Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blog buddies

I talked to a few of my blog buddies yesterday, just to check and see if they were okay. Some had some news for me and they were doing just fine. I hope to see some of them in Claxton Georgia on the tenth of March, the snake roundup. If you have never been to one of these events, then you should go and see the fun. I have been going for years, lots of fun and those people cook rattlesnake many ways, and yes, it do taste like chicken. Seems like when everyone ever asks, what does it taste like? The answer is always chicken. Too bad pussy don't taste like chicken, if so, then a lot more people would be eating it. My daddy always said, if you can get past the smell, then you will have it licked. For a pussy to smell bad, it has to be very nasty and dirty, Dr. Oz said last week on TV, that a womans pussy was a self-cleaning oven. I really believe that, I have had only a few that smelled bad and no, I did not eat them. See you thought I would say yes, didn't you? I am not that nasty ppeople, almost, but not yet. See you soon and have a great weekend, Cat

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Claxton Georgia, Home of the Rattlesnake Roundup

It is time again for the Rattlesnake Roundup again on March 10, 2007. It is always in downtown Claxton Georgia, everything is downtown in Claxton. Claxton is also the home of the world famous Claxton Fruit Cakes. That morning of the tenth, a parade will start at 10:00 am, it will have people, bands, snakes and horses with floats. After the parade the show goes to a few tobacco warehouses that house the roundup. The last time I went, I carried along about 12 people on our bikes, we parked on main street and watched the parade and ended up, in the parade. Those country people loved out long hair and tats and the bikes. The warehouses had all of the vendors and cooks, cooking snake and other food. Some people made shit out of rattlesnake hides, wallets, pocketbooks, key chains, shoes, you name it, they had it. We stayed all day, it was very good and cheap way to spent a saturday in middle Georgia. I talked to V-Man yesterday and he said he was going to Claxton and wanted many bloggers to meet him there. I will go and see my friends that saturday. Claxton is about 70 miles from Savannah and about two hours from Macon Georgia. I think Claxton is 65 miles from me. It is a very bad ride, cause I have to go through Fort Steward, the big Army base. Claxton is on highway 280 at 301 south. If you mapquest it, look for Claxton Fruit Cake Company to get directions. See you there, Cat

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Harley Davidson

Since I can't ride my hog much these days, I am thinking about selling it. It is a 1996 Wide Glide, dark red with saddlebags and all the trimmings. My bike has 19,000 miles on it and I purchased it brand new in 1995. My back is so bad these days, I cleaned it up yesterday and ordered a new battery for it. I just had two new tires put on and a tuneup, I did not know the battery was going dead. Harley's don't recharge as good as some of the Jap bikes, batteries are only good for about a year. My bike is worth about 8,000 now, a few years ago, when Harley was only building 100,000 bikes a year, they were worth a lot more back then. Now they make more than they can sell now. You use to have to order a new bike and wait 6 months before you got it, now all of the dealerships have 10 to 15 new bikes on the floor. Supply and demand people. I hate to sell my bike, but it looks like I may go ahead and get rid of it. Taxes and insurance will be due very soon. I sure love to ride on bikes and let my hair down and go, freedom, that is the most part of it. Riding bikes are not like driving a car, freedom with the fresh air running through your hair and face, man what a feeling. If anyone of you know of a buyer, call or email me, it is in very good shape, Cat

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Another day another dollar

My life is getting a little boring lately. I do the samething each day. I get up, eat and drink a lot of coffee, take pills and live a little. I want to do a lot of things, but I can't because of my bad back. My sex life has gone to shit, I can't do any of the things I use to do. I can't travel or do any sports, I would love to play some golf and ride my Harley, but I can't. So I sit here everyday and write and talk to people on the phone, watch a hell of a lot of TV, listen to music, read and eat. This summer will be a bitch, I have five acres of yard with many plants and trees and all that fucking grass to cut, thank goodness I have a tractor. I will try and keep it clean and neat, my bride will help me as much as she can. I may have to sell my big house and get a smaller place. Upkeep is a bitch. Sex, I use to post a lot of sex, well shit, I think all of my hard days of fucking are over. I little bit of pussy goes a long way these days. I still love it, but need as much as I use to. This is called getting old. If I were a little younger I would try and do maore and get as much pussy as I could handle. I think I did this but now all I can do is think about it. Take care people and get out and do or fuck someone soon, Cat

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Winter time has finally found coastal Georgia. The low tonight is going down to 22 degrees and the next few days it will be below freezing until next tuesday. This is not good for us candy asses. We all hate the very cold temps. At least it will not snow. It snows about every 12 years here and it does not stick for over 2 hours. I been watching the weather channel and I don't know how the people up north and Canada get by in all that snow. Looks like they can't even get outside and go to the store, much less go to work? I hope that all of you will have a good safe weekend , Cat

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Out Driving Around Yesterday

A friend and me were out driving around yesterday, to try and find some wood for his dog house. We were on an islans just across from my house and found a three story mansion being built. I pulled into the side yard and saw that it was being made out of big rocks and steel, it also had a big swimming pool just infront of the river bank. The house was 20,000 square feet. The owner came out and talked to us. She and her hubby lives in London England and were building this house as a summer get away. The land and house must be at least 4 million dollars? The lady was only about 40 years old and she acted very normal. Her husband must have all the money. We got our wood and thanked her and left. This is the biggest house in our area. The contractor was from New York and all the supplies were coming from Florida, that is a lot of money right there. No local people doing none of the work. I hope to meet the man next time I go over there. I wonder who he is? I will let ya'll know whenever I find out, Cat

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Different Blogs

It seems like every blog I try to read this weekend is locked up or has maintance going on them. Why do people use blogger, it stays fucked up all the time and I noticed they just made everyone go to a new version? Typepad sucks a big one also and that one called Mu, it stays screwed up as well. I only pay 30.00 a year for ine at Blog-city and it never goes down. Blog-city has a free version out, that works great as well as the paid one. That Blogger has been fucked up since day one. People, ya'll need to change and get a life, Cat

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith, 1967-2007.

When I first saw Anna in Playboy, I thought she was one sexy bitch. She made a few movies and we all started to see her on television, she was hot. She had a big set of fake tits and did not have anything between her ears, but to most men, she was hot. I saw Anna a few times on Howard Stern's TV show and she always showed her ass, her comments on all of Howard's questions did not make any sense. He would always ask her was she on drugs? She would always tell him no, I just talk that way? The E channel gave her a spot for a TV show, it sucked also. This is when she really got fat. Anna and Howard, her lawyer and boyfriend, had a eating contest on one show, her son and girlfriend was with them, they all ate pizza with all the fixings, Anna threw up and then started back eating again. She still lost the contest. She made a hell of a lot of money and made Trimspa rich, she started losing weight again, she started to look hot and sexy again. Everyone knows she was the pits, but man was she hot and sexy. In her early years, I would have loved to put my dick in between those big old fake tits, I think she made have been a great lay. I know most people did not like her and her shitty ways, but she was a very pretty woman at one time. After I heard she had died yesterday, it made me sad, cause I will never get a chance to take her to bed. Laugh at me all you want, but the average man would have joined me with her anytime, anyday, any place. She was one fucked up pretty lady. I hope the new little baby goes to the real daddy and he will take all of that money and raise that child better than the rest of her family. I think drugs killed her son, maybe mama was giving him pills to keep him with her? I think Anna died because of having a fucked up life and she took many drugs to help her get to the next day. She was one hot sexy mama and I know she will be missed by many men, at least I know of one, ME.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tequila and Rob

I just read an old post on Gut Rumbles about Rob and tequila. No, he could not drink that shit. He went wild and crazy everytime he drank it. I love tequila but it hates me. I remember a few years old on a sunday winter morning. I had been out the night before and almost drank myself silly. The bars on River Street in Savannah don't open till noon, so I had time to wash and get ready for another day of nothing but drinking. It was cold as hell and I got to river street right after noon. I started drinking volka and tonic with lime and talking to people from all over the USA. Around two oclock a friend of mine came in and started bartending, he said, Cat, what are you drinking? I told him about last night and I was taking it easy today. I was having a great time and people at the bar was enjoying my company and me being from Savannah, I had then in my hands. One story after another I was telling. I was feeling pretty damn good. As I was sitting at the bar, I looked up and saw a brand new bottle of tequila, the one with the worm inside. I told Doug, give me that bottle of tequila and cut me up a couple of limes. I drank and drank, I noticed a man and woman come in with a baby puppy dog, a big dog and he was very good to be out in public in a bar with his owners, I drank a few more and the next thing I know, I am on the floor withe puppy and we were playing and having a great time. I finally finished my bottle of tequila and sucked the worm out of the bottle and some of the ladies went crazy. I was drunk as shit. I stayed at the bar a few more hours and had to call a cab to get my ass home, I couldn't walk. When I got home I passed out and woke up about four hours later smelling like a wet dog. I don't remember too much that happened that day, but I had a pocket full of money when I left the house and now, I think I had 30 cents in my pocket, I must have paid for everything and the cab. See what tequila does to me. I still drink it, but never by the bottle. I think Rob could out drink me, when it came to beer, I could drink one for one with Rob. We use to go to tity bars at eight oclock in the evening and left at three in the morning, closing time. Drinking and pretty ladies were always on the top of our list, at that time in our life, Savannah had four tity bars. I think we kept them in business.

All this Talk about Pussy and Tequila

I just got turned on, I grabbed the old lady, threw her down on my big bed and just fucked the shit out of her. She came about 6 times and I came twice, the last time, when I came, it felt like it was coming out of my ears and eyes. I think I came a ton, too bad my sperm is dead, I was cut 29 years ago. If I wasn't cut, I think I could have filled up one of those big test tubes the doctors give you. Then there would be many little catfishes coming around in nine months. I got to go and rest now, I am beat, worned out, till next time, Cat

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Chicago Bears

DA BEARS sucked. I was hoping that the Colts would win, but only by three points. The Bears had no offense and no defense, they sucked. I think Philly would have given the Colts a better game. Rememver, Peyton is from the south and also went to Tennesse, us crackers stick together in sports among other things.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Super Sunday

Today is the big day for football. I rememeber when the first super bowl was played. That game started it all. Green Bay played Kansas City. Man, it has turned out to be a great sporting event. Many of the games pure suck. It takes two weeks of bullshit and lots of talking to get to the big game. I want a good game today and I don't care who wins, just give me a great game to watch. Chicago are the dogs, they are getting seven points with all the bookies. I am going to bet the bears with the points. The over and under is at 48 points. I will not bet that line, who knows, it could be the lower, the Bears have a defense. I will watch the kick off and if the game goes to shit, then I have about 300 other channels to turn to, who knows, it maybe a great game. Have a great day sport fans, Cat