Friday, June 30, 2006

Do this for my buddy Rob Smith

If any of you want to do something that Rob liked to do, is to send a check to the American Diabetes Ass. 5105 Paulsen Street Suite C-236 Savannah GA 31405. He would  like ya'll to do that for him, thank again, Cat. Be sure to put Robert M. Smith on the card.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

My son just posted about Robbie The Bowleggs Smith

This is my third child born, he had cancer and many other health problems when he was growing up. He was the first make a wish child in Savannah Ga. They gace hin a guitar and a trip to see Motley Crue. We all meet Tommy Lee and Healther when they were married. He met with them and gave him all kinds of stuff and a lot of good memories. You can read about the post on my son Ryan's blog at

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All about the service for my buddy Robbie the Bowlegg Smith.

We just got home from the send off for Rob. He had a great group of people at the service. People from his job came, friends, family, bloggers and people from everywhere. The place was full. A few peole said some nice things about Rob and then we all went to his Mama's house for a party. We had 6 pickers, organ and a belly organ playing. Great music and wonderfull food. Sam and Quinton came and sat with brother Dave and Pam, his aunts and uncles were there also. Stacy came all the way from Texas and some of the bloggers are staying at my house. Most people said it was a very good service and Robbie would have liked it. I new Rob would be there, so I boiled up about 10 pounds of green peanuts, I know he ate some, cause the bowl was almost gone. Before everyone left, I got to hold my buddy one last time, Sam gave me a wooden box with him in it. I almost cried. They will put my buddy to rest at a few of his best places on earth, that he loved the most. We will have plenty pictures tomorrow and watch some of your friends for details. So long Bowleggs, Cat.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Robbie Smith, the Acidman's Service

His service will be in Savannah Ga 31406 this thursday at 4:00 pm at Fox and Weeks on Hogdgen Memorial Drive. This is the same place Robbie's mama service was held. Sam is on her way to Savannah as I write this, thanks to all of you, Cat

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Robbie the Bowleggs at Gut Rumbles .com

I just found out that my friend of 30 years is dead. I last talked to Robbie on saturday and he was about the same, but told me he hurt like hell and was worried about the IRS. He told me that he would come down next week and help me build a chicken coop for my hens. He said he would tell me what to do and I could do all the work, some friend. I have been getting calls all day and did no nothing about this. I called a friend of ours and he went and checked on Robbie, he just called me back and said that he was gone. I am very sorry and wish Dave, Sam and Quinton the best and I am very sorry for there lost. Ya'll know where to find me. I met Mrs Smith years ago when she was working at KMart with my motherinlaw. Mrs Smith, Robbie's mama use to cash my checks. She was a very nice and caring person, several years later, I went to work at the plant and met Mr Smith, Robbie's dad, he was my boss for two years, then I met the acidman. We worked and drank, played cards and went to strip bars together. We had fun, played music and gambled together, man he loved cards, he use to play at my house several times a month and always played till the very early of the morning. Robbie was also my boos at one time. We have remained friends for years. He will be missed by all who knew him. Thank all the good people that had something good to say about my friend Bowleggs, Cat

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I need some HELP

Can anyone help me with a Sony camera? The model is a 4.1 mega pixels Cyber-shot. I have downloaded the software that came with it and also added a usb driver. Whgen I add the camera to the line and put it in a port, it will not read or move the pictures from the camera to my PC? I have tried many times and it will not work.The camera is new and also has a model number of DSC-P41 on the top of camera. Please help, it anyone knows jack about this piece of shit. Thanks, Cat

Got my chickens and roosters today.

I drove to a very small town this morning, got up at 6:30 am and jumpstarted my cracker ass. First of all I stopped at a old time feed and seed store, looked 100 years old, the building looked like it was going to fall in. Needed paint and air-condition. It was hot and smelled like corn and oats. I got two bags of chicken feed, one for the scratch and the other was a pellet for the roosters and big hens. I ended up with a very pretty, fancy tail small rooster, black with dark red on his sides and a very long tail. The other rooster was a lot bigger and black all over. I also got four hens, One hen laid some eggs when I was there. She is about as big as a medium size dog and the other three are children hens, about 8 weeks old. My cats are having a great time chasing those yard birds around. I will build a pen around those birds tomorrow. I also spent 20.00 on a feeder for the food and also have a large flat water plate for them. Going to have fun with these pets. The roosters have been singing all afternoon. If I get sick of them, I can always use them as gator bait.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tee Shirts

I read a post over at Parkwayreststop and he was talking about a 600,000 law suit. Well a few years ago, down here in Georgia, school kids can wear almost anything they want. The opening day od school a bunch of black kids wore tee's with the big X on the front and free the people on the back. Most of the kids could have cared less. A small group of boys and girls wore there stars and bars redneck tee's the next day and all hell broke loose. The blacks showed up on the doors to the school the next day and wanted all the white kids kicked out. The head of the school system down here asked the blacks, you can wear those black power and Malcome X shirts to school but the whites can't wear there redneck shirts to school? What is wrong with you people? Things were okay until the news got hold of that story, then shit hit the fan. Quess who won the war on shirts? Cat

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A New Week

Good morning friends, it's a new week and let's make the best of it. My belly still hurts, wearing patches and eating pills, hope it gets better this week. I drove my truck yesterday for the first time, it hurt a little. My friend Chuck came down this weekend, he ate, shot guns, did a little fishing and watched for gators. He killed nothing but time and a lot of food. Between me and Chuck, we ate over 15 pounds of boiled peanuts. Still hot in coastal Georgia, when I feel better, I am going to Jesup Georgia and buy me some chickens and a few roosters, anyone ever eaten fresh eggs? They are great and much better than the store.  Lets wait and see, take care, Cat

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am still in bad pain with my hernia

I have been in very bad pain today. I thought the pain in my belly would be gone by today. I still have it along with my other pains from my lwggs and back. I have been some kind of doped up for the last three days. It even hurts when I cough and laugh. Maybe tomorrow I will be better, I need to get my new Sony camera working, Cat

Monday, June 12, 2006

I made it home.

I went into day surgery yesterday at 08:30 and my turn to be cut on was around 13:00 hours. I went from 10:00 pm on sunday till last night, without any food or drink. I took my pills and I was also loaded with my patches. My hernia was just a normal one for my age and size body, my doctor told me, piece of cake, in and out in one hour. They don't even cut you anymore, the Doctor told me that he would make three small holes and that laparoscopic would be used. Well, you have heard of bad luck, I was down for the count for about four hours, heavy drugged with nothing to eat or drink, and hurt like shit. With my pains from my bad back along with those pains from the hernia, I was ready to give up and just die. In recovery I noticed instead of having those three small holes in my belly, I had eight big holes on my belly, they even hurt. I was so sore, I could not even fart without crying. I thought this was going to be a cake walk, shit no, nothing is ever easy for me and some of my buddies, look at Rob at Gut and Dana at, we sure have some shitty luck. My luck is so bad, if it was raining nice little pussies from the sky, I would catch a nice big fourteen inch dick, see what I told you, bad fucking luck. I could not find my doctor that cut me, everyone was looking for him, I wanted to go home and needed him to let me go and I also had to pee before I was let go. I can pee anytime. Drug testing at work for all of those years. Shit, I can pee with people watching me and gate guards holding my dick, I can pee anytime, any place. Finally we found a very nice young doctor with my doctors grioup and he signed for me to leave. Good, finally going home. I got home very late last night and hurt like hell. I am so sore in the belly that I don't even feel the back pain today. I hurt like shit. I made it okay, but it could have been a little better on all accounts. I will talk more later about this shit later. I also want to thank all of my readers and friends for asking about me and having a caring heart, thanks again, Cat

I just talked to a darling angel.

A friend of Rob's named Chablis, just talked to me a few hours ago. She, the angel, will get my new Sony camera going. My old cheap one was great, I lost it, or broke it, I don't know. Now I have this too much money piece of shit camera and can't get anything off the camera and on to my PC, the angel will help me with this camera, thanking you so much. Not only is she very smart, she also has a very nice voice, sounds like she could melt in your mouth, not in your hands, thanks again, Cat

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Operation this Monday.

MMC called this afternoon, I have to be at the ER by 10:00 am monday morning, must be day surgery? The doctor will cut on me by 13:00 hours and I hope I will be home by dark. My lingal hernia has gotten worst and has been growing. He said that I could get it fixed or wait a little longer. I want it fixed soon as I can. It has started hurting all the time lately. Wish me luck, Cat

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

New doctors today?

I am getting ready to see a bunch of new doctors today, they are all colon and rectal pros. They will take care of my hernia as soon as they can. It is sticking out, like a golf ball, about three inches above my navel. This pain is just as bad as my back pains. Maybe it will help with some of the pains. My patches are not strong enough. I need the big ones plus more pills to offset the other pains as well. I will know more about it today. Take care and I will keep ya'll posted and up to date, Cat.

Monday, June 5, 2006

No Wonder My Daddy Never Ate Pussy.

I was just thinking, if these women are letting these dogs screww and eat there pussies, no wonder my daddy never would eat any. My dad was from the old school and he told me and my three brothers that if anyone ate a pussy, then he would eat anything. I quess he was correct. After I got a few emails and comments on my dogs, I thought to myself, how would I like to eat behind a dog? I don't think I would. Now I know where my mama got, if you lay down with dogs you will wake up with fleas. Think about it sportsfans, Cat

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Old Women and Big Dogs

I have been watching old ladies with large dogs for years. When I lived in Savannah we had a few rich sections of town, where the very rich yankees would retire to tennis and golf. After there husbands would die, these old women would go out and buy the biggest dog they could find. They would move the dog into the house, starttaking the dog to the vet every week for nail clipping and teeth brushing and the dogs also ate better steaks than me. I have always thought that these old blue haired women were fucking there dogs? I thought about this many times. Since I moved 65 miles from Savannah and I also have some very rich yankees living down the road from me, I have been noticing those old women again with there big dogs. Yesterday, I saw a old woman with a very pretty giant dog and yes, they are all male dogs. I sked her how long she has had the dog, her answer was, I got him after my husband died, last year, see, I told you. I then asked her, how often do you take the dog to the vet? She said, about one a week, told you so again. I got close to the dog and he smelled better than a two dollar whore. Next time I see this lady, I gonna ask her, you fucking this dog and see what she says. I bet those old blue haired ladies are fucking and letting those dogs eat there pussy, nasty bastards. Do you think I am right? Cat

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Fishing today

I walked to the pond this morning with my crickets and gun, fishing is very slow and gator watching is even slower. I think I killed that 6 footer, I shot him three times in the back of his leggs and in his tail bone, that way, he will not sink, he has not floated up as yet. Tree rats are having fun with my nuts and sunflower seeds. I talk to them and they talk back. I will start shooting them this fall and give them to some friends that love to eat them. My buddy Robbie at Gut Rumbles is still having female problems, they all love and want him, maybe his money and charm. These ladies may start fighing anytime. I will call Rob when the fish start biting, I will catch and give him a mess of fish for his sorry ass, all he will have to do is eat them. I told him of some new doctors, hope he sees some of them? Ya'll have a great weekend, Chuck is coming this weekend to shoot some guns and eat some boiled peanuts, Cat