Monday, July 30, 2007

Saltwater fishing today

Usually I don't go saltwater fishing, since I have a freshwater pond in my back yard. A friend came by this morning and wanted me to take him fishing today, in saltwater. My cousin came down last week and caught three dozen blue crabs, now this friend of mine wants to catch some fish and crabs. I came home to eat some lunch and now I am going back. The tides are getting better this afternoon, morning tides sucked. I like to fish a out going tide for fish and a dead low for crabs. I ate fresh shrimp last night with fresh cob on the cob, silver queen corn, it is so sweet you can eat it right off the stalk. Maybe I will have some fresh fish tonight. Wish me luck, I'm gone.

Haley can't stay off of the computer long enough to go fishing

She lives on the phone and both computers. Haley can't do anything but emails, jokes, and friends and my space. The saltwater fish were not biting today. It was hot and dry and only about four people fishing, the tides were wrong and he also have a full moon, saltwater fishing sucks when spring tides come along with the full moons. Just don't bite, freshwater fish bite when the tides are very high and full moon is good fishing in a pond or a river.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Went to a 100 year aunts birthday party today.

You read correct, my aunt Lucille was 100 years old yesterday and her three children gave her a big birthday party today in Brooklet Georgia. I made the 150 mile trip without much pain today. I saw people and cousins that I have not seen in years, only wedding and funerals. I found out today that some of my relatives are very smart and have some very good jobs. My cousin Jimmy was an college football ref, now he is head of all the refs in the conference. Two have become doctors and most of the rest of them own some types of a business. My oldest brother went and he is 79 years young, his wife did not go. We all had a great time and I think I counted 80 people there. Maxie Price, my cousin in Atlants was there, he had a bad car wreck two years ago and is in a wheelchair. He owns six GM dealerships and also owns Vette World in Buckhead. It was really a nice day. I will return to Brooklet in about three weeks for the annual peanut festival. This year will be the eighteen one. Bullock county is knowed for the peanuts and tobacco. See ya'll soon, Cat

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My cousin's grand daughter is driving me crazy.

Haley is getting to me, she is a very scrwed up 14 year old. She has been in trouble since she was a liottle girl. Her mama is still on crack, has been married 5 times and now lives in Vermont. She never sees the child. Her daddy has a girlfriend and she will not let him spent time or money on his only child. She must have something that most women don't have? He is not a man in my book. Haley has lived with grand parents off and on her whole life. My ciusin got custody of her about 2 years ago. Haley has lived in foster homes and has been in trouble with drugs and booze. I have been talking to her and telling her about all the drunks in my family. I hope she believes me? Nancy took her shopping yesterday and got some things for her. I told her that she is loved and her grandmama and grand daddy loves her, that is why she is living with them. School starts in 2 weeks and Haley is an A student, but gets into roublw with her mouth and her screwed up ways. We will try and help and do anything we can for this child. Haley is very smart but a little mixed up right now. I want to thank all of you who wrote and sent me emails about her. My youngest child is 30 years old and my oldest child is 41, three boys and one girl. I think I may have my hands full. If it gets too damn tough for us, she can then go back home to my cousin, he lives 15 miles from me and all of his kids are grown and gone. I think the big problem with them is trust, they do not trust Haley. Wish me luck sportfans, Cat

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I am doing a good dead?

My cousin has his grand daughter living with them. His own son had this girl 14 years ago, the mama got on drugs and he started living with another woman that did not want him to see his daughter. No one wanted this girl. She is 14 years old, very smart and pretty. She has gotten into a lot of trouble within the last 2 years. She has tried drugs, booze and also sex. She has been kicked out of every school and has also been in boot camp for teenagers. She has been with us for 3 days. I have been talking with her and trying my best to help this child. My cousin and his wife needs a break, so me and Nancy has taken her in. She is doing very good with us and I will try to help her in any way. I keep telling her than she is wanted and loved by many people. I feel so sorry for this girl, her mama is on drugs and the state took her away from her. Her daddy can't see her, cause his new girlfriend will not allow it. It is a damn shame. This child is very smart and loves to read and take pictures, she wants to go to SCAD and study photos. She is very good at taking pictures. I just wanted to tell ya'll about this great little girl and I need your thoughts on trying to help her. Take care and wish us luck, Cat

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It Is Hot and Dry

Down here in coastal Georgia, it is hot ter than three rows of red onions. Man is it hot. My garden needs water at least twice a day. I still have plenty of food, but if I did not water it, it would be gone in two days. The fish are still biting and the heat index is over 105. My son Ryan and his wife just got back from Rome, they stayed over there for two weeks. If was a great vacation for the both of them. I have been overseas once, I stayed a month, went everywhere, it was nice, but I missed America. I cut grass today, it took me 6 hours on the tractor and a little of the push mower. I am now growing green worms. I purchased 6 more boxes of green worms from the bait store and I will try my best to raise me a few thousand. The fish really love them. They are very active, they move around more than the red worms. I will add some food coloring if I have too. I have never seen these before a few weeks ago. The two places I buy bait has them, I tried a few and they work. The bait shop charges 3.00 for about 15 worms, 100 crickets are only 2.50, but the fish seem to love those green worms. I hope I can raise them like I use to raise the red worms. I hope all of you have a good and safe weekend, some of my blog buddies are up in Atlanta, wish I was with them. Take care, Cat

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Been fishing

I have been in a lot of pain these last three weeks. My pond now has plenty of fish and we have been fishing like crazy. My friend Chuck came down last week, we fished and had a great time. We ate fresh seafood and almost everything we could get our hands on. The weather has been in the high 90's for over a week and the afternoons have been nice. No sun and a good breeze everyday. I have been fishing with crickets and green worms, these are new worms, the reason they are green, the growers feed them green food, the worms turn green and then the soil turns green also, strange? They catch a lot of fish. I hope ya'll have a great weekend and please be safe, Cat

Monday, July 2, 2007

Finally Got Some Rain

It has been raining for the last two days, we sure needed it. We are about eight inches low on rain this year. My garden is looking good, I have been picking veggies and giving them away to my friends down the road. My fourth is going to be quiet. I am having a few friends over and having some seafood and smoked pork. We will make our own fireworks, shooting those guns at night will be more than the average man can make. I just cut grass and now I am taking a break. I hope all of you will have a great fourth of July and please be safe, Cat