Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Am Finished With Funerals

Yesterday I spend all day in Savannah. I went to two funerals. I first went to see my buddy Teddy, he was a good friend and he enjoyed three different lives. First of all he was a biker, the second life he was a captain of a big ass boat and third he was a shriner and mason. The funeral home was fixed to show off Teddy's life. They had his bike in the room with his body. Pictures were everywhere with his biker friends and family, they also had pictures of the other two lifes. It was something else. Must have been over 500 people at his funeral. He was really liked. After that we went to Chuck's, it was 20 miles from the first funeral home, lots of people and pictures of my buddy and all of his friends at parties and biking trips that we went on. It was a very sad day for me and Nancy. I really loved these men. I spend so much time with them and made so many trips with the bikes, I am missing them already. I am almost dead myself, all that standing and walking and talking. I will rest my big cracker ass today and try to get along with my life tomorrow. Have a safe and greet weekend, it maybe your last, Cat

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting Ready To Go To Savannah, Both Of My Friends Are Having Wakes Tonight.

You heard right, two wakes in the same night. That is a first for me. Sunday my best friend Chuck died from a stroke and the very next day, my friend Teddy died at hospice. That is a first for me. I will go to both of them. Teddy's wake is close to Chucks house and Chucks wake is out near Pooler GA, about 10 miles out of Savannah. I will stop and eat first and then go to Chucks house and see his daughter and son. His son and his wife came down last night to eat and to see me and my bride. He was driving his daddy's new Vette. I suppose to pick over some of Chucks things and get a few items to remember my buddy. I will try and get the new 460 pistol Chuck purchased last year, that gun is a hoss, it shoots a 325 grain shell, they are about 28.00 a box, very high in price for his son. Chuck did not leave a will, but he told me what to do with his assets. I hope the kids can split up everything that Chuck has and not fight about the items. I have seen this before at funerals. Wish me luck today, I am now just as nervous as I can be. I hate funerals. I will not have one.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Friend Of Mine Just Died

You heard that right, yes, another biker friend of mine just died. His name was Teddy and he was a big ass man, well over six foot five and weighed over 300 pounds. Teddy use to ride with Chuck and me all the time. Teddy built his bike out of an old VW. His bike had three wheels and the VW motor was in the back. He needed a three wheeler cause he stayed fucked up all the time. He could drink four beers to my one. Teddy could out drink a fish. Looks like I am having a very bad week, please let it stop. I am losing too many friends. Teddy was 58 years old and had bad health. I guess it was his time. Rest in peace my buddy, Cat

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Want To Thank Everyone For the Kind Words For Chuck.

I have had a lot of phone calls and emails and all of my blogger friends. Some of you have met Chuck but most of you have not. He was from Ohio, his dad died when he and his brother were three and five years of age. His mama worked in retain and cleaned houses and did maid service on her other full time job. Both boys finished college and Chuck got married and went into the Army, he served four tours in Nam. Got out of the service in Savannah and started working for the city. He came up through the ranks and he has been a superviser for the last ten years. We have been best of friends for years, he was almost my brother, we were both Leo's and our mama's were just like each other. He only had two kids, Tony and Tina and two grandkids, that is his only family. We saw each other all the time and when I lived in Savannah, we saw each other everyday. Both Chuck and I have lost a many a good friend in the last three years, one year we lost 13 due to cancer, heart and bike wrecks. I lost Rob last year and Chuck yesterday, I am running out of good friends. I still have two great friends that go back to my childhood. I hope they keep living. I know some very nice people and most of them have gotten in touch with me yesterday and today. I just want to thank all of you for those nice words and concern over my buddy. Thanks again, Cat

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chuck Did Not Make It

This morning at ten thirty, my best friend Chuck died. His stroke was the worst kind of stroke that is know to man. Yesterday his doctors told me that he was not going to make it. The stroke went to the right side of his head, the doctors then had to drain the extra blood from his brain. After the blood was drained from his right side of his brain, when the clot and blood started to go back into his brain, he had another stroke and this time if affected his whole right side. His daughter called me this morning and told me that he went peaceful, he was already in a coma. I will misss my good friend. Have have lost five very good friends in the last three years. I am running out of friends. May he rest in peace.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Update On Chuck

Last night Chuck had another stroke in the ER. They had to drain blood from his head to stop the growing of his brain. Chuck is not doing good and the doctor told me that he may not make it. Chuck's been one of my best friends for many years and he also was a friend of Acidman. I rememeber back a few years, one night on river street in Savannah, they had a festival, with live bands and food and plenty of liqour. We all showed up at eight oclock that night, started to drink, like it was our last day on this earth. By ten oclock we were so drunk, that we could not hit our ass with our hats. We were asked to leave Wet Willies, the frozen drink place, we were drinking those drinks, two at a time. Then we started drinking beer from all over the world. We drank black beer, brown beer, green beer and many more beers than I can remember. We we started up the ramp from river street to bat street, it looked like the three stooges trying to get out of a wet paper bag. We finally made it up those brick and rock steps and fell into a nice place to eat. I think it was one of those five star places. We ate and had a few more beers. It took us hours to eat and before we left, we were drinking coffee and eating some fancy ass bread. I got sober enough to drive us back to my house, where we all crashed and passed out as soon as I opened the door. The next day Bowleggs said Joe, last night was the worst drunk I have been on in years. Chuck was still a sleep, I thought he was dead, he was out for over 12 hours. I have already lost so many friends, I can't afford to lose anymore. I hope Chuck makes a big turn around and walks out of there in a few days.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gator One, Chuck and Me nothing.

The white gator catching has not been very good. It was raining yesterday and never saw the gator at all. Last night I walked down to the pond with a big ass flashlight, nothing. I did not even see any coons or deer. We will try again today and call off the hunt sunday, if we don't catch him. Wish us luck, Cat

Chuck is in trouble, The Gator won this week

Chuck had a stroke today and is in ICU. He is in bad shape. I talked to the ER doctor and he said it did not look good for Chuck. I will go back to the hospital tomorrow and see him. I talked to his daughter tonight and she is very upset, I will see her tomorrow and Chuck's son will be coming in from Virigina tomorrow afternoon. I think his bllod pressure got out of hand. Four years ago he had a small stroke that took his eye out, he lost sight in that eye for good. I hope my buddy will get better and recover 100 percent. I will let you know, when I find out more tomorrow, Cat

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Got a note from my asshole doctor today.

Today when my mail came, was a note from my doctor, who stuck the six foot of hose up my ass. Everything was normal and I had no cancer. Man what a relief, I was thinking about this for over a week, now I can stop thinking about it. I am very happy with the results and no that's it's all over and done, I am glad I had it done. Nothing else has been happening down in coastal Georgia, just the same old shit. I have been catching many fish each day. I walk to the pond every morning and afternoon and catch fish. I noticed yesterday that a white, seven foot gator has took over my pond. He was floating by the bank yesterday and again today. I watched him for a long time before he went for a dive, he was not afraid of me. I will try and catch this one with a dead chicken on a long rope with a treble hook on it, the rope will be hooked to a tree and if I get him, I will pull his ass out of the water with my truck. Then I will call the Gatorman in the next county and he will sell him for 700.00 and split it with me. He gets 100.00 a foot, that's for the meat and the skin.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Meet My New Neighbors

Last year the house to my right was sold, it was on the market for three years. The reason it has not sold is because it is only a two bedroom, one house. It must be about 1,200 square feet. It has two lots that goes with the house, so the house may only be worth 100,000, but the land is worth around 400,000. A married couple, with two grown kids, finally purchased it for 375,000 dollars. It is big enough for them two. The lady works in Savannah at the phone company, been there 29 years, she is an engineer, makes around 90,000 a year. Her hubby has been going back to school at the ripe old age of 48. He has had about 40 jobs since school days. The problem with him, he is a recovering drunk and a dope head. He told me that he was on crack for years and has been to rehab several times. When she first met me, she said holy shit, Joe, that's me,that I look like a dope smoker and a heavy drinker. She was very scarced that me and her hubby would become good friends and he would drop off the wagon again. He has not had a drink in three years and has been clean of drugs for four years, she was very worried. My wife and I are better friends with the woman than the man, I think he trys his best to stay away from me. He told me a few weeks ago, that if he fucked up again, and started his old habits again, she would kick his ass out of the house and leave his sorry ass. Here is the story, I have been sending them jokes and emails for about a year, they always told me that they loved dirty jokes and funny stories. Well night before last, I sent her and him a few jokes and some nasty pictures and she hit the roof, she called me and told me to take her off of my email list and don't ever send them anything else. So I took them off my email list, no big deal for me. That is the story of neighbor number one. Pussy whipped motherfucker. Not much of a man in my book. First of all he is fucked up and never should have been a drunk and on drugs. Here comes couple number two. They just purchased the house to my left, a big brick home and it has been up for sale for about a year. When they were moving in, a went over and talked to them, I offered my help for several items and chores they had. My wife and his wife talked a lot at first and me and him would talk and see each other out in our yards. His house is a three bedroom, two bath brick home, but it sits on just one acre. One day she was down by the pond and asked me what was that is the water? I told her it was a otter, I told her that they would eat all of my fish that I have purchased and put into the pond. She was watching the otters and then I took out my pistol and shot both of the otters, she almost shit her pants. She was mad, another fucking tree hugger. Two days later she saw me kill a gator and she ran into her house. Vman came to my house one weekend and shot another gator, while she was walking her big ass goofy dog, she saw the dead gator with an ant bed living on his back. She almost shit again. Here is the killer folks. About two weeks ago, I picked some veggies and took them over to her husband, and asked him did he wanted them. He said, hell yes, I love those fresh picked veggies. I gave him a shit load of them, but I did not see her in his house. She was there, but she was hiding from me. He thanked me again for the food and I told him that I would have some more in a few days, would he like some more, he said sure, I will take all you got, cause I just lost my job and my money is short. I told him okay and that I would see him later. I went home and got in my truck and went for a drive, while I was gone he came to my house with all the fresh veggies that I just took over to him one hour before. He told Nancy that his wife hates me and it would not be right for them to eat my food and they dislike me so much. So he left the food on my kitchen table. When I got home, Nancy told me the story about the veggies and that he also said that his wife was scared to come outside and walk around his backyard, bullshit. He really wanted those veggies and did not have the balls to tell his bride to go fuck herself. Another no ball motherfucker. That is the story of neighbor number two. Did I tell you that all of my neighbors suck a big one and the men have no balls. I hope you have better ones than me. Take care, Cat

Saturday, September 1, 2007

God damn has it been raining

It's been raining like a cow pissing on a rock for two straight days. A very hard rain, I walked down to my pond this morning, the rain stopped for about 10 minutes. My pond was three feet too damn low three days ago and now it is two feet too damn high. I feed the fish with some sinking and floating fish food while I was down there, they will eat all of the food that I gave them and when the level in the pond rises, the fish get to get up into the weeds and eat all the bugs and grasshoppers that was on high ground. Maybe in a few weeks, I will start to catch me some monsters. They have been growing very fast and this will help them get some size to them. I may order and buy some more big mouth bass this winter, I already put about 100 babies in my pond and another 100 will not hurt. Take care and have a safe and good holiday weekend. P.S. my blown eye has just about healed from all that blowing out. Yesterday i could not touch it with a powder puff, today, it is a lot better, Cat