Friday, December 29, 2006


Fireworks are legal now in Georgia. For many years it was against the law. South Carolina you could buy fireworks then bring them across the river and shoot them in Georgia. The cops were bad about this on many holidays. Some of those bombs were very strong and they could blow a big mail box up. Ed is a good friend of mine and use to live next door to Rob. Every holiday they would buy a lot of fireworks and shoot them on the night of the holiday. I was invited to a few of these shooting. Rob's neighbors would buy a few hundred dollars of the very large bombs, the ones that flew into to sky and burst into many pieces and then explode. They were very nice and very loud. One year, we all got drunk and the women were after our ass to start the firework show, we wanted to wait till midnight He had about six couples with there kids in the front yard. We started to set the VooDoo bombs out. Man we were drunk. I had a 1200 pack of firecrackers sitting on the bed of my truck ready to light, while we were lighting some bombs, someone slipped over to my truck and lit my package, without anyone knowing about it. When those firecrackers started going off, it sounded like world war three. It scared the shit out of all of us. We shot bombs, chasers, TNT and cherry bombs off till about two in the morning. Did I say we were drinking? We I was getting ready to drive home, someone talked me into letting my wife drive, thanks goodness she did, about two miles from Ed's house was a road block, cops everywhere. Nancy had a few drinks, but I was gone, we made it okay, the cops laughed at me and told Nancy that I was lucky, he told Nancy that they have already caught 12 people DUI and took them to jail and pulled there cars and trucks. Man, I was lucky. It took me and Rob two days to sober up, my hang over was so bad, I almost went to the doctor, it hurt that bad folks. That was the last time I did that in Rob's county. Too long of a drive back to my house. A few days later, I talked to several of the guests about the fireworks and we all spent over 600.00 for all the rockets and bombs, amazing for a small street of friends. I want to shoot some fireworks this year for the kids on my road, but most of there parents are afraid of me. If I do, I will only shoot off about a 100.00 worth, that should be enough. They are legal now in Georgia and Walmart sells them pretty cheap. I saw a 250.00 package of the assorted kinds, a big box of rockets and bombs for only 89.00, that maybe the way to go. I will nto be drinking and hope to let the children have fun, may even take out some guns and build a huge fire outside. Happy New Year people, Cat

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shopping today

Drove 60 miles today for shopping for my New Years meal. We will have baked ham, collards greens, blackeyed peas with meat over white rice, sweet paotatoes and a small roast beef rump roast cooked with white potatoes, onions, celery, carrots and lots of garlic. Home made cornbeard and peach cobbler for the nail in the coffin. Come and join us bring in the new year.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

One down and one to go.

It took forever for christmas to get here and now it is finally gone. New Years is almost here and gone also. This was the first christmas that I did not drink anything stronger than coke or coffee. I was not in the mood, plus my kids had better places to go and things to do. I can't do much traveling anymore, because of my very bad back. I stayed home with wife and a few friends and ate and watched my new TV. In the last three years have have lost 22 friends for one reason or another. Rob's passing was a bad thing to get over this past year. When I retired and he got canned, we saw each other all the time, then one day he is gone. I know he loved all of his blog people and friends he had all around the place. He wanted to meet more people and we were going to take a trip back to Costa Rico, never happened. I thank Sam and Stevie for running Gut Rumbles and for all the old posting that has been done lately, brings back memories, thanks again. I talked to Georgia and Stevie the other day and all of us had a good laugh at old bowleggs. I talk to Little Toni sometimes and we both make each other laugh and of course Debbie, Chablis. I am sure we all miss bowloeggs. I hope that all of you have a great new year and hope to see ya'll soon, Cat

Monday, December 25, 2006

My Christmas Presents

I must be doing something right again this year. I got the samething that I got last year. I got a piece of pussy and a shirt. Both of them were a few sizes too large for me. During our Christmas fucking yesterday, I made the comment about her pussy being so damn big, she then told me that she couldn't help that I had a small dick. We laughed and kept on fucking, what a day, Cat

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Can James Brown Get Down?

James Brown, the godfather of soul, died last night. He was 73 years old. I saw James Brown back in 1963 at a all black night club in Savannah Georgia, it was in west Savannah at a club called the Flamingo, it was on Gwinnett street at west broad streets. Me and three of my friends went and saw James, we were the only white kids at the dance. I bet we stuck out like flies in a bowl of flour? That club use to bring in all of the great black bands of the 50's and 60's. I even saw Little Richard there once. I loved James music back then, his new stuff sucked. He lived a hell of a life. He was born and lived in Augusta Georgia. Rest In Peace James.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Christmas Poem From Me.

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Mama from the whorehouse and Daddy from the jail, I just got in bed to get me some tail. I heard a noise outside of my window, I jumped from my wife to see what's the matter. It must have been Saint Nick?

Friday, December 22, 2006

Rosie vs Trump

This has been funny reading about Rosie and Trump. I hate both of them. I really feel sorry for Rosie's girlfriend, how would you like eating Rosie's pussy? Not me.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finished with my horse dentist.

I went today and saw the old horse dentist, I had two more jaw teeth pulled and cut out. It was no pain in the nasty ass office, but when I got home, the pain kicked in and the swelling has gotten very large. I ate a slice of country ham with bread, man it was good and I think the salt really helped my gums. I am now finished with this doctor. I will find a good young dentist to make me a few crowns. My dentist in Savannah wanted 15,800.00 to fix my mouth, shit that is a lot of money at my age. I still have some good teeth left and a four piece crown, I can still eat. I may just let all of them ride until I need choppers, who knows and who cares. My mama had eight sets of teeth and she only wore them when she went off. That woman could eat an apple with her gums. I have some more pain pills and some Keflex to keep down infection, I know I will be fine in a few days. I have some friends coming for christmas dinner and then we will shoot some guns. All of my fish are grwing in the pond, I feed them every week. I will be catching some big ass fresh water fish this summer. All of my christmas shopping is done. Ya'll have a great and safe christmas, Cat

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I almost got me some pussy this morning.

I have not been getting much sleep these past three weeks. My bride went to bed early last night, we went to a Christmas party in town. I stayed up till about four, got into bed, started rubbing that big ass of hers and then climbed aboard, she kicked me off and cursed me out and then rolled over and went back to sleep. See sportfans, I almost got some pussy this morning, all she would have had to say is yes, and then I would be knee deep in pussy, have a great weekend and get that shopping done, Cat

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Almost back to normal.

My mouth is feeling a lot better, but I have not been sleeping worth a shit lately. I have not been to sleep in two days. The weather has gotten warmer from our cold front last week, but it is raining. When it rains, my back and bones hurt worst than anything. I think sometimes that I am a weatherman, I know hen it is going to turn cold or rain. Since I was not sleeping again last night, I had a idea to get some pussy around four oclock this morning. My bride got up to pee and let a cat out and I said to myself, this is a good time to get laid. You know the old saying, woke up pussy is worst than warmed over coffee. Well she was up, I did not have to wake her. When I tried my very best to get some action, she said no and turned over and went back to sleep, lucky woman. I think thirty years of shift work at the plant has screwed up my sleeping worst than my bad back. If I can't sleep tonight and the creek doesn't rise, I will get me some pussy.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

More news about my Dentist.

I am foing a lot better people. That man must never spend any money on his office. His office was a old house, when I was put back in a room, the dental chair must have been 80 years old, it was torn and the cover was very nasty. It only had a homemade light next to the chair, no drills, vaccum hoses, nothing to spit in, nothing. I looked around and saw that all of his supplies were in a craftsman red and white stand up tool box, the one that care repairmen have, nothing in that office was modern. He came in and gave me a few shots and told me that he would be back in a few mintues. As I was waiting for him to return, I got out of the chair and walked around. The level in all of the flours were off about three inches, the doorways were higher than the back of the room. I walked to the back window of the room I was in and saw another man's backyard, very close, only a small fence was between both houses. There was rotten wood everywhere. He finally came back in and started to pulled these three teeth. The first one came out very easy, it was loose when I got there, the next tooth, he broke off and had to chip it out and the last tooth, he had to dig first and then pulled the baby out with another four pulls, finally they were all out. This man went and got his degree from Yale, so he must know a little about being a dentist. He then gave me three meds, one dope, one grem killer and a oxytin and told me how and when to take. I then went to the front desk and paid my bill, only 215.00 for three teeth pulled and about six xrays. I then went outside and my bride was not there. I walked around his office and saw that he drove a brand new Caddie, but the house was falling down and all four sides were rotten with decay and termites. That was a deal for me and I guess I will live another day. He was a okay guy, just nasty, he wore the dirties tennis shoes that I ever seen, a dirty pair of pants and a plaid shirt, he did wear new rubber gloves on me, I think? Would you have stayed and let him work on your?

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Thanks People

I am very glad to see most people hate the dentish as much as I do. Thanks for all the good wishes. I am better today, stayed in bed all day yesterday, took drugs and stayed warm, ate soup and got some rest. I feel a lot better today. I will have to tell you about this dentish when I feel better, he will make you laugh. It was the first time I seen him, his office was an old house that looks like it is about to fall down. While I was waiting to see this Doc, a roach ran over my arm in the waiting room. I was thinking then, I should leave this place and don't go back, but my teeth were hurting so damn bad, I wanted to get them pulled. More coming soon, he was a trip.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I went to see the tooth doctor today.

First of all, I hate to go to them. I had four crowns adding to my mouth years ago. They are all falling out, just old, I guess. He saw me and told me that I needed to have three teeth pulled. I asked, today? He said yes, while I was already in his chair. They took a whole set of arays and he came back and showed mw what he was talking about. If I would have known about this before I left the house, I would have gotten fucked up on drugs and booze. I hate to have teeth pulled. He came in and shot me about six times, hurt like hell. He said he was doing two sets of crowns in the other rooms and I would not be a problem. The first tooth came out easy, the second one was a little harder to get out, the third and last one was a motherfucker, it broke into and then he started digging around the bottom of the tooth just trying to get at it. After about ten mintues, he finally got it. It was hurting and he was sweating and making all types of sounds. I am very glad it is over.