Thursday, March 31, 2005

Came in early

They got here at 11:00 this morning. Man have we been having fun. My grandson is 15 and he is small for his age. He shot guns with me today and did damn good. He never shot pistols, till today. He did well with the bigger guns, 357 mag and 44 mag. He also drove my new frod truck, he is growing up. I am going to give him a gun, when he leaves Sunday. My granddaughter stayed in the house and watched tv and read. Tomorrow will be another full day, Cat.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My daughter and two grandkids are coming tomorrow

Yes she is, the tribe will be here around 5:00pm. I went to the store today and purchased a ton of stuff. Stephanie told me last night, to buy a lot of junk food for the kids, Tyler is 15 and Rebecca is 13. I will teach Tyler how to shoot some pistols saturday. He already drives a big truck, Rebecca is into boys, all kind of boys. My daughter wants to see her brother, that is still in jail, and also wants to talk to a lawyer about him. Waste of good money. It is his fault.  He needs help, but don't want any. This weekend should be good for all of us. It is her first visit to my new house and she wants to try out the new hot tub. Her husband never goes anywhere. We have a big discount mall in Darien Georgia, about 10 miles from me. I hope she does not want me to take her. She is 36 years old and has a great job with four cancer doctors, she is the manager. She has an accounting degree and they love her, cause she told me that she has saved them over 200,00 in the last year and half. They rewarded her this year with a 20,000 bonus. I am getting ready for our blog meet in april, more coming soon, take care and thanks for all of the comments about my drunk ass son, Cat.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

News on my son

He went to court today because he was trying to get a bond. The judge refused it because of all of the DUI's he has had. The last one was 9 months ago, when he wrecked a work truck and now this one 2 weeks ago Friday. He broke probation and was doing time on weekends and days off. His next court date will be May 5, 2005 and we will see what happens. I think he will get some time. His sister is coming up from St. Augustine Beach Flordia this weekend to see him. She also called a lawyer and hired him today for the May court date. I wish him well, but this is tough love and I will not do anymore to help him over drinking. His ex roomate was in court today and he called me a few mintues ago to tell me the bad news, by the way, Vince, has had 12 DUI's in the last 7 years. His turn will be next, Cat.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Talked to Rob

Rob called me tonight, he sounded great, eating and feeling a little better. He will be okay, he comes from good stock. We talked about our next blog meet, party, get togeter, we will have a blast. The people that are coming, I know all of them, and some new faces and names are coming also. I think and know, we will all get along. Bloggers are great people and I never meet one, I didn't like. So if you can make the trip, please come and watch some of us, make fools of ourselves, again. We are one crazy group, Cat.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Funny story

My contractor fired his crew for smoking dope on my house. About two weeks later, work had stopped, still paid this asshole to finish my house. I went and visited a good old boy today in Darien, he told me that my contractor was on crack and for me not to pay him anymore money. I told him that he was too late, I paid him and no work has been done on my house. I moved in, hoping it would be finished in a few weeks. I also found out that he has not paid three other subs and is alo being sued by the wood yard. This man is 70 years old and on crack? What in the fuck, is this world coming to? I guess I will have to pay someone else to finish and paint my house, it will cost me another 6,000.00 . I may just kill the SOB, Cat.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Easter Everyone

It is raining and warm in coastal Georgia this Easter. I think I will work on the house today. I wish all of you a very happy Easter and may you have many more, Cat.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Son's best friend

Vince, who is my son's best friend and drinking buddy paid a 700.00 fee, just to get my son to a bond hearing? He has more money that sense. Because of breaking probation, the system will throw the book at him. Vince asked me was I going to do anything? And I told him, no, joey told me last week, that he was not going to quit drinking. I love my son, but enough is enough and he should outgrow this shit. He has been in jail plenty times for drinking and Vince has 12 DUI's on him. Both of them I helped and got them out of jail too many times. I will sit back and wait and see what happens, Cat.

Just got out of the hot tub

I am not going to worry about my son. He made is bed, now let him lay in it. I am going down to the pond and shot a few guns, just to calm me down. He knows I will not help him and I think he is in big trouble, this time. Thanks for all of the kind words and I thank all of you, Cat.

Something to talk about

I just watched this movie on dish, it was made in Savannah Georgia. Savannah has been hosting movies since, the first one, Cape Fear, back in 1962, it has Robert Mitchum, Georgory Peck and Polly Bergen. Years later, Burt Reynolds made a few here also, the better one was called Gator. In the 80's we made Swamp thing one and two and then in 83 Elizabeth Montgomtery did the Circrus came to town, John Travolta mad three movies here and Sandra Bulloch and Julia Roberts, Robert Duvall, Ben Affeck. Then more yuppies started making movies here also. Nick Cage and Francis Ford Coppla  and Sandra Bulloch owes houses here. Merv Griffith had a house here and so did Joe Namath, along with Bobby Gentry.  Kevin Spacey did Midnite here. We are famous for our old homes and squares. Come and visit us, I great place to visit, Cat.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Son still in jail

No bond, I think he maybe in some real trouble now. he was on probation when he got picked up friday night, as soon as they found out, he was caught again, they decided to keep him there. I told him several times, don't call me, I have gotten you out of trouble before, but I will not do it again, not for drinking. He listened to me, but he also told me several nights ago, dad, I am not going to stop drinking. That answered all of my questions about him and his troubles. He needs help, but has to want help first. He knows he is a drunk and he tells everyone he is a drunk, but he has never wanted any real help for his drinking problems. Thanks for asking and commenting on my son, maybe he will out grow this drinking, someday, Cat.

Monday, March 21, 2005

The Dentist?

Way back in the 60's I was married  and my old dentist finally retired and my wife talked me into going to her mouthman. He was on Jones Street in Savannah, all was well for a few visits, until I had to have a tooth pulled. This small ass man started to pull on my tooth, he pulled, then he got out a little tool to try and lift it out, did not work. He took a break and came back with a bigger set of pullers. He pulled and sweat was flowing off of his head and he was grunting and finally the little cocksucker got up in my lap and finally pulled the fucking tooth. When I got out of his chair, I cursed him out and told him that I would never see him again. Little bastard almost killed me. And from that day forward, I have always gone to a big man, to be my dentist. Like Dax said, I hate the SOB's. When I go to a dentist now, I get stoned as I can get. And ask for all the pain meds I can get. Yes, I am a six foot 3 inch 240 pound baby, when it comes to dentists, Cat.

News Flash

My oldest son went to probation today, when the officer found out that he was arrested last friday night, he put my son's ass back in jail, TODAY. He was on probation for the last DUI and now, shit hits the fan. It cost my son 4,800.00 to get out of jail saturday morning. These were his 13th and 14th DUI's in the last 7 years. I think he is going back to jail. He has already served about 2 years total in jail for the DUI's and he paid over 40,000.00 in fines and lawyer fees. I called him yesterday and told him that he was 39 years old and he needs to turn his life around and go straight. He told me he was not going to stop drinking. Fuck him. I can't and will not help him anymore, tough love son. You need help, I told him and he laughed at me. When he is not drinking, he is one of the nicest guys you ever wanted to meet. He works 6 days a week and makes a lot of money as a electrican. He wires and does work to all of the million dollar homes in Savannah and Hilton Head. He does low voltage and all. He is just a fucking drunk, just like his dead Mama. She died 2 years ago from drinking and liver problems, she was 52 years old and was my first wife. I hope my son gets some help, he needs it and fast, Cat.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Did not shit my pants

I got by today without shitting my pants. I farted a few times and was very scared at first, but it did not feel lumpy or wet, damn, I made it. Several of us macho men can talk about shit and pussy and it doesn"t bother us, we are real men. When I was 17, I went into the drugstores and purchased rags and tampex for my girlfriend and later my wife. Who the fuck cares. Shit happens and if it doesn"t happen to you, then you are not human. Take care, Cat.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Me doing yard work?

Yes, I did, I planted a few dogwoods, white and red today. I also cleared a little pile of bush, I was getting ready and go inside and take a shower and dark was almost here, when out of the blue, I farted and shit my pants. It ran down both pants legs and my left shoe ended up up a handful of shit in it. I stated taking ny c;othes off and it was already 50 degrees and dropping. I hosed off with cold water and then hoses my nasty ass body off. I then took a shower and I am ready to read and drink tinight. That was a bad deal, shit was everywhere, shoes, socks down both pants legs and all over me, worst I have done that in years. I laughed about it and thanked god I was at home. Take care and watchout for those farts, Cat.

Hog on Ice

This site, Hog on Ice, has a good story about drinking and different types of booze, I enjoyed it and left a small comment.

Friday, March 18, 2005

My picture?

Thanks to Kim and Rob, everyone knows what I look like now. I hope I did not scare off any readers. This picture is about 6 months old. I have lost about 30 pounds since then. I am also growing a small beard, it is almost white. Turning out to be an old goat. My mama was an American Indian and I don't have much hair, except for my head, and it is loaded, long ponytail. Tomorrow is a big day here at home, we have our own Sy. Pat's day party and parade in the small town of Shellman's Bluff. They will have arts and crafts and beer, 10.00 for all you can drink, I am going early and staying late. Went to a local feed bag  tonight and ate fresh shrimp, all of them for 9.95, I ate two plates with all the goodys. I am beginning to love this place, Cat.

My son is in jail

St. Pat's day did not pass my family up. My oldest son, Joey, got into a wreck last night, he was not hurt, but when the police smelled booze, they took his dumb cracker ass to jail. This will be his 14th DUI in the last 7 years, he loves it. He has already spent a total of 2 years in jail, because of drinking and driving. He is 39 years old and when he's not been drinking, he is one of the best people in the world. He came by wednesday night and got my water softner working, he drank 8 beers in 30 mintues, I asked him to spend the night, he did not, he drove home and called me when he got home, lucky again. He just wrecked a work truck a few months ago and has been doing weekend jail. He may serve some time, after this one is over. My daughter just called to let me know and she is in St. Augustine beach Florida. Maybe she will come up and try to get his ass out of jail, I will not. Joey needs some help but he does not want any, I keep telling him, that indain blood and booze, don't mix. We have 4 drunks in our small family and 2 has died because of the bottle, sad.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Stayed at home

St. Pat's day was another good one, from what I saw on the news. It was cold and wet. I did not leave my house. I am getting to old and could not take the crowds, it takes 20 mintues to pee in a line. That is not for me. I watched a small amount on TV and did some work around the house. I also saved a lot of money and time. The last time I went downtown for the party, I spent over 200.00 for just drinks and beer. I hope everyone had a great time in my town, Cat.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Happy St. Pat's day.

Well the Irishmen are getting ready for all of there breakfasts in the morning. They will be drinking and eating green grits and eggs. One year they caught the table cloth on fire. Before they serve the green grits, they add booze to the big silver bowl and light it up, well, this time it almost burned the building down. One year, I went downtown and saw a pretty lady at the early part of morning, later that night I saw her again, ended up, fucking her brains out, I fucked her off and on for months, a great piece of St. Pat's day ass, those were the days. Cat.

Monday, March 14, 2005

St. Pat's Day

Yes, Savannah is getting ready for a big party this weekend and a large parade to boot. It is the second largest parade next to New York. Savannah has a lot of Irish people here, they came over to work on the riverfront and do jobs that Americans would not do, shitty ones. They lived in a three block area in downtown Savannah. The parks were Washington , green and troup, we lived on washington square. It is also called the old fort. Everyone was Irish, except my family, those were some bad ass irish kids, they would rather fight than like. We St. Pat's day came around, they always had a party a week before and the week after, those people could also out drink anyone I knew. They did not care what it was, just drink the piss out of it and see which one could get the loudest and drunkest person there. Later in time the Irish started to run the city, the police chief was irish, fire, all the mayors and anyone that had a great job and power was Irish. There is still a saying about Savannah, the Jews own it, the Irish run it and the Niggers enjoy it. Still stands true today, except the mayor is black so there are also running the city, about 80% black. I will tell a few stories about my St. Pat's days later, Cat.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Last night

I went to Mrs Elva Smith's wake last night and visited with Rob's family and friends. About half way into the wake a group of bloggers, came in from out of town, to see Rob and give him there support, thanks for doing this, it was very good of ya'll to come. Well, after the wake, we went to a Mexican place and drank those lime drinks, until they were coming out of our ears. The Georgia and Rick came and Rob and the out of town bloggers. These people drank me under the table. After drinking about 6 of those things, I told Rob, I don't live here anymore, I got an hour drive home. O shit, I got on I-95 south and went pass my turn off by 20 miles, had to back track, when I got off at a two lane road, I must have passed out and woke up in the ditch, l almost shit my pants. I finally got home, thanks to someone watching over my ass. When you take 20 to 30 pills a day and drink all of that booze, then you are looking for something bad to happen. I will not do this again. Thanks again for all of the people coming to Mrs. Elva's wake, I know Rob was pleased to see ya'll walk in that funeral parlor. It was very good of ya'll and thanks, Cat.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Best friends Mama

Rob's mother died early this morning of cancer. I am very sad for the whole Smith family. I have been thinking about them for weeks now, since Elva was admitted to hospice. She is resting and in peace right now, without all of that pain. I burned again at the home site today. I almost got out of control. I put it out several times. I went out to eat and when I got home, I saw smoke fire in the back of my land, by the pond. It was a old dead oak tree still burning. I walked back there and looked around and it looked safe to me. Nothing else around the tree could burn, cause it was burned two days ago and just the dead tree was smoking. About two hours late the fire department in my neck of the woods came and hosed it out. I hope I don't get a ticket for that fire. My old neighbor called them and they came a running. I will be more careful next time. Think about the Smith family and keep them in your minds, thanks, Cat.

Update on my fire

The fire chief just left my house. He was very nice and asked me for a burning permit? I told him that I had noe. He told me a neoghbor called and said her was scare that the tree would spread to her house, about 700 yards from the burning tree. I did not get a ticket, and he asked me before I burn anything else to call the forest people and get a burning permit number. He also wanted me to donate some money to the department, I did and also purchased two nice tee-shirts for the upcoming St. Pat's day parade. 15.00 each. Well, I learned a lesson, don't burn unless I call and get a permit. That's all for the burning till next week.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Taking it very easy

I was pulling bushes today and fell and busted my ass, first thing I did was to look around and see if anyone was watching me? On one around, so I started to get up out of the dirt and man, I hurt myself. I am still hurting, these old bones are shot. I will start taking it very easy, from now on.  Please think about Rob and his family, during the last days of his Mama's life. I lost both of my parents , and it is very hard. Wish his family well, Cat.


Yes it was, same shit different day. I shot at my 9 foot gator today, I missed, he or she was too damn far. I will try again tomorrow. Killed a big as coon, about 20 pounds. Went to Brunswick today and made stops at Walmart, home depot and the drug store, yes, I loaded up again with pills, my back is getting worst and my fall yesterday did not help matters. Hope to have some friends come out this weekend and shot the shit and drink. I have been very busy with my new house, it is coming along. My plumber called today and he told me Harry still owes him 2,200 for the rest of his work, done on my house. He said Harry is hiding and will not answer his phones. Harry better watchout, these rednecks will kill his ass and fead him to the gators. I called Rob tonight and wished him and his Mama well, she is not doing good. I know what he and Dave is going through. Both of my parents are dead and I miss them everyday. Not only were they my parents, they were also my best friends and poor mama, kept me and got me out of jail many a time. She also got me out of some gaming bet with the mob. I miss her most of all. I hope all of you have a great weekend and please be safe, later, Cat.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Home DePot

My contractor told me he fell at Home DePot about 4 weeks ago and hurt his arm and leg, he has not worked since the fall. I went to Home Depot today in Brunswick GA and asked the mamager about him falling, he told me that he knows Harry, but did not know he had fell, something is wrong? This man has been lieing to me for about 6 weeks, he still has not finished my house and I have given him all the money, that he is going to get from me. I paid him over 20,000.00 more and also paid for my floors and windows. Something is very wrong. He has not pais several other subs and people are talking about him, in this small county. He will never be able to build a dog house, when these people get over him. He can highly rated and everyone liked him. The man that clkeared my land told me that Harry would build me a good house at a great price. Everything was going good, under budget and a week ahead of time, when shit hit the fan. I will probaly have to go out and pay someone to finish it for me. Life is a bitch, sometimes. I called Harry when I got home from Brunswick and told him what the mamager had to say about him, he was mad. He also told me he hired a lawyer today. We will wait and see, who kills him first. I have some big hungary gators, that need to be fed.

Sunday, March 6, 2005

More burning

I did suck a good job yesterday, I burned some more today. I have about an acre of land behind my pond and it is thick. I got about half way and looked up and saw a 9 foot gator, he was not afaraid of me, I watched him for about 10 mintues. When I went back to my house to get a gun, the rascal was gone. One worker saw a 14 foot gator about a month ago and now a nine foot female. I will get them tomorrow, from now on, I will take a gun with me, when I go to the pond. If he is on the bank and I shoot him, how am I going to get him out of the pond? I don't wrestle gators, like that fool on animal planet. We will see. I may get me a few wallets and a pair of boots made from my gator, or I maybe his dessert.

Friday, March 4, 2005

Bush fires

I was cutting small trees down and a started a small fire, it turned out to be a large fire, I caught the land on fire and it jumped a ditch and started burning the marsh. Big fine, you you fuck with the marsh. I finally got it under conrol and started having visitors, my niece and her two monsters came by, they ate, fished and all of them got into the hot tub. As soon as I got rid of them, my fucking mother-in-law and her fat ass daughter came by. Shit it the fan, I hate both of them, they suck, they wanted to stay for dinner, but we did not offer, I told them to go to Midway and eat at Captain Joe's. When they got home, they called and cursed my bride out, funny I think, all of them suck. I will cut and burn again tomorrow, got about half of the woods cleared. It is a logoon, just behing my pond.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Took the day off

I did nothing today. When I read Rob's post about his mama, I got to thinking about her and cancer. She is a very fine lady, I hope she does not suffer. We all hate pain but pain comes in all shapes and sizes when it comes to cancer. My daddy died of cancer, the last time I went to hospice, I saw a very good biker friend die, he was 43 years old, cancer got him a long time ago. Last year, I lost about 12 friends to cancer, my 31 year old son has cancer and we went to Duke for a cure and they know about as much now, as they knew 20 years ago. Cancer kills. You people drop Acidman a line, he needs it, his mama is his life now and she is going fast. Even say a prayer for her, she is a good woman.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Vic Waters

He is a famous writer that was born and raised in Macincrack county. He write poems and stories and writes for several newspapers. He is very good. I went to the county seat today, which is Darien Georgia. Made my rounds, two banks, postoffice and the local beer joint. I met about six people today and I think three of them sell drugs. Oh well, got to make a living some ways. Darien is about 25 miles from Brunswick Ga, it is another eight miles, where we are having our next blog meet. Close to home. I will be reporting the actions of my county and get some good stories for our meet. Cat.