Monday, October 29, 2007

Road Trip Yesterday

My friend Wayne and me went on a 150 mile road trip yesterday. We started out pretty early and went to Glennville, a sweet onion grower assocation town. Did not buy any oinions, all of them are in the ground. We then went north to a sweet potato farmer in Toombs county, we each got three bushels of sweet potatoes right out of the fields, enough to feed an army. Down the road we stopped and got four bushels of green peanuts for boiling. A bushel is about 53 pounds of product. From there we went to another county and got some fresh pecans, I got mine shelled for 35 cents a pound. I think I can eat ten pounds in the next few months. I got them at wholesale prices. It was getting close to dinner so we stopped at a family style feed bag, all you can eat and drink for six dollars. I must have ate twenty dollars worth of food and dessert. Wayne asked me if I was hungry? I told him, not now.  Our next stop was the stockyard, Wane saw three roosters he wanted, so we loaded them up in my truck for a nice long ride home. I had fun and got my belly full as a tick yesterday, but today I am paying for it. I can't ride or drive like I use too. The weather down her is getting colder and the deer season is picking up. On our long drive yesterday we saw three killed big deer. The hunters were taking them to market to get cut up into steaks, roasts, sausage meat and hamburger meat made from deer meat. We had a very good time and saturday I am going to Baxley Georgia for a farm show. Take care my friends, Cat

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally Got My Truck Fixed

Yesterday, mister know it all yankee took my truck back to the Ford dealer and got my window fixed. They had to order parts tuesday. I think the bill was 120.00, but he paid for it and he still gas not told me that he was sorry for what he did. How are people raised up north? Down here in the deep south, we were taught a lot better and to show manners with all people. He now has his house up for sale and he wants to move back to Detrot, I hope he takes a few hundred yankees back with him. They all must talk bad about the south and all the people that lives down here, but I never see any southerners retiring to the North. I have some very good yankee friends but most of them suck.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Went to my dentist today

Another bridge of mine was loose last week. I think it cost me 3,000 many years ago. I have already lost two in the last two years. This was a four tooth grown. He arayed it and said that both teeth that it was cemented to were in bad shape. One has already had a root canal and the last tooth on my bottom was never worked on. Went he got the four tooth crowns off, he said that the best thing to do is pull both of them and throw away the brigde, it was cracked. I told him to pull away. The first tooth took a few minutes to get out and the last one took forever. He pulled, cut, sawed and finally got it out. He siad it had roots two inches long. He even worked up a sweat. Now I am taking it easy and almost toothless on my right side. I will get me some new teeth when I need them. I hate getting old.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who's the smart one here?

I know a man from Michigan, he lives three miles down on my road. He retired from General Motors with 30 years of service. I am trying to teach him how to fish, shoot guns, hunt and how and where to buy good fresh seafood cheap. I think this man has done nothing but work, go home, watch TV and sleep and then the same thing the next day. He has lived in a shell. His wife cuts hair three days a week in Darien, about 40 miles from our houses. When he moved here, they purchased a 250,000 house, small with about a quarter of a acre with the house. It is two story with the garages on the bottom floor. I called him friday afternoon and asked him if he wanted to go get some fresh shrimp with me, he said yes, come and get me. I threw two 48 quart coolers in my truck and went and got him. About three miles from the boats a man was getting out of a truck in the next lane and then started walking across the highway that I was on, I had to slow down or I would have killed him. My friend then started to yell and hit the passenger side window glass with his habd. He hit it very hard and keep yelling at the man walking to his house. I asked him, why did you hit my glass and that man can't hear you. If you want, I will back up and you can say all that shit to his face, he said no, just keep driving. When we got to the boats my friend tried to let the window down with the auto button, nothing happened, he then yried to get it up, still nothing, he then got out of my truck and played and pushed the glass and nothing moved. He worked all day on my truck window and still nothing works. He called and said he would take it to the Fored dealership tomorrow and have them fix it and he will pay for it, since he is the one that broke it. Now I ask, who is the smart one now? I do know that his wife will kick his ass when she finds out he is paying for my window and they are already on a budget, whatever that is? She works and pays bills and sits home and bitches and worries about the weather, bugs and the gnats. Now he wants to sell his house and buy a cheaper house closer to Darien. He paid 250,000 for it and he wants 430,000 for it now and he has not spent any money or improvements to the house. Can I ask again? Who is the smart one.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Made It Home From Helen GA

Well sport fans, I made it to Helen in seven and a half hours and made the trip back home last night in seven hours. I took two different roads there and back. The back home trip was 30 miles shorter. I got to Helen friday afternoon and was greeted by about 20 drunks in the parking lot. I was slipping rum and tonic on my trip, so when I hit the parking lot, I was almost gone. Jimbo and Ken stuck a Shiner beer in my hands and Zonker wanted me to drink some of his best rum, yes, black rum, it is the best I ever had. Gregg had two gallons of rum back in his room. That is a lot of rum for only about four rum drinkers. The punch was made up about an hour after my arrival. It is made in a five gallon bucket, but Gregg had a punch bowl just for us. I also want to thank Zonker for letting me stay in his cabin. We were going to do some cooking but we stayed fucked up the whole time. Gregg, I owe you my man, thanks again. I knew almost everyone there. I did get to meet two wonderful girls, Leslie and Erica, those girls are nice people to drink with. I did meet to Richards wife and a very nice looking lady he's been knowing for years. She was very pretty, wish I was 20 years younger. I would have tried for some of that. Scott was there and John, the artist. I had a great time and enjoyed everyones company. Big E and his lovely wife Donna was there, fun people to be with and so was Eric and his beautiful wife, Fiona, what a great girl. GuyK and sweetthing was there, he made me bring him some fresh shrimp from coastal Georgia. Joan and her man was there, they live next to my daughter in Florida. Old cripple was in the parking lot drinking beer when I got there, his is always around a great party. Ga and Rick, some of my best friends were there, no party is a party without Georgia. Dax finally arrived, and he lives 10 miles away? I think I laughed so hard friday night , that I peed a little in my jeans. Joke telling and ass grabbing was the best. V-man and Key were the couple, lots of luck you two. Big Sam and his pretty wife, Barbie, made it and I hope they had a great time. Big Sam looked like shit come saturday morning, that little man has a hollow leg, somewhere. I can't write anymore, my back is killing me, going to the hot tub, more later, Cat

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Will Be Going To Helen.

Zonker and Eric called me and I told them that I was going to pack my bags and leave friday morning, very early. It may take me a little longer than most people, but I will get there. I called Rick, Recondo 32 and Georgia, tonight and they are also coming up to Helen. They already have a room and I know everyone wants to see them. Those are great people and were very close to Acidman. I told Rick that it maybe strange without Rob, but he told me that we will have a great time and see many old friends. I can't wait till friday. I should get there around lunch on friday. I am bringing GuyK some very fresh white shrimp, do anyone else want me to bring them anything from coastal Georgia? Take care and I will see friday, Cat

Friday, October 5, 2007

I Am In A Killing Mode

My old cat, that has been with us for 15 years was killed by a dog or dogs today. Fluffy was her name. She was a very nice cat, we had her since birth. When I found her today, her left side had bite narks and liquid all over her. Her mouth was also chewed up. I think I know the two dags that did this. They get out of their fenced in area everyday and the owners think it is funny. It will not be funny when I shoot both of them and hang them on his truck. I will make sure it is them before I go on a killing tear. I had to cool off this afternoon, I was going to visit the dogs and see the neigbhor with a few of my guns. No one fucks with my family and gets away with it. I will see about this tomorrow. I will check the laws about dogs running loose and carefree owners and what will happen if I blow their two heads off and feed them to my white gator.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Am Almost Back To Normal

Time heals many wounds, and it is time for me to get along with my life. I hate losing best friends, I dream about them at night and wish they were all alive again. I am going to Helen Georgia, if I can get out the bed that morning. I will try and drive up friday morning. I want to see my other friends and family in Helen. I have told a few people that I was going, I sure want to go. I have always gone with Acidman, I was his driver and bartender, we always had a blast. I talked to Chuck before he died about driving me to Helen. I think he wanted to go and meet the family. Rob liked Chuck very much. I did not get a room or a cabin, cause my plans can change in a few hours. I may need to pay someone to sleep in a chair or just stay up for two days and nights, I have the pills for it. I will try my best to go. It has been raining for three days here and it is wet, no fishing, hurting or anything. Take care and I hope to see all of you very soon in Helen, Cat