Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just got back from the doctors office

I got up at five this morning, got my big ass ready, had to shit one last time before driving 65 miles to the doctors office. I woke the old lady up at six, she is still asleep, I think. I drove and got there at eight, they took me bac at nine and got me into a split up in back gown. I told the nurse, what happens if I have to blow out again? She laughed and said that the hard part was behind me. She that those four liters of liquid was the worst part. They got an IV going in my left arm, then the doctor came in and asked me some questions about my pain and what I was taking. He said he was going to put me under for about an hour and he would be finished in about 30 minutes. He never got me knocks out, he gave me three shots and I was still asking hinm questions and talking football. He had another man to do just after me, so he said he would take it easy and let me stay wake and watch on the TV. That rope going up my tight virgin asshole hurt, once in, he told me to move to the right and then turn to the left, I think it hit bottom? I looked at the black snake he had still on the table, and it looked like he still had four feet left over. He must have found what he was looking for. He said to me, there is a big one, and another one. He cut 11 polys out of my body and sent them off to see if they were cancer. He said they are most likey not. I got back in three weeks and see and talk with him. He never knocked me out and after the job he did, he came back in recovery room and I was already dressed and ready to go. Mt wife told him, why didn't you knock his ass out and the doctor told her, we tried but ne must be hooked on drugs? I wished. I am very glad this is over with, Cat

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I started drinking my blow out liquid for tomorrows colon check.

Yes boys and girls, I just started drinking that big bottle of blow out liquid. I have to drink the whole bottle, 4L of liquid, that is a lot to drink in a few hours. I drank four glasses and then my stomach started to rumble, maybe anothe gut rumbles? I blew out, all over the john, not to bad, but just a good blow out. Four more glasses later, I felt a pain in my belly, I jumped off the sofa, and ran to the head, my did I blow my guts out time. Not only did I fill up the bowl, it also had a back splash, that got all over the seat, under that is. Not as bad as I thought it would be. So I am back on the sofa trying to drink some more of this nasty tasting liquid. If I get it down and I am still living, I will write back tonight and tell you guys what's happening, Cat

It's Me Again

I just finished drinking my big ass bottle of bow out liquid. That was a job, I had trouble drinking all of it. It tastes so bad and now when you get the jug youget four packs of favors. lemon-lime, cherry, orange and pineapple. All of them tastes like shit, I would take a can of liquid and try each flavor one at a time, all of them were very bad. I could only drink it by holding my nose and eating a piece of candy behind it. I don't see how older people drink all of that liquid. First it is very filling, then you start shitting, then blowing out. You keep drinking and looking at that jug in the ice box, looks like it is growing. This doctor better find what he is looking for, cause this old boy will NEVER do this again. My stomach is still full, so I guess I will be blowing out more tonight. Man, am I hungry, I could eat the ass out of a billygoat right now. Tomorrow will not get here too soon, as soon as I am finished with my doctor, I am going to a buffet and eat like a hog.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

To Good To Be True

After doing all of the driving and helping my cousin in Florida, I thought I was doing good. Well shit, I am not. I have been very busy for the past two weeks, driving and doing some work at the beach house and my yard. It finally hit me this past week, I spent three days in bed, could not get up, I also have my nights and days mixed up, I sleep during the day and stay wake and walk the floors at night. I have not been sleeping very well. I been using my patches, two at a time and eating pain pills like they were candy. I hope I start to feel a little better next week. Next friday I am going into Savannah and see a colon doctor, he will stick that six foot rope up my ass again. This will be my last time doing this shit. My oldest brother, Thomas, is 76 years old and has never had it done. His son, Jeff, had it done a few weeks ago and did not do good at all. He must have had troubles, cause, the doctor wants to do it agin in 12 months. My wife had it done last year and she did very well. I got to drink a gallon of that blow out meds, which tastes like shit, starting thursday. I bet I will not drink the whole gallon. My wife had to take two pills and drink a 12 oz bottle of blow out water. That morning she had to give herself a enema, thats was all to it. My fucked up doctor still wants me to drink that gallon of piss? No one in my family has ever had any colon troubles? Just heart attacks and cancer from smoking. I got to get ready for this shit again. I will let you know all about it. Maybe it will be a good enough story to go into the crap blogging club. Take care sport fans, Cat

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Took A Road Trip Yesterday

I drove to ST. Augustine Florida to help my cousin with her beach house. We got up at 05:00 in the morning and we were on the road by seven. I drove over 100 miles before I had to stop and walk. Another 60 miles I had to stop and walk some more and buy gas. About 40 miles from the beach, I had to stop and walk again. My cousin from Atlanta purchased a beach front house 10 years ago and now she is doing it over and going to spend the winters at the beach. It is worth over two million dollars, the land is worth most of it and the very old house is worth only about four hundred thousand. I sprayed for fleas and had to install a new sink and all the faucets and drains. We went to home depot and purchased a bunch of rugs and cleaning fliuds. Mary, my cousin wanted me to spend the night, but I wanted to go home. My daughter and her two children live in St. Agustine, so when I got there, I called Stephanie and she and the kids came over to see me. Later that night, around eight oclock, I took all of them out for dinner. I was then thinking about staying the night. I finished most of the work that I was asked to do, but Mary kept adding things for me to do. I finally left the beach at 11:00 and got home in the wee hours of the morning. I went to bed around five and finally got to sleep and woke my ass up around 11:00am, I could hardly get out of the bed. The drive was not that bad, I think it was all the work and spraying outside in the 98 degree weather that got me. I may go back next week and stay a few days and fish and just relax on the beach, Cat

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Early To Rise

I got up very early this morning, went fishing, caught my first catfish from my pond today. This is one of the catfish that I stocked about three months ago. When I added the big mouth bass and the catfish, they were only about two inches long. The DNR people told me that the bass and catfish would grow three times faster than the bream. I added the bream and shellcracker six months before the other fish, that way they would not have gotten eaten by the faster growing fish. This catfish was six inches long, wow, on a two pound test line and a ultr lite rod, it gave me a good fight. I can't wait till they grow up and get about four pounds. I just planted two almond trees in my backyard a few minutes ago. They smell so good, just as good as a bottle of almond flavoring. It should cool down by tomorrow with a little chance of rain, we need it, it's been hot as hell this past week. My son called from New York and said it was 102 degrees yesterday, that is hot for New York. I hope all of you have a great and safe weekend, take care, Cat

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Having A Shitty Problem Today

Haley has been putting tampons in my bathroom and it will not even flush pee. I told her and Nancy has told her a thousand times, throw them in the little plastic trash can next to the john. I have explained it to her manyl times, but she has a very hard head. Now I will have to take the john apart and run a long ass snake down the lines, man what a shitty job.

Monday, August 6, 2007

98 degrees in coastal Georgia

It is now dog days. It is usually very hot in these months. The heat index is 115 today. I worked in the yard this morning, before it got hot, watered, pulled a few weeds and picked some veggies. I feed my feed today in the pond, they were jumping out of the water to get those little balls of food. It must have been a thousand of them. I am now growing my own fishing worms. I purchased a worm bin from bcfarms and I got it going today. I ordered a 1,000 worms last week and added them to the bin with food and all types of goodies for the worms. These worms grow very fast and after they eat, the worms leaves behind them a good organic fertlizer. I will use it with my plants and garden. We are going to get dressed tonight and go eat at the country club tonight. The club just changed owners last month and the food is good again. Tonights special is wings, 35 cents each, with six different flavors. We will try them out. Last week we ate mexican food and it was great, good food and great service. Maybe the new owners will do a lot better than the last owners. The club has a very nice golf course and tennis courts, horseback riding and the club sets on an island, saltwater everywhere. The outside lots, on the water are selling for 400,000 and the inside lots are only 110,000. It is 80 percent full. We have some 3 and 4 million dollar homes on the water and most of them are people from the north. I have meet some good folks at the club, much older then me, but good people. I will let ya'll know about the food tomorrow, Cat

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Growing Up

When I was a small kid, going up in Washington Square in Savannah Georgia, if people saw what me and all the kids did, they would have a heart attack. Things we did back then are all taboo these days. We played with fireworks, glaass bottles, threw rocks and hit them with sticks, played caowboys and indians, we would also hit each other over the heads with sticks and clubs. About once each week they would be a fight, I mean a bad fight, both kids would be hurt and bleeding all over each other. We ate shit that people look down on today. We rode in the back of trucks, had no seat belts and everyone over the age of 12 smoked. When we reached 14, we all have been fucked at least once, been drunk several times and had cuts and broken bones. Man have times have changed. I am very glad and surprised that I am still living? Take care people and have a great weekend and please be safe, Cat