Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gators and Neighbors

Some of my friends on this road are sweet and the others sucks a dog dick. I have one man, he loves the gators and snakes. Everyone else wants me to kill all of them. In the last two years, some of them have lost cats and dogs to gators. These people are on my side, I am afraid of this one asshole, that lovs them, he may call the DNR on my ass. It is a big ass fine to kill those fuckers, we have so many, you would not miss a few in my yard. I took some pictures, but I need to download a disk for a Cyser-shot Sony 4.1 pexel camera. When I get this I will post some pictures, gators and snakes and tree rats as bait.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My Gators

Yesterday, while I was at the dentist's office, Steve's two dogs were swimming in my pond and fucking with those gators. His dogs are just bad ass dogs, the big black dog will bite the shit out of you and chase you on foot and while you are riding bikes. The good dog, a pretty, 90 pound baby yellow lab, likes to come see me, I always have food for him. It quit raining, been raining for 5 days and the sun came out and the dogs were playing. I heard a loud noise and all types od sounds. I ran down to the pond, it's  about 300 yards from my porch. The big daddy gator caught the yellow lab and chewed him in half, the head part was floating on top of the water, Steve, who is a pothead, lives with his grandmama, was calling me, help, do something, I ran and got a gun, went back and the gator came out of the water and attacked the head of the dog, a few seconds later, the head and gator was under the water again. That dog weighted at least 90 pounds, the gator was the big one, about 14 foot long. I have not been able to get him yet. That was some meal. The last time I saw my Jaws, was a week ago and his mouth was about three foot long, that means he could take in a cow and eat it, without any problems. Now I am worried about my cats, they love to fuck with him. I will have to see if I can get that bastard, before he gets me or one of my cats. Another man down the road, about a mile from me, lost two dogs a few months ago, gators, but not mine. Mine loves my yard and pond, plenty of fish and turtles to feed on and yes, once in a while a dog. This was a sad thing to watch, but that gator is smart. He knows me and I think he only comes out of the water, when he sees my truck leave. Smart mother, he is. I will call a trapper friend of mine and see if he will trap the bastard, a foot foot gator will bring you 600.00, for the tail and hide. See you later folks, I'm going gator hunting, Cat

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dentist visit

Had a very early appointment, got there on time, no wrecks on I-95 today. Saw quack, took one crown and glued it back on, then when he was trying to add the other one, something popped, it was my four unit crown, he broke it half into. He fixed it, but took him about 2 hours to rebuild it. I now have a full set of teeth, ofcourse, most of them are fake. But I would not be happy the way I looked, scarcey, I would almost scare the shit out of you. Now I am getting ready for a nap and some heavy drinking when I wake up, pain is bad to day because of the rain. Talked to my 99 year old aunt last night, she is still cokoking and taking care of a three bedroom house, never sick, but sometimes she has problems getting out of bed. Aunt Lucille is mama's oldest sister, only two out of 13 are living, Cat

Monday, June 27, 2005

It's time for a sex lesson

I was talking to a young lady last night and she asked me for some more sex tricks. I told her that I covered almost all of them and all you have to do is Practice. She told me than her neck was the hot spot, yes it is. A good way to get your woman hot, is while you kissing her mouth, go down to the neck area and give it some tongue, I also like the ears and the whole face. Most women have a weak spot behind there knees and inside the thigh area. You have to practice this a lot, cause most women are different, what works for some, will not work for others. Just take your time and lick and kiss her all over, you will find the spot, and when you do, you and her will be in heaven. Any of my readers can write in and we will talk about different sex topics, I am no Dr. Ruth, but I bet my life on it, that I have fucked more women than she has men. Think about that sports fans. More to come and maybe I will also. I have been on the wagen, when it comes to sex lately, my back and the meds I been taking fucks my dick up. But like Paul Newman said, if I can't cut the mustard, then I can still lick the jar. And I have licked a many a jar among other things, so stay turned for more fun and laughs, Cat

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Federal Court week

Had to got to Savannah, for jury duty today, they may pick they may not. All my friends said, Cat, when you show up in court with that 255 pound body and all that ink with your long ponytail and those earrings of yours, they will excuse you, befire the first question. I fucking hope so, I hate courts and the assholes who run them. I also have a dentish visit today, last night, I was drinking rum and tonic, with a piece of cake, and my goddamn 3,000.00 brigde fell out of my mouth. I just lost one a month ago, eating steak that time.  They did not get tome and may have to go tomorrow, dentish called and sid he wanted 2,500.00 to fix and repair both brigdes and alos do some more work on my nasty ass mouth. I told him, shit doc, I am getting old and you maybe pulling these fuckers next year, fuck those brigdes. I can buy several sets of choppers for that price. And if I wanted to go to the Fox and Weeks funeral home, I may get a complete set for free. The men that runs those funeral parlors are good friends of mine, and they take the chopper out of the dead people than has them, so FREE. I bet a lot of people are stiil wearing used teeth, you buy everything else used, why not teeth. When I was a young boy, we had a few Jew stores that sold deadman shoe. When an old Jew died, the family would bring there old shoes in and sell them to the Jew store owners, then they would hang them outside there stores from the shoe laces and sell them for 5.00 a pair. Good buy and most of them were Nunn Bush or better brands than we could afford. I purchased about three pairs of shoe from one Jew, did not have any problems with none of them, except one pair. When I put them on and wanted to turn right, they would want to go left. those deadman Jew shoes had a mind of his own. Cat

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Party is almost over

I think these friends had a good time, we took a lot of pictures and some of them will post tomorrow. We had plenty of food and booze, a few pills and lots of talk. Rained like hell yesterday, but cleared up for the gun shooting and cooking out doors, thank goodness. I will write more about it last to day, got to wake up and get my gallon of coffee in me.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm ready

Got most of my chores done today, got a big fire outside and beer and drinks are ready. I hurt like shit, but I will be okay, when those friends start showing up. My rash is better and it is not Lyme, must have been something I ate or drank. I know one thing, that bitch itched like crazy. We have so many woods, the ticks are everywhere. I was getting worried. When I was a boy scout, I was eaten alive by redbugs, Mama had to take me to the doctor, there was no place on my body, that didn't have a redbug. I was sick for a week. I have some very rare blood, I have given gallons of my blood for all kinds of people, until my two heart attacks, now the red cross will not take it anymore. I sure hope these people have a good time this weekend, I will try and be a great host, later, Cat

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Shopping for party

I'm going to the big city of Brunswick GA tomorrow for food and drinks. It is a 60 mile drive total, they have great liquor stores. Savannah is about 120 miles total round trip. I think we will have a low country boil with all the fixings, need ammo and targets. Hope they all get here safe and sound. I just found out, a friend of mine is coming, Dana from Florida, hope she has a good time, Dana is stressed out and needs a break. All of my friends in blog world is invited. More about the party later, Cat

Me sick?

Got back from shopping, went to three stores and the docks, and felt so fucking bad, I went to bed. I noticed that both of my tit nipples are very very hard, and they will not get soft. The nipples look like I can knock a hole into a wood wall, man that is hard. They hurt like shit, I have not had any sex in, I am tired of counting, so that is not the problem. I have about 30 tick bites all over my body and a few redbugs to go with the ticks bites. It has been 92 degrees for several days, I am cold one mintue, and hot the next. I know it's not that time of the month, I am a big man, don't have a clue. I guess father time is catching up on my sorry ass. They really hurt people, and no, I can't suck my own tits, so don't ask. I am ready for my guests this weekend, maybe one of them may know. Take care, Cat

Monday, June 20, 2005

Everyone talking about Queers today.

When I lived on Washington Square in the old fort part of Savannah, it was the home of very large old homes, our house did not have any paint on it, ours were not the only ones. Around 1960, several queers moved into our neighbor, all of the kids knew nothing about them, they started buying and restoring those old homes and the next thing you know, they are everywhere. I worked for one for 15 years off and on, he was a very good man, even if he was gay. He sent me to Willamsburgs to a school that taught me how to restore furniture and do 24 K gold leaf. He was the star in the movie, that Rob, was talking about today. Three of us kids worked for Jims shop for years. He came to Savannah broke, and died a multi millioniare. He made his money in Savannah and had customers all over the world. I met Jackie Kennedt, J. Paul Getty, some of the Rockafellows and many more. His house was like a shrine, everything was 17th and 18th century things and American paintings going to bed. He also have the biggest collection of Easter eggs in America, he also collected almost anything old and exspenive. The funny thing about Jim, every year he would have a queer party, on St. Patricks eve, every queer in Savannah and movie start within 500 miles came. Most of them dressed up like women and he gave out awards for the best one, he called them the Sarah awards. I never went to a party at Jims, but we use to sit outside and watch all of them going in, some of them looked good, but probaly had a bigger dick than me. We always asked Jim the next day about the awards, he told us everything, funny as hell. One queer in Savannah was Princess Pineapple, he was 7 foot tall and must have been from Cuba. There were three queer bars in Savannah back in the 60's, if you wanted to have a good laugh, just go to one of them. When I grew up and was in high school, most queers use to cruise Bull Street, if we were broke, we would get three boys in a car and put one boy out on the street, when the queer came riding up and ask one of us, you want a ride, hell yes. We would then ask him to take us to Causten Bluff, where the other three boys would already be, we use to roll those fuckers and take there money and car. You night when we did this little trick, the queer got one of my friends cornered in his 59 Lincoln and said, okay young man, its time for me to suck your dick, at that time we all showed up and started to kick his ass, the queer beat the shit out of all four of us and as he was leaving, he said, I love fighting better than sucking dicks. He tore our asses up, we found out later in the week, his name was Carl Hurt, big bad football player, that we on and played Pro football in the NFL. I met a lot of them while working for Jim.

Another Queer story

Back in Savannah around 1972, there was a bar called the Chances Are. It was right next to the Trailways Bus Station. The mens room was next to the ladies room, only a very thin wood wall was between the two shitters. My friend and buddy, Earl was selling cars with me at the time. Every day, we had to stop a few hours each day to get some beer. Chances are was very close. After about 100 times going there, I noticed a hole, about the size of a tennis ball, I looked in it and saw a toilet and a sink, when I got out, it read, the ladies room, I told Earl about the hole and he laughed and said at night, men dressed up likw women go there and if you see one go into the ladies room, then you get up and go to the mens room, stick your dick in the hole and someone will suck you off, funny as hell and all of you know me, shit I stuck my dick in there and got blowed. I came out first and then waited to see who was giving me the head job, it was a pretty woman with the name of Jake, oh well, another true story from the Cat

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Rob's home

Just talked to the Acidman, he is fine, was sick for a few days, but better now. I had several emails and phone calls about my friend, he ususally calls me, but this time he was in so much pain, he did not. Rob comes from very good stock and should be with us for many years, Cat

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Father's Day

My daddy's day post was yesterday. I loved my daddy. He was just like me, for all the people out there that knows me. You would have loved him, and funny, make you pee your pants daily. For all you other great Daddy's, have a very good and safe day, Cat

Friday, June 17, 2005

Raining like hell in Coastal Georgia

We have a lot of phrases in the deep south, like when it is raining very hard, we say, it's raining cats and dogs, another one is looks like a cow pissing on a rock. My mama use to say, it's coming down in sheets. We have had hail, the size of marbles, with winds around 50 miles an hour and tons of rain. You can send us to school and then to college but you can't take that South out of us. My dad use to say, rain is good for two things, sleeping and fucking and your Ma will not love me today and I am not sleepy. That goes for me also. Tomorrow is Fathers Day and my dad has been gone 22 years, I wish I could see and talk to him some more. We were buddies and my three other brothers, all took after Mama, she never smokes, drank booze, never tasted a beer and was married to the same man for 56 years, when he died. Mama use to tell me, that I was just like Chap, my daddy, he drank, chased wild women, rode Indians and Harleys, did dope over seas, had ink all over him and yes, he did like to fight and gamble. Mama always threw that into my face when she was mad at me, which was almost all the time. Her favorite says was , you are nothing but a  whorehopper and a rumdumb, just like your daddy. I am the youngest of four big boys. I am the only child that has been married and devorced three times, man she had a lot to say about that and so did my brothers and sister-in-laws. My daddy loved me and never said anything to me about my ways, we were just alike and the old southern saying is, the apple does not fall far from the tree. I loved my daddy and took care of him for 2 years before he died of cancer. The last six months, he would eat only Baskin Robbins ice cream, a pint a day and egg custard and ensure. Mama and I took care of old dad. I am very glad to have my daddy's ways, but also proud that I have a little of the Cherokee Indian that my mama had in her. Dad, I miss you very much and Happy Father's Day, Cat

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Driveway Part 3

Those cocksuckers finally came yesterday afternoon. We moved dirt and roots around the yard, about 4 acres, they started to bring in the limerock and after a few loads, they said, see you tomorrow at 7:00am. Well, it is 10:30 and they have not showed. I hope they come and finish today. I worked my sorry ass off last night, I took by Deere and moved about 10 loads of toots and old stumps to my burning pit, shit it over ran my pit, I have got to burn it soon. It was 97 drgees yesterday and when I finished I was wet from head to toe, I cooled down and took a shower, then jumped into the hot tub for an hour. When I got out of the tub, I started throwing up, I thought my asshole was coming out of my mouth, then I started shitting pure hot water and throwing up at the same time. I did this all fucking night. I thought I was dieing. I am a little better today, but weak as a popcorn fart. I will stay inside the 70 degree house and watch those cocksuckers, if they show back up. Other than that, everything is okay, more coming soon, Cat

Got a party to plan

The weekend of June the 25th, we are having a little party, a few of my friends from Savannah and The V-man and his beautifull wife Donna, and the one and only Acidman and anyone else that wants to come. I am 30 miles north of Brunswick Georgia. May turn out to be a mini blog party. I know we are going to cook outside and may have a low counrty boil with plenty of beer and booze. We will have music and joke telling and little of shooting some guns, come all, you are always welcome at the Catfish's.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Road Trip

My sorry old bones is taking a road trip tonight. I am going to Acidman's house and try to make shine. We have been planning this for about a month, now, we are going to do it. His family from Kentucky and my family from Brooklet Georgia were monshiners for many years, they all passed it down to some of there kin. I made beer plenty of times, turned out great. I once cooked some old mash up and it was the strongest nasty ass booze I ever tasted. But it did the trick, Rob's better at it than me, I just buy mine by the case at the booze shop. Rob lives in dry county in GA, crazy ass laws made moonshiners rich. I have agallon of shine and he will make another 2 gallons tonight, may be here tomorrow, maybe not. We will let you know tomorrow, Cat

Special Children

I know a lot of special kids. When we started riding for different groups on charity runs, almost all of them were for kids. We had a Greenbrier run for kids, MS run for needed people and children. The Savannah Chapter of hogs had a big fund raiser every year, last year over 30,000 to needed kids. A week before Christmas every year about 600 of my riding buddies get together and had a toy run, we use to give to one charity, now it has gotten so damn large, we split it up with three of them. I was taught to help the needy and kids that needed more than some kids. My Ryan was born with a birth defect, he got by it and then the doctors found cancer. Ryan was the first Make a Wish child in Coastal Georgia. He did not want anything at first, but a daughter of my lawyer at the time was the chair person and she talked Ryan into it. He agreed and went to see Motley Crue and had back stage passes and all the trimmings. That was in Tennessee, when They came to Savannah, where Ryan lived, they would call and come by and pick him up and stay with him all day and half the night. They gave him a Fender  and an amp, more picks and books and pictures and I got to meet Heather also, man she was pretty. Not only did they do something for Ryan, the Make a Wish program did something special for me. I got paid back, all the times and hours I spent with kids of all ages and races. So the end of this story is this, when you meet a special child. please be polite to the child and the parents and if you can, please help as much as you can, cause one day it maybe your grandchild , that needs the help. Thanks fopr reading and take care, Cat

Monday, June 13, 2005


The damn drive way man did not show again. This getting me pissed. This house and land has a curse on it. Everytime I try to do something to improve it, shit hits the fan. I have been sitting on my ass, waiting for this cocksucker to come and pour my drive way. These people in McInCrack county are all fucked up, they first tell you that they need work, cause they are broke and then when you hire those lazy ass bastards, they never show. Fuck all of these assholes, I tried to give work to these people and got fucked or they screwed up the job and took my money. One contractor built my house and I paid him the amount he needed to finish it, now he has hauled ass with my money and has my house still only 95% finished. I found out, when it was too late, that this motherfucker does this to all of the people that hires him. I may just kill the son of a bitch. I can't sue the asshole, cause he has nothing, plus everyone else is already suing the bastard. Man my luck is running bad. I need a black lady for some loving, this has always changed my luck before, but since my luck is so fucking bad this time, I may need a truck load of them, Cat

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Drive Ways

Today, I am getting a drive way poured for my new house, I need a few loads of dirt and them 4 big loads of asphalt. It will be 180 feet long and 12 foot wide, it has to curve around two big oak trees to get into the double car garage. It should be very nice. My son is better and I feel like shit. Getting old and having back problems suck. I remember one time daddy and I were goinf fishing, I went to pick him up and when I got there, he was on the sidewalk. He slipped and fell, I took him to the ER and they stuck a 8 inch needle in his knee, man that looked bad and daddy have sweat balls on his head, the size of quarters. The doctor told him that he would be okay in about 3 weeks, after about 8 weeks of healing, he finally went to a bone man and they had to cut his knee and leg open again. He was in bed for a month and did nothing for 3 months, by then fishing season has gone. He told me that getting old was the worst thing in life to happen to you. Bones just don't heal that fast, when you get old. I never thought I would be in the same shoes my daddy was. I have always been big, almost as big as daddy and healthy has a horse. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I saw a show on PBS last night about the 60's music and it brought back so many memories, I almost cried laughing at some of them. It was mostly about the girls I dated and went with during high school, time sure has gone by fast. Friday and saturday nights were my life, girls, girls and more girls, man those were the days, Cat

Drive Ways Part Two

No one showed up today to do my drive way. This is one of the worst counties to get anything none. People that was born here, are so damn lazy and good for nothing, it makes me sick. Everyone I talk too on my road, has been screwed or fucked by a contractor in this county. I paid good money for my house to be built, the contractor took my money and ran, after I hired him ti build, I found out he's been fucking other people left and right. He needs to spend about 6,000 and finish my house. The man that did the septic tank, fucked me good. He up rooted my right side of land for the tank and drain field, he never covered the tank up, concrete always showing and the drain field is almost three lower than the tank, the land was level when he started his job. I hired a young man to clear a small part of my island, he told me that it would take a week, ended up taking two weeks and I had to finish it myself, fucked again. I tried to help these broke ass people, by using the local help, I should have used people out of Savannah, where I been living for 30 years and knew everyone. You try and be nice and help these people that you will be living close by and I got screwed very good. I wish I had good health, I would do it myself. I will see about tomorrow, Cat

Friday, June 10, 2005

Feeling Better

My son, Ryan and me are feeling better today. He has gone home and his girlfriend is taking care of him. I feel much better, cause I finally got some sleep. In the last six days, I only had 9 hours of sleep. Lost about 20 pounds and I was worried about my son. When he was younger and got sick, I would get ill right with him. He has had 13 operstions and the rare skin and bone cancer he has came back. He is going to NYU for tests next week and he got all of his records from Duke. I sure hope he does better with his cancer. The weekend is coming up and rain will be with us for al three days. I can't do much outside for a while, so I am married to my PC. I want to thank all of you for thinking about me and my son. Take care and have a great and safe weekend, Cat

Thursday, June 9, 2005


I wrote a good story tonight and blog-city ate the damn thing up. They changed to a new version yesterday and it sucks. Does anyone have a better way to blog than Blog-City? Thanks in advance, Cat

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

The Old South

I was reading on the web last night, could not sleep again, and I ran into a post on Quennie's site. It was about a little black boy at a store in South Carolina, the owner called him a nigger and told him to leave and never come back. That was very mean for that old man to cuss that boy out, he was just a kid. My mama was an American Indian, she always had black ladies working for her, not only did they work but they were also friends of the family. My mama always had money and gave it to many a stranger, she use to bury those old black people that were kin to her help. She always had a bill at the black funeral parlor, two blocks away. I use to play with small black kids. That is the way it was in our neighborhood. All blacks are not niggers and all niggers are not black, I hope you understand that. I did not start hating some blacks until I was older, the reason for that is, they stole from me, broke into my house, always hit my car and had no insurance.  I use to hate and hear the Kennedy's say so many good things about the blacks, hell, they never had to work with any, go to school with any, the only blacks they were ever around were the higher educated ones and the very rich blacks. I have some very good black friends, better than some of my white ones.  Just writing about my life and times in Savannah, when I was growing up. And that blog post kinda made me mad, take care and have a good day, Cat

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Lick My Hernia

I need some tender loving care, seems like every week I have something else wrong with me, old age. I never thought this could happen to me. I have been strong as an bear and look like one to, all of my lfe. Maybe all of that hard living that did me in? I don't know and don't care. It is going to be hard to get old. I shot and killed four snakes in the last five days, bad ones, the ones that kill. Tree rats are leaving my land, killed about 75 of them, cats are going crazy, they don't eat them anymore. Been planting a few trees and bushes, things are looking good. My son, Ryan, in New York, is in the medical center at NYU, his cancer has come back. He has had it since he was 10 years old. He is 31 now and his girlfriend is taking care of him, I asked him did he want me to come and see him, he said no, just take care of myself. more coming as I find out more, Cat

Sunday, June 5, 2005

I went to the doctors today

I had a small knot in my stomach, it was the size of an egg. Every now and then it hurt like hell. Two days ago, I was working around my yard, and a very bad pain hit me. What the shit is that? I asked myself. Went into the house and found the knot went down to my balls. I almost shit my pants again. Did not know what to do, I got my ass in the bed and went to sleep. Several hours later I woke up and the pain and the know was gone, must have been a miracle, ot Jesus came and saved my sorry ass. I went to see my doctor today and he said that I had a hernia, not a bad one, just a hernia. This one can't grow and bust like some of them can. Dr told me to take it easy for a while and don't pickup anything over 15 pounds. I can handle that. Now I have pains from my tits all the way down to my toes. Got to go back next month and check on it again, may have to get it cut out, Cat

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Mama again

When I was a small child, my mama use to drag me everywhere with her. Mama's favorite place to visit would be the funeral parlor. She knew everyone in Savannah at one time. Our neighborhood was on the old fort, in downtown Savannah, everytime a neighbor or anyone else for that matter would did, you guesssed it, she would drag me off to the undertakers to visit the dead. I just think she loved it, after I was married and had Joey and Stephanie, she would then drag them to the funeral parlor. She had many a friend die in her arms and I was always by her side. She just loved it, sick, I don't know? When I reached the age of 12, I stopped going with her, I had to play ball and work. Stephanie wrote about my mama and her farts, she would fart anytime and anywhere, she did not care. And stink, that old Indian woman would put out a favor, that would put anyone to shame. Her farts had a long hang time and would keep you coughing and running for mintues on end. All twelve of her brothers and sisters were the same, they all lived around Statesboro Ga, on farms, with animals. Even the animals would run for cover, when the family got together for a visit, they were all rotten to the core, and could peal the paint off the wall in any house. My daddy was not like her family and many a time I heard daddy say, Louise, you stink, mama would just laugh and fart some more. Mama loved little kids, she always had chewing gum and candy in her big pocketbook, everywhere she went, she would pass out gum and candy to little kids, after the kids were eating there gum and candy, she would fart on them and the faces on those kids looked like, who done it? Mama would just laugh and pass more gas and candy out. That was my mama and we all loved her very much and miss her dearly, she died at the ripe old age of 93 and was blessed with a good life and plenty of family that loved her to death, Cat 

Friday, June 3, 2005


I am going to Brunswick Ga this morning, shopping and getting me some liquor. Been raining like a cow pissing on a rock lately. Last night a small town 25 miles from me got 9 inches of rain in 3 hours, the whole town flooded, even the police department, hope they drown, he he. My daughter made a comment on my blog yesterday, I love her very much and she has made me proud. Her 2 kids are great and her daughter Becky acts just like me. Tyler, her son, loves guns, just like grandpa. I gave him two so far. V-man is coming to visit and we will get very fucked up, we will fish and shoot and eat and drink, not much more to do in the woods. More sex tricks coming very soon, Cat

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Good Blogging

My dear friend Kelley at suburban blight, has been writing some damn good stories. She is a very wonderful person and I love her dearly. I hope she reads this cause no one can leave a comment on her site. I hope she will fix this problem, cause when you read her, you will have to say something back to her, she is that good, Cat

My daughter

Stephanie just called me and told me that when she got back to Florida, she was sick as a dog. When I got sick when I was living at home, mama use to give me medicine to make me shit, she thought, if you ever were sick, then the best thing to do is take a good long shit. I got a lot of my mama's ways, she was a mean old indian woman, but she was a good, sweet, caring person. She had tons of grandchildren, but she always liked Joey and Stephanie the best. I think the reason that I was always close to my mama. The others were not. When my mama had to pee or take a dump, she would do it anywhere she could find. I seen her visit one of her sisters in farm country, Brooklet GA, no one was home one day, so she saw a metal chair in the yard, next thing I saw was mama pulling her dress up and sitting in that chair and took a pee. I got all over her, she said, I almost peed my pants, till I saw this chair. Mama was also the boss, daddy was aways gone off to sea, he was a merchant marine for 49 years, mama wore the pants and had the balls, till daddy came home. My dad was a big man, almost 7 foot tall and weighed over 300 pounds, not fat either. Daddy always had motorcylces, he had Indians until they went out of business then he started buying Harley's. Mama always told everyone, my baby son took after his daddy, the other tree boys took after me. She use to call me a whorehopper and a rumdumb, cause I loved many women and drank as much booze as I could hold, just like my daddy. We were both gamblers and bet on anything, we both shot pool very well and stayed in trouble all the time. I was just like Daddy, but I loved my mama more than anything, she saved my sorry ass many times and paid me out of jail and trouble over 20 times, I was a bad boy many years ago. I have been married three times and my brothers are still married to the same girls they went to school with and married, shit that must be very boring. At least I have a lot of good stories about my life that my grandkids enjoy. My only daughter loves me very much and I love her, she will always be High Dear to me, a southern nickname I gave her when she was born on my birthday. She has two very fine kids and both of them are smart as hell. Hope they come back and see me soon, Cat