Wednesday, May 31, 2006

June first, the opening of Cane season.

Will not be as bad as last year. People need a few good years so they can rebuild on the coast and set back up on all the water. This happened after Hugo that hit South Carolina. Sand covered this bar at mrytle beach where I go and drink during bike week, has not been a bad one in years, all is rebuilt now, waiting for another Big One. I did a lot of reading and laughing at my buddies page last night, Gut, the women are fighting over his sorry ass again. I think it is funny. They must not know him by now, he does not want any woman, except maybe a blowjob or a piece of pussy once in a blue moon. Come everyone and join in the fun. Some of those woman blame me, who cares. these drama queens have nothing better to do than write and bug my friend. They can bug me too, I have plenty of time, I am retired and everyday is saturday to me.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What is wrong with Bush and the others?

My friend Robbie at Gut Rumbles made a post yesterday about our world. It was good and I ask the question, what happened to common sense? Our SS money has gone west, at one time the government had so much money in the SS account, they started robbing Peter to pay Paul and you know what happens when you do shit like that. I voted for Bush and have always liked him and his dad, but he has done some very dumb things lately. Robbie said, if we don't change these problems, we will be in deep shit without any boots on. Maybe the Dixie Chicks were not all wrong. Both parties suck in my book and both tells lies better than Slick Willy did. I am not going to vote part no more, I am voting the person, these sorry cocksuckers need to be out of office and beat with a big stick. My family has always voted Republican, but not anymore. And the bad thing about this, all of them tell a great story, but when we put these assholes in office, they change there tune and start fucking up. We will pay for it in the long run. Get's get started and do something about it, Cat

Monday, May 29, 2006

Doctor visit today and got new drugs.

I am on the very strong Duragesic Patches for pain. I am also taking pills to help out the patch. We will try this for a few weeks and see. I am having a operation in about two weeks. Day in and same day out, a small hernia, about two inches above my navel. I told my doctor friend today, I can't and will not take this pain any longer, he got worried and starting talking to me about pain and new meds. He offered another pain clinic, but I refused. He can do and give me what those qucks do and for less money, plus, he is a good friend. I will let ya'll know, Cat

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Boiling Green Peanuts today.

I purchased two big bags of green fresh peanuts, found them for 1.00 a pound, cheap in today's market. These nuts will be cooked outside in my seafood boil pot. I will cook them the old fashioned way, with just salt. I have about 20 pounds of nuts and when they start to boil, I added about half a box of Morton salt. Cook for about 2 hours and then turn off the fire and let them soak for about 30 mintues, then you can eat your heart out. I love them like a hog loves corn and mud. I cooked peanuts three days ago, about 8 pounds, they are gone, I ate every damn one of them. These nuts are from Florida, Georgia green peanuts come in around July and August. I always go to the peanuts festival in Brooklet Georgia, home of my mama's family, I still have a 99 year old aunt, that cooks two meals a day and keeps a three bedroom house up. My mama had 13 brothers and sisters and only two living, one 79 and one 99 years old. Have a good holiday people.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Cooking for the Holiday.

I am having a low country boil and beef cook out for Monday. When I make a seafood boil, I use a pre-mix of Cajun boil. It is called Crawfish Crab and Shrimp boil by the Louisiana Fish Fry company. I pay 3.50 for a pound bag of it and it will cook about 50 pounds of seafood with that bag. If you just use a little batch, make sure you don't overdo the boil, it will make it so god damn hot, you will not be able to eat it. I start with a big pot of cold water, just before the water starts to boil, add the season mix, then add fresh or frozen corn on the cob. Then add small whole onions, then some smoked sausage and then some whole white potatoes. Cook for about 20 mintues, then add the seafood, some people add crab, shrimp or lobster. I make mine with just shrimp. Cook for about 4 mintues, don't over cook the shrimp. You will fuck them up good fashion. Take everything off the fire and drain on newspaper or paper plates. I make my own cocktail sauce also. About 4 parts ketckup, juice from one lime, 2 oz of worstershire sauce, and 2 oz of horserashish sauce. Mix very well until smooth. Dip your shrimp in the sause and enjoy, the more horserashish the more heat, so watch out. Enjoy and you can also make boil green peanuts the Cajun way, by add the crab boil mixture instead of salt. Then you will have boiled Cajun peanuts. Hope all of ya'll will have a great and safe hoilday, Cat

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American Idol.

I watched the whole two hours last night of Idol, I enjoyed it very much. I knew that Mr Hicks was going to win, but that Kat sure was a great looking runnerup. Tall and pretty and yes, she can sing also. That show last night reminds me of the shows that use to come on TV 30 to 40 years ago. Singing and talking and music, with pretty women and young ladies. I enjoyed it. Burt came out and played the music for all of his big hits and then his old girlfriend came out and sang two of his songs, she has been singing for 50 years. He wrote a lot of music and songs in the 50's and 60's. This is the first year I watched the Idol, I liked it alot and Paula is still hot as a firecracker, I would do her in a heartbeat. I will watch it again next year, good show, Cat

Monday, May 22, 2006

Just back from my Doctors visit.

I drove over 130 miles today to see my doctor and ask about a new doctor for Rob, he told me of another group of bone doctors that also do sports medicine. I called Rob and gave him the numbers, he said he was going to call them today. I hope they can help him, some doctors don't do shit anymore. I told mine about the money and dancing around with my friend. He said that they all had rules to go by, bullshit.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I just called Rob, the Acidman.

He is fine, still in pain with his shoulders, but okay. He has not posted because he had a bad belly pains this weekend. He threw up a few times and felt like shit. I told him last week that very bad pain will make you throw up. I go to the doctors tomorrow and I will try a get Rob a new doctor to see about his shoulders. The last one wanted to dance him around a few months and suck the money right out of him, doctors? He needs some help with this pain now. These doctors are something else, they don't want to doctor anymore because of the DEA and the Federal Drug people. And if they operate on you, they are also scared you will sue the shit out of them, some doctors? They all went to school to help people, not to lie and steal there money. I hope my doctor will help Rob out. Rob and I talk several times each week, we are both in very bad pain, but we talk for long periods of time. A lot of people get nervous when Robbie does not post, but he is just hurting and can't sit and write at the keyboard. If I heard anything different, I will make a update, Cat

Monday, May 15, 2006

I talked to Acidman about pain yesterday.

Icalled Rob yesterday to see about his doctors visit and pain, man I got a plate full of shit. He is still in a lot of pain. I told him about the doctor he saw, he was one of my doctors, shit, he shot me four times with those long ass needles, and I saw it on a TV screen go into my back and into my disc. It hurt like hell and he told me that in three days I would feel better, bullshit, I hurt even worst after those shots the bone man gave me. Rob told me, Cat, I hope I get some relief? I hurt so bad and can't move my arms up to my head, at all. I told him about all of my shots and blockers shots from Canada, still did not work. These doctors jump you around so much, they don't or will not doctor anymore. They all put you on a money wagon and let you ride for a while, cocksuckers, I am hating doctors now about as much as I hate lawyers. I told Rob that my pain was so bad at times, that I throw up, I get very sick to my stomach, then throw up, that is some very bad pain, when it makes you throw up. He has been doing that also, I feel for my buddy, I have been doinf it for years, but I keep on trucking, I want to live a little longer to see my grandkids get grown, Rob does also. I hope Rob can get rid of his pain, Cat

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Last Nights Dreams?

I dreamed last night that I was broke as shit. Did not have any money and no job. I went back to crime and being a very bad person, someone shot and killed me dead. Then I woke up in a cold sweat. Only been asleep about an hour and had this dream. I going to smoke some tonight and see if I dream again.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I have been reading a few people about there dreams lately. I use to dream great dreams, now I dream shit. My dreams were always about getting laid by a pretty young lady, going out on a great date, eating some great seafood with beef, drinking top shelf booze, smoking good dope, chasing pussy and once in a while catching it. Riding Harley's with my friends and having a great time. All of my dreams now suck. Last night I was in the Army, night before last, a car wreck. These dreams suck. I don't believe in sun signs or ghost or any other shit like that. Not a church person, I was once, but that is a long and another story. I usually stay up to four in the morning and then sleep till around nine that morning, my back hurts late at night, worst than in the day? I may need to start drinking more and taking a few more pills to make me sleep. who knows? Have a good weekend people, peace, Cat

Monday, May 8, 2006

Should I sue Unum Provident Insurance Company?

I paid premiums to Unum Provident Isurance Company for many years when I was working. They sent  me a letter last week wanting me to pay them 14,700.00 in overpayment? I never got this money from them. They have been sued by many people in the last few years. They are not a good company and the insurance commissionier of Georgia fined them one million for not paying claims.  Has anyone ever had any problems with these people? Send me your info and we may get another class action going with them.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Have a great weekend

My back is killing me, I have pains going all over my body. I wish I was feeling better, I would have taken a trip to Florida this weekend. I don't think I could made the drive. The weeken is looking hot here in coastal Georgia. Been 89 all this week and very little rain, it is dry as powder. I wish all of you a good weekend and I will be back on Monday, Cat