Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Company coming

The end of December, I have Mss. Livey coming to stay with me. So I am inviting anyone, that would like to come and meet her, come and visit me. She will be here a week. I will show Livey the coast of Georgia and a few small and large towns, she maybe be leaving yankee land. She also wants to tour North Carolina and Tenn and maybe Flordia. Livey is getting sick of snow and very cold weather. Let's give her a big old southern welcome, Cat

My doctors visit today.

I had to go to Savannah today for a doctor visit, I took a good washing , cause I knew he was going to give me a finger wave. I got to his office a few minutes early and talked to the cute nurses. They called me back, weighted, 246, height, 6 foot three inches tall, blood pressure, 130 over 80. Next step, clothes off and one of those slips with the ass out of them. I was standing in the exam room, just waiting and worrying about that finger, my ass should have exit only, on it, or a tattoo that reads, do not enter. Should have had it done years ago in my biker days. Finally my doctor came in and started talking, he said that all of my bllod work was great and that I have been a good big boy, sweat was starting to fall off of me. He looked in my ears, throat, under my arms, nose and rubbed all over my skin, he then told me that I needed to use a cream on my bosy, because of dry skin, shit I live in my hot tub, I guess it drys out my skin. He then sit back and started talking about my new house, and fishing and what types of new drugs he was going to give me. At one time, I thought he must have forgetten about my asshole. I was doing a little better and the sweat stopped , he then said, stand right here and bend over, man I also shit my pants, and then the sweat started again. This time the water was pouring off of me, like a river, I looked at doc and told him to take it easy, I told him that that hole was exit only, he laughed and then hit me with a wad of KY jelly, then my asshole started to tighen, shit, he was in, I always look at my shoulders just to make sure both of his hands are not on those shoulders, thank goodness they were not, he then pulled out and I almost farted on him, I should have, bastard. He smiles like he had just had a new piece of ass, cocksucker. He then told me to put my clothes on. He then told me, my ass was fine and the PSA was a 00,25, that must be good. He gave me my pills and I got the fuck out of dodge. That is over for another six months, that shit scares me to death, it always pays to be safe, rather than sorry anyday, Cat

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Very Funny, True Story

When I was a 18 years old and been getting into trouble for the last three years, I just remembered a true funny story that did happen. First of all, there was a big night club, called the Bamboo Ranch, it was on the outskirts of Savannah Georgia. The Ranch had big name groups and always had live music. Most of it was Country and Western, but also some hard rock. Billy Joe Royal was playing there for a while. Sometime in the fall of the year, the Ranch moved in a big cage. No one knew what it was for, we kept asking questions and no one would tell us. Then one friday night, we got together and went to the ranch, the big cage had a Gorilla in it with a sign that read, pay us a dollar and sign this wavier and if you stay in the cage for 5 mintues, you win 500.00. Shit 500.00 was a lot of money back in the early 60's. All of my friends got in there with King Kong, most of them got there asses kicked in less than a mintue. I never did it. This cage stayed at the Ranch for several weeks, we all had a great time watching than big monkey, kick the shit out of everyone. Then on saturday night, a friend of mine, named Claude, went to the ranch, Claude was a mean son of a bitch. He loved to fight and had arms that almost reached the ground, when he was standing straight up. After a lot of liquor and telling Claude about the Gorilla, poor Claude thought he could kill the monkey. Claude gave the man the dollar bill and signed the paper and jumped into the cage. Claude first punched the Gorilla in the face with a hard right and the Gorilla made a face like Moe on the three stoogies. The Gorilla came at Claude, picked him up and threw him up on the top of the cage, this Gorilla was going to kill Claude. Claude got back up and gave the Gorilla a few big rights and a couple of quick lefts and the Gorilla made a horrible sound and ran at Claude, I thought Claude was going to be killed, then Claude grabbed the Gorilla in a head lock and started beating him in his face with his right fist, the Gorilla was hollowing and scratching and trying to get out of the head lock, Claude was getting the best of the Gorilla, after hitting the Gorilla a few hundred times, the Gorilla was dazed and the man that owned the show ran in and got Claude off of his monkey, Claude had won. The man gave Claude the 500.00 and told him never to come back and fight his monkey. You had to be there, it was one of the funniest things I ever did and will see, Cat

Friday, November 25, 2005

When you read other bloggers?

Every day I read bloggers, I think these people are very talented and funny. Most of them can write very well. Bloggers make me laugh, all the time. When I feel like shit and hate the world, I click on a few of my buddies and start feeling better, within mintues. If you think about it, laughing and smiling is a great part of out life. I would rather laugh than cry and man, these people make me laugh. I have met several great people and make a many a blog meet. I always have fun and make more friends each trip. I just wanted to take the time, to thank all of these people for being friends with me and making me feel like a better person. I hope we will keep it up, in the new year, I have only blogged for 14 months and I am just a baby starting to walk, I am learning to read and write all over again, thanks to you. Take care and peace to all, Cat

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Goodbye Thanksgiving

It is gone till next year, I had a very peaceful day, I ate tacos with dressing and had brownies for dessert. Nice meal, no one came by, watched football and fished the day away. Two of my children called and wished me a great day. It was okay, the next bigg one is christmas, I already have the upper hand on christmas, I got a eight foot fresh tree last week, it is soaking in the garage, in water. I am a good boy scout, always be prepared. I hope ya'll will have a safe weekend and drive safe, Cat

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How Time Changes Things

A couple of weeks ago, everyone was talking about New Orleans and the Mississippi coast. Now, does anyone care? You never read or hear anything about that story anymore? Did the media run it into the ground? Do we even care about them? Who knows? I know that I watched them on MSNBC for weeks and even sent a little money to the red cross for them, now, you never hear shit about them anymore? My mama was an American Indian, she told me several hundred times, time heals many wounds, I guess she was right. That brings me to think about a little advice for all of us, if you are down and out and are having so much bad luck, be patient, good times are coming soon, just wait. I think the world of all of my eaders and want to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving and be safe on the upcoming holidays, Cat

Sunday, November 20, 2005

My schooling?

I did not like school, my mama use to kick me out of bed almost everyday to go to school. I hated school. I got out of high school at the young age of 17, went to several colleges and also got kicked out of them also. I made okay grades, just did not go to classes. Back in the 60's, school was not the big deal, drugs and sex was the number one and two items at that time. I did plenty of both, sex, I would kill for pussy, and drugs, I had my share and three other peoples too. Those were the days. If I had my time to go back and undo some of my fuck ups, I would have gotten my education first, then pussy and finally drugs. But fuck it, I have some very nice and funny stories to tell my grandkids, shit man, I lived and should have died years ago. I meet many older people each day and they are very boring people, they must think I am some kind of nut, when I start talking they look at me funny and they start asking so many questions, that I know they have lived a very dull life. Mine was not dull at all. I guess I would not change anything, except getting my degree. I never got shit. I have lived many places and done some of the funniest things in life. I was very free with everything I had. If I had watched myself, I would have been rich, but look at all the good times and parties I would have missed. Life is good and let's enjoy it, tomorrow maybe our last. Take care and have a ball, Cat

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Are you loved?

Good question, are you loved? When I was raising children, I was loved, my kids looked for me for food, clothes and housing, and most of all love. I tired to give each one of them all my love. I had to work shift work for 30 years, I could not be with my children all the time and missed out on many a good times with my kids. They are all older now and they each understand me and all the hours I had to work. I felt needed, and that was a great thing.  Now that we are all much older, my kids don't need me as much as they once did. Makes you want to think? I have some free advice for all of you parents, please spend as much time with your kids, as possible. They will love you for it, when they get older. A dear friend of mine, has a birthday today, she is a very nice and understanding person, her kids love her in a special way, we sometimes think a like, we think they don't love us anymore, but they do. They may not show it, but they do. I wish her a great birthday and wish her many more. Try to get as much out of your kids as possible and tell them everyday, you love them. I wish all of you a great and safe week, Cat

Thursday, November 17, 2005

101,440 hits.

I went to my home page on my blog and saw that I have over 101 thousand hits. Wow, I started my blog on Oct 11 2004. Acidman and Mama wanted me to start writing. I did, a few posts at first then more. I don't write very good and my education sucks. I write the truth about my life and all the things I have done. I also write from the heart. I want to take time to thank all of you for being with me, it means a lot to me. You people are the greatest, thanks again, Cat

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Went to my dentist today

Dentist today, went for cleaning and xrays and also a three tooth bridge fell out of my mouth last week. I was eating some bread and then I was chewing on white gold and teeth. Nasty ass shit. He glued it back in and told me that he wanted 15,000.00 for new bridges and posts added to my jaw bones. Shit, 15,000.00 will buy a lot of false teeth. Or I can go down to the local funeral parlor and get a set, for free. You do know they take the teeth out of dead people, don't you. I could also look in my mama's tooth box and find a set of hers, that would fit me. Mama had about 10 pairs of false teeth, and she never wore any of them. These dentists are money hungary bastards. I spent over 10,000.00 on my teeth years ago and thought it would last till I died, did not happen, fuck a dentist. I hate those cocksuckers, the smell and the noise that comes with the visit is enough to make you throw up. He just jerry rigged my bridge, I hope it will last. It is getting colder tonight, down in the 30's with frost. I need a meaty woman to sleep with and keep my ass warm, later folks and peace, Cat

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Same Shit Different Day

Another day, another dollar. That is what it's all about. Getting by? yes, getting by. I have learned for many years that we do the same thing almost everyday. Our lives change each year, but we end up, doing the samething. I am very glad, my friend, Rob, is doing better. He will be out of the nut house very soon.  I miss my fucked up friend, he makes me laugh and think about many things. He wrote me the other day and thanked me for being a good friend, I also wrote to Mary Kay, I think they will become very close friends, after there stay at the nut house. Everyone needs someone. The weather in coastal Georgia is getting cooler, leaves are changing and the bugs are going away. I went and looked at new boats yesterday, I sold my Boston Whaler a few years back, and now the saltwater fish are biting, I want another boat. I may get one soon. I want to say thank you for writing to Rob, he loves those letters, keep it up, I think he will need our help, take care and be safe, Cat

Saturday, November 12, 2005

A lesson on Oral Sex

I just read a very good post on oral sex, you need to go to Preverted Pepublican.com for all of the action, Cat

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Happy Vet Day

I did not do anything for them today. I watched a parade on TV this morning from Paris Island S. C. I usually go to a hospital or a nursing home with Vets in it. I did not feel good, I am coming down with a major cold. I want to take time and thank each and everyone of them for my freedom. It is Vet Day each and everyday for me. Till we meet again, Cat

Monday, November 7, 2005

More Sex

Do you ever get enough of sex? I use to think I did, well since I am retired now, I am now thinking more and more about sex again. I do not need the Blue pill, I get excited just thinking about pussy. I love everything about sex, the smell, the heat and the feelings I get from sex. When I was younger, I was a whore, fucked everything that walked, only girls. My dick stayed hard all the time and it was as hard as a rock, it was so damn hard, a cat could not scatch it, man that is hard. I know I don't need as much as I once did, but still, sex is still one of the greatest things on earth. I was reading a site the other day and she was talking about ass fucking, how to and take it easy and use lots of lube, it was a funny but true read. Have you ever gotten whole of a lady, which her asshole was larger than her pussy? I have, she loved ass fucking, but the pussy was a lot tighter for me. When she came, it was like world war three, man that girl could come. Most women don't like anal fucking, it takes time and plenty of lube. Slow down men, take your time. If you ever meet a woman that loves it, then you will have a hard time fucking her pussy, they sure come a ton, when you do a good ass fucking on them. I hope I get a lot of comments on this post, I also hope I am not the only one out there in blog world, that thinks about sex a lot? All comments are welcome, take care and peace, Cat

Saturday, November 5, 2005

Funny deer story

I have been seeing some big ass deer tracks by the pond. I have been feeding the monster deer corn, about 150 pounds. I sat up night before last, trying to shoot the fucker, no luck. Well last night, I took a big ass jar of Peter Pan peanut butter and hung it from a big tree. I put a few holes in the jar, so he could lick the peanut butter, well this morning, I went down to the pond, and that Hartford, giant ass big ass deer done stucked all the peanutt butter out of the jar and left a few deer turds to say Thank You for the dessert. That mother is a small ass deer. He must weigh 250 pounds by his track and the size of his turds. I will get that bastard soon. I hope my grandson from Florida comes up and kills that bigg ass deer. That would be a treat for Tyler. He loves guns and hunting and fishing, at least my two grand kids have some of me in them. My grand daughter Becky, never shuts up, she talks all the time, just like me. 

Friday, November 4, 2005

We lost the big game

Man what a bad night, we started off great and ended up like a turd. We lost 20 to 7 and we are out of the State playoffs. It sucked, we had over 3,000 rednecks and blacks at the game and all of them wanted to fight. I got pilled up and half drunk, who cares, after the first half. Came home and got in the hot tub and drank a few drinks and took a few more pills, relaxed me almost to death, Cat

Thursday, November 3, 2005

High School Football Game Tonight

McIntosh County is in the football state championships this weekend. There is nothing like going to a game on friday night, when the weather is cool and the team is HOT. We have it both tonight. I am getting ready to go, stop and eat pizza before, with plenty of beer, I am also taking in a pint of Knob Creek. I should be fine. The Bucs have a great team this year, I talked to the coach today at the hardware store, he asked me, you coming tonight? I said Hell Yes, would not miss it coach. These small towns come to all the games, basketball and football, only thing to do on a friday night. Will post the score tomorrow, we are playing Twiggs County, Macon Georgia area. Go Bucs, Cat

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

I gamble on sports

Tonight I lost a football bet on the over and under points spread. I missed by one fucking point. These handicappers know there shit. I won 6 games and lost 2 this week. Only 7 points was the number on all games, close? shit yes they were close. It is very hard to beat the pro's and with those fucking points, almost out of the question. I once bet 2,000.00 on a game and lost, the most I ever lost on one game was 1,100.00. I love to gamble, cards, sports, pool, you name it, I will bet it. Savannah Georgia has always been a great sports town, we had two great pool halls, where all the bookies lived, they sold food and liquor and had some nice old Brunswick tables, all were four and a half by 9 foot, and they were over 100 years old. The sports center also had ythree 10 foot snooker tables. You could get a game anytime. One of my best friends and I won over 80,000 one year on footbal, man we were hot as a firecracker. All of the hustlers that lived up north, came through Savannah on the way down to Florida. Got to meet Fats, willie, Steve and Johnny Archer, he is from Metter Georgia and now he is ranked number one in the world in pool. Also meet the big one, Jackie Gleason several times. He owned a large house in Florida and he also had three pool tables, one reg pocket, snooker and a billards table, no pockets, man he could shoot. He did all of his shots in the movie, The Hustler. Man, those were the days, Cat

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Inside a pawnshop

I have a friend, named Eric Smith, he owns a large pawnshop in Savannah Ga. He told me years ago, stay away from them. My baby son, Jason, just pawned 3,000 worth of tools for 250.00, man, that made me mad as hell. Eric told me that he trys to get items as cheap as he can, and then hope the person, that pawns them, don't come back. He will then take those items and triple his money. Never pawn anything and make sure you know what you are buying at a pawnshop, you can buy shit a lot cheaper at a good store. These pawnshops are making a killing, please stay away from them. I have purchased a few guns and I knew what they were worth and got them down to the lowest price I could. These people are crooks, worst than loan sharking. Please take my advice and don't use them, you will come up on the short end of the stick, everytime, Cat.