Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Remember The May Pole?

When I was a small child, I remember one May first, we all walked down to the park, about three blocks from my school. Our teacher had a May Pole set up and wanted grades first through the fourth dance around the May Pole and sing and dance. I was always a big ass kid, I stood over a head taller than all of the kids. It became my turn to go around the May Pole and as I was dancing around that crazy ass pole, I pulled the whole damn pole out of the ground. My teacher was mad as hell with me. I had to stay after school for a whole week, that sucked. Every May first I think about this and laugh my ass off, Cat

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Three More Chicks Yesterday

My hens hatched three more chicks yesterday. They are all very small with black and white stripes on there heads, cute. I think I may have a few more eggs and if they don't hatch by saturday they will be throwed away. Fishing is still good and have not seen any gators, but we hear them at night. I think that I may have killed all of the snakes for a while.I am getting ready to walk down to the pond, I have 100 crickets and a cup of worms. We need some rain, garden is beginning to look like shit. Take care people, Cat

Asshole Doctor Called Me Today

A few months ago, my family doctor, wanted me to have my colon and asshole checked for cancer. He got me a set up for one of those doctors that did those things. I saw him and he gave me a two gallon jug of nasty tasting shit water to drink, I drank about half and went the next morning to have it done. Everything was fine, the asshole man told me to have it done every five years. His nurse called me today and told me that he wanted to do another one this month. I told her she was crazy and he said every five years, are these doctors just crazy or do they need the money? I told her hell no, go get someone else to pay those jigh fees. I was not going to have anymore of them period. She got pissed with me, so I hung up on her. Fuck her and her crazy ass money hungry doctor. What do you people think about this? Thanks, Cat

Thursday, April 17, 2008

One of my hens had some babies today.

One hen, big foot, has been laying on eaggs for about three weeks. This morning when I went to feed and water my chickens, I heard a hell of a racket coming from under Big Foot. She had two eggs to hatchm cute little chicks, now we will have to name them. All of my chickens eat out of my hands and I can do anything I want with all of them. Everyone laughs at there names and the way they act. My cat, Toes, watches those chicken like they are her babies. What a circus. Next to buy is some small goats, they work better than a lawnmower.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Going Fishing And Snake Hunting Today

I worked a lot in the yard yesterday. Cut some big trees down, they were dead, and worked on the chicken pen also. Today, when the weather warms up, I am going fishing and I will take a shotgun down to the pond for the snakes. I have never seen so many snakes in my life. I heard the two gators last night. They are trying to mate and stay hidden from me. I got the worms and the crickets ready to go, just waiting for the sun to come up. I miss my old friend Chuck and Robbie, they use to love to come down and fish with me. I miss both of them very much. Now when I catch a big fish, I have no one to show it. I have a cat, that thinks she is a dog. She goes to the pond with me and sits by my side while I am fishing. It is better than nothing. Take care good people and come back soon, Cat

Monday, April 14, 2008

More Water Moccasins Yesterday

I walked to the pond yesterday around noon. Because of the hot weather , the snakes were out sunning again. I killed two big water moccasins when I first got down there. I fished for about an hour and then saw two more cottonmouths. They were having sex on the edge of the water line. I shot the male first and then the female did not move, I walked a little closer and shot her also. I then walked  the length of the pond and dhot two more, that was six snakes in one day. Did not see any gators, but they are still in the pond or behind the pond on my island. We hear them every night calling there mates. This is their fucking season, maybe water moccasins also. I planted some more banana trees yesterday. My legs and back are killing me, too much work. I think I will take time off today to heal, Cat

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Here comes summer.

It is getting hot in coastal Georgia, around 80 degrees everyday. I know it is summer because of the masters is in Augusta this week. All of the flowers and the trees are in bloom and the snakes and bugs are walking around. I planted a few trees yesterday, cleaned out my gold fish pond, went to see my cousin Luther and then returned home to relax. The fishing in my pond has been great for the last two weeks. I have been killing snakes on the average of two a day. I still see my two gators in the pond, the female is eight feet long and the male is about five feet long, did I tell ya'll that gator mating season is in April? They talk and cry at night, that is there fucking call. I may have some gator eggs in a few months. In Darien Georgia today, they are blessing the fleet, shrimp boats ride under a small bridge and a priest soaks them with holy water and bless each boat. My buddy Reggie has his boat in the run today. I may go down there and ride with him and all of his buddies. Last year he won first place in the boat looks, he won 2,500.00. This year I bet they will only be a few boats in the water, fuel is up to 3.69 a gallon. I think I will catch a few rays today so goodbye for now, Cat

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I walked down to my pond yesterday to try and do a little fishing. I caught 19 bluegills in about the first hour. I needed a break, so I walked back to the house and got a beer. Watched a few TV shows and then went back to fish some more. I started catching fish within the first few moments, I caught another 22 fish, man what a day fishing. I also saw the first gator in about three months, he was about four feet long. Went I was getting ready the leave, I saw a large movement in the water, about sixty feet to my left, I waited until I could see what is was. You are correct, another gator, this one was about eight feet long. April is mating season for gators. My wife said she has been hearing them for the last three nights. Looks like I am going to start having fun again with the gators. Last week I killed six snakes and saw a few more today. I will let you know the results in a few days, Cat

Quess what happened today?

I walked down to the pond again today, within ten minutes, I had caught about twelve fish. I went to check on the two gators, but started fishing again. I went nack to the house to get some more worms and then went back to catching fish. A yankee man, that lives at the end of the road, came by to see me. I was at the pond, he joined me and he started catching fish. He catch over 25 fish ib less than an hour and he was having fun and acting like a small kid. This yankee is the one that broke my truck window and he is so dumb, he retired from general motors with 30 years, I think they took care of him and made a lot of his choices in life. Back to fishing, I caught about 40 fish today before four o'clock and had to make a trip to the bait store. I came back with 300 crickets and two tubs of live big ass pink worms. I will try it again tomorrow, those fish are hitting everything, even plastice jigs. I wish all of you could be here and kill them like I have been killing them. Have fun and take care, Cat