Monday, October 30, 2006

Must not have?

I think I did not get enough pussy the other night? When I went to bed last night, I woke up about an hour later with a giant hard on. I was thinking about some young pussy, I was knee deep in pussy and had three girls trying to screw my guts out. When I woke, it was a dream that was almost true. I could even smell pussy in my bedroom. I thought I was fucking, I got up, smoked a Camel, took a piss and walked the house. Went back to sleep and damn if I didn't start dreaming about more pussy. This time it was back when I was 24 years old and I just met a lady around 40, she liked to have fucked me to death, we dated for about 3 months and then we went our merry ways. She was a killer of a woman at her age. It seems like 40 was old back then, now that I am getting older, 40 is now very young. I wish I had some 40 year old pussy now. My back is still killing me, but pussy is pussy and I still want my share and someone elses also. I think I may try and screw the old lady tonight, wish me luck, Cat

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Update on my pussy getting.

I finally got some pussy. More than I really wanted, but I didget some. My family finally left to go back home and my friends went back home, so I wanted and needed some pussy. We showered, got into bed, made out like a couple of teenagers, I worked her up pretty damn good. The foreplay lasted a very long time, all of a sudden my dick started to grown, she grabbed the dick and put the thing into her sweet box. I staterted to fuck like a teenage boy, man that bought back memories. I had her humming and coming and then when my back started to hurt, I decided to cum and get over with it. It did not happen as planned, I couldn't just cum, she had already came a few times and I almost had her talking in tongues, I finally exploded, it felt like the cum was coming out of my head, man what climax. This was a great treat for both us us. I know I can still get it up and she know I can still make her wet. It was very good but my back is paying for it today. Maybe weeks before some more fucking, I hope I will be up for the fun. Till next time. take it easy and have a agreat weekend, Cat

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stocking my pond today

I got a call from the DNR and I am picking up over a 1,000 baby fish today for my pond. I will have to but them, cheap, because I am buying them from the state of Georgia. I am getting bream, shellcrackers, bass and some catfish. Next year this time, I will be catching fish like crazy and big ones at that. The officer told me that they would be big within 9 months, I hope so. Chuck is coming down to help me with the work and feeding. Will be also build a big ass outside fire tonight. The temp dropped two days ago. It got down to 40 last night, cold for this time of year. Ya'll take care now, Cat

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pussy, when I was a young man

When I was young, goodlooking, had everything I wanted and still in high school, I would go up to girls  that I just met and asked, you want to go out with me and fuck? Man I use to get a lot of pussy , I also got hit in the face alot also. Those girls in school loved me, I was the school playboy, I worked, had money and a new car and loved to party and drink on the weekends. I was known to be a bad funny boy. I got plenty of dates and also had some very interesting things to happen to me on the way of getting laid. Some I got, some I didn't. I got my share and two or three others also. Those were the days, the happiest times of my life, Cat

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Did not get any pussy

My daughter and her kids came in early, did not get any pussy. Maybe after they leave sunday, I will then try and tear it up. I was in the mood for some hard fucking, now all I can do is think about it tillmy kids leave. Been having fun, eating and laughing our asses off. My grand daughter has two friends with her, one boy and one girl, they have kept me in stiches so far. I must be getting old, these kids are crazy. I got into a lot of trouble when I was there age, but they do different things than what I use to do. When I get the pussy, I will write about it and tell ya'll all the details, Cat

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Visitors coming this weekend

My daughter and grandchild is coming up this weekend. I went out today and got some food and treats for the. Green peanuts and shrimp, what a treat for her. Stephanie was raised on boiled peanuts, down in Florida you can't buy them green. She has only had them once this year. Becky's boyfriend is coming plus a girlfriend of hers, beat friends for years, Becky is 14 years old growing on 30. My grandson can't come, he is working. My oldest son Joey is coming also to play cards and do some very hard drinking, he drinks all the time, so that is not a treat for him. He is a drunk and wouldn't stop even if his life depended on it. Should be a great weekend. I have been thinking about sex this past week, when I was shopping this morning, I saw a very pretty lady at the store, I almost fell and busted my ass looking at her. Sex is a killer, if I am going to do some fucking soon, I better do it tonight, the kids will be here tomorrow. I hope my back holds up? Maybe I will just get it hard and let the old lady just sit on it and get all she wants, who the fuck knows. If I get it it will be fine, if not, who cares. Watchout for the turn out tomorrow on fucking, Cat

Monday, October 16, 2006

I missed a great party.

My buddy, Eric, SWG, had a birthday party with some bloggers and friends over the weekend. I was invited but could not make the trip. My back is killing me and I am alsmost pilled and drugged out. I wear two patches and take great amounts of dope. If I don't get some help soon, my liver is going to fail. I wish I could have gone to Eric's house to see my old friends again. I bet they had a great time? I talked to Denny, the old cripple and he told me that I was missed. I am very sorry I could not make it. I see anoth quack Nov 11, 2006 to see about my back and pain control. I hope I can get some help. I can't do anything I enjoy anymore. I love parties and blog meets and will go to all of them except for my very bad back. Maybe I will get some help. Take care and hope you had a good birthday Eric.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Beloved Georgia Bulldogs

Yesterday my beloved Georgia Bulldogs got the shit beat out of them, again. First it was Tennessee last week and now it was Vandy yesterday. They went from number ten in the polls down to 16 and tomorrow they will go down even further. My old friend bowleggs, where ever he is, would be very pissed at the Dawgs. From sugar to shit in just two weeks, amazing. I watched the game a little and also saw the Gators get whipped by the War Eagles, good news. It dropped down to 44 degrees in coastal Georgia last night and the high today will be around 70, great ass weather, no heat and no air. Everything here is okay, I still hurt like hell but that's the way it's going to be for the reat of my life. I want to wish a friend of mine a great birthday, Eric at SWG turned 34 this weekend. I hope he has many more. I have not been posting as much, because of my pain, but I will start to write even more within the next few days. I hope ya'll have a great new week and take care, Cat

Monday, October 9, 2006

Baseball Time Again

Thge baseball playoffs are here, good time of year, the weather starts to cool down and football is in full swing also. I hope the Tigers win the world series, they have hot been there since the80's. I am very glad the Yankees did not win, they all the highest paid ball players in the league. Looks like it backfired on them, good, I hate those Yankees. I like the Mets, so I hope it will be between the Tigers and the Mets, whith the Tigers winning everything. Down here in coastal Georgia, the weather is getting very nice, warm days and cool nights, no bugs either. I am buliding a fire outside tonight and having a a few beers, man, this is living. I hope ya;ll have a great week, Cat

Friday, October 6, 2006

Crap Blogging

I just read a post on Gut Rumbles from Lillie Toni about Rob's crapping. I have know Rob to shit his pants about ten times. When I moved to my new house I posted about doing yard work and a pain hit me very hard, it was 32 degrees outside and when I started to run to the house to take a shit, I only got about half way, when the shit started to roll down my leggs and ended up in my shoes. That was some nasty shit, half hard and hald wet, it ran down so hard, it filled up my shoes. I took off my pants and underwear, took my shoes off and got the water hose. It was cold has hell but I had to wash that shit off of me and my clothes. It was some nasty shit and cold. Later that night I posted about it on my blog. Robbie called me and laughed his ass off at me. I told him that it was very cold and the water was even cooler. After that post, I started getting emails and other stories about other people shitting their pants. If someone tells you that they have never shit their pants, then they are lieing, everyone has shit themselfves, one time or another. I have shit myself many times and after the fact, I laugh my ass off.  I have gone to work a many a time and come home with no underwear, guess what I did?  Rob and me have had a many crap tales, this one was a very good tale of Rob's.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

They fucked it up.

Has anyone been watching any football this year? They have fucked up football once again. They have installed replay on all college football downs. The rules were changed this year, the clock for one thing, just to make the game run faster. Not as many time outs and the clock starts on exchanges of the ball and they did this to make games to be played in under three hours. They also installed replays and reviews on every play, this has slowed the game up big time. The bad thing about replay, the officals can't even get the call correct even with replay. These guys make big money for only a few months of work, they are also repaid there travel money, food, tips, hotel rooms and air fares. Great job, but they still fuck up calls. All sports are beginning to suck, a big waste of time for us to watch. I hope they change these ruls around next year, ya'll take care, Cat