Monday, May 30, 2005

The G Spot

Most men don't believe there is a G spot. It is one and let me tell you how to find it. First you lay a lwomen on her back, facing the ceiling, take a finger, you little habded men, better use your longest one. Stick it in the glory hole and try to point up to her navel from inside the pussy. If you hit the spot, you will feel a little button with a slit in the middle. Rub that spot while you are kissing and sucking her tits, at the same time rub your finger around the spot and then up and down the spot, you may think the tip of your finger is going into that slit, but it will not go. Once you do all of this she will start coming and having great pleasure. We she comes, it will be the biggest she has ever had, it will be a lot more juice and very like in color, you may think she has just pissed on you, but no, it's come. This will drive a lady crazy and it makes her come four to fives times in a short period of time.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

God Damn they are gone

The crew from Florida went back last night. I was very glad to have them, but I love to see them leave also. My house is a fucking wreck, I never seen so many drink bottles and cans in my life. I had to add about 100 gallons of water to my hot tub, the rugs and floor on my porch will never dry out. They messed up at least 80 towels and ate me out of house and home. I cooked a meal, just one, it was like cooking for an army. I took them out to eat several times and I almost had to get a loan to pay for it. I don't see how, a family of 6 or 8 goes out and eat? You would have to be a rich man to feed those animals. All in all we had a very good time. I gave my grandson a pistol to take home, he loves guns. He will be hunting this year with me and all of the rednecks down here. I have seen some big ass white tails. My daughter did not get her brother out of jail, too many DUI's. A friend of the family came down two days ago to join it the fun, he had a great time and left last night before he got drunk. People you do know that I am an American Indian and we love our liquor. We will drink anything that won't drink us first. More sex coming soon, we will talk about the G-Spot on women, till then, peace and be safe, Cat

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Long weekend for most people

My daughter and her crew got here last night, each grand child had a friend with them, damn my house is full of people and noises. Becky is my granddaughter and her friend is Stacy from St. Augustine , man what pretty girls, Becky is 13 and Stacy is 14, I must be crazy but these little girls are looking like 20 year old ladies, they grow tits and fine asses at at early age now. Every time I look at those two girls, I think about when I was 13 and having fun, but our little girls were not that shaped and filled out. The two boys are shooting guns and trying to kill those tree rats, they don't know shit about guns, I will teach them in the next two days. both od them are called Tyler, when you say Tyler, both of them answer, that is funny as hell. My daughter, Stephanie, has gone to Savannah to see her brother, that is still in jail for 13 DUI's and try to get him out. He has paid over 8,000 and still in jail. Tough shit, he will never learn. We will catch a few fish today and kill a few rats, squirrels, at some time. I will take all of them out to eat tonight at a great small place that has nothing but fresh caught seafood, I like it, cause you can take in your own booze and beer. I usually ride in a long motorcycle run on this holiday weekend, for all of the soldiers of all wars, but my back is killing me and good drugs and two wheels don't mix. I may go to the big party in Savannah, where three chapters of the Outlaws, and several other motorcycle clubs will party all night long. That makes me think about my other life and times, but that is another story. Have a nice and safe weekend, Cat

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Me Robbed?

Back in the middle 60's I had some vending machines. I would go around on a weekly route and fill them up and collect the money. I had the black poolroom on west board street, been there a hundred times and never had any problems with them. Me and the owner would shoot a few games of 9 ball each time I would go there. One friday afternoon I was shooting with the owner, his name was Lou James, a very fine pool player, and I had one of those wallets that stick out of your pants about two inches, well this black young man rubbed against me and got my wallet and ran, I ran after him for a while, but that boy come run, must have stolen watermelons at one time in his life. I gave up and went back to the poolroom. I asked everyone, who was that guy, everyone said, I never saw him before. Even the owner, which I thought was a friend of mine said, never saw him before. I was very glad that the wallet only had a few dollars in it and a few checks, my real wallet was always in my truck. I filed a police report and it was like wiping your ass with it. I kept serving the poolhall, but I never shot pool with Lou James again.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

More on SEX

Yesterday, I was talking to a young lady, and she asked me did I know how to do the butterfly? I told her that I have had the butterfly flick done to me many times, but the butterfly? Well here it is, when a man is playing with a pussy, he takes his thumb and puts it on the clit and then the middle finger, also called the social finger goes into the pussy, another finger goes in the ass and the other two fingers goes on each side of those pussy lips. Man that sounds nice. All I have to do now, is find a warm body and try it. I am an old goat, but I find out something new, everyday. After all of that eating and licking, then apply the butterfly, you should make her come like a river. I will try it out and report back with the results, have fun and make her come, Cat

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Jury duty

Yes, I got a jury summons in the mail yesterday, not state but federal, this should be fun. I have not done this in federal court, since I was in a bank, when it was being stuck up. I was at a C and S bank and two men with guns came in, one had a rag on his head and the other had a metal hard hat on, I was going out the door when they were coming in to the bank. The man with the hat, stuck his gun, looked like a 1911 45 cal in blue steel , into my ribs. He told me to go back and get on the floor in front of the tellers. I did not ask any questions. I had a gun with me that day and I was thinking about shooting both of those bastards. I never got a clear shot, they got the mamager out of his chair and started to walk by each teller, got the money and then left. I ran out the door with my gun loaded and I was going to get them. They ran to damn fast for me. When I got back to the bank the cops were just getting there. One of them saw me with a gun and he then drew his pistol on me. I told him that I was a customer when the bank was being robbed. I thought that rookie cop was going to kill me. The bank manager told himthat he knew me and I gave them a statment and finally about three days later, they caught them. My day in court sucked, all day long and I saw the two men very well, I told my story, then picked them out in court and left. They both got 25 years to serve. I will never forget that day, Cat

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Weekend coming

I caught a mess of freshwater fish yesterday, Acidman came by and paid me a visit, I gave him the fish. Some of them were big as dinner plates. I killed about 6 tree rats and fish again, later in the day. I am going snake hunting today, I have my snake boots on and two loaded guns. The one I got yesterday was as round as a beer can and only three feet long, he would have killed my ass or one of my cats. I have been to talking to a few nice ladies on the web and they seem to be very good people. I have friends everywhere and love to be with all of them. I can't travel like I would like, due to my bad back. Rob and I may go to Costa Rico next month, a vacation. My next sex post will come soon, I have had a few emails about those posts. Most people like them and they compare them with what they do. Just practice and take your time, women need longer to get started, but when they get hot, then you better know what to do next. The women will eat your ass alive. If it doesn't rain saturday, I will ride my Harley and clean it up for a buyer I have coming to see it. I don't need it anymore, everytime I ride, I am in the bed for the next three days. I love bikes and been riding since I was a little boy, my dad had Indians and then started buying Harleys, when Indian went out of business. Riding hogs will help you get pussy, and young pussy at that. Take care people and have a great weekend, Cat

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Another day

After you retire you have a lot of time on your hands. I was always around many people and lived in big cities. Now I live in the woods and have every little to do. Most of my friends are 60 miles away from me now. My life style has changed alot in the last 6 months. I fish, kill rats with tails and work in my yard, some change. When I lived in Savannah, I went to tity bars and out to eat every night, friends were everywhere and I could also be anywhere in Savannah within 10 mintues. I am making the change very slowly. There is not many places to eat and the closest store is 15 miles from me, and I hate to drive, cause of my bad back. I never get bored, I have too many things to do. I also love to read and watch late night TV. So before you retire, please get you some hobbies and something to keep your mind going, if not, you will be a boring SOB, take care, Cat

Monday, May 16, 2005

My House

My contractor came by yesterday with two men, they worked on my house. They did not finish, but they did a lot of work and will be back one more day to complete the job. All I need now is the painting and a garage door. I have been planting trees and bushes around my house, looks good and also have grass growing. Maybe by this summer everything will be finished, I hope. When you pay for all of this work to be done and hasn't, it pisses you off, money gone and job still unfinished. I guess I will wait it out and hope Harry lives up to his word. I talked to my oldest son, that is in jail for DUI's, he maybe there for a while, it is his own fault and he knows it. I am doing the tough love this now. Jason the tile son, will not call me, he owes me big time and will not come and finish the marble work he started. Remember, I put him in business and got him started. The other two kids are doing fine, the son in New York is in love and my only daughter is raising her two children in St. Augustine Florida. Hope all of you are doing fine, Cat

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Big Pussy?

Have you ever taken a pretty girl to bed and found out she had a very large pussy? The only way to take care of her, is to eat it down to size and then it will fit. Another question? You know how to take care of a giant pussy? Put a big dick in there. Sex is a wonderful act, he is very good and means alot in a relationship, I know that most of it is in your head, but sex is sex and it causes a many divorce. When you women have a head ache and don't want to screw, then you better and men, try and please your lady, always please her first, no matter what it takes, Cat

Saturday, May 14, 2005

More on Blow Jobs

Have you ever had a lady take your balls and suck on them, until you came? Do you know what a butterfly flick is? When I was young, the gang I hung around had names for everything, the butterfly flick was when a girl would get very close to your dick and then she would stick her tongue out and flick the head of your dick with her tongue. That was very nice. I fucked a Spanish lady one time, while she was sucking my dick and licking my balls, she stuck  a finger up my ass while she was sucking, it was okay, but she made me come to fast, I guess she wanted it to be over quick? When most women give blow jobs, they think the man likes her to take the whole thing and deepthroat it, well it looks and feels good, but the best way to make us come and do the crab walk, is to get the head of our dick in her mouth and lick and go up and down just on the head. That is where the nerves and all the feelings are. Our heads are just as soft as the clit, the love button as you may call it. I once cooked supper for a beautiful lady and after supper she wanted to thank me for the date and great meal I made for her, so she got me on the sofa and gave me a little head, she then took my whole dick in her mouth and did the deepthroat task, well after about 20 strokes, she threw up on my stomach that great supper I just fixed for her. She was very sad about what happened, I told her that is was okay and we both jumped into the shower and then fucked like minks the rest of the night. So ladies, save your breath and just get on the head, I like it better and you will not have to choke, everytime you give head.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Blow Jobs next

I see alot of people don't like ass fucking. I hate it also. It makes my skin dance when I think about it. When I worked for a living, I had to be checked out, by our company doctor, once a year. I hated that, cause our doctor had a finger as big as my dick. When I was with the doc, I would always look and make sure that both of his hands were not on my shoulders. It is very down graded for a man, or may I say most men, to have another man stick a finger up your brown eye. Most women hate it also, but like the famous blow job, they only do it cause of there love for the man. Blow jobs are great, but being a man, all of my life, I prefer the good old fashion pussy. Nothing can beat that. I learned to love and treat pussy as a God, when I was very young, man I love pussy. Most men really love head, but I never ask for it, unless I can give it also. Most men want the 68, you do me and I owe you one, this does not work, if a woman gives you head then you have to return the favor and you better be good at it also, if not, you will never get head from her again, have a great weekend and see ya'll later, Cat

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Part 4, butt fucking

We are going to talk about anal sex today. I had my first ass fuck many years ago. The lady I screwed in the ass showed me the ropes. She loved it in the ass better than the puss? I still can not understand this. We made out for a good long time and when we got to the bed, she told me what she wanted, I was young and did not understand at first. She had a jar of some grease and she took some and rubbed it on my dick, she then put some on her brown eye. She got on her back and guided me into that asshole. It was a little tighter than most of the pussies I have had so far in my 16 years. While I was stroking that cornhole she played with her clit, she loved it. I hung in there for a long time and had to add more grease twice. When I came, it felt like my load was coming from my head, man that was nice. Late in life I met a few ladies that loved to be fucked in the ass, just as much as the pussy. You have to take it very easy at first and then you can tear it up. It must stretch a lot. I have fucked in the ass many times and once knew a lady, her asshole was bigger than her pussy. She much rather be fucked in the ass than anything. The only bad thing about ass fucking, when you come and pull out, sometimes you have a little of last night supper on your dick, nasty, but it washes off. I have had black eye peas, rice and gravy and greens on my dick once. The best way to fuck in the ass is get the woman on her back, then you can look at those tits and puss at the same time, man that is sexy. I have done it several ways, but this is the best. Be sure to use plenty of lube and start slow and work your way up to fast. Most women don't like it, but if you ever get one that does, then you better watchout, your pussy days will be gone forever, at least with that woman. If she loves it, then you will have a ride of a life time, enjoy. Women can also come by ass fucking, I don't know how, unless you are playing with that clit, but they do and come a full load. That's all for now, I think I am going out and find me a ass to fuck, enjoy and take it easy, Cat

Monday, May 9, 2005

It's summer again

Here in Mcincrack county it was 86 yesterday, hot and humid. I went fishing and to look for the rest of the gators. The gators are gone, but I did catch about 15 big fish. I gave them to my neighbors, they loved me. While I was in the woods and on my island, gator hunting, I got into the ticks and redbugs, they ate my ass off. Those ticks are so small it takes a good eye and some great fingers to get those bastards out of your skin. I had one on my balls, and it hurt so bad, I finally got it off with nail clippers. Redbugs are so small, you can't see them, just feel them, they make you itch and sratch untill you bleed, use fingernail polish to kill only. I talked to my son in jail yesterday, no bond, he may even go up state for a year, I told him so. He will never learn, at 39 years of age, you would think he would have better sense? My only daughter is mad with me cause I will not do anything for him, Shit, after 12 DUI's, what the fuck can I do? I tolf her, that he told me, the week before he went to jail, that he was not going to stop or slow down on his drinking, case closed. I don't mind helping anyone, if he or she wants and tries to help themselfves. Stay turned for more sex tricks this week and take care all, Cat

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Happy mothers day

To all the good mothers, I wish you a very happy day. I thank each and everyone of you for being a great mama. My kids never had a good mama, they all were either drunks or whores, so my hat is off to all of you mothers who care about there children. I raised four kids on my own, so I guess I am mama and daddy. And a note to all of you sorry ass mama's, the child you help and be good to you now, maybe the child that will come to you when you get old and need someone. I hope you start taking and loving your kids like I do. My last wife met a man and they started living together, whil the whole time I was paying support for my two boys, when it came down to the nirty gritty, theman told my ex, either me or those damn kids, she gave me the kids and married the sorry ass fucker. And woman that will turn there back on there own kids, is no damn good. That man did not last but two years, then the bitch wanted to come back to me. I told her to fuck off and go and get another one. She did, this time she had a little girl, they got divorced in four years, then she met another man, that adported the little girl, some fucking mama. To this day, she never paid me support and her family has forgotten my kids, and they were the first two grandkids, some fucking family, wouldn't you say. You never really know a woman until sometimes it is to fucking late. The final note, and this is to the men, if you have a good wife and a great mother for your kids, you better kiss her ass and do anything she wants you to do, cause she is a rare breed, take care and have a great day you mothers, Cat

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Love machine part three

Here it is sport fans, part three. When making love to a lady, be sure to please them first. This topic is oral sex. Many women love it and most men like me love it also. It turns a lady on faster than anything. When you licking around the lag area, then you move in for the kill. Put your mouth on the love button and lick and suck on it at the same time. Please start slow at first, then you can speed it up to there liking. Lick around the man in the boat and try to knock him out of the boat and lick him back into the boat and the same time, this takes practice. Stay on the outside of the pussy at first, that is where the nerves are, go from side to side and up and down the pussy area. You can also put one of those lips in your mouth and suck and bite on it easy, be gentle. After licking and sucking on that clit for a while, you will have her attention by now. Now it is time to tongue fuck the glory hole, go in and out and once you are inside, take your tongue and try to tickle her navel from the inside, most men can't do this, so go back to the clit and give it hell again. A dike told me you night at a bar, us women know how to eat pussy. I told her that I have been eating pussy for 40 years and she would have to show me, she would not. I saw two girls in bed when I was 15 years old, they would not let me join in, but they did show me the ropes, they sat me down with a smoke and a cke and I watched, man was that sexy, I think I came in my jeans three times that night. I begged them to let me jump in, they said no, so I watched. Do this little trick and you will win your lady over. And if you ever find a girl that has never been eaten, then she is yours, forever. More coming next week, enjoy and don't hurt your tongue, Cat.

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Another week

One of my best friends and his wife came up from Plant City Florida, for a few days. He just sold his business and retired, he got him a motorhome and doing a lot of traveling. We went out to eat last night at a seafood joint, fresh food from the docks at Darien Ga. He was thrilled at the food and loved my land and house.  Before my couple came in, Rob and Rick came by and had a visit, first time for Rick, we looked for the gators, but I think I got all of them. The last mama gator did not float up, no meat and no skin. Rick liked my pond and said it looked fishy. It is, been catching bream and redbreasts for several weeks now. When they came up, I was shooting squirrels, got three that morning. My 22 rifle needs to be sighted in, will do that today.