Thursday, September 28, 2006

My, My, My

Sorry for not posting much lately. I have been in a lot of pain and not been sleeping much these days. I wish I could get rid of this fucking pain. It is almost the worst I have had it in years. I have been reading on Rob's old site, Little Toni, will be doing some posting for Sam. I think that is great news and his web site will always be up, thanks to Paul and a few other people. Most people did not know my buddy bowleggs, he was a sport. He was  not the same person in real life, his blog was not really the truth about Robbie. I just found out that his ex wife and her new husband has just purchased a home in his old neighborhood, the mimi farm. They just paid 375,000.00 for a house about a block away from Rob's old house. When Rob was married he lived down the road from our friend Willy and just past another friend named Ed. I talked to Ed yesterday and he told me all about it. I miss my buddy bowleggs, he was a good friend. I hope Sam is doing better with her loss. Fishing has been sucking lately and no gators to talk about. I have been killing a few snakes, killer snakes that is, I let the good ones live to eat frogs and other snakes. It is getting to be hunting season down here in coastal Georgia, bird huntings is very large down here. I want to go on a dove hunt soon. When I lived in Statesboro Ga many years ago, I owned two great bird dogs, when I moved back to Savannah, I sold my dogs for 10,000.00, if I had them now, I could sell them for twice that now. Great bird dogs are very hard to find. I love to shoot birds when flushed out by dogs and then let the dogs go and get them for you and bring them back and drop them at your feet. I am a lazy hunter. I use to kill many deers, I joined huntings clubs all over Georgia. Land is very scarce now and the clubs charge too much money for three months of hunting. I can kill deer on my land for free. My wife knows how to cook deer meat very good. She uses instant coffee to tender it. Enough about hunting and the great outdoors, now let's talk a little about sex. I just was thinking about pussy again, still have not gotten any lately, not because I haven't wanted it, just could not get any. I still want it all the time, but can't get it up. That makes me mad as hell. My friends tell me all the time, Cat, if you never get another piece, you have had enough for at least three other men. I guess they are right, I have done a lot of fucking in my day. I hope I am not finished with pussy yet. I hope all of you have a great weekend and watch a little football and relax, take care, Cat

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thinking of pussy again.

I must be feeling a little better? I am thinking about pussy again. Pussy is one of the best things in this world. When I was younger I would do anything for a piece of pussy. When I was 16 years old, south Carolina drinking age was 18 and Georgia was still 21. We use to load up a car and drive across the bridge to south Carolina where there was a few clubs that you could drink beer and dance, one of the clubs was Ma and Pa's snack shack. Beers were 25 cents each and all the food items were less than a dollar. The jukebox was 6 plays for a quarter and it was the best jukebox within 50 miles. I use to go and buy a few beers for girls and then take them for a ride down a few country roads, that's when I would park and get my pussy. This happened every friday and saturday nights. One night, it was raining cats and dogs, I got a pretty young girl and a six pack and took off for a ride, we got parked and started having fun, after the fucking, I tried to get back on the hard road and got stucked in the mud. I got out and put logs and tree limbs under the tires, in the rain, and still could not get out. We sat and worried for a few hours, did not know how we were going to get out. My cracker ass finally got out of my car and walked about 3 miles to a farm house and asked the owner if he could help me? He said yes, he drove me back to my car and pulled us out with his truck. He looked at my date a little funny and as we were driving back to Ma and Pa's my date told me that the man that pulled us out was her uncle. I got very nervous and dropped her off at the snack shack and I never took her riding again. Like I said before, I would do anything for pussy.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Feeling bad

The weather here in coastal Georgia has been wet. When it rains my bones and back starts to hurt very bad, worst than normal. I have been taking it easy, eating, sleeping, talking to friends and family, not much else. My pain lever has been on 10 for the last few days. My patches , I thought that were working, seems to have stopped. I eat pills like they are like candy. I will try and get back in the swing in a few days, it sucks not to be able to do anything that I would love to do. I walked down to the pond today for the first time in three days, I saw a six foot gator, but I had no gun or camera, maybe later in the week. Everything else about the same. I did talk to Ryan, my son in New York, he is coming for christmas, that was great news. My daughter called me last night to check on me, she is worried because I have not posted or emailed her lately. I will be okay. Later my friends and thanks for asking about me, Cat

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pussy last night?

Yes sportfans, I was thinking about getting me some pussy last night. I went to bed a little early for a change, around one oclock, I started playing around and talking sweet things to my bride.  I really wanted some pussy last night, I had her worked up and ready to go, but my dick was dead as a doorknob. A few years ago, I was gased at work, with sukfur dixiode, and carried to the ER. My heart beat was up to 220 beats per minute, they gave me shots to bring it down, did not work. They actually gave me a shot, to kill me and then restart my heart a few minutes later, it worked, but then it started racing again. It took them three times to get me under control. While I was in ICU, the doctors put me on beta-blockers to get my heart rate back in the normal range. The next day, my lung doctor came in to see me. He was very young and told me that the beta-blockers along with my heart pills would make my dick drop and he saidthat I would have to say goodbye to my sex life. I laughed at his ass and when my doctor friend, he grew up in my old neigborhood came to see me, I asked him about those pills. He said they could fuck up my dick most of the time. When I finally came home, the first thing I wanted to do was to fuck and fuck hard. It was still hard as korean math. I laughed at those doctors and told myself that they were crazy, my dick was good as old.Months went bye and sure enough, those doctors were telling the truth, my dick was dead most of the time. It was trying to shoot pool with a rope, very hard to do. Now days, I have to be in the mood very much and want pussy very badly to fuck, sometimes my dick is okay, other times it is dead. I have come to my attention that there is more to life than pussy, not much, but there is. Back to my fucking last night, pussy won the battle last night, but I have not given up. I take seven pills in the morning and four pills at night plus all of my pain meds all during the day. Those patches are helping with a few perocets in between. Now all I do is think about and talk pussy all the time, those were the days, I enjoy a lot of other things nowdays. For a man that has loved pussy all of his life it is a strange change in my life. I hope none of my male friends ever have to take these beta-blockers. The next time my dick gets hard no matter when I am and what I am doing, I will drop everything and fuck. Man, what a life, Cat

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sounds like I missed a good time in Helen.

I have been reading and checking out web sites about Helen. Looks like it was a great time with good people. I wish I could have gone. My back is killing me. I was going to leave wednesday and stay over in Atlanta then make the trip to Helen the next day, I could not get out the bed. If I would have made the trip, I would have been in bed the whole time, just like Rob his last trip to Helen. That would have sucked. I am very sorry I missed it and missed meeting a few new people that I really wanted to me. I have been taking it easy for the last few days, my mind, what I have left, has been swimming lately. I have been thinking about all types of shit, death is not one of them. I was thinking about my life and my family and friends . I am very lucky to have lots of both. I need to go see my 99 year old aunt again, before she dies. The last time I saw her, about a month ago Lucille looked very old and sick. I only have two aunts living and no uncles. Mama and Daddy had plenty of brothers and sisters. All of daddy's are dead, been dead a long time. Shit, dad died 24 years ago. Agin I am sorry for issing the trip, but I could not make it, Cat

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Helen Georgia

I will not be making the trip to Helen this morning. I have had a very bad week. My back is killing me. I was going to leave yesterday for Atlanta Georgia to see my cousins then go to Helen today. I could not get out of bed yesterday. It has been raining for three straight days here in coastal Georgia, when it rains, my back seems to get worst. I will miss seeing all of my friends and I wanted to go and meet some new people. Maybe next time. My back is very bad and I am having to change my life style. I can't ride or drive for long periods of time. I am very sad that I am not going, Helen is a very nice place for a party and seeing friends. The trip from my house to Helen is about 400 miles, I was going to make it a two day drive, stop in Atlanta and spend the night with relatives and then drive to Helen, which is another 80 miles from Atlants, I just can;t get my old body going. I have been planning this trip for a few months, I have also called a few people and told them that I was going to try my best to be there. Rich and Georgia are going today, they also asked me to ride with them, I wish I could, but can't. I am very sorry. Maybe next time. I hope ya;ll have a great party and enjoy the city of Helen, Rob loved Helen Georgia very much. Ya'll take some pictures and post them next week for me, thanks again and be safe, Cat

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

A two bagger

I once screwed a woman so damn ugly, I had to use a bag on her head and a bag for my head, just in case her bag fell off, now that is ugly. Ugly women usually has some good pussy, they don't get laid as often as pretty girls. They also try harder to please, cause it maybe there last dick for a while. And the main reason to get a very ugly woman as a girl friend, no one else wants her. You are safe as safe can be. Plus you can fuck a ugly woman anyway you want to, you can be hard and tough with her, as for a pretty woman, they don't want you to mess up their hair and fuck up their makeup. Yes, I do love ugly women, they can make a grest mate and also they are very honest. So when you get down in the dumps, go and find yourself a ugly woman and have some fun, she will be yours forever.

Monday, September 4, 2006

S and M

I have been talking to a few of my friends lately, they are into tieing up each other and spanking each other. They are buying leather and whips and masks. They seem to love it. I don't understand that shit. If someone hits me, then I will hit back. I don't want any peacock feathers stuck up my ass and I don't want a woman to tie me up to a bed post. What is the big deal of this shit? I will not look down on people doing this, but it is not for me. Why wear a mask, you know who is doing this to you already? I love sex, but I don't want any pain while fucking and sucking. Maybe I should try this shit? Who knows, Are you into these games and whips? Please reply and we will see. This is a hot topic on most web sites these days, tell me about it, I may do it, who knows and who cares, Cat

Saturday, September 2, 2006

The Georgia Bulldogs

As old Rob would have wrote today, my beloved Georgia Bulldogs kicked ass and killed the other team. It is football season again, I watched and bet a few games yesterday. Texas looks great, Tennessee took the upset, Ohio State looked tough. West Vir has a big good team. Alalbama and Auburn won big. Looks like a good season, me and Rob use to bet a few games on saturday, we won more than we lost. I will miss my buddy and his ways this season, go dogs.

Friday, September 1, 2006


Years ago, when I was still working, I ran the steam plant. I had five boilers to maintain. The steam plant control office also had two other offices in there. One was Rob's and the other was for the shift boss. When I worked day shift, I would do a lot of cooking, we had a stove, mirc, a 18 foot ice box, coffee machines, tv and radio. When I cooked, Rob and my bosss would eat luch with me, I cooked soups, stews, meatloaf, baked chicken, steaks with veggies and all the fixings. About an hour after eating, we would sit around my desk and bullshit and fart. We would always rate those farts. We rated them on hang time, noise and sound, the smell among other things. I would always start it off, being such a great farter. One day, after eating hot soup, I was winning the war on farts, I saw Rob look at us a little funny, he farted and then jumped out of the chair, he ran to the bathroom as fast as he could. When Rob got back, I asked, did you make it? He said, Joe, I shit down my leggs and into my socks. JP was my boss, he use to shit and pee his pants at least once a month. We laughed so damn hard, cause Rob had a meeting with the big wigs later that day. He always wore blue jeans, so the dark stains you could not see. The smell was terrible, we sprayed him down with chemicals and he threw his underwaer away. It was never a dull moment at work, we had fun, most of the time and made a good deal of money doing so. I miss some of my friends, but I really do love retirement, Cat