Friday, April 29, 2005

More Tricks

Each week, I will be writing about things a woman loves to have done to her. I hope ya'll enjoyed the foreplay and the part two. These ideas may not get all the women you want in bed, but it will help with the ones you have. Some women do not come, bullshit, they just need some help. Some women come five to our one, that is the way it should be, you got to please. My two baby sons, one 29 and the other one is 31, they only want to p[lease the boy, that is why they never keep a woman. I tell them all the time, you have to please the girl or she will never come back for more. They will learn, I knew all of this at a very young age, my daddy taught me and he was a sea whore, fucked everywhere he went, all races and colors, all ages. He told me he never turned down a piece of ass and I am almost as bad. My other three brothers took after my mama, all of them have been married to the same woman for 45 or more years, boring, I bet. My daddy took me to a whore house when I was 16 and all of his friends were studs also. They drank, played cards, ate and chased women. I am the same way, when I was younger, I would have done anything for a fuck, anything. Take care my friends and more coming on sex, Cat

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Part two

After playing with her twice, you should have her worked up and almost hot. Now, go on down to the pussy, coming from the navel, it is the little man in the boat to hit first, it is also called the clit. It is the love button to all women. Most men don't give enough time and effort to the clit. I first wet it down good, with spit or ky or any water based juice, that way, it does not taste bad. Start rubbing the clit , soft at first and then a little harder, if it starts to dry up, get some jucice from the glory hole, it will be wet by now. Please stay on the outside, while playing with the clit, start kiss the navel and then work yourself down one leg, kiss and lick and blow a little hot air on the legs. When you are coming up from the legs, get close to the pussy and lick both sides, then lick the clit, and lick it some more, tongue it and suck softly on it, you can also put a finger or two into the pussy while you sucking on that clit, be sure to slow down and take your time, you have plenty of time and the lady will love you for it. After the fingers and eating the clit, you can noe go to the inside with your tongue, in and out and back to the clit. Let the clit rest and go back to the lips and face area, kiss and lick the neck as well, be sure to get the legs and benind the knees again. At this time the pussy is hot as a firecracker and ready for fucking. The good thing about these tricks, when you get a woman hot and ready and then get them hotter before you stick your dick in, most women don't know if you have a three inch dick or a 10 inch dick, they want to fuck now. The rest is up to you, take your time and make sure she comes four times to your one and you will be a hit with her. My daddy always said, if you fuck a woman good and she loves it, then you will always be able to go back to her and get laid. My daddy was a seaman for 49 years and got plenty of pussy all over this world. Play around and see what happens, tomorrow maybe your lucky day. And please take your time and make sure you please her first. I hope you enjoy, Cat

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Love machine, part one

Now sport fans, here are some of the things I do, when I luck up and find a woman. start with, take your time, most women are harder to wake up than us horny men. Foreplay is almost as good as sex, if you take your time and do it right. I start with small kisses to the head, neck, down one arm, belly and navel area. Take your time, Rub all over her with soft strokes, lightly touching her skin. Now start kissing her lips and give her some tongue, after kissing her lips, go to the ear, in and out, and all around, breathe in and blow a little hot air on her ears. Try kissing her neck area, some women love there necks kissed and rubbed. After you done this for about 10 mintues, go to those tits, lick the nipples and then put the nipples in your mouth and suck and lick at the same time. Don't play with those jugs to hard, she will think you are a doctor, be sweet with them. The whole time I am licking and sucking those tits, I have a hand down and up both leggs. When you think she has had enough of tit work, kiss behind the knees, that is a sweet area for most women, kiss softly and sometimes hard, which ever she likes the most. I am also rubbling her feet as I kiss the knees and behind the knees, women love there feet played with, go on down and kiss her toes, when you get started at the feet, you will have a very hard dick by now, go ahead and suck on a toe, or even all of them, one at a time. After you hear her moan and fart and turn over and over in the bed, start all over and do the same tips as before, twice should be enough. Hope you enjoyed, part two tomorrow, Cat.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I told you so

Rob came back into the blog world. Sometimes if you leave people alone and let them think things out, everything will be okay, Cat.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Just called Acidman

I called Rob this morning, he his doing great. This past weekend, I tried to get him to come and stay with me and Chuck, to shoot gators and play music, he did not come, due to a hurting stomach. I told him that I was worried about him and he assured me that he was okay. That is good enough for me. I have known Rob for 28 years and his word is his bond. I want you people to keep him in your thoughts and if he wants to blog, then he will blog. He is his own man, he has done everything on his own for 35 years and I think he knows what to do. Take care and leave him alone, Cat

Friday, April 22, 2005

Snapping Pussies

Most men don't ever get a snapping pussy. They are wonderful. When I was about 14, a women about 20 in our block, use to ask me over and all she wanted me to do, was to get my dick hard. Back in those days, my dick stayed hard 19 hours a day, the wind could blow and ny dick got hard. After my dick was hard, all I had to do was stick it in. She did all the work and that pussy would suck, screw, chow, rotate and fuck me dry. When you first put your dick in there, it started at the head of the dick, a tight feeling, that made you feel great, your added a little more dick and tighter and little more pressure and last, but not least, after you were all the way in, that pussy would start to snap and bite, from the top of the dick all the way down to the bottom. After she moved away, I got another snapper about 10 years later, just as good and it worked the same way. When I traveled all over Georgia and had a sales team, I told them about it and none of them believed me. It is true, I woman can use that box and milk you dry, if they really try. It is very hard for them to do those muxcles and for a long time, the average woman is lazy, when it comes to sex. That is why so many of them never come. Later on this week I will talk about foreplay and how to make a woman come and come and come. They can come 10 times to our one, if you know what and how to do it. Back to the snappers, I have had eight snappers in my life and all of them were great. It makes no differece if you have a big old pussy or a tight little rosebud pussy, ladies you can make that rascel snap and get anything you ever wanted out of a man, good luck, Cat

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blog meet and Gators

Our Georgia meet was a great one, while playing half rubber, I fell down a few times, sore and black and blue the next day. Went to the doctor today, two broken ribs, I told you Georgia boys play hard. Back to life at the ranch. I went a played with the gators today, I saw about 30 babies, about 20 inches long, and mama not far from them, I took some pictures of them. I walked down the bank and saw another mama, about 7 foot long. I was looking for daddy, no where to be found. I will send out some pictures soon, when I find that damn wire to go with my Sony, Cat

Monday, April 18, 2005

I need sleep

I have a doctors visit for tomorrow morning. I need more pills, pain pills and lots of them. I fell a few times this weekend, playing half rubber, I should have known better, but I had enough punch in my belly and I was ready. Me and Kim started drinking a black rum that morning, we finished it by 11:00 am, I was ready for bear, or anything else that they wanted to do. God damn, I am getting old. I hurt my ribsa and also have a black spot on my forehead, from me popping the bull whip, it came back on me and hit me in the head. I am very glad the party was only two days, one more day and I would have killed myself. Did not see the gators today, I was ready for them, one shot gun and two pistols, they were hiding. Those gators are smart and my four cats are not scared of them, yet. They go hunting with me, when I shoot something, they are there to smell and play with it. Brave ass cats, mama cat is a Maine Coon, about 20 pounds and mean as shit, the other three are still babies, ask Acidman about them? He loves them and they love Rob. I hope I get three hours sleep tonight, Cat

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Half rubber game

Damn I am getting old. We played half rubber and I was pitching, throwing pretty damn good, no one could catch. V-man winning, Eric can't catch, I get up to bat, a few hits and finally a run, no one can catch. Eric comes to bat, he is winning now, but before he starts to hit, I miss some easy catches, I suck, I was calling the pot black and then all of a sudden, I can't catch either. I fell three times and also went after a few hit balls in the air and damn, I missed and hurt my old ribs. Eric won, me and V-man sucks hind tit. I am retiring from half rubber, too fucking old, I use to play three times a day for hours at a time, but that was when I was young and dumb and full of come. I quit. We started this morning with a diet of beer and nuts, thanks to Ga she did feed a few of us dogs. Georgia is a lovely lady that has legs all the way up to her ass, she is tall and thin. Great girl and Rick, the poet and also her hubby is also a great guy, has just started a blog. Mama did one for her, thanks Mama. Rob and Mama got me started and I could kill both of them for doing it. More on our meet later, Cat


Back to normal for me, I have been in the yard, all day. I drank so much punch, it was almost coming out of my nose. I think it was a damn good party and met a few new people. I put on my snake boots and went gator hunting last this afternoon, I did not see the monster, or his wife, but the babies were swimming very close to my pond. I walked out to the river and no mr. gator. I will get him this week, everyone wants some more meat. Gator sells for 8.00 a pound down here in coastal Georgia. I had about 35 pounds from the first one I killed, we ate some and gave most of it away, everyone agreed with me, taste like a fishy chicken, but good and tender. Jimbo did not like me to talk about the gators, he hates them. I told him that they walk across our coastal roads all the time. Him being a Jersey boy, he never rode in a big Ford truck before, I took him for a ride and then offered him to drive it. The very pretty young German lady, told me that america had big cars and trucks, she was impressed with my new truck. Acidman and me got home yesterday afternoon and I put him in my 2,000.00 massage chair, he loved it and will get one this week, almost had to spend the night with us, could not get out of that chair. Looks like a space age chair, with controls and programs, it will do almost everything, but suck your dick. Take care, Cat

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Our Bog Meet

I just got back from our meet, must have been about 32 people there. The weather sucked for the beach, 50 degrees and windy, could not do the beach things, I was mad about not being able to go skinny dipping with those pretty women, maybe next time. I met a few people that I never met before, great people and I hope they liked me as much. I was so proud of Acidman, he was on time at my house and he did not get fucked up as he always does. I got ripped, stoned, drunk, and did not have any leggs at all. Zonker, Dax, Jimbo, V-man, Cripple and yours truely killed about 8 gallons of that famous punch, when I tried to go piss, I could not walk, damn that shit was strong. We had a few sick ladies, that I pilled back to life. I did not get laid, but I would have loved to have fucked them all. All together it was a safe, fun and most enjoying weekend, spent with fellow bloggers and friends, till next time, go have a ball, it could be your last, Cat.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Getting ready

Rob and me are leaving tomorrow morning for our blog meet. They will be some very drunk souls tomorrow night. Everyone brings booze by the gallon and beer is everywhere, we play music, sing, tell dirty stories and some of them even have sex. About 40 people are coming, most of them I know damn good. I go to all of them, would not miss one, these people are great and some of them have become very close friends of mine. We will have lap tops and web cam I hope, catch you on Monday. Have a great and safe weekend, cause we will, Cat

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Triple X Drive-In

Back when I was a teenager, everyone went to the X, it was on world famous Victory Drive, which is highway 80 a state road that ends at Savannah Beach. Every friday and saturday night it was like Mel's in American Giff. Girls everywhere, all tfour high schools went to the X. When all the parking spaces got full, then you had to back up to the bamboo wall, it was dark and you could get curb service, but most of all, we used it for fucking, I dated a girl named Cathy, a true blonde, and one night she could not get out, so I went to the X by myself. When I got there I saw an old girlfriend and we started talking and finally ended up on the bamboo wall, as soon as I got my pants down and my mule dick out, Cathy pulled up to my car and saw the whole thing, I never dated Cathy again. I also got my ass kicked about 20 times at the X, mostly over girls, not much dope back in those days. Once in a while I would get a bag of pot and we all got stoned at the X. I was 15 when I smoked my first joint and most of my friends started smoking weed, at the X. Those were some great times and sometimes I wish I could go back. Those were the best days of my life. I had a car when I was 14, have plenty of money, I was tall and very handsome and had more girls than carter has liver pills. Those were the days. Next coming we be Savannah Beach, but first I am going to a GA blog meet Friday with Acidman, should be about 40 people from everywhere, wish I could take them back to the X, Cat.

Monday, April 11, 2005

The Bamboo Ranch

Rob wrote a little about the Ranch, I will tell you a few stories about that famous place. It was in Garden City, two miles from Savannah, it was also behind the A and W rootbeer drive in and Joe's drive in. Between those spots were mudholes about four foot deep, one saturday night, I went to the ranch to dance and get drunk, it was country-western then. I started drinking heavy, picked up a sweet little thing about 18 years old, danced with her, kissed her a few hundred times and left the ranch with her. By the time we got to my 56 Chevy, they were four bad ass country boys by my car, the big one told me that she was his girlfriend and the other three joined in with the big one. Those cocksuckers almost killed me, I woke up about four hours later in that big old mudhole. A few years later it went from C&W to a strip club, they had these famous strippers of the time coming  to the ranch, these were class acts, I was at a table very close to the stage and a pretty woman came out and danced, she then took her clothes off and was looking at me, each little table had a bottle and a candle in each one, she bent over my table and opened her pretty lags and aimed at my candle and pissed and put it out, amazing. After being a strip bar, it then went to a rock and roll club, that was when all the blacks wanted to be with whites, so the Bamboo started selling cards as a private club, just to keep the blacks out. The card cost a dollar. Me and a couple of my school buddies wanted to go friday night so we loaded up a 55 ford and took the drive, when we got to the window, to buy our cards, one friend told the man behind the window, that I was half nigger. He said no way, I told him that I was American Indian, he told me to leave or he was going to call the cops, Shit, back then I stayed in trouble, so I called a friend and he picked me up at the drive-in next door. That sucked, but we went to the X and met some girls and had a better time than the guys at the ranch. The X was another drive-in on world famous Victory Drive, that is another story, Cat.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Planting again

My friend at Gut Rumbles was telling a story about wild blackberries, that is true. My aunt Sadie in Brooklet GA had two very large grapes vines, one white and one blue. We use to go and pick grapes all the time, but snakes lay up in the vines to catch the birds, that come for the grapes. Sometimes you would come down with a snake instead of grapes, very bad for the heart, even at our young ages. I planted two grapes vines today, along with some plums and blueberries. Should be some good eating next year. If I don't die from a heart attack, Cat.

Saturday, April 9, 2005

I made it

Yes I did, I left around 12 noon yesterday and got back late. I saw the once famous Billy Joe Royal and his rock and roll band. They were very good, played alot of beach music and some form the 50's, 60's, and 70's. It was a packed house. I met some good people and danced with a jidges wife, by the way, they live one mile from me. I purchased some beers for the locals, told jokes and smoked a few joints, almost got fucked up. I am learning about my new county, it is back woods to many and very in for a few. I think 80% of the people here are crooks and dealers, but I have met some very high people on the list to know. Within the next year, I maybe in high cotton, or sitting in jail somewhere, Cat.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Blessing of the fleet

It is here again, tonight thru sunday we are having a big party and dance in Darien Georgia. I am going, they will have fresh seafood and arts and crafts booths. The music star this year is Billy Joe Royal, he did down in the doomdocks. He sang on a TV show, back in the early 60's in Savannah GA. He played with Buddy Livingston. He was very good back then. Last year we had overn 20,000 people attend and Darien is a one red light town. Take care and have a great safe weekend, Cat.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

My friend Rob

My buddy Rob, Acidman, has been doing a lot of writing lately. She is like me, I can't sleep. My back problems have my legs and feet hurting so bad, I can't sleep. They both burn, ache and hurt all the time. I have been knowing Rob for 28 years, we have been employees togther and close friends. H eis going through the same shit I once did. My ex-wife tried to turn my kids againsy me and finally, after years of working at the bitch, she gave them to me. I raised four children. BC has screwed him very well and I don't think she is finished. She has more plans for Rob. He started his blog, for hisself, first of all, he loves to write and second, he needed to vent about what the courts can do to a person. I am on his side. He may piss a lot of people off, but at the same time, he is making some people laugh there asses off. I would rather smile and laugh at and with Rob, than to be mad and hate Rob. Get a fucking life people. Cat.

Rob came and went

When Rob arrived at the country house, we were planting bushes and flowers. I also had a man grinding 45 stumps up. I call him Little Joe, he weights about 400 pounds, but a very nice man. Rob and I talked about things and we did not get drunk, as we usually do, hell, Rob did not drink anything. He looked good and has gained a little weight back. He shaved off his favor saver and looks a little younger. We planner our blog trip, he is coming here and then we are getting into the new big ford truck and going to the liquor store in Brunswick. Not running out this time, in Helen Ga, I had to walk 3 miles to get us some booze. I think we will have a great time and it will be nice to see some dear old friends, I am bringing the shine, 2 bottles and a few pills and plenty of booze and wine, goes good with pot. I am proud to have Rob as a very good friend of mine, and yes, I know him very well, Cat.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

They are all gone

My daughter and the kids went back to St. Augustine last night. They had a wonderful time and my girl did not want to leave. She lost her mama two years ago and I am the only thing she has other than Joey and her two kids. Stephanie loved the house and land, the kids played and had a ball. I will go to see them in a few weeks, after our blogmeet. Nice to see family and grandkids. I hope all of my friends and readers have the same one day, grandkids are different that having your oun kids, they go back home. Stephanie tried to get my son out of jail and could not. She saw him saturday at the jail and he looked good and dried out, she told me. She paid for another lawyer and signed some papers and she is his power of attorney, until he gets out. I wish him the best, but I will do nothing to help him with DUI's anymore. I love all of my children and he knows how bad it hurts me, to see him in jail. It is his fault and no ones elses. He just loves to drink and that is all to it. Maybe he will learn, someday, take care sports fans, see you later, Cat.

Saturday, April 2, 2005

They are gone

They just left. It was a very nice visit, my grandkids got the best of me. We played, sang songs, played music, got into the hot tub, ate, drank Cokes like they were going out of style. Those kids are something else. Both of them are straight A students in St. Augustine Beach Florida. I will go see them in a few weeks, let them feed me. Back to my day to day shit, SSDD. I love the peace and quiet, Cat.

Friday, April 1, 2005

Very long day

My grandkids are working me to death. Let's do this and that, eat, drink, shoot more guns, fireworks, go somewhere. I been hearing that all day and half the night. I purchased them the game called RISK, great game. I am about to drop. Tomorrow they go home. I love for them to come and see me and I am also glad to see them leave. Am I fucked up? Got to go, it's my turn to kick there asses again, Cat.