Saturday, December 31, 2005

Livey is Here

Last night I drove 90 miles to Jax airport to pickup Livey, they lost her bags? Cocksuckers, United Airlines. We got back to my house around 1:00 in the morning, no party for us. We had a fire outside and Linda ate pork and popcorn, what a meal. Chuck, my biker friend, was with me. He enjoyed Linda's company, Chuck and me stayed up till about 5 and was sleeping good, until Linda came and jumped in my bed and woke my lazy ass up. I don't do mornings, it is still early and I could have killed her for waking me up, I need my sleep. Everything has been planned for our party and we are waiting for tueday, Cat

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Acidman is coming today

Rob and I are going to shoot some guns today. Rob wants to see if he can shoot better when he is not drinking? We will be build a fire and shoot the shit for a while, we will be planning our little blog party for next week. I will cook another low country boil and also do some smoked pork ribs. Rob is cooking oysters, steamed. Should be a big meal. So far, here is some of the people that are coming, Livey, GuyK, V-man, Denny, Rob, Georgia, Recondo 32, Dana and me. Rob may bring a friend and my biker buddy from Savannah, Chuck, will be here also. You are all welcome to come, we will have plenty of food, beer and music, Cat

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My buddy Dax

Dax Montana made a great post yesterday about wet pussies. I think it was well written and very true. I would rather have a wet pussy anyday rather than a dry one. Those dry ones will kill you. I have been with several women who could flood the bed, the first time, I was shocked, I had to get out of the bed and turn the lights on, I was amazed. The last few times I was not scared or shocked, I knew what was coming, almost a river of cum. Being a sick puppy, I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a very hot turn on. From other hot women, I have found the G spot, you may laugh and call me crazy, but there is one, you just have to find it and when you do, you better watchout for that flood, it is one of the hottest turnons I ever had. My advice to all of you men, find it, she will love you for hitting that spot. Remember bloggers, sex sells, Cat

Sunday, December 25, 2005

No Christmas Pussy For Me

I must have been a bad boy last year, I got no pussy yesterday. I usually get a shirt and a piece of pussy for christmas each year and both of them are usually two sizes too big, but not this year. No shirt and no pussy, just damn Dax. Maybe I will try a lot harder next year. My son and his wife, Dawn, flew in, I like her a lot, she is very nice and has a large set of tities. Dawn was born and raised in New York city, she is very pretty for a yankee. We had a great meal with cake and all the fixings. My two sons and Dawn went to spend the night with there mother, but they will be back tomorrow. I will show her around and get her some fresh seafood. She chewed some sugar cane yesterday, a first for her, she loved it. We smoked some ribs and had corn on the cob for her, she ate like a horse. I am very proud of my son Ryan, he did very well with his pick for a wife. Jason the tile man also came and spent the night. He will not be back tomorrow, he has to work, thank goodness. I also had a big fire outside today for Dawn, she was amazed at the size of my land and pond. She fell in love with my cats, two of them sleeped with her and Ryan. Jason had Rebel in his bed all last night. Bandit was with me. Everything went very well. My next big outing will be Livey and a blog cook out on Jan 3rd. It should be a great time. We are going to have a low country boil and steamed oysters with some smoked pork ribs. Anyone that wants to come are welcome, just let me know. More sex coming this week, I think we need it after the holidays, Cat

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Anal Leakage?

I went shopping in Hinesville GA today, ate some Chinese food and about an hour after eating all of that crap, I had to shit, I don't mean a little shit, I talking major blow out. I found a clean bathrrom and blew out something bad. I covered every inch of the bowl, man it felt good. I then went shopping and buying shit, I did not need, all of a sudden, I got a paim, more shit? It can't be, I just shit my guts out, a few minutes ago. I ran to the bathroom and almost shit my pants, but I just made it, I was scared for a minute, 30 miles from home and no pants to change into. I did a little more shopping and when I got home and opened the door to my big Ford truck, I could feel a little moisture coming out of my asshole, it must be some anal leakage? Sue enough, I got inside of my house and dropped my jeans and it was there, three small wet spots, and yes, it was pure dee shit. I also still have my little pea, hanging out of my ass, so it is very tender and you could not touch it, with a powder puff. Just got out of the shower and everything is fine now. I know a lot of you  have shit your pants, but how many of ya'll ever had Anal Leakage? Cat

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

South Beach Diet?

I have been on the South Beach Diet for a few days, I have lost 40 pounds and my dick grew 4 inches, amazing. When someone told me about the South Beach Diet, I thought it was just eating and having sex with ladies from Miami?  Dumb ass cracker, and then a few of my friends started telling me about it. I may just stay on this diet for a few months and see what happens? I am a big old man, I am six foot 4 and weigh 246 pounds, I think I may need this diet. Now what can I do with all of this left over skin? And the wrinkles? And this long grey hair I own? I may just need a whole new make over? After the first of the year, I may just do that, Cat

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Almost here

The big day is almost here, I hope ya'll are finished with your christmas shopping? Nothing is happening down on the Catfish Pond, it has been real slow. My son, Ryan and his wife Dawn, are flying in saturday, and Jason is coming down also. The weather will be nice again this year, a high of 58 will be here and no rain. The shrimp boats are still bringing in lots of shrimp and our small stores are almost empty. My daughter , Stephanie, in Florida has her husbands family for christmas, so she will not be here. It's the first one she has missed in years. My oldest son, Joey, is still in jail, for DUI's. He is getting out Jan 29th. I purchased a cat tree with three levels for my cats and a bag of catnip. they are enjoying it now, they play king on the tree, funny. I hope I have more to write about later this week, so take care and be safe, Cat

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Another week.

Today started out about the same as always, two cats woke me up, they were on my chest and wanted me up. I don't do morning anymore, it takes me a while to wake up and get my sorry ass started. When I worked shift work, for 30 years, I could get up and go within minutes. I think I will do some fishing today, sunny and 60 degrees. Tonight I may go into Darien and hear some Christmas music. Shit, I don't know, I don't plan anything these days. This is also Christmas week, hope everyone of you have finished your shopping? I just sent out checks to all of my family, that is the easy way. I can't find anything to write about today and I don't link shit and I don't point to this and that, I write. I guess that is why my blog sucks, I just write, maybe I will change this new year and become a linker, not. I want to wish everyone of ya'll a very special Christmas and may ya'll have a great and safe New Years. I will be on the road to Florida new years eve, to pick Livey up at the airport. Till next time, peace, Cat

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I called Livey today

These crazy ass women are out to get me. One of them wants me to fuck a donkey and the other one wants to stick a finger up my ass. Well I guess its fuck or fight and I will fight those bitches off, one by one. I picked up a lot of wood the other day and now I have the piles. I have a little one, about the size of a pea, hanging out of my ass. And you think someone is going close to my browneye? Fuck no and they never will, Cat

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Back To Normal

I did not get any more pussy last night, but I did save 200.00 on my truck insurance, shit, I did not. I hauled wood all day yesterday. Some man about 6 miles from me called and asked me, did I want any free wood, I said yes and went and got some. When I got to his place, wood was everywhere, I hauled two big loads back to my house, I love big out door fires. This wood will be used when Livey gets here, she is a outdoor woman. I was feeling pretty damn good and after all the fucking and sucking for the past three days, I was thinking I was a stud again and a MAN again. I knew I was going to do some serious fucking last night. Did not happen, I did wake up this morning with a blazing hard on, I said, come here woman, I got this for you, she told me to fuck off and I did. Now I am on this fucking computer writing this shitty story. Maybe I will have a few good ones later this week, thanks for reading and ya'll be safe, Cat

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I must be on a roll?

After talking to Livey last night, my dick got very hard again, next thing I knew, I was waist deep in pussy again. I played like I was a young man again. I got it on top, on the side, I was on the bottom, I stood up and had her half off the bed, I had her in the rope-a-dope, and then I threw her in the Norman Fries lock. After the long fucking, I washed off, rubbed my whole body with ben gay, got under the heating pad, hoping I could walk tomorrow? Could not sleep, wife snoring, I got up and played with my babies and took a few pills and still no sleep. I guess Rob and me are going through the same thing? I can't walk my neighborhood, cause there is not one, just woods. Those woods are very dark and lonely. For some reason, the old man has new life. I think I may start whoring around again. Who knows, it may just be a thing and things don't last long. If anything happens today, I will let ya'll know, love all of you, Cat

Monday, December 12, 2005

Party and feed bag, at my house

Livey is coming to visit me, we are going to have a party and get together at my house, on the third of jan. It will last all day and night, we will have food, seafood and Bar-B-Que, plenty of music, a big open fire outside. For all of you that drink, you can bring your own, this is a open party and all of you are invited. Please send me a email to let me know that you are coming. That way, I will know how much seafood to buy off the boats. We should have a great time and the famous Acidman is coming and he is not drinking. I will help him in anyway. We will shoot guns and fish and maybe look for gators. I hope some of you can come, take care and be safe, Cat

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I finally got some pussy

Yes sir I did, it all started in my hot tub, I was enjoying the hot water, I was floating and my dick was sticking up into the air. She walked by and saw that monster, she pulled her clothes off and climbed in. We were having a good time talking and laughing and I asked, you want some of this dick? I no thats not a very sexy way of asking, but it worked. We got out and dried off, I had new red sheets on my bed and we jumped on them like white on rice. She started kissing and rubbing my body and then she dropped down and started sucking my dick, it again got hard as a rock. We played and did a little foreplay, I knew she was ready, I put her ass over the side of the bed and fucked the shit out of her, she came so much, it left a spot as big as a basketball. I still have not come, so I got her in the middle of the bed and started fucking her so more, before she came this time, she sais, o my god, I coming again, and boy did she come. I then had two big spots of cum on my new sheets. After a little playing and talking I decided to go ahead and come my self. I then turned her side ways and fucked a little, then I got her on her back, with her legs over her head and I started fucking like a wild tger, I soon came and when I did, it must have been a quart, cum felt like it was coming out of my ass, head and ears, man I came alot. Today, I am resting and trying to get my strenght back, that type of fucking will hurt you. It was very good and I also found out, the old man can still fuck.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

SEX, How much Do you Need?

I have been reading a few bloggers that loves to post about sex, so do I. Sex is a wonderful thing, we need it, and most of us want it everyday. When I was a young man, I would do anything for sex, I dreamed of sex, I thought about sex, all the time. I would fight for sex, you name it and I would do it, just for sex. Father time takes its toll on all of us. I am at the time of my life, sex is still great, but I don't need as much as I use to. I still write about sex and sometimes I even think about sex. Cable TV has many sex shows on at night, I look at some of them and when I read about sex, I still get the feeling, that I need it right now. Don't get me wrong, my dick still gets hard and I don't need any blue pills to help me out. This post is for all of the younger people that reads my blog, get all the sex you can get, don't pass up any sex, always be on ready. For when you get older, you don't need as much and I truly think, pussy gets stronger with age. It also goes a lot longer with age. It is still very good, but you just don't need as much. Till next time, do some fucking and peace, Cat

Monday, December 5, 2005

Christmas Trees?

I put my tree up today, it is a big one. I have ben buying christmas shit for over 45 years, I really have some nice things. When I moved from Savannah to the hick town of Harris Neck, most of my christmas junk got put up, yes put up, you all know where up is? Everywhere I have been in the last 46 years, I have purchased something to go on my tree, man, I have a lot of stuff. My mama was a christmas tree nut, I also have most of her junk, I say junk, but most of this that mama had is over 80 years old. I bet some of it is worth a lot of money. After the new year, I am having a few bloggers over, to meet Guyk and Livey, she is flying in from Wisc. I think we will have a great time. I am cooking a low country boil for the group, the last one turned out very good. When Recondo 32 tells me it was good, then that means it was very very good, he and Georgia live in South Carolina, they both grew up on salt water, he knows seafood. Acidman even said it was great, and he ate two plates full, when Acidman was only drinking instead of eating. Livey has never heard of the boil, she will love it. I will leave the tree up for the group and may post some pictures of it. Till then, take care and please be safe, Cat

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Blow Jobs

I just read my post about eating pussy, I decided to write about my first blow job. I must have been about 12 or 13 years of age, my park , where I was born and raised, had many kids my own age. We played ball, tag, cowboys and indians, hide and seek and many other childhood games. Once in a while someone would get some dirty pictures, all black and white, with women back in the 1920's and 30's, playboy and penthouse was not discovered yet. These pictures would turn our young asses on, I remember one little girl, she was pretty and I was always sweet on her. After the other kids went home for dinner or home work, me and this sweet thing would play and look at those dirty pictures again, one thing lead to another and I asked her to show me yours and I would show you my peter, that's what we called it back then. She pulled her dress up and I saw her little love button, then I showed her my dick, she wanted and asked to touch it, I said, hell yes. She started playing with my little peter and it started to grow, when it got hard, I asked her, you want to kiss it? She said yes and started kissing and licking my joy stick. Man, that was heaven, I then rubbed her little pussy and she kept on sucking my little peter. She sucked on it, till she got the mouth acke, I never came, must have been too damn young, but it was very nice. Months and years went bye and we played and had a great time with each other, whenever we had the chance. She finally moved to north Georgia and she left without me ever getting her cherry. I was mad, but had a many a good memory of her. We never told any of the other kids, it was our little game, our only game, Cat

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Pussy Eating

Last night I was reading a few blogs, I thought today, I would write about the first time I ate a Pussy. I lived in Savannah Ga, just across the big bridge was the state of South Carolina, in Carolina you could buy and beer at the age of 18, where in Georgia, you had to be 21 years of age. All the kids use to go to a place called Ma and Pa's, about three miles from the state line, it was a nice little bar, with pool tables, juke box and food and beer. I remember beers were only 25 cents for the small ones and 30 cents for the rest of them. We would go every friday and saturday nights. That was the place to be. I got my drivers permit when I was 15, instead of 16, cause my daddy took me to get my learners permit when I was 14 instead of 15, like everyone else. He lied to the state patrol, just for me. I had a great dad, I am just like him. Back to the pussy , I was dating this nice girl, Susie, he was 15 years old also, one night, I picked her up and we went to Ma's, we started drinking beer and dancing and having a great time. I knew, if I did not get her out of there soon, she would get so fucked up and maybe pass out on me, that I would never get any pussy that night. We finally left the party, got a few beers for later and went and found a old country road. We parked and got into the back . We started making out, like always, I played with her pretty little tities, and she was enjoying every bit of it. Back in the 60's all the girls wore skirts and tops, at that time, I took her skirt and pushed it up to her tities, and started kissing her belly and navel, she was going wild, and me, my dick was so hard, a cat could not scratch it. I kept on kissing and playing with those tits and finally, I thought, shit, I have been reading and hearing about eating pussy, I think I will try it. I took  her pretty little white panties off of her and I guess she thought I was going to fuck the shit out of her, she was ready. Instead, I fell down between her leggs and started kissing around the outside of the pussy. I then did not know all about eating pussy, but I was down there and I could not quit, so I started to lick the sides and she said, what are you doing? I told her that all my brothers and older friends eat there girl friends pussy all the time and that I wanted to eat hers. She must have gave in, the next thing I knew, I was right in the middle of her box, I was eating and licking and sometimes I was even sucking that little man in the boat, shit, I was in heaven. Susie was moving and making all types of noises, I knew I must be doing something right. I looked up and asked her, you want me to quit? Susie said hell no, keep on doing that, I have never had that done to me before, man did I dive for that pussy again, not only was I enjoying it, but Susie also made me feel like a big old stud. She must have come six times, I knew she was coming, because as I was eating, that pussy would sometimes get a lot wetter and the taste changed a little, what the hell, I think I will eat a little more. That night I ate pussy till my tongue was sore to the touch. After eating her out for about a good hour, I finally jumped on her and fucked her to death, I think and know that I did a very good job on Susie. On the ride back to Savannah, Susie told me that was the greatest thing that has ever happened to her. She asked me about tomorrow night and I said yes. She wanted more of me and my tongue. I dated Susie all through school and broke up with her, to marry my first wife. I should have stayed with my Susie. Hope you enjoyed this true story, Cat