Sunday, October 30, 2005

News on Acidman, Rob Smith.

Rob, Acidman, just wrote me, his first week was hell. They got him in detox with three pretty women. He loves the girls, but the treatment is hard. He is eating and going to drunk school. Three days ago he fell flat on his face, could not walk. He said he was getting to eat well and looks alot better than when he first got there. The preaching and the AA school will get ne. He asked about all of his online buddies and me. I will write him again today and check on him. He is in school, everyday and 8 hours each day, Cat

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Weekend report

Hunting sucked again, dogs did not do shit, there has been some much rain, the dogs can't pick up the deer smell, and when they do, they then lose it fast, because of the water. I have Jason, my baby son working, been here 2 days.  I went this morning to Brunswick GA, about a 30 mile drive, and purchased 600.00 of insulataion for the under my house, I will need more, but my truck will only whole so much. Sex? I had none and don't want any for a few days. I have a wife and so many girlfriends. Am I a morman? Shit, I wish, they  can have 10 wifes. Needed them when I was younger and had sex on the brain every hour of the day. Fishing sucked also, no bites in 2 days, I think I will watch a little football, I told my son yesterday, the GA-Florida game, the worst team usually wins, they did Florida beat GA  14 to 10. That's it for today, more on sex, next week, Cat

Thursday, October 27, 2005

No sex today, just hunting

Just hunting tomorrow, I will try and kill a few big deer tomorrow morning. We will meet at 6:00am and have a meal, then turn the dogs out and here we go. We hunt 6,700 acres. The best part, its only 30 mintues from my front door. I talked to the owner of the club and he told me I could catch some wild hogs, young ones, the big older ones will kill you. I will let ya'll know again on monday, be safe and have a great weekend, Cat

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Weather in coastal Georgia

Yesterday the temp dropped to 41 and this morning, when I woke up, it was 39 degrees. I jumped out of bed, turned the new big heater on and now now house is warm, I almost froze to death. It usually stays hot here till December, till this year. Went fishing yesterday, no bites, may kill a few squirrels today, got me a new 22 lr and need to try it out. It is made by Tauraus, semi-auto, nice rifle. I will try deer hunting again this weekend, wish my grandson was here, he loves shooting guns. Ryan flew back to New York last night, he had a nice trip and he will be back Christmas with his bride. Jason and Joey are still fucked up, Joey gets out of jail in March and then, I will have problems again with him, man he loves to drink. I hope my buddy Rob is doing well in dry-out. A neighbor came by last night and I told him about Rob going to Willingway, Tad told me he went there three years ago and got fixed, cost about 30,000.00 for 6 weeks, he said they also preached God, that is what worries me about Rob, he does not believe in God or anything. I wrote him yesterday, Good luck Bowleggs, Cat

Who is Nasty?

I have been reading today and came up with this. How nasty are you? Some people call it nasty, others call it sick, I call it hot sex. Have you ever gotten so damn hot, that after you came a ton, is a womans mouth, did you kiss her with all tongue and lips? Yes I have, many times. Has a woman ever licked your assholes, I like to call them brown eyes and then kiss her afterwards? Yes, I have, and many times. Here is another one, you get in bed with a woman, get her hot and make her come a few times, then fuck the living shit out of her, come all inside her and then go down and eat her out? I guess ya'll know the answer to that question. I have many times. That is hot and the lady will love you to death for that, many men don't even think about shit like that. Now this is sick sport fans, ever been with a lady, got her drunk as a skrunk, then when you started to fuck her brains out, she pukes all over you. I have, but I did not lick up the puke. That's all for now, more sick shit later, Cat

Monday, October 24, 2005

Update on my baby son, Jason.

Jason is getting kicked out of his house, can't pay the bills, won't work, lost his drivers license, no truck insurance, no tag, man is he fucked? I am not paying anymore. I put him in business last year, he did great at first, then started taking days and weeks off. He still did not finish my new house and I did everything for him I could, no more. Tough love has come to the Goodman household. He never paid me back anything. I moved a few of his things back to my house yesterday. He also pawned tools, well worth over 3,000.00 for 300.00, that pissed me off so bad, I almost hit him. I called his mama and she said, I quit with him years ago and that I have done too much for him. She kicked him out at the age of 11 and I raised him and his brother, Ryan, the one in New York. I sure have troubles with boys, my daughter has a great job and two very smart kids, thank goodness. Ryan is going back to New York tonight, more coming soon, if I don't kill Jason, Cat

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dog hunt

This past wekend started out as a big deer hunt, ended in dog hunting. We had so many fucking dogs, I think they are still running wild. I know of only two deer killed, but I heard some good races. Those dogs had very good tongues, loud and long. Maybe next week will be better, Cat

Friday, October 21, 2005

Hunting season opens today

Big game season opens today. I am invited to go on a deer hunt. The owner of the club has 60 members and they also have 80 dogs to run deer. I am going just to hear the dogs, when the dogs are chasing the deer, they sing and bark for hours. Sounds like good music. Last year I killed two six point bucks. This year I am going just to hear the dogs run. Most of the members are from Florida and Atlanta, we have some large bucks down here. These men pay 1,000.00 to hurt for three months, we all have a great time. More on hunting monday, Cat

Monday, October 17, 2005


Do any of you have bad pain, all the time? Since I retired from 30 years of service, my back is getting worst. Do ya'll think a person should have pain in the year 2005? Looks like all the new meds that this world has, a person should not have pain. I saw my dad die of cancer, he lived on ensure and pain pills for 2 years. I have taken almost every kind of pain pills in the world, I still hurt. My friend Rob, hurts all the time also, but he can't eat, I eat like a horse. I am twice the size of my buddy Rob, he does not eat anything. He told me today, he trys to eat, but can't. Maybe he will bew okay after his 6 weeks of treatments, I sure hope so. I wish my friend a speedy rcovery and that he will be back to normal, whatever that is, Cat

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pussy Lips, a true sex story of mine.

When I was younger and after college, a friend of mine, Bob, shared a big nice, new apartment. They had a big room with a steam room, pool table and we had parties there. Also had a huge outside pool. We both made great money and had some very good times for two years. I picked this lady up one night, went back to the pad and got her in bed and shit, her pussy lips hung down, about two inches from her puss. The next day I told him that the girl I had last night had pencil lips? Bob asked what? Then I told him, that after I got her in bed, I then took two pencils and took one and rolled the left lip on the pencil, then I took the other pencil and rolled the right lip on that one. Bob asked, Why? I told him that was only only way I could get to the inside, her lips hung over and covered her box, he laughed his ass off. We sure had a great time in those days, more sex stories tomorrow, Cat

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My new email address.

Hello good people, I lost my old address because the person I was using one of her id's from global, did not pay for it. If you can't get me at the old address, please try and write me at the new one, Thanks for all of your time and more sex coming this week, Cat

Friday, October 7, 2005

I have a very good question for ya'll

Ya'll know that my oldest son, Joey, is in jail for DUI. He has been in jail for 10 months. He went to court friday and the judge told him, that he would be getting out of jail in March 2006. The bad news is that when my son gets out of jail, the judge banned him from the state of Georgia. He can't live anywhere in the state. His lawyer told me, that my son has had 13 DUI's in the last 8 years. Until this last DUI, he has been straight for 3 years. My son has never had an accident, he only hurts himself and me. He has spent 6 months in jail back 7 years ago, then he got out and did good for a few years and then he was caught ahain for DUI, he spent 9 months that time in jail. Then after a 2 years he was caught again, and went in front of the same judge and he told my son, if I ever see you in here again, I will throw the book at you. Well, he was the judge this past friday, and he was the one who told my son to get out of Georgia. I have heard of people getting kicked out of towns before, but no states. Can they do this to my son? His lawyer said yes, well when he gets out, he will sell his house and move to Flordia with his half brother and sister. This boy is also a drunk and does nothing to help his self. Can they do this to him? Please make your comments, thanks, Cat


Let's roll back the clock in the United States about one hundred and fifty
years to a time when we find plantation owners that owned slaves. These
slaves were owned for the purpose of providing the necessary labor for the
land owner. The first slaves in the United States were predominately darker
skin-colored men and women.

I know this will be hard for some of you, but let's set the immoral issue of
slavery aside for a moment. Slavery was and is a very poor use of an
economical resource. Slave owners did not just pay ""one-time"" to purchase
the slave, but had to feed, and shelter him as well. If the slave was a
member of a family unit the slave owner had to provide for them as well.
Each new addition to the slave family had to be provided for also. Slave
owners also had to employ guards to keep his slaves from trying to escape.
Just as today, some of these guards were slaves themselves.

Malevolent slave owners that mistreated their slaves found they had a
tendency to try to escape because of the harsh and abusive treatment.
Benevolent slave owners thought that by providing better living conditions
their slaves would be less likely to try to escape. In neither case did the
slave have any say so about their treatment.

Some slaves were happy to have a good master and agreed to ""stay at home,""
and do what they were told to do. Some slaves had a burning desire to be
free to do what they wanted to and no amount of ""owner kindness"" could keep
them from escaping.

The slaves that had any initiative at all were the ones that fled to
freedom. If the slave was successful, he could look forward to having to
work hard for the rest of his life to provide for his food, clothing, and
shelter. The paramount difference was that the escaped slave was his own
master and had the freedom to choose the items of life that would make him
most happy.

Now let's come back to the present. Today there are no slave masters with
whips and chains; however there are new age slave masters. Today it is not
any one individual that owns others as slaves; however slavery is growing in
the United States. The new slaves in the United States are not of one
particular race of people. Modern day slavery is growing not because there
is a need for ""slave labor,"" but because the slaves themselves want slavery
to grow.

The contemporary slaves want their government to provide cradle to grave for
their food, clothing, shelter, and health care. The new slaves will vote for
whoever promises them the most benefits. These new slaves are willing to
accept whatever their government tells them is best for all. These new
slaves are true believers that their new masters in the government (local,
state, and federal) are omnipotent and can make no errors. They are
completely willing to accept what their new masters tell them is best for
them collectively.

Just like 150 years ago there are guards to keep the slaves in line. Today
you can find individuals like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel,
Howard Dean, George Soros and a host of Socialist Democrats continuing to
try to keep the new slaves from trying to escape from the government

The current level of governmental spending on individuals has only gone up.
Spending has never been reduced in 20 plus years. The current slave guards
are telling the current generation slaves that their current government is
failing to provide them with more benefits simply because the current
administration doesn't care for them. If the Socialist Democrats had someone
from their party in office they would be saying the exact opposite.

The new generation slaves are simply too lazy, or too psychology insecure
with their life to try anything on their own.

Did you ever wonder why is it, when a modern day slave exhibits personal
initiative and escapes from the government's plantation and makes a better
life on his or her own that the socialist plantation owners want to
criticize them so much?

I wonder if we could trade our new slaves to Mexico for the Mexican
individuals risking everything, including their very life, simply for the
""minimum wage"" opportunities in the United States.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Storms and lots of rain

I have said it before, the only two good things to do while it's raining and storming, is to sleep or to be fucking, and guess what? I am not doing neither one of them. It has rained here for three solid days, six inches day before yesterday, eight inches yesterday and six again today. I tried to go to the store this morning, could not go, needed a boat. There is two ways off of our island, both roads are closed. I am glad I have food and drinks and everything else I may need in my house. Mt land is high and dry, I am about 19 feet above sea level, so I should be okay. Later, I got to go and pull a car out of the mud, Cat

Sunday, October 2, 2005


I worked in my yard all day saturday and sunday. Got a lot of work done. The grass I planted is coming up and I feed it saturday, all 5 acres of yard. I noticed I had some moles, they love to eat the root systems. My brother use to stick pieces of chewing gum in the ground to kill them. I have 4 cats that love to kill them and an old water trick Rob told me about works good. Spray soapy water all over and dig a hole and bury a can of water in it. When the moles run for cover, they run to the water in the cans and can't get out. Traps sometimes work, I have also seen dogs that dig them up and eat them, I would love to find one of those dogs. Moles are very ugly and eat and kill your grass. So I had a good weekend with pain, but I enjoyed every bit of it, Cat