Monday, January 31, 2005

Cold and wet in Savannah

Our great weather has gone to the dogs. I went on I-95 yesterday and they are getting ready for the super bowl, traffic was bad, saw two bad wrecks and going to get worst. House is getting paint yesterday, great news, Harry told me about 7 more days and it is mine.I hope so, my money is running out. Trying to get a mover to set it all up and get new hot tub installed, and new things sent in, take care friends and please be safe, Cat.

Lazy ass Frenchmen

Yes and deed, I do have a new job and I will try and do a great redneck try. All of my biker friends are cleaning our weapons and are ready to take back what is ours. They have never tried to pay back any of there loans to the USA from way back and we are going to get it. First were are going over there and give each woman a bar of soap and a razor and make each one wash and shave, second, make them speak english and third and more coming, get our fucking billions backs. More coming soon. Stay turned sport fans, Cat and the redneck riders.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Another pussy story

I worked in the car business many years ago with a married man with 3 kids and one night we were out on the town and drinking and having a great time. Later that night he said, Joe, lets go to some of those places where the younger girls go and get some cock. I said, Ted, which he and his family just moved to Savannah from Augusta Ga, about three months ago. I tyold him, you and I have a cock, dick, johnson, peter, rod, or whatever you call yours hanging between your legs, if you go around and keep asking for cock, you will end up with a dick in every hole on your small ass body. He looked at me very funny and I worked with Ted for about another year and he still called pussy a cock, that is why I asked that question? I still ask some people that same question and I get all types of answers, thanks gang for all of the responds, Cat. I think I will go out later tonight and get me some PUSSY.

Last year was a bad one

I buried 13 very good friend, some was only in there 30's and others in there 50's. Some of them were killed and most of them by cancer. Cancer came back in my 30 year on son Ryan, in New York, my only daughter's, Stephanie's husband, has lung cancer, and of course you all know about my land and house problems, man what a bad fucking year. When I was growing up in the old fort section of Savannah Ga, the old saying, was to go find a black girl and get some leg and that would change your luck? Well, as bad as mine is now, I would need a fucking truck load of them. Back to bad luck, if it was raining pussies, I would catch the biggest dick in the top on my head, man that is bad luck. At one time I had about 0n2 million dallors, now I am down to 200,000, but, fuck it, I came here with nothing, I am leaving with nothing, man what a ride. My back sucks, my sex life sucks, my bones sucks, everything sucks but me, I still love pussy, and plenty of it.  I talked to my contractor tonight and he said, that maybe with a little luck and a little more MONEY, I may move in about 10 more days? I heard that song before, I will end up killing that bastard, before it is over, but I will take at least 5 more with him. My old fucked up live has seen it's better days and it does not make any difference any more, FTW. Ya'll take care now, Cat.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Okay people, more questions?

I was born in Georgia, when I was around Yankees, they called pussy, cock. Here in the South we call pussy, pussy, a cock is a dick, period. So the question for today sport fans is, if you  are sucking cock, which one are you doing? Please tell me, My little mind has been fucked up about this for almost 58 years, thanks again, Cat.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

New Quiz

Since everyone loves questions and quizes, my spelling sucks, here is one for all of you. What is the term, Pecker Tracks? I know the answer, do you?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hello People

Just got back from the new house, they have done more work in the last two days, than they have in the last three weeks. I think I scared the shit out of my builder monday. I told Harry that I was about ready to end my life, because of all of my back pains and being fucked by him and his brothers on my house. I also told him, before I took my own life, that I was going to take out a few others before me. That got him going, and to put the icing on the cake, the man that cleared my land and Harry also built his house, he told Harry, last week, before I talked to him, about that big hippie killing you about his house. That was perfect timing. I may get something done now. I also found out last night, my only daughters husband has one year to live, cancer again. He is a smart man, he is doing like my daddy did, NOTHING. Let the hair go with the hide. These doctors are making so much money on cancer and they know less now, than they did 20 years ago. My son and I went to Duke for many a year for nothing. My daughter, Stephanie, works for cncer doctors in Florida and all of them make millions off of cancer. I am very sorry for all the people that has cancer and my son Ryan in New York has cancer since he was 10 years old, and like my good friend Acidman quotes WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE. Yes we are, from what and how who knows and who cares, but that cancer shit sucks.

Two posts in one day?

Don't worry friends and readers, the old Catfish will be okay. I have a game plan and it may work out and it may not. I have lived a long and fun life, I could write several books about my life and travels. At one time in my life, I was a crook, thief, drug dealer, and several other things I can't write about.  But for the last 30 years, I have been one honest Joe. that is getting ready the change again. I will know more about it very soon. Jason is working hard in the tile business, I saw him tonight. Talked to Stephanie and the other kids and they all know me very, very well. All my kids know I keep my word. Stay turned for more of the fucked up life of Catfish.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

My doctor visit

I went to my main doctor yesterday and he told me that I would not out live my pain. All the new meds in this world could not help me. He said that I would have bad pains for the rest of my life, I almost cried. I have been to 12 doctors and three pain clinics and have had everything except the knife, and all of them tell me that I would not be any better off, after the operation. My lower back is gone. I have been working since I was 12 years of age and I retired with Kerr McKee after 30 years of service, I am wasted. I have had 2 heart attacks and flatlined twice in the trauma unit within 3 years and now my back, life sucks sometimes. I try to keep on trucking for my four kids and my friends, some of them need me. Maybe it will get better. My builder is fucking me around and only a little work was done this week at the new house. Ya'll take care, Cat.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

My baby son, Jason

He went to court today about his last DUI, his fine was 2,000. He just got off of one probation last month, for fighting, with his girlfriend, and now he is back on probation again. When will he ever learn? I have paid fines and getting him out of jail over 4,000 in the last year and a half, I told him, this was the last time. The well is drying up fast. Plus he is not working as much as he should be. Man, I think I fucked up, putting him into business. I will never get all of my money back. But I have helped all four of my kids out several times. Some I get back, but most of the time, I never see a penny. Should be moving in in about two to three weeks, I hope. Take care and ya'll have a great week-end, Cat

Monday, January 10, 2005

I went to new house today.

Was I shocked, no one was working. In the last two weeks, not a single crew has worked. I met with the builer today and he said that the crews would be back thursday to start working again. He told me that I should be in by Jan 16th. This is getting on my nerves. First it was before christmas and now thw middle of Jan, I don't know what to believe? He then asked me for more money. I told him I paid him the last 30,000 back in Dec and that should have paid me up and he agreed, but told me that I had added a few extras. I almost shit my pants. I showed him where I have paid for my Marvin windows from my nephew and  all my tile and that my sons company was installing the tile and wood floors, that all came the 28,000.00 plus all the bathroom fixtures and kitchen fixtures and a very nice tub. The builder was going to take off everything I got and paid for the house from his price. We will have to wait and see.

Saturday, January 8, 2005


When I was alot younger, some of the best fucking I performed were at trailer-parks. I never lived in a trailer, but I sure did alot of fucking in them. I was a big boy, when I walked in a trailer, it bounced like a wrestling ring. Some of the ladies that lived in them did not have much money, so when I visited them, I would take over some beer, whiskey, dope and food and we would have an all night fuckathon, man what a life. Those were the days.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Why does every country hate the United States?

Four billion dollars collected for the people from the earthquake, US gives millions to everyone and helps build back there country, and they still throw rocks at us. Just does not make sense. I am  a dumb ass Georgia cracker, with not much schooling, just street sense. I think the US should get out of the United Nations and take care of our people and fuck the rest of those ungrateful assholes. This is the greatest place on earth to live and I have not found a better place yet to live. When I went over seas, everyone treated me like shit, I was nice to them, I spent plenty of money, tipped very well and they called me names, fuckem, I will spend my money in the great USA from now on. My dad was Scotch-Irish, but my American Indian mama straighted his ass out, it took 76 years to do so. I ride around and talk to people everyday and some of them have two jobs and still can't make ends meet. Married couples  both have to work if they want to stay afloat, what has happened to this world? No one is saving money, everyone is in over there head, most people have to work until they are almost dead, let's put an end to this now  and start doing something about it now. Just my two cents, from an old Georgia redneck cracker.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

My land deal just went to shit

These last two weeks have been very bad for me. I had a chance to but land for one million dollars, I think it could be worth about three million if some speck houses were built and a few lots were sold. I put down 50,000.00 down and had to have the other 950,000 by this friday, all of the people I talked to, backed out as my partners. I called alled all my bankers and stock brokers today and to find out about getting a loan and buy it myself and I got turned down, because of my low income. I am retired now. Banks don't loan money like they use to years ago, they use to look at the person and the way he has paid his bills in the past, which I never missed a payment and also made my payments on or before the due date. Now you go through the out of town loan departments of that bank, someone you don't even know, that is fucked up. I have been doing business with Suntrust for 35 years and Wachovia for about as long. I called my lawyer and talked to him and he told me the same thing the banks told me. I have land with a nice house that is paid for, worth about 700,000 and about 200,000 in stocks and bonds and the land I am trying to buy should be worth more than a million, but both banks turned me down, flat. What is a small man going to do. Here is a chance for a small man to make a little money and no one will help me. Makes me want to go back to my days of crime.

Monday, January 3, 2005

Thanks people

I got some good ideas about my blogging. I still think my blog sucks, I will try to improve it over the next few weeks. I love to write about my childhood, family and my crazy, fucked up kids. I could write a book about all of our fuckups. My hobbies are great and I have more than the average person. I have traveled almost everywhee and done almost everything that I have wanted to do, worked my ass off since I was 12 years old, married 3 times, raised 4 kids by 2 different women, who did not want anything to do with the kids. Never helped me with the bills or the kids. I came from very poor people, but they raised me very well. My mama was an American Indian and my daddy was Scottish and Irish mix. They both taught me to treat all men equal and to treat them the way I wanted them to treat me. I have and tried to teach my kids the same. So far, so good. Thanks again for all of the good comments, Cat.