Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How To Stay Married For 30 Years.

A friend of mine, he has moved west. He and his wife has been married for 30 years, I once asked him, how do you and your wife do it? He said he doesn't ask her any questions and he does all the work outside the house, she does the inside. Both of them work and have two sons, one is 20 and the other is 24 years of age. He told me that they never fight or throw things at each other and then the question of sex came up. He told me that saturday night was the night they had sex, they would do anything they wanted during the day, but at night, that was there time. If something came up and they missed a saturday night, he would have to wait till the next saturday night to get laid. It must work for them, they are very happy and have been friends of mine for 26 years.  If it works for them, it may works for others. I do know as a fact, the older I get, the less pussy I need. I think it gets stronger with age or maybe married to the same woman kills the desire. Who the fuck knows or cares. I just wanted to let ya'll know about my buddy Chop Chop and his way of making a marriage work.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Worked on my chicken coop today

I think by tomorrow I will be finish with my chicken coop and run. It is built out of landscape timbers with two by tens as the bottom and two by fours for the top. I will put small holed chicken wire arounf the whole area. The coop is made up with four by eight OBC sheets, that last 50 years. I have room for about 25 chickens and will have about 10 laying boxes for the eggs. I hope to buy some big ass chickens for the eggs and a few small babtams for looks, they also keep the bugs out of your garden without hurting the plants. I want brown egg layers, they taste better. The door was built and installed today and the main roof now has shingles on it, my birds will not wet and get sick. Like my old friend Rob, I love to watch them in action. Another six foot gator went to gator heaven today. My yanke friend loves hunting them down and shooting them. That's all he's been talking about for days. If I can get someone to show me how to work my new sony camera, I will post some pictures. I am no pinball wizard.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Guess What Happened Today?

I was out side this afternoon, walking some of yesterday's food off, when a friend of mine drove up. I was telling him of my gator play mate. He was shocked and then we shot his new rifle. The scope was off a few feet, so I took two shots and got it zeroed in. He took a few shots and it was within an inch. He thanked me for doing this and wanted to fish a few hours. It is a full moon and freshwater fish do not bite on a full moon. As soon as we started fishing my gator came out of the water and got on his bank to get some sun. He asked me what was I going to do with him? I told him that I was going to eat the tail and front legs and try to save to hide for a belt. He asked me could he kill him, I told him tes, shoot the shit out of him. I hit him twice, once in the head and the other shot hit his neck, he drew bllod and then the gator fell into the water. I hope he floats tonight, I want some gator tail. This was his first gator and he was very happy. I will see tonight.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Been Working On My New Chicken Coop Today.

I am almost finished with my chicken coop. It has a wire top on it, to keep fox, chicken hawks and coons out of the cages. The last time I had chicken, they were eaten by a big fox and a bobcat. This coop has  wire all around it and a brand new storm door. I will buy some new chicks next week and start raising chicks and eggs. My cousin, the one that has Halie, looked at it and said that it was too damn nice for just chickens. I told him he could live in it when his wife kicks him out. It is a nice house, I have about 300.00 in it so far and time. The pen is eight by sixteen and the coop is four by eight. That will hold about 25 chickens, but I think I may just have ten and one big ass horney rooster.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Barry Bonds Going To Jail?

Tonights news was very funny. Barry Bonds is in real trouble now. He lied to the courts and he may go to jail for 5 to 15 years. He is not our homerun king, Hannering Hank is still the king. Bonds needs to be kicked out of baseball and never go to the hall of fame, he is bad to the bone. Pete Rose, got kicked out for nothing what these younger players are doing. So he bet on a few games, he bet on his own team to win always. Something is fucked up here. What do ya'll have to say about this shit?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Same Gator is Fucking With Me Again

I went fishing this morning in my pond. When I arrived that crazy gator was waiting for me. I started to fish and he ran after my green float this time. I changed colors on his ass and now I know he likes green also. I went after my float serverl times and I was a little faster than he was.  On my last throw, I threew it about 10 yards behind him, he swam to get it and I pulled it away from him. I was sitting one foot from the water and he looked at me with those scarey looking eyes and started at me. He stopped about two feet from me and we had a staring match, he won, I packed up shop and walked back to my house, about 600 feet from my house. Tomorrow is another day. I may get some chicken and use a heavy ass line and tackle and try to get him on the bank. If I do, I will kill him and eat his tail and wings in all four arms. AS friend of mine wants the ribs, he said they taste just like hot wings from Hooters, we will see.

Lady dead while doing some plastic surgery?

I just saw a TV who's fucking and sucking show, I think it was on ABC. The surgeon is the man that does the discovery before and after plastic makeovers. The news people said he was bogus and has been arrested a few times for DUI. Would you want this asshole to cut on your face or tities? Shit no. The person who died was a big rap singers mom, that sucks, go in to get younger and better looking and then coming out dead. No thanks, I will keep my belly and wrinkles, fuck a surgery.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Weird Yesterday, Now Check Today.

I went fishing this morning, started catching fish. I have four places with nice cedar chairs around my pond, these are the best spots to catch fish. When my wife and I were down there yesterday, I caught the same gator twice. It was a very light weight rod and reel, when we left to walk back home, I left the same rod and reel in a high back cedar chair and put the rod and reel back on the chair, just like I have done a 100 times. This morning, the whole damn rod, reel, float and everything was missing from the chair. Do you think he came back to play and saw that red float in the chair and got it and took it under the water? I have been looking for it all morning. This is amazing. I always thought that gators were as dumb as a brick, I guess not? That was a very nice rod and reel, that is the one Chuck gave to me, it was the last one I wanted to break or lose. What do ya'll think about this?

Side Shows At The Fair

My buddy V-man just posted about a little girl with lots of arms and legs. I remember very well about the side shows. The best one I ever went to was a tity girl review. Those girls got up on the stage and took their clothes off, some of them could make the tities go in circles, one of them clockwise, the other one counter clockwise. After the show was over, the MC came up and said, for another dolar you can go back stage and see some real fun. This was back in the 60's, that why it was so cheap. We all got our dollars out and went behind the curtain. I saw one girl take a big cigar and smoke it with her pussy. Another girl picked up a big ass cke bottle with her pussy and walked around the stage. The best one was a girl about 25 came out and danced nekkid for a song or two, then she took six ping pong balls and stuck them up her pussy. After she got all of them up that honey hole, she then started spitting them out one at a time. Those were very fun days in my life as a teenager.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weird Day Fishing

I cut a few dead trees down this morning and after a small power nap I decided to go fishing. I took a small rod and reel with 10 pound test line on the reel. When I got to one of my easy sitting chairs, I noticed a six foot gator on the other side on the bank. I started catching fish and throwing them back. My bride came down to see what I was doing and she saw the gator and she must have scared him, he dropped into the water and started to swim up river. I kept fishing with a live cricket and a red and white small three cork, he saw it and started after my line with the float on top of the water, he got it and took off. I gave him plenty of slack and he finally gave up and just stayed on top of the water. I then started to reel him in, to the shore, I was moving him pretty good and I told the bride, I wish I had a big ass hook and about 80 pounds of line on a bigger tackle setup. I was pulling him in and then all of a sudden he turned and started for deeper water. He spit my float and bait out of his mouth. About half an hour later he attacked my float and bait again, we played with each other for about ten minutes and then he let go of it again, he then went back to his spot in the sun to catch a nap. That was very funny and I never had that to happen to me before. Tomorrow I will take a bigger rod and reel and se if I can land that sucker.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fishing and Hunting or just killing time?

Tree huggers beware, my cousin cut my dead ass red oak tree down, and it was at least 50 feet tall. The oak was dead and I was afraid it was going to fall on my house. I went down to the pond yesterday, I took a few firearms, I did not see any gators, but I did kill a few snakes. Usually when I go fishing, I never take a gun with me. I saw a black and purple snake, about 4 foot long. I could not make out what type of snake it was. So I let it live. Getting cooler in coastal Georgia, about 50 degrees last night and 70 during the day. I will go and fish after I read a few comments.