Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feb 1, 2007

A brand new month. Feburary is Black History month, I bet, if we white people, had a white history month, those blacks would raise hell and get the federal government after our ass? Are our schools teaching our kids the truth about history? Shit if I know. I sure hope so. No child left behind, that is a pile of horseshit. I rode by our only high school yesterday and they must have been having a festival outside, I saw kids looking like they were in the 20's instead of teenagers. I guess they do not social premote anymore? When I was a teenager back long ago, a friend of mine was about 3 years older than I was. When I got out of high school at 17 years of age, old Stan was still in the 12th grade. Stan was a big old good old boy, just dumb as shit. His mama and daddy finally went to the board of education and talked them into passing Stan and letting him out of scholl. Stan later worked with me at my chemical job, but never made any good money beacause of his education. But old Stan got by and raised 3 kids and is now retired. Those were a long time ago and now, not only do you need a high school education, you now need at least 4 years of college and even more to get a great paying job. I wish a many a time that I could go back and get at least a Masters degree, so kids, stay in school as long as you can, get as much education as you can, it will payoff in the long run. Got to run and go buy some groceries in Hinesville Ga today, more tonight, take care and be good, Cat

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cold In Coastal Georgia

It got down to 28 degrees last night, cold and wet. Tonight will be even cooler. Last night I was going to get me some pussy but when I finally went to bed I had three cats and bride pilled up like dirty clothes. It was full of pussies and I did not get any pussy at all. I pushed on cat to the side and sled in on my side, no one woke up, not even the cats. If I feel good tonight, I will try and get a little pussy from my wife, if not, I will at least get to sleep with a lot of pussies, Cat

Friday, January 26, 2007

Going to Willy's oyster roast today

My friend Willy is having a oyster roast and a picking and grining party today. Denny from GOC in Atlanta is coming, sorry Jimbo. It should be a great day, David and Cop3 will be there plus all the players from Rob's funeral will attend. These men play some very good music. Jay Urban from South Carolina and his brother may attend also, both of these brothers are very good pickers. Willy owes his own music store, he will give anyone a great deal on anything he sells. I think Rob and I have sent Willy a lot of business , so check him out on Rob's site. If you want it, Willy has it. I think we are going to have a low country boil to go along with the steamed oysters, good eats guys. I will let ya'll know later tonight or tomorrow, I have a hour and a half drive to Willy's house, so let me go and get dressed, Cat

Just got home

It was a great oyster roast, they also had bar-b-que pork ham, dressing, stew, veggies, home made chili, all types of snacks and pies and cheesecake going to bed. Willy and his wife, Cathy, know how to throw a party. It was a great outdoor and event, the weather was sunny and around 65 degrees. Denny drove up the same time I did. I helped the old man in the house, and he started playing music within a few minutes, Jimbo, you missed a good one. Willy had pickers and other musical instrutment players from three states and at one, it must have been 50 people there at one time. People came and more people left, then a few more new people came to enjoy the party. For all of you who has never been to a southern outside oyster roast, please go. I met some people again that I have not seen in years and a few that was at Rob's mama;s house the day of Rob's service. After a few mintues everyone was greeting and meeting peole from all over and all of a sudden, we were all great friends.  David showed up, when he was getting out of his car, he looked just like bowleggs, I had to look extra hard, sure made me think. Rob would have had a great time there, he plays very well and has a great voice, so does brother Dave. Around six oclock it got cold as hell all of a sudden, many of the peole left and some were going to Randy Wood's concert hall to see a group. I did not want to go, I was dead, I just got home and and almost went to sleep on I-95 going 80 miles an hour. I know I will hurt like shit tomorrow, but it was worth every bit of the pain. These people are just like family. Next time I hope a few more of my friends will join in the fun. Thanks again to Willy and his great wife, Cathy.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State Of The Union Address.

Did anyone watch that shit last night? I voted for Bush and I have lost faith in him and the rest of the people in Washington. All of them are full of shit. I watched Law and Order reruns. Something needs to be done and bring back honesty and common sense back into government.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Why do all the big wigs and government leaders

When election time comes around, why do all of them start kissing the black man's ass? If the man or woman running for that office will treat everyone the same, then they will not have to kiss anyones ass, black or white or anyone for that matter. They need to start telling the turth and do what they say they are going to do. Lets be fair people, use common sense and don't lie to us. I hate to see all of them lieing and kissing ass. Just do the correct thing for all people. I know they want the black vote, but if they tell the truth, they will then get almost everyones vote, black or white, jew or irish. Seems like common sense has gone to shit or somewhere these days. Our leaders keep fucking up, everyday and then tell a big ass lie to try and get out of it. I have always voted republican, yes, I did vote for Bush and helped him in my ways. I think he has done a fair job, but could have done better. I have almost lost faith in his ass. His daddy gave up and did not want to win his last time out, that's why Clinton got into office. I wonder if his son is doing the samething? I hope not, the average working man and woman is better off with a republican in office, they watch our money more better. See what has happened only a week with the democrits over power in congress? Yes, they want to raise taxes so they can give more away, sorry bastards. For all you people that love to have 35% of your money taken out of your paycheck and then given away on bullshit, then vote the democrat ticket, then we will be back in the hole again.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our Big Wigs Are Fucking Us Again

A few months ago, when oil prices were 62.00 a barrel, gas in coastal Georgia were 2.28 a gallon. Now that the price of oil has dropped to 50.00 a barrel, gas is only down to 2.19 a gallon. Yes people, we are getting fucked again. Once these oil companies start making 30 billion dollars each quarter, they never want to drop there profits. What are they doing with all that money? I bet they are giving some of it to the big wigs in Washington DC. They believe in taking care of one another. Cocksuckers they are. And ya'll know, once the price goes up, it never comes back down. We need to call and get these people out of office. We are so damn stupid, we keep putting the same old assholes back in office. Ya'll ever get tired of getting fucked? I do.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Heard A Good One Today.

I went to the drug store today and as I was waiting for my meds I started talking to a very nice old black lady. She was talking about a lot of things and I was just listening. She told me that she has a 21 year old grand daughter that has three small kids. There is no daddy or husband around, so she can't work because no one to look after the three kids. Grand mama said that she lives in a brand new apartment complex that is all brick, total electric with very nice yards with a play ground at the back of apartments. She rents a three bedroom new apartment for just 17.00 a month, which includes rent, water, electric, garage pickup, all she has to do is pay for a phone and cable tv. The grand daughter also gets welfare, food stamps, free drugs and medical care for her and all 3 babies. If she worked and they raised the min wage to over 7.00 an hour, she would lose all the free benefits and she could not make it on her wages. She gets about 4,000.00 worth of free benefits each month, if she ever had to pay for these things with a job. The old lady said she also has about three different men coming by and seeing her each week for more money, I guess she is still fucking some of those kids daddy's? Plus, the nice old lady helps her with her other bills and baby sitting. She was pissed. I did not say anything, cause I was also pissed that my tax money is going for this type of shit everywhere in America. Half of the people of the USA are working and paying taxes and the other half are having a great time enjoying all of this free shit we give to them, yes, I am pissed. I just wanted to let ya'll know about my finding today, Cat

Monday, January 15, 2007

We Have A Very Bad Problem Arising In The South.

Back in the early 1920's and 30's when young blacks got 17 or 18 years of age, they packed a few clothes and moved to the North. The reason for this was better paying jobs and they thought the yankees liked them better than the people of the South. Now, since the job market is bad in the north and the young blacks are staying home in the south, they are not moving anywhere. And to top this off, the blacks that moved to the north many years ago are retiring and moving back to the south. This has caused the south to grow very fast with more blacks than we ever had before and check this out, the blacks are the only race that are having four and five children with no daddy's in site, this makes it a bigger problem. The crime has doubled in Savannah Georgia over the last 6 years. Like my old friend Rob use to say, what causes that? Our education levels and standards have dropped to 46 out of 50 states last year and it doesn't look any better down the road. Georgia are paying teachers a very good salary and they will also get a 6% raise this year. The Lotto has been used to build new schools and buy new books and the level still sucks. What are we to do? Savannah is 80% black and we all know what this means. What are we going to do? We are all gonna die. Just wrote this little piece for ya'll to think about. Have a great and safe week, Cat

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday today? Everything is closed for the holiday, banks, mail, post offices and almost every other company in America. I think my town is the only town in Georgia that does not have a street named Martin Luther King. I remember when I was a small boy in Savannah and saw many of his rallies. Mama would take me close to the black churches and we would sit outside and hear the speechs. I remember one time, those people marched to the Pirates House to try and sit down and eat. We were on the front porch when about 200 blacks walked by our house. They never did eat that day in Savannah. I did not know too much about those things back then, my mama use to work some blacks and we had a cook and a clean up lady. During the week we would all sit and eat in mama's house at the dinner table, blacks, whites, irishmen, and wops, who cared, we just wanted to eat. Savannah was not as bad as most of the south. I think the blacks have come a long ways, but the bad thing about good blacks is they have to suffer from the niggers in there own race. I have some very good black friends, I worked with some good ones also and I think if Mr. King was still living, he would still be pissed.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Pussy and A Bad Back

Have you ever tried to get a piece of pussy with a bad back? It's like fucking a wild tiger with a wet noodle, or shooting pool with a rope, you can't get any. My leggs and back have been hurting me very badly lately, I can't sleep, walk, run or even lay down and watch TV. I thought I was getting better this this past week, I hurt like hell. The back hurts and shoots pain down into both feet, feels like pins and needles are sticking into my skin. Sometimes it is worst than other, but lately it has been a 24 hour pain. I don't go to the doctor for another three months, and my patches and pain pills just ain't getting it done. I have been in hot tub and my massage chair off and on for three days, does nothing. Pains pills stop you up, like you have been on a diet of cheese and bread for weeks. I have been taking shit pills for over a week and eating hot soups and drinking a lot of hot drinks, tea, coffee and soup juice, nothing, I have been stopped up. If I don't get any better, I will go see some of my doctors for some help. Ya'll take care and have a great time, Cat

Monday, January 8, 2007

Florida Gators

I have always hated the Gators, by beloved Georgia Bulldogs have gotten there asses beaten by the Gators all the time. Last night was the first time in my life that I pulled for the Gators, the main reasdon, the SEC. The teams in the SEC will play anyone, anytime and anyplace. When the BCS makes out the teams to play each other, they always give the SEC as many hard teams to play, hoping the SEC will drop down and get beat. The SEC is a very tough conference, they play very hard teams each year. I think Florida played harder teams than OSU this year and Auburn just beat the Gators, it was there only loss. I told my friends that Florida was going to win and we also had 8 points. The over was a easy bet. I think Florida will have a great team next year, many young ballplayers on the team and the starting quarterback next year will be Tebow, he went to school with my grandson last year in St Augustine Florida. Tebow is a hoss, six foot plus and weighs over 250 pounds and only 18 years old age. He will have three more years at Florida. Glad to see the Gators win, Cat

Saturday, January 6, 2007

More On MY Sister-In-Law

After getting Mary back to Savannah, my wife did all the running around for her. She found a man that would fix the car. The man told her it would be 800.00, the transmission had no fluid in it. It locked up and would not move. My bride went to Savannh friday to pick her up and bring her back to our oart of the woods to get her car. She got the 800.00 to fix her car again, by the way, it is mama's car. mama gave her some more money. It took two days of fucking with her and four trips back and forth to Savannah, 65  miles each way. Bancy also had to buy her food on all the trips, did I tell ya'll Mary was a user? She uses everyone and thinks everyone owes her a living. She never asks me for anything, I tell her where to go, she knows I hate her and know all about her shitty and lazy ways. One day her last card will be played and she will be shit out of luck, she is already behind in her bills, taxes and electric bills, I don't know how she gets by. Her brother will not help her anymore, cause his wife and Mary had a big fight Christmas, so they hate each other now. Poor Mary, poor Mary, one day she will get hers. She needs to get a job working 40 hours a week, but she can't work over 14 because she is dumb and lazy. No one has never helped me or my wife, we had to get it ourselfves and we raised four kids to boot. One day this will end for Mary and the last thing I am going to tell ya'll, she will never live with us, never.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

My Sister-In-Law.

Last week my sister-in-law came to visit us over the new years. She should have been here saturday and went home monday. First she called and said she was coming friday, she then called back and said she was sick and had the shits, so she was coming saturday, if she felt better. Well friday night we were getting ready to sit back and have a big meal with my biker buddy Chuck when the phone rang. It was Mary, my siste-in-law, she was about 10 miles from my house and just broken down, her car is old, mama buys all of her cars, but since mama is in the nursing home, big brother has the money. He does not want to help Mary, Mary has been living off of mama and daddy for over 30 years. She has been to three schools and has degrees, but guess what sportfans, she has never worked. Mama and daddy paid for all of her college, purchased cars and paid insurance and repairs on all of them. I think I am trying to tell ya'll that she is very lazy and sorry as the day is long. Mary would not work as a pie taster. She is 59 years old and now she has her first job, working at a church only 14 hours each week, she is going into the hole everyday. Mary is too dumb to know it. I don't like her one bit. I have never liked her and she thinks she is the smartest thing in the world, she is the dumbest person in the world. Mama and daddy made her more sorry and lazy by helping and doing everything for her. Mary is now living in mama 's house for free. The house needs to be sold and split three ways. Donald, my wifes only brother is in charge of mama's bills and money. Mama gave Mary another 10,000.00 a few years ago, cause she told me that she felt sorry for Mary. I asked her where was Nancy's and Donald's 10,000 dollars? Nancy purchased mama and daddy a new car back in 1976 when her daddy had a heart attach. Nancy and Donald was out on there own when they were 18 years of age. Mamam has never done anything for Nancy and Donald. Back to my story, she broke down about 10 miles from my house, called Nancy and Nancy went and picked her up, went and found a wrecker to pull her car to shop, car would not move, paid the driver 70.00 for wrecker. The car now needs a new transmission, 1,000.00 worth of repairs. I asked who was going to pay for the car? I told them not me. I got pissed again, Mary got another check from mama for 6,000.00 to help her some more, poor Mary, mama feels so sorry for Mary. So Nancy will have to drive 120 miles to pick Mary up today and bring her to  get car, needs to take her to the bank, Mary can't do shit on her own, did I tell ya'll this already? Mary sucks and makes me and Nancy mad as hell. She will never live with us and Donald has a new wife and they fight like cats and dogs, so she will not be living with Donald. We need to kick her ass out of mama's house, sell the house and split it three ways. This shit upsets my wife all the time. She hates her older sister, but keeps helping the bitch and another thing, Mary does not even thank her for all the shit Nancy does for her, I thin ya'll are getting the point. I am staying out of it, I sit back and make all of them mad. Poor Mary, Mary sucks a big one and will never change, plus Mary is 250 pounds and looks like shit, no men or women in her life. She has no friends. She getts what she asks for. Mary is sorry as hell and she will never change, Cat

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Another woman?

When my house was being built, my wife met a nice looking neighbor lady. Her name was Alice, much younger than us and very goodlooking. When we moved in Alice would always come down and talk with Nancy. I was always gone when she came by. Alice lived in a two story mansion about 2 miles down my road. She is married to a federal judge, but they have been having problems for years. They have two kids that are grown and her hubby lives in Atlanta, where he is a judge, the kids live elsewhere. Alice kept telling Nancy that she wanted to meet me and Nancy always told her that I was busy and making trips. One day about a few months later, she came by and I as home, working in the yard. Nancy fond me and then I met Alice, she was coming back from church, she had a nice dress and high heels on, very nice looking. After that I started doing a few favors for Alice and gave her a few plants and small trees, we were becoming good friends. Alice came down one day to see me, Nancy was in Savannah seeing her mama, I answered the door and she came in, she liked my house and more so liked me. At that point, I thought and got the sense that Alice was trying to give me some pussy. She was lonely and told me about her hubby and her was going to break up. If they split, she would have gotten two houses and the judge would have gotten one. He just gave her a new car and the money he had, he would have given her a big check and maybe even support. This was going to be a good catch for someone, but not me. Months went by and Alice never gave me no pussy. I must have thought wrong. She just wanted me to help and a head to talk to about her problems. I never got laid by Alice. I stopped talking to her, I think she started fucking a single man down the road. I never see or talk to her anymore. Even that I never got any pussy, it was a good feeling to be wanted by another lady. It made me feel good. I think she still lives by herself and alone and I think the judge has a new lady friend. Who knows and who the fuck cares.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Back to normal, almost.

The mail will not run today and the banks are also closed due to the planting of Fored. My new years meal was a great one, everyone enjoyed the blackeyed peas and ham with white rice, collard greens, all the other homemade items. Nancy made a homemade cake to go along with the meal. It rained and turned cold, fireworks were great and everyone went home yesterday. I love to have friends and family come visit me. Some of the football games were very good, Boise State looked great, Georgia made the upset, Auburn won. I love ACC and SEC football, they are usually good teams that can play with anyone. I need Wake to win tonight and next week as bad as I hate the Florida Gators, I hope they beat the shit out of Ohio State, if the gators win, it will be a miracle. Ohio State has a great ball team and they have been rated number one all year. I hope ya'll had a good, safe holiday and keep coming to visit me each week. I hope I can write and spell a little better than last year, Cat