again, no bloggers this time, just friends and bikers from Savannah. It should get wild. These people know how to party. I can't bait the gatoe intil tuesday, all of the stores are closed here for the holidays. I need to buy a bigger hook and a chain for the line. I talked to Steve this morning, he is still pissed about his dog. I told him that he knew those gators were down there and he should have watched his animals better. He got pissed with me and lit another joint, fuck him. I will get these gators, cause I don't want them to eat my cats. Rob will bring Sam and Stacey down here next week, we will shoot some guns and eat seafood. Maybe they will get a good shot are the gators. Till next time, have a great 4th and be careful, Cat

Friday, July 1, 2005

Hook, Line and Bait

Well sport fans, I went down to the pond this morning, very early. The line was still on the tree put when I pulled the rope, the bait and BIG trebble hook was gone. The hook was 14 inches long and it had three hooks on the trebble hook, I can kiss my 15.00 goodbye, going to get me another one and a steal line about 5 feet from the hook. That was the big gator. I saw where he tore up the grass around the pond. Looks like he laid there and ate the bait. After looking at all of this, I walked on my island and saw nothing, the gators were talking to one another, but could not see them. Game plan number three this afternoon, Cat